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An Official ‘Thank You’ to Science Based Medicine

Rookem’s Razor:  All things being equal the most expensive explanation tends to be the correct one. Chronic and severe pain is a no bullshit tolerance factor, it serves to make one a skeptic, very fast.

WARNING: The following testimonial constitutes an ‘anecdote’ and cites a resolution based upon actual patient input to doctors. When you have gotten up off the floor after fainting from the horrific pseudoscience of it all, simply click your heels three times and repeat over and over “The plural of anecdote is not data” and it will be all better.

I wasted an entire year and a half and $16,300 pursuing the approach Science Based Medicine might prefer for a malady which my Integrative Medicine Practitioner resolved in one appointment, $200 and by means of a supplement. Which now is quackery indeed? I am now in doubt. Patient success experience or revenue goal oriented scripted shotgun testing? Well let’s hold on that conclusion.

One thing that I do know is that, were I to practice the Big Healthcare method on the left (chart at bottom) in my labs, I would be committing lab fraud in order to bilk my clients out of artificially prolonged revenue through fake science (see The Seven Forms of Lab Fraud). In Science Based Medicine however, fraud only applies to outsiders, and is mis-defined as anything that does not revenue serve their cronies, any competing business or anything else they decide that they do not like.

Rest assured, Science Based Medicine is not promoting their view of medical care as a smart option for your consideration. Their apparent heading is one of supporting the elimination of your choices and control over your own health, independent of the secure revenue pathways for big pharma, big healthcare and their oligarchy cronies profiting from both.

My whole complaint was resolved by one simple supplement – Imagine that

It is a scam, and a crime of fraud, that I could not have been instructed about this supplement two decades ago. Why? Because hinting that a supplement might help my flank pain might ‘constitute claims of cures or treatments.’  This is how a mafia works. As a result of our sounds-good-on-paper ‘science’ millions of Americans suffer needlessly, and moreover are being held hostage and bilked out of tax and critical household budget dollars to the tune of $23,000 a year and dramatically upwards, to fund a social scam in medicine. Let’s examine how this fraud, actively promoted by Social Skepticism, works.

rookems razorYes, indeed I wanted to send out a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the Science Based Medicine crowd today.  Before I do that however, let me relate the Odyssey the science gods tasked me with in my search to resolve increasingly severe lower left quadrant pain. You see over the last two years I have been experiencing recurrent lower left quadrant pain, commensurate with a whole host of other partially debilitating symptoms; none the least of which included facial sores, dizziness, ear ringing, anxiety, hair color dimming, weakness in my workouts, cold sweats, mental fog. I speak often as part of my living in support of my businesses and those subjects inside which I carry a passion. Anything which negatively affects my pneumogastric nerve and central nervous system is an unwelcome life contributor. Of course this greatly distressed me so I went, in 2013, to my General Practitioner with my complaint. We followed the Big Healthcare, Big Pharma, script, much of which agrees with the SBM doctrine:

The SBM approved ‘scientific method’ must be followed:

