Tyflocracy: The New Art of Oppressive Governance

Imagine a new form of totalitarian governance, composed of non-elected officials who have been indoctrinated into believing that they hold a superior intellect and humanity to those whom they were appointed to serve.
Imagine a new form of government so convinced of its own virtue mandate and the contrasting original sin of its constituents, that it has adopted the view that its own citizens are now a less-than-human enemy – no longer worthy of the full slate of human rights.

Tyflocracy is the form of social agency (both government and non-governmental power) which manages by the blind or Nelsonian eye. It enforces both the absence of agency for, and the embargo of examination of – that which it opposes or wishes to exterminate.

Imagine a single dominant Party which incites Kristallnacht violence in the streets, smashing windows and burning businesses, because they hold that The Party and their billionaire Cronies who fund all this are indeed the victims and ‘resistance’. A new, smarter form of diabolical tyranny is on the block, one pretending to be a democracy sans borders or voting identification, and it is called tyflocracy.

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.” ~ Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

“I’ve been here four months. You can’t make this stuff up. I thought the Federal Government was supposed to help the people. But we’ve got government versus The People.” ~ Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL)

I think it is time that we craft a new theory of misdirected governance, one which carries us beyond the misapplied, impotent and outdated terms ‘Nazi’, ‘communist’, and ‘fascist’. A new form of evil is on the block. This one is much smarter than the old forms of oppressive administration and rule. It not only wields power by means of bureaucracy and class conflict, but understands the strategic importance of displaced risk.

While it thrives upon fomenting class war, unlike communism, all property is crony and corporation held – loosely merged into a single offshore, paper-trade funded, Clayton Act web. These capital cartel members then administer as if government proxies, while falsely claiming the lack of public accountability only due individual private companies. Unlike fascism, it does not hail the superiority of one race, but rather targets a specific set of physical/genetic attributes for extinction under authoritarian despotism and media celebrity cheerleading. Finally, unlike the Nazi, this type of rule doesn’t don a uniform, create an organization, publish its hate-goals and say “Here I am, come and fight me”. It says, ‘I am only an idea’, which when sought to be pinned down, claims a Daedalean identity wherein every possible descriptive one may offer is a ‘straw man’.

Its reach is achieved indirectly – as key dispositions of risk are imparted to those organizations and groups which are disfavored, while immunity from risk is granted to those groups which are favored. Burdens of taxation, insurance, fee and thick legislation are disproportionately placed onto those groups which hold any form of independent power apart from its ‘government’. Any locus of influence outside its numerous ‘private company’ monopoly and oligopoly proxies or its ignorant constituency. No specific action of damage nor constitutional violation can be attributed legally and directly to the tyflocracy. Because all centers of communication, judicial, and media are part of The Party, no resistance can communicate its ill will or develop legal discovery against it. All of its malicious impacts are enacted by syndicate: cabal, cathedral, mafia and cartel – shrouded inside plausible deniability as to how the asymmetric, long-reaching cloudiness of harm is apportioned. Or more precisely, ignored but strategically applied risk.

The first duty of a government is to promote the economy, commerce, and free domain of a nation’s citizens in order to foster their general welfare. In a tyflocracy, a few power holders have decided that this is an incomplete purpose of government. Instead, in tyflocracy a social cartel assumes power, in the name of virtue, and holds that general welfare is something which is rightfully and only possessed by the government and its corporate proxies. Such welfare therefore can be bestowed solely through the direct and ‘just hand’ intervention which this government provides. Virtue always justifies despotism. Opposition is then defined as ‘terrorism’.

This socio-perception of welfare ownership and virtuous just hand serves to elevate the importance of government such that it must quod erat demonstrandum, defend itself at all costs against other governments (war) and internal constituencies (tyflocracy) – which threaten this now crucial just hand. However, since most constitutions forbid the use of military force against a country’s own citizenry, the ‘blind eye’ tactics below must be brought into play as an alternative style of asymmetric warfare.

A tyflocracy does not simply therefore fear its own citizenry (as in the case of a constitutional republic), but moreover has collectively determined that the sustaining of its power is now of such virtuous importance that constitutionally empowered citizens are indeed its chief threat.

