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OMG Not Another ‘Skeptic’ Book – The Shtick of Canned Conspiracy Theory Journalism

Because ‘Flat Earth conspiracy theorists’ exist, therefore you have no right to dissent. Vestiges of how Royalty views itself in the age of collapsing dogmatic science and pop-skepticism.
I worry more about garbage skepticism than I do the vagaries of Flat Earth Theory. Fake skepticism presents both a much larger movement behind it, and as well bears the greatest potential footprint in terms of societal and human harm. A hard lesson we learned in 2020 and thereafter.

Disinformation vs Misinformation – Neither Can Be Defined by ‘Intent’ (Part I of II)

The social definitions of misinformation and disinformation suffer Wittgenstein Contextual Error. They are disinformation themselves. One should notice that, despite an expansion of such terminology and knowledge, nonetheless people grow more ignorant and gullible each decade. This is exactly how disinformation works.
The 10% lie is much more effective than the 100% one. While misinformation deals in lies, disinformation deals in facts. ‘Fact-checking’ therefore, is a favorite pretense of the disinformant.

The Riddle of Sin

‘I have sinned. I have offended him. I’m getting what I deserve. I am all alone. I will quietly wallow in this hell and suck it up, ‘cuz that’s what tough people do.’ Ethical skepticism says ‘bullshit’ to such thinking. Integrity, in the end, is more important than appearances – and all the sins in the world do not mount to a hill of beans in comparison.

A Curious Astrological Confluence

Antiochus I had the temple site at Nemrut Dag constructed on the anniversary of his coronation as king. But what else did he have in mind besides a celebration of his greatness? Perhaps there is a deeper mystery here – one handed down through the ages, hidden in plain sight, and one to which most of mankind is not privy.

Sciebam – Religion with P-Values

At the heart of sciebam, resides what is in essence an embargo of specific ideas, avenues of research, and methods of investigation. It is a simultaneous appeal to truth, appeal to embargo, and proselytization all in one. Religion dressed up in p-values and confidence intervals.

The Strategic Mindset

Strategy is the process of disciplining a set of disparate observations, principles, and thoughts, into a focus of prosecution called a ‘critical path’. It is a song which the heart already had written long before its lyrics were ever penned. Strategy is the ethic of changing the praxis of those wallowing or specializing in irrelevance.

Breaking the Spell of Adissonance

‘Critical thinking’ and ‘rationality’, notorious weapon words of fake skepticism, merely serve to exploit the ignorance of one’s existing knowledge, coupled with the natural human proclivity to seek a resolution of dissonance as quickly and easily as possible. Ignorance serves goals of predatory power in ways which an ethically discerning population would never tolerate.

Le Petit Bateau

“Your Highness, I beg your indulgence but I only have a few minutes in which to present an idea to you. An alternative to the undertaking upon which your ministers are about to embark. We believe this action to constitute a very large mistake, on behalf of your nation and its people.”

Where Were the ‘Skeptics’?

It is oft said that fortune favors the brave. But what society witnessed during the last two years of raging human rights abuse, was a feckless ‘skeptic’ community, formerly raging with swagger of doubt – now silent and groveling, prostrate before their bare-naked Emperors.

The Distinction Between Comprehension and Understanding (The Problem of Abduction)

Comprehension is meta-understanding, which innately disrupts paradigm even more effectively than it does ignorance.
It is not simplicity, but rather the reduction of complicatedness, which is indeed the true scientific virtue. Never accept the ‘simple’ – the pining, explaining, and debunking of the fake skeptic. Abduction is a square peg of philosophy we keep trying to hammer into the round hole of science, because it affords us comfort in avoiding the painful ‘blue balls’ of skepticism or dissonance.

Denial of Early Covid-19 Treatment – A Crime Against Humanity

American citizens were recently coerced into being part of the test or control groups of a medical experiment, without adequate knowledge and without their consent. Hundreds of thousands of Americans likely died from the resulting denial of timely and adequate treatment of Covid-19 and more importantly, its preventable secondary conditions.
This was an egregious violation of The Nuremberg Code on human rights. The time has come for jurisprudence and restitution to those harmed.

The Riddle of Certainty

The astute investigator is much more effective in seeking to increase the reliability of probative information, than by attempting to increase the probative nature of reliable information. This is a key tenet of Ethical Skepticism.