  • Assume people are wrong based simply on who they are
  • Assume that there is an evil narrative out there, and your first oath of duty is to alleviate evil narrative
  • Assume whole classes of treatments and professionals are wrong because you smack a label on them (see Panductive Inference)
  • Ask revenue-based, as opposed to prevalence or suffering based questions
  • Test like hell for everything, like shooting in the dark, and start with the big expensive stuff first, motivated by scaring the patient right off the bat that they might have cancer
  • Perform no intelligence or market investigation so that you would know that IBS is skyrocketing right now (my GI doc finally told me that the majority of his patients are IBS now, and it was not that way 20 years ago).
  • Never EVER speak with an actual sufferer (because the reality is that you don’t care about the sufferers, you have this intellectual game you wish to win at all costs)
  • Staunchly deny that anything new is happening with American health (it’s all a change or increase in diagnosis – denial never needs supporting evidence now does it?)
  • Fall prey to Diagnostician’s Error (technicians pretending to be researchers)
  • Nor do a patient background or complete symptom survey to look for past related maladies.  After all, Big Healthcare has money to be made here. Why waste time looking for more sane and reasoned conclusions? Right?  “Occam’s Razor” (sic) only applies to bigfoot and UFO’s, right? Meet you for golf at the club later with that pharmaceutical sales chick *wink. I’ll show you my new BMW 7 Series
  • Only allow symptom treatments, as finding and treating underlying causes tends to be what quacks do, and opens up a whole can of worms SBM does not want broached
  • No supplements are allowed as they are all quackery – besides you might die (OMG OMG OMG!!!) from the lack of control on mode, form, substrate, dose, and active ingredient purity. We are here to save lives after all (I cannot believe I said that with a straight face)
  • No communication to me, as patient, is allowed which might hint that a simple over the counter supplement could alleviate a symptom or even actually help resolve a cause. It is critical that I stay ignorant so that I don’t ever get caught up in pseudoscience
  • Big Medicine, Big Healthcare, Big Pharma and SBM controlled healthcare cost loaded solutions (quadruple cost) are the only ones authorized
  • No input from fellow sufferers, the internet or eschewed doctors is allowed (whip out the unquestioned MiHoDeAL Claim and feel all ‘sciencey’)

Thank you Science Based Medicine - CopyWell sadly, after 26 weeks, nothing worked. I was told that I “must have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).” This is the pandemic set of symptoms from which an alarmingly increasing number of people suffer; one in which we have no idea what even causes it. Of course my pain simply comes from “an increase in awareness” as well, for we have to remember that when Science Based Medicine puts out a claim, it does not have to be justified – simply promulgated to the masses unquestioned (see Appeal to Skepticism Fallacy). IBS is the diagnosis of last resort after all the money avenues have been exhausted. Now I must learn to live with my IBS, ‘cuz there is no cure.  It is simply the ‘luck of the draw’ genetically. Nothing in the environment causes it, certainly not glyphosate, and nothing you can do about it. Your pain, slight fever, dizziness, and mental fog are all from panic attacks! Yes that is it, our go-to conclusive hypothesis is one which cannot be tested for falsification! Such brilliance! Plenty of predictive science to confirm it – and stands as imperative proof that you are just weird – we are done! Yay for Science!

I was told to start to meditate and learn to control your ‘triggers,’ and ‘episodes,’ as a good portion of this is psychological and really, your fault anyway, for worrying too much. But I do have an expensive set of prescriptions which can alleviate symptoms in the mean time.

A funny thought drifted through my head, I had heard this line before – dermatologists attempting to treat my rosacea; and upon being unsuccessful, fell back on this same failed message. Triggers, the watchword of the lazy and incompetent. Yes, I had heard this line of ‘go away, it’s all your fault’ sales bullshit before.

2018 note: Finally after testing literally hundreds of approaches to alleviating my rosacea – I have found that loratadine 10 mg (Claratin 24 hr) was 100% successful in eliminating my rosacea. Not once has anyone ever mentioned this treatment in 25 years. Why? Because they might be promoting ‘claims as to treatment and cures’. The suffering-inducing bullshit of the modern social skeptic: force millions to suffer in order to save one injury which might theoretically occur.

Just as a tally, that makes 5 maladies I have solved through my own gumption and alternative medicine – finding no help from conventional medicine.  Versus 1 malady my doctor caught and solved: h. pylori. And even h. pylori would never have been known about if we continued to listen to the fake skeptics about ulcers. So under a Relegation Error fallacy, I am not sure that this success even counts as a win for conventional medicine – since they had to be forced to accept the fringe idea that h. pylori caused ulcers in the first place.

Cut down on sugar, coffee, fast food and soft drinks, and exercise more. Yep, heard that too. Oh? You run 4 miles a day now and don’t do any of these things?  Well, meditate more and take these two new prescriptions.  An antispasmodic for your pain, and a relaxer to stop your ‘panic attacks’ and over-worrying. These two are a mere $92 a month more on top of your other medical costs.  A drop in the bucket really.