A tyflocracy therefore will betray and replace its constituency for attempting to hold it accountable in this manner – through terror, illegal immigration, corrupt/occult elections, asymmetric displacement of risk, crime, everwar, pandemic, economic crises, excessive redistribution of wages and the merchandising of its governing influence to outside parties.

Wealth is not redistributed, wages are. It is the wealthy crony who is complicit in the overthrow in the first place.
Their intention is to become part of the inevitable and obedient Royal Class.

A tyflocracy punishes its former constituents under draconian law adaptation, while turning a blind-eye
towards the same actions on the part of those who have wholeheartedly accepted its rule.

A tyflocracy is conducting a style of asymmetric risk warfare on its own citizenry – identifying them as being privileged, racist, sexist, bigoted or scientifically illiterate for not toeing their party line. A tyflocracy targets power wielding independent citizens (to include the middle class and above), selecting in favor for new citizenry who are less powerful, more dependent and more influence enabling. A tyflocracy features the following elements:


/philosophy : illicit governance : expansion of power by strategic employment of risk/ : /from Greek: τυφλός (tyflós: blind eye)/ : a degenerative form of single Party government which has declared an asymmetric war of displaced risk upon its own citizenry as part of a scheme for cultivating ultimate power. A form of burgeoning totalitarian rule, composed primarily of non-elected officials who have been indoctrinated into believing that they hold a superior intellect and humanity to those whom they were once appointed to serve. So convinced of its own virtue mandate and the contrasting original sin of its constituents, that it has adopted the view that its own citizens are now a less-than-human enemy – no longer worthy of the full slate of human rights. A form of social agency (both government and non-governmental power) which manages by the blind or Nelsonian eye. It enforces both the absence of agency for, and the embargo of examination of – that which it opposes or wishes to exterminate.

A power-wielding and expansive form of non-elected official governance or administration which is willfully or maliciously blind to a suffering subject group or citizenry – often displaced in favor of foreign groups or constituencies who are not under its charge, employed as a means to increase its power. A group of non-elected officials which strategically apportions risk, dismissing or refusing to examine its impart to a disfavored group over which they rule or have administering authority and impact – wherein a condition of negligence is indistinguishable from malevolence. A government who has assumed that the ‘general welfare’ is something it possesses and owns, and has duty to apportion to its constituents based upon virtuous justice – making the government an indispensable entity which must protect itself at all costs, up to and including ending public scrutiny of its conduct, corrupt mechanisms of power and election, and establishing a credible/vital nuclear option.

A tyflocracy will preen about in the very media it also owns, as if Royalty, displaying its fashionable accoutrement.
You are not worthy of their attention, save as an object of derision for doing or being something which is beneath them.
Only Royalty seeks to punish its constituency while parading around in virtue and vanity.

1. Branch Control – a tyflocracy is most effectively ruled by a single political party (The Party) – wherein no matter the name given to this Party, they behave in the same ways throughout history. Virtue presages violence most often in their methodology. But violence is generally only enacted after control of key branches of the government has been established. The Party will seek totalitarian control of the government in this order by sub-branch/domain, beginning first with those Phase I activities which allow it to brainwash allies and gather evidence (FBI, DOJ, NSA) about its enemies, while turning a blind eye to its friends. During Phase I, one or more of the intelligence or enforcement branches must be converted into the enforcement agency for The Party (FBI).

Each branch is then taken by replacing the leadership with a small group who will gladly enact a political witch hunt inside their ranks. The latter branches (Phase III) however must be constantly distracted/embroiled in overseas conflict and disasters (fully manned by the political enemies of The Party). When all these entities of governance are controlled by one entity, this is not a political party – but rather a grave matter of human and civil rights oppressive Agency.