Perdocent – Opposite of the Autodidact

The perdocent exploits the claim of not having been taught how to do something, as a means of not understanding, of taking control, or to avoid doing any actual work. As a management professional, no matter their appeal to credential, never let a perdocent take control. Always seek to maintain familiarity with the perdocent’s tactics of ego, laziness, and dishonesty.

A Dialogue in Rhetoric

The rhetorician spends more time invested in Nelsonian ‘not understanding’, clouding with non-sequitur, and shifting the topic at hand to ‘you’, than they do actually studying the subject.

The Three Types of Expert

A patent’s viability can be assessed by four objective criteria: its novelty, non-obviousness to a practitioner in the art, ability to be taught from prior art, and finally its isolate case of use. By these same four factors a purported expert may also be evaluated for their genuineness in delivering their craft.

China’s CCP Concealed SARS-CoV-2 Presence in China as Far Back as March 2018

A world inquiring about the origins of SARS-CoV-2 has been met with repeated antipathy and lack of cooperation on the part of the Chinese Communist Party. Consequently, any speculation that the CCP concealed the presence of SARS-CoV-2 prior to December 2019 must be researched through an examination of corroborating yet circumstantial evidence. Inference which may be ascertained only through prosecution along a series of must-answer critical questions.
The Chinese Communist Party owes the entire world restitution for its negligent handling and release of a virus which they fully understood could be deployed as a weapon of war. A virus which has destroyed human rights, worldwide economies, and furthermore resulted in over 5 million deaths globally to date.

The Fabric of Sound (Dialectic) Argument

Exhibiting a disciplined and sound set of ethics during argument is a key indicator of high intelligence. Argument is a spiritual endeavor after all. There are twelve steps to sobering one’s self from the addiction of always appearing to be right. Key attributes of discussion that serve to earmark a quest for actual knowledge, as opposed to the loosh of utterly destroying an opponent.

The All-too-Familiar Art of Pseudo-Argument

When a person is so insecure that every discussion becomes a quest for victory and every disagreement a personal affront, six essential steps come into play in the form of the all-too-familiar pseudo-argument. Such arguers ironically betray their desperate attempt to allay fears over a subconscious belief.

NFL Bias Against the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders

When a negative bias targeting one entity persists inside a monopoly for 60 years uninterrupted, driven by a small syndicate of persons in succession, who coerce the media to protect rather than monitor its activities, so that it can further bilk victims across state lines by price gouging for its product – this is called a mafia.
Moreover, a mafia will punctuate such methods with instances of its willingness to enact cruelty to a very visible extreme, in pursuit of quiescence and silence on the part of its members and affiliates.

Eternal are the Embers which Conflagrate the Library of History

There are two forms of destruction, simple obliteration, or the more tantalizing prospect of surreptitiously capturing into one’s collection, an asset which is thereafter regarded by history as having been obliterated. Especially if that asset is Nelsonian knowledge pertaining to mankind’s history. For of what value is knowledge, if every man possesses it? Such knowledge is more precious, powerful, and perishable than mere gold.

The Awesome Insistence of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory (CMT)

A Cataclysmic Mirage is a social construct which is employed to dehumanize and enslave a target population. It is a slow moving disaster or murky offense on the part of a victim, which justifies the awesome insistence of that entity which aspires to rule. It is a Ponzi scheme which purchases a bow of the knee, through merchandising an apocryphal ownership of all the Kingdoms of the Earth.

The Gestalt-Heuristic (G-H) Gap and Its Impact Upon Understanding

There exists an essential dysfunction between those subject matter experts who execute the detail and craft of a discipline, or its heuristics, and those who are responsible for the direction and ethics of the organization, or its gestalt. Such dysfunction can serve to be the source of flawed decision-making based upon poorly crafted analytics and scientific study.

Subception – The Invalid Martial Art of Skepticism

The techniques of subception function analogous to familiar moves mastered by students of karate. Just as is common within martial arts, the YMCA/Skeptical Inquirer novice version of skepticism comprises the great preponderance of skills used by critical thinkers.
Subception is an unconscious perceptual defense, used to deflect stimulus which threatens one’s core vanity.

What Constitutes Belief?

A believer is not one who ponders, considers, or investigates. The believer is one who mocks the investigator, refuses to reveal the reasons why they would demean the curious and their ideas, and meticulously avoids acknowledging their own protected notion or exposing it to risky critical scrutiny.