This year, when my IBS started flaring up again, I went to my Integrative Medicine Practitioner this time. She said: “This sounds an awful lot like stomach HCL insufficiency and dysbiosis. There is increasing evidence from the public that glyphosate is causing intestinal microbe imbalances that lead to dysbiosis and finally IBS. I used to get 3 patients a week with dysbiosis back years ago. Now I get 8 patients or more per day. It is my number one patient challenge. In addition, you had h. pylori after one of your Far East projects, and it can wreak havoc in your stomach’s acid production. Your digestive system is possibly not putting out enough hydrochloric acid and enzyme base. As a result your undigested food is putrefying¹ in your small intestine and causing a whole host of dysbiosis symptoms, (my spell checker does not even recognize the words ‘dysbiosis’ or ‘SIBO’ despite its presence as a pandemic in the US population – see chart below) auto-immune, food-sensitivity reactions and pain from that point on in your gastrointestinal tract. Let’s try this first and see how it works: Get an HCL/Betaine/Enzyme supplement and make sure you take 1000 – 2000 mg with each meal.”

Well, they say that science is probative based upon incremental risk. My integrative medical practitioner had made an incremental conjecture of risk – and I was about to test it.  And chronic pain is a NO BULLSHIT tolerance factor – it makes you a skeptic fast. She had put her conjecture on the line of risk. As a skeptic, I at least admired that.

Just as a note, because of the enormous amount of interest in this post, I take a supplement containing the following: dicalcium phosphate, pancreatin 4X, betaine HCL, amylase, protease, pepsin, papain, oxbile, lipase, bromelain, cellulase.

And by the way, if you bristle at my offering this up to sufferers as a ‘cure or treatment’ – go fuck yourself. You are not a medical professional, nor a skeptic. Go look in the mirror and grow a conscience (see Skeptive Dissonance). There is a certain intolerance of self-serving bullshit and ignorance which chronic pain begins to induce in a person.

Oh my GAWD, my Holistic/Integrative Practitioner recommended a supplement! Oh the quackery!! Let the FDA Letters fly! People are dying! Big Pharma Skeptics rescue us!

IBS versus supplements harm - Copy - Copy - Copy

We needed real skeptics back in 1991 when our food base was planned to be changed dramatically – unfortunately all we got was this cadre of goofball science pretenders who betrayed our consumer health base. That is why I am speaking up.

When Social Skepticism ignores skyrocketing public health and human rights concerns such as SIBO, and the proliferating list of auto-immune generated maladies stemming from our food, in favor of chasing supplements on behalf of Big Pharma regulation – this activity is not simply pseudo-science or social epistemology, it is called more specifically a technical term: criminal fraud.

Wow, after two years of misery and health degradation, problem solved. All symptoms are abated and even my hair color is growing robust again.  But I am so much more educated you know?  And I have Science Based Medicine to thank for that education. I made a decision in accordance with their philosophy which obtained for me a $16,300 education (that because of skyrocketing MooP/deductible costs, on top of the $23,000 we all pay each year already for the health scam). This misadventure alone tallied to 1/5th of the cost of my graduate degree! So I had to learn something, right?! Otherwise I would have never experienced the educational menagerie of things you can do, when you have lots of tools, billable pathways and rote formulas at hand, but don’t have a clue what you are doing.

My Holistic/Integrative Practitioner ended up solving it.  And do you know how she gained this research intelligence about the solution? Patient Input! Oh the plural anecdote of it all!

Were I to practice the method on the left of the 2013 to 2014 comparative chart (above right) in my labs, I would be committing lab fraud in order to bilk my clients out of artificially prolonged revenue through fake science. Yes, I own and have owned several science research and application development labs through the years.  In those operations, I could never ethically perform the list on the left under REAL science.