Phase I
Education (Universities)
Press (Syndicates)
Administrative (Non-elected Officials)
Taxation/Regulation (IRS/DOC/SEC)
Investigative (FBI/DOJ)
Internal Intelligence (NSA)

Phase II
Social Assistance (Disability/Unemployment)
Immigration (Refugees/Border Control)
Representative (House)
Financial (Trading/Capital Transfers/Swift)
Medical/Pharma (Liability Exemptions/Blind Eye)
External Intelligence (CIA/DIA)
Social Technology (Silicon Valley/Internet/Search Engines)

Phase III
Judicial (District, Circuit Appeals, & Supreme Court)
Elections (State Election Commissions)
Executive (Presidency/Impeachment/Other)
Legislative (Senate)
Enforcement (Police)
National Guard

2. Polarization and Weaponization of Society/Class/Race – a tyflocracy first and foremost promotes culture over community, knowing that community makes a citizenry strong, and tribalism into cultures makes them weak. Therefore polarizing-culture is continually thrust into everyday life, under the virtue-guise of ‘diversity’ – while community (genuine unity and diversity) is continually under attack in the media and social propaganda. A tyflocracy employs and dispenses risk asymmetrically (medical, toxin, disease and disease mitigation, genetic, aging, violent demonstration, illegal immigration, financial, crime, convalescence, social, market, pension) as weapons against its own people or those under its proxy organization’s administering authority; knowing that risk requires greater effort to measure and is often neglected for study by inductive science. A tyflocracy will refuse to intervene in such risk situations (The Blind Eye), allow a mob or cabal to shift that risk onto their enemies (the citizens), and finally cite this denial of action as a kind of virtue on its part. It’s armed sycophancy is called ‘the resistance’. In a tyflocracy, race is touted against race as a means to disempower former constituents. Race war is fomented by the doting press syndicates and low-intelligence journalists who desperately crave Daddy-attention through virtue-signaling. Citizens are constantly accused of racism and fear being identified in media as such. Specific citizenry are accused of possessing an ‘original sin’ of some unresolvable offense/shortfall of their ancestry, which now serves to make them justifiably and perpetually inferior (this has always been the rationale behind slavery). Racial violence encouragement and race-baiting is constantly paraded in the doting media. A blind-eye is turned to actions of racial genocide, or they are couched in euphemisms, excused away, or are totally ignored.

3. False Virtue/Slow Moving Disasters – each risk imparted is justified before those which it seeks to disfavor or displace, as being based upon compassion, justice, minority rights, and scientific literacy. A cloud of academic ‘skepticism’ and celebrity contempt for privilege/racism will righteously surround any counter to its agenda. Each whipping horse issue is one of broad scope and can be applied to anyone (if they dissent), and such a slow moving nature that it is difficult to prove or disprove the merits of the argument within a single professional lifetime or statute of limitations. Therefore, the actions of governance and health authorities in response to these cataclysmic mirage theories will be so virtuous, vital, and of pressing need, that it all will be granted emergency and finally ongoing immunity from legal recourse – a tidy little formula for Royalty.

4. False and Proxy ‘Private Companies’ – a tyflocracy will set up structures of non-governmental proxies, which act on its behalf and are not impeded by the public scrutiny and accountability entailed in a constitutionally chartered government. Legally designating these extra-constitutional proxy-government entities as government-authorized monopolies will be near to impossible. These entities and media will be given ‘good faith’ protective legislation and a blind-eye will be turned towards their activities in support of The Party. In the courts, the perfect becomes the enemy of the good, wherein legal proceedings to protect citizens become increasingly and impossibly expensive, as every legal quagmire in defense of Proxy-Oligarchs is exploited.

5. False Science Consensus – a tyflocracy will employ virtue or science signalling as propaganda, passed among key detached non-liability-bearing agents (social skeptics), to justify its actions. Science will consist of a few, after the deployment of risk, suggestive inductive studies – with the majority being large – never replicated, data study-failures to confirm any disliked observation (blind eye). Nelsonian inference becomes more commonplace than deductive research. The Party enforces its conclusions as consensus. Questioning of experts or publication of countering data is considered seditious or terror-inducing.

6. Fiat Economics/Trade – productivity in a tyflocracy is defined as M1 and M3 monetary units exchanged under any form, and taxed. It does not typically regard as important, the real or durable output of its average citizen. Most