The Sleight-of-Hand StageCraft of the Debunker

Literally almost anything can be debunked. Debunking is a magic act whose misdirection tricks the magician instead of their audience. It is a form of bullshitting adorning the authoritative costume of denial.
The debunker employs a method of outference in which they raise the specter of (selective) doubt, and then use ‘Occam’s Razor’ to force the issue to their favorite conclusion.

Ethical Skeptic’s Take on the Preliminary Assessment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has issued its long awaited Report on the UAP phenomenon. Sorry pseudo-skeptics, but you lost this round of the argument. In addition, you were implicated by government and military officials for oppressive anti-science sociocultural stigmas surrounding the issue.

Do not allow the convoluted and prosaic nature of the ODNI Report’s delivery deceive you: its ultimate implication is nothing short of amazing.

The Peculiar Schema of DNA Codon’s Second Letter

The second letter of the three digit DNA codon bears remarkable schema of such extraordinary improbability, that the question arises, “How did this 1 in 2.7 sextillion occurrence happen at all?” Is its essence a signature livestock crypto-branding, wherein the iron just happens to be struck at the single best intersection of complexity and immutability inside the planet’s common genome?

For Me to Win You Must Lose Everything

The friction of corruption inside an economic value chain – the diminishing of ethics, dispersion of hope, and dilution in humanity – these things, and not simply economics, are the reasons why economies fail under the weight of their ‘inflation’.

Caesar’s Wife Must be Above Suspicion

A research, polling or study effort which bears an implicit a priori claim to lack of bias/agency must demonstratively prove this claim before being relied upon as scientific. Moreover, when a matter of human rights is at play, any implicit claim to innocence must be established well in advance, and be above suspicion.

How to Detect an Evil Person

How does one go about detecting an evil person? How does one distinguish the true sociopath, from the honest person who is simply mistaken or having a bad day? These are the hints which should tip one off to the reality that the person they are dealing with is mired in habits of evil.

Post Stockholm Syndrome

More than simply developing an affinity for their captor, victims of Post Stockholm Syndrome begin to develop or are coerced into a state of amnesia about their being held hostage…

Oh the Quackery!

Fake medical skeptics must realize that instructing someone from a position of scientific authority, claim to facts or likelihood, to not undertake a treatment or protocol, constitutes quackery as well….

Carl Sagan was Just Dead Wrong

Information is a market. ‘Extraordinary claim’ and ‘simplest explanation’ are two common buzz-phrases of that market’s huckster, hustler and shyster. Be very cautious of such easy and equivocal disposition, especially…

The Future of Ethical Markets

Ethical markets of the future will need bear additional factors necessary to deflect exploitation by cabal, cartel and mafia entities. Specific components of objective measure for risk, value and currency will need to be brought to bear. Things which serve to disempower those who draw down the majority of a value chain’s margin, yet provide the minority of its actual value.

Epoché Vanguards Gnosis

Epoché vanguards gnosis does not imply ‘riding the fence’ nor ‘being in the middle’; as often in a bifurcated dialectic there is no fence nor middle to begin with. Atheist,…

How to Argue Like a Child

The following is the formula of discourse on the part of an arguing child. Their case is never about mere disagreement, dissent nor the material at hand. Their ‘disagreement’ is…

The Scientific Method

The scientific method – a method of knowledge development bearing traits of process accountability which serve to transcend mere casual inquiry, mitigate bias and proscribe surreptitious agency masquerading as knowledge….

The Demarcation of Skepticism

A competent understanding of the demarcation of what constitutes skepticism, is absolutely essential to the ethical skeptic’s ability to spot agency and agency’s poseur. I don’t know exactly how to…

The Plural of Anecdote is Data

A single observation does not necessarily constitute an instance of the pejorative descriptive ‘anecdote’. Not only do anecdotes constitute data, but one anecdote can serve to falsify the null hypothesis…

A Poem of Learning

  In abrupt habit does fear congeal, as if winter’s precocious first frost Whose facile merit may serve but to daunt and plague Those drawn in quarters through muddy slough…

The Roger Principle

Never place a tactician in charge of a strategic challenge. Their hammer sees every new problem as constituting another nail. Such exhibits the distinction between expert and strategic skill sets….