Oh, and one small note:  If you have an entry in your records, even one instance that you were referred to one of the specialists on the left in the chart above, and you DID NOT follow the doc’s referral, then you will be declined for health insurance coverage regarding that issue when you apply later in life – say 20 years later – even if you are fine now.  I know this from experience having managed several company health insurance plans for my employees.  The Health and Pharma industry just cannot seem to get your history of records readily available to the doctors for your health needs, like my doctor could not look up the fact that I had h. pylori in my history, that might have saved me lots of money in this case.  But the industry can sure make a DETAILED history of your health decisions readily available for the insurance companies – off of which to identify a non-compliant action on your part, in order to extort money from you.

Such is the generous, self promoting gift of Science Based Medicine. One that keeps on giving in terms of destroying households financially, and in terms of personal health. An elegant accomplishment, harming citizens in two ways at once. Fighting for the rights of oligopolies and cartels everywhere. Well done. So sciencey.

¹  “Prebiotics, Probiotics and Synbiotics help in reducing the concentration of cancer-promoting enzymes and/or putrefactive (bacterial) metabolites in the gut.” Adv Biochem Eng Biotechnol. 2008;111:1-66. doi: 10.1007/10_2008_097. Probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics. de Vrese M1, Schrezenmeir J.

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I would question food putrefying in the gut but no-one gets it all right. A basic understanding of biology makes such an event unlikely. Producing excess gas, certainly; poorly digested food yes, but putrefying – rotting – no.

Homeopathy can be highly effective but you need someone who is a qualified Homeopathic doctor and who only practises Homeopathy. The complexity of the modality, I believe, makes it unsuited to being practised ‘on the side’ along with other treatments.

The Ethical Skeptic

Thanks for the excellent input rosross! Respectfully, I do not think the modern studies on SIBO and dysbiosis agree with you (see Nutrients. 2012 Aug; 4(8): pp. 1095–1119. PMCID: PMC3448089: Diet-Induced Dysbiosis of the Intestinal Microbiota and the Effects on Immunity and Disease, K. Brown, D. DeCoffe, E. Molcan, and D.L. Gibson). Putrefaction therein, and in most of science is defined as any decomposition of proteins caused by bacterial or fungal activity – not normal for the human gut flora. SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) produces decomposition of proteins by foreign/abnormal bacterial or fungal action. This as opposed to digestion… Read more »


I think the use of the term putrefaction is problematic because it is commonly understood as a negative. The process is of course one of ‘breaking down’ which is what the digestive process in the body does naturally. When the term putrefaction is used most people would think it was an unnatural and damaging process, i.e. rotting inside you. There is a school of thought, in some areas of alternative health, that colonic therapy is required because of ‘rotting matter’ in the gut and this does not make sense to me given my basic but comprehensive understanding of biology. A… Read more »

The Ethical Skeptic

I agree that putrefaction is a loaded word used to motivate dysbiosis patients into action; and in that regard the ‘rotting’ connotation is probably over-spin, and probably the reason they go with the term SIBO most often now. I have SIBO, but live a very healthy lifestyle and have for 15 years now after my health was damaged enormously by wheat consumption from 1996 through 2001. It was a sudden and dramatic onset without a change in lifestyle. Ceasing wheat, halted the enormous damage to my health. Now, I run 6 times a week, and I ceased consuming wheat, dairy,… Read more »


I am glad you found a path to health. That is what matters most.

Ravi Kulasekere

LOL.. hilarious and at the same time absolutely true. I can relate because this was exactly my story as well. I figured the Betaine HCL just from reading a naturopathic website. Made a night and day difference.

The Ethical Skeptic

Yeah Ravi, I scolded my GP and GE for this, and they took it well. (They both know to be well prepared when I come in for a visit, LOL!). I warned them that, from my perspective they are about to be flooded with a spate of HCL/Enzyme deficiency cases, making it harder to discern/catch the real dangerous stuff like cancer. The Gastroenterologist retorted that he is seeing at least 6 per day, as opposed to 10 years ago he would see 1 or 3 per week.* He applauded my desire to not undertake the prescriptions and was glad that… Read more »

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