What Happens After?

Who is more terrified by the possibility of disclosure of alien life? Societal truth-keepers contend that it is the public at large which risks loss of social order under the…

The Map of Inference

We live in a philosophically impoverished society. This is necessary in order to keep the population confused and defenseless. Skill in inference, serves to dispel this confusion – serves to…

The Elements of Hypothesis

One and done statistical studies, based upon a single set of statistical observations (or even worse lacks thereof), are not much more credible in strength than a single observation of Bigfoot or a UFO. The reason, because they have not served to develop the disciplines of true scientific hypothesis.

Skeptics Need You – But You Don’t Need Them

Through personifying a straw man of science, skeptics seek to foment conflict between the public and science
– a state wherein their club gains authority along with the power to punish;
because both science and the public now perceive each other as the denialist enemy.
An enemy which you must fear, mistrust and marginalize.

Narrative Ninny – The Opposite of a Conspiracy Theorist – But Even Worse

While the conspiracy theorist may allow themselves to be whipsawed into fits of paranoia concerning authority, the authority credulist employs symbols of power, identity and correctness to assuage an immature ego; to exorcise injury over past transgressions and target those whom they see as having caused this pain. The Narrative Ninny thrives inside a milieu of mindlessness which in the end serves to cause more harm than conspiracy theorizing ever could.

Meta-Ethical Praxis of Science

Ethical skepticism is a form of meta-ethical philosophy which serves specific benevolent/knowledge goals. The ethics of science (a fortiori of skepticism as well) relate therefore primarily to the study of…

Panduction: The Invalid Form of Inference

One key, if not the primary form of invalid inference on the part of fake skeptics, resides in the methodology of panductive inference. A pretense of Popper demarcation, panduction is employed as a masquerade of science in the form of false deduction. Moreover it constitutes an artifice which establishes the purported truth of a favored hypothesis by means of the extraordinary claim of having falsified every competing idea in one felled swoop of rationality. Panduction is the most common form of pseudoscience.

Ketosis Lab Notes – Mitochondrial Suppression Disorder

Some people merely need cut out desserts for a month in order to lose the weight their doctor recommends. Others can consume and burn that same amount recommended by their doctor and still gain a substantial amount of weight throughout the course of each year. This despite matching their lower weight peers food for food, activity for activity. This latter condition is what is known as mitochondrial suppression.
Until the mitochondrial suppression sufferer can get into a therapeutic daily state of endogenous (and not exogenous) ketosis, they will continue gain more weight over time, and suffer more diseases of chronic malnutrition, than do their comparable practice non-sufferer peers.

Quashing Study of Ancient Artifacts Violates a Basic Human Right

Public access to study artifacts which serve to illuminate mankind’s social, morphological and genetic history should not be denied based upon property conventions of any tribe, culture, owner, propriety, government, nation, intelligence group or institution. Knowledge is a basic human right; and in particular, it is a basic human right to access freely the knowledge of where mankind came from and the pathway which brought us here as a species.

Abuse of the Ad Hoc ‘Fallacy’

By domain definition, something which is critical path in argument can never be fallaciously ad hoc, even if not readily addressable by evidence. Beware of those who do not get this. The sad reality is that, contrary to their memorized talking points, social skeptics exercise an implicit definition of ad hoc fallacy which is – ‘a bucket in which I place every counter explanation, evidence or claim which defends a subject I do not like’. Ironically exposing the fake skeptic’s inability to handle critical path logic in the first place.

No You Are Not a Scientist

Society struggles today with a problem of people pretending to be scientists. A PhD is not a holier-than-thou instrument through which one can claim authority inside every subject one desires….

The Nature of Elegance

One should draw hint in observing that a lie is often both simple to craft and complicated to defend at the same time. One should not fear complexity, rather complicated-ness…


When we are born, we bear no awareness of arguments around god, nor do we even hold a coherent definition of such. We only learn this argument later. Ignosticism is an effort to reclaim that virginal status and no longer be tainted by antiquated and incoherent arguments.

The Dark Side of Doubt

The issue at hand for the ethical skeptic, is not that the concept of doubt bears virtuous potential, and indeed is used for specific legitimate scientific or legal benefit –…

The Sophistry Fallacy

When a poorly skilled or experienced philosopher loses an argument, they will inevitably resort to an accusation of sophistry on the part of their opponent. They may not even grasp…

The Appeal to Fallacy

My goal as an ethical skeptic is not to cite a fallacy and subsequently snigger at my opponent “bwahahahaha!” That is the mental process of a child. There is a difference between arguing to win, and arguing for truth. It is paramount that the ethical skeptic keep a wary eye out for those who routinely confuse ‘fallacy’ and ‘error’.

Denial and Pseudo-Skepticism are Not the Same Thing

Pseudo-skepticism is the form of cynicism wherein a power holding group tampers with methods and science, media and social pressure mechanisms inside a domain of large unknown – in order to craft and enforce on the public, a null hypothesis or conclusion narrative, that might at best be accidentally correct. This is completely distinct from the process of denial. Suspension in denial may be existentially incorrect, but it at least stems in its originality from proper method and does not enforce a particular small-unknown domain conclusion narrative. The distinguishing difference is this: An ethical scientist might be a denialist at times, but an ethical scientist can never be a pseudo-skeptic.

Intuitionism: Inference versus Impulse

Ethical Skepticism maintains a healthy respect for Inductive and Deductive epistemological inference methods. However the philosophy itself, upon which these logical inference methods are based, stems from sources which cannot be fully defined as epistemological – save for the instance wherein we are able to test each derived tenet’s mettle through real world application. An additional species of inference exists inside philosophy: that of Ethical Intuitionism. Unlike Impulse Inference, Ethical Intuitionism derives its based development practices from necessity and skillful instinct, not doctrine nor coerced conviction. It focuses primarily on the goals of value, clarity, risk, and probability as paramount above any particular conclusion alone.

The Three Types of Reason

Not all methods which seek to achieve some kind of benefit through the clear, value laden and risk abating processes of inference can be used in every circumstance. Most of science recognizes this. But when induction is used in lieu of deduction or abduction is used in lieu of induction, when the higher order of logical inference could have been used – beware that pseudoscience might be at play. Choosing the lower order of logical inference can be a method by which one avoids challenging alternatives and data, yet still tenders the appearance of conducting science.

Ten Reasons People No Longer Find Skeptics Credible

Skeptics are losing the argument; losing the war for the American mind, and for good reason. Their actions appear to indicate confidence in the strategy of screaming louder, accusing everyone of being anti-science, conducting more personal attacks and pushing more idiot-but-celebrity personalities into the journalistic limelight; hoping that this approach will somehow rescue themselves in their plight.

Formal vs Informal Fallacy and Their Abuse

One can only truly understand how a formal fallacy is qualified, by understanding the relationship between first order logic and formal theory construction. This allows the philosopher to examine flaws which might serve to negate propositions because of a failure of formal theory. These are called formal fallacies. Informal ‘fallacy’ on the other hand – is an ignominious title ascribed to every bit of circumstantial critique which falls outside of this class of fatal proposition error – or might be boasted as inappropriate basis for an attempt at refutation.
Formal fallacies are fatal to their associated proposition, but in no way serve to prove nor disprove any purported truth. Informal ‘fallacies’ most of the time are abused by those pretending to cite something fatal to the argument at hand. Such is rarely the case; ironically demonstrating a formal fallacy of its own in the offing.

Proof Gaming

Science begins its work based upon a principle called necessity, not upon proof. Science then establishes proof, if such can be had. Popper critical rationality as it turns out, involves more than irrefutable proof, contrary to what gaming social skeptics might contend. Proof Gaming is a method of tendering an affectation of sciencey methodology, yet still effectively obfuscate research and enforce acceptable thought.

Discerning Sound from Questionable Science Publication

No, meta-analyses published in tier I journals do not constitute the preponderance of good source material available to the more-than-casual researcher. 85% or more of scientists and publications cannot possibly attain the prestigious regard requisite inside such fare. Accordingly, the life long researcher must learn techniques beyond the standard pablum pushed by social skeptics, discerning techniques which will afford them a superior ability to tell good science from bad science – through more than simply shallow cheat sheets and publication social ranking classifications.

The astute ethical skeptic is very much a life-long and in depth researcher. For him or her, seven specific questions can serve to elucidate this difference inside that highly political, complicated and unfair playing field called science.

The Tower of Wrong: The Art of Professional Lying

I would rather be informatively incorrect, than disinformatively or uselessly correct, any day.
Beyond the three proposition framings of Wittgenstein, there exist six mechanisms of social imposition and the football-like nature of how quasi-truth is handled, which serve as the linchpins inside professional lying. The Tower of Wrong depicts how partly correct, correct but useless or dis-informing evidence (Wittgenstein sinnlos) is to be clarified as distinct from deontological information – information reliable in being critically predictive or bearing falsification outcomes.

A Word About Polls

Pollsters and those who fund them, you have to ask yourself: If 59 to 70% of the population in any given year believes that your media outlet pushes biased/corrupt propaganda† – would that not mean that ANY poll conducted in your name will automatically contain extreme levels of skewed collection data? A scientist might think so; might think so for nine specific reasons listed herein. But a deluded political group, might strategically use such an effect to their advantage. They might want to even swing an election by means of exploiting, but not acknowledging, such a bias effect. This reality comprises the nature of the new poll and electorate gaming underway in American politics.

And I Have Touched the Sky: The Appeal to Plenitude Error

It is not that the contentions founded upon an appeal to infinity are necessarily and existentially incorrect, rather simply that the appeal itself is premature under the definition of what constitutes good science. So I replaced the word god, with the word infinity – OK, good; but have I really accomplished science through such an action? Wittgenstein challenges this notion. The context in which ‘infinity’ is abused as an obvious scientific alternative or worse, apologetic employed in order to leverage social conformity (pseudoscience), are outlined inside what is called the Appeal to Infinity error.

Contrasting Deontological Intelligence with Cultivated Ignorance

A deontologist prefers a state of ‘unknown’ over choice of a highly probable stacked provisional knowledge, because of the more informative deontology of declaring a precise answer to be unknown, over ‘probably known’ inside a context of low intelligence and unevaluated risk. According to Wittgenstein, the formulation of elemental intelligence is the critical first step of science – which steers our methods away from the pitfalls of having to employ ‘skeptics’ to defend answers derived from stacks of highly probable knowledge – which bear a high risk of ultimately turning out to be wrong – a state to which we are blinded by the processes we chose to undertake and the clowns we hire to defend its answers.

Nurturing the New Mind: The Disruptive Nature of Ethics

Everyone lies. Even so, it is the legitimate role of the New Mind to not simply detect lies, but moreover to dethrone those entities which pretend to the role of God. The Ethical Skeptic does not know what a god even is; nor does he possess all knowledge and wisdom. However, he can easily spot a monkey with a gas can. Even and especially if that gas can serves to intimidate via means of institution, socialized rationality or specious claims to science, evidence or truth. Inside this awareness, several telltale character traits, life signatures, differentiate the poser elitist from someone who can be trusted. This is his threshing floor.

The Warning Indicators of Stacked Provisional Knowledge

Rather than presume as capstone upon incredibly risk-ignorant stacks of knowledge, what is true and not true, the ethical skeptic instead focuses on field observation and the suspension of doubt, belief and provisionally stacked assumption. He is not denying knowledge, rather denying the lie-spinner the raw material he so desperately needs. He is denying the tradecraft of the lie: an Omega Hypothesis.

Spotting the Humpty Numpty

A Humpty Numpty fixates on the exercise of convincing themselves how smart they are and how well they understand everything around them – inside an incredibly vast array of topics. The goal is to certify how superior they are to a targeted disdained group. But the sad reality is that it is never really about the topic under discussion, the topic is really: them. This is a modern pandemic form of neurosis self-obsession, falsely represented as being a ‘skeptic’ or ‘science enthusiast’.

The Joy of Sleight-of-Hand Manipulation

The magician finds his joy in misleading through distraction and by means of a consilience of evidence lay down as predicate to the observation his audience is about to make. But the magician is operating under a license granted by his audience. The audience agrees to be deceived and to allow sleight-of-hand to unfold as a sort of play. The magician is not held accountable for his act, and rather entertains by challenging his observers to see if they can spot the trick.
In the mind of some, this joy of deception has utility well beyond the play of the magician.

Differentiating Scientific Literacy from Social Propaganda

Remember, all things being equal, Simpleton (simplest explanation) Science is much easier to promote to the public than is the real thing. The sign of being scientifically literate is one’s empowering them self to be robust to simpleton science communication. One method of promotion of simpleton science is by means of propaganda case study. By skipping right past what constitutes real scientific method and thinking, and right to the specific conclusions which stand as earmarks of those who are correct – in contrast with those who are identified in advance as the bad guys.

How Glyphosate Practices Serve to Increase Our Diet Risk Exposure

We are highly risk exposed to the world’s most widely used pesticide, glyphosate. We as a regulatory entity, an industry and a technology, fail to track glyphosate’s modalities, vectors and its actual EPA Part 180 Maximum Tolerance Limit compliance inside our food supply. This is called malfeasance in the business world, and bonus sive malus inside ethical skepticism. Otherwise known as criminal ignorance and pseudoscience.

Lies of Which I Disabused Myself Along the Way

At the basis of The Lie, is the contention that one only needs to seek professional medical advice when one is sick or something hurts. This precludes the role of any medical profession involving health, nutrition and prevention. This is a serious broach of ethics and scientific acumen on the part of social skepticism. It is just plain institutional-stupid. The reality is that we erroneously assume our bodies to be simple systems – just like a car. And the sadder truth is that current medical science has taught us to treat our cars better than we do our own bodies.

Islam, Corruption and Socialism All Relate in Direct Proportion to Human Suffering

Three social forces operating on the globe today, relate in direct proportion to the level of unhappiness exhibited by a country’s population. Islam, Socialism and Corruption, these three social factors tend to not only establish and foment misery on the part of their victim populations, but moreover tend to prompt their victims to export their wares into target nations – seeking a migration of their tradecraft for all global humanity to enjoy as well.

Ethical Skepticism – Part 8 – The Watchers Must Also Be Watched

One of the tenets of Ethical Skepticism is “Monitor those who do the monitoring.” A confluence of three pitfalls derive from a monitoring process which has gone awry. In-group biases tend to reinforce in the mind of the watchers, the need for their quality entity (external entity skepticism in lieu of science) and they may fail to be able to recognize a quality outcome – becoming the source of error themselves. The net result, many times is an unbound combination of lack of accountability and coalescence of power to the authority who watches. This stands as a god-proxy. A mistake wherein the network may value itself above product or topic and become a regularly self-justifying and error stimulating/generating mechanism.

What Corporations Do When Bankrupt of Ideas/Ethics

Incompetency combined with elite right to privilege, correctness and power money, lay as the the fertile soil from which destructive corporate practices emerge: cartel, monist and oligarch ethic organizations, all dressed up as capitalism.
When corporations run out of ideas – protecting the corporation itself becomes the only goal. If they existed only to make money – that would be fine. But this is not why they exist.

The Inverse Problem and False Claims to ‘Settled Science’

Science achieves its strongest theoretical basis when both the forward problem and the inverse problem agree, as to the outcomes attributed to a set of input variables inside a proposed solution. To simply craft models, parameters, constraints, arrival distributions, relationships – all of which impart risk to the model – and then presume that our current understanding of such will then guarantee a valid field result or outcome – is unfinished science at best; pseudoscience and oligarch arrogance at worst.

Abuse of the Dunning-Kruger Effect

When does a Dunning-Kruger misapplication flag the circumstance of sociopathology on the part of a claimant who sees them self as superior minded? When you observe it being applied in situations and domains inside of which the study authors, Kruger and Dunning, never intended. It behooves the ethical skeptic to actually read the studies which are purported at face value to back habitual social skeptic condemnation tactics. Knowing how to not commit a Dunning-Kruger Effect error in application, ironically is a key indicator as to one’s competency under a Dunning-Kruger perspective in the first place.

The War Against Supplements Continues to Revel in Harmful Pseudoscience

Instead of asking “Does orthomolecular vitamin B supplementation result in an increase in patient quality of life?” a pseudo scientist with an agenda will simply issue a fantastically comprehensive and unsupported claim such as “Most people in the industrialized world should be able to get whatever vitamins and minerals they need from food.” The habits of avoiding asking the right question under the scientific method, and then issuing grandiose unsupported claims of finality – stand as key indicators of fraud, pseudoscience and oligarch industry subversion at play. The simple fact is that supplements serve to reduce doctor visits and prescription purchases, as well as reduce the amount of food a person must consume each day.

The Nature of Argument

An argument may be evaluated for its basis, quality, type, and outcome. These are handy guidelines which the ethical skeptic may employ to keep a close watch on his propositions,…

SSkeptic Weapon Word Top 25

Social Skepticism’s Top 25 Weapon Words (Oct 2015) Weapon Words /philosophy : pseudoscience : propaganda : jargon/ : Words of Mass Defamation. Fashion terms among those who consider themselves too…

The Art of Rhetoric

Rhetoric is an opportunist, desperate for an avenue of entry through any means of persuasion and locution – a form of such extreme commitment to a conclusion that it bears…

Why Sagan is Wrong – The Fake Skeptic Detection Kit

There are two principal problems with Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit. First, it is misapplied by false skeptics through its utilization as a means to enact denial, ignorance and application of ‘skepticism’ outside a context of neutrality and sincere investigation. Second, The Baloney Detection Kit is flat out incorrect. Destructively incorrect. It presents an approach to citizen science which is an abrogation of its correct methodological order, employs explanations which can be equivocated to justify abuse, and contains principles which are patently wrong under the scientific method. Ironically, perhaps its best use is in developing a framework inside of which one can observe and detect a fake skeptic.

If the New Religiously Unaffiliated are Not Choosing Atheism, Then Just What are They?

People are leaving religious affiliation in droves. Indeed, almost 18 million persons over the last seven years in the US alone left the faith on a statistical basis.¹ But only a slim margin inside this conversion base† is filing into the comparatively paltry ranks of atheism. Just who are these people electing this third option, the “nones” as they are titled by the Pew Research Study pundits? Why were Social Skeptics shocked at the results, and why do their shrill voices continue to pretend that this enormous and fastest-growing demographic group in the United States, does not even exist?

A New Ethic

Skepticism, as philosophy, is the complement of sound science method, not the privilege sword of a few pretenders culling and provisionally enforcing conclusions in lieu of science. True skepticism is…

The Ten Pillars

The pseudoscience of Social Skepticism at its root both is, and stems from, an active shortfall in integrity and respect for self. It is motivated by particular psychologies of anger,…


Sol-Nihilism (/ˈnaɪ.ɨlɪzəm/ or /ˈniː.ɨlɪzəm/; from the Latin solus, only, single, sole and nihil, nothing) is a philosophical doctrine that suggests the negation of one or more of the reputedly meaningful…

What is Pseudoscience?

What is Pseudoscience?  And why we live in a banana republic age of scientific consensus, ruled by SSkeptics. In the September 2011 Scientific American Skeptic editorial, Michael Shermer tendered, in…

Anatomy of a Media Hack Job

Official Promulgators of Pre-concluded Propaganda are Partners with Pretend Skeptics Astrobiologist Richard B. Hoover spent more than forty six years working at NASA as a scientist who authored 33 volumes…

The Art of the Hoax

In the world of counter intelligence, the propagation of pseudo-lies is more prevalent than lying itself, because fabricated information is just as informative as is correct information.  The malicious profession…

Denial of Discovery Science

SSkeptics’ failure to differentiate between Discovery Science, Developmental Science and Engineering is purposeful and methodical.  But it by no means represents Science.  The focus on Experimental Methodology only as representative…

What is Social Skepticism?

Social skepticism is kabuki, the activist-minded abuse of science by means of its underlying philosophical vulnerability, skepticism. An imperious agency which has politicized and enslaved science through teaching weaponized fake…

What Constitutes a Religion?

The necessary features which constitute a religion are a great deal less in magnitude than one might think.  There are only two necessary ingredients which are folded into the recipe formulating a…

Ethical Skepticism: Value

The Two Goals of Ethical Skepticism: Value and Clarity Value A primary goal of Ethical Skepticism: “Value – as measured by achieving beneficial outcomes in their research” Value is the…

Critical Blindness

You are Master and Head of your organization.  You are issuing orders and tendering wisdom. You are making decisions and are growing weary of the idiots.  You deal with issues…

Fact/Ambiguity Dipoles

For Every Fact there is an Equal and Opposite Parasitic Implication With SSkeptics be on your guard because the dipole implication which comes along with a seemingly innocently tendered “fact”…

Kuhn Denialism

Actively seeking to block paradigm change in science. At the unaccountable core of modern Social Skepticism, resides the unethical practice of Kuhn Denialism.  American Physicist Thomas Kuhn believed that scientists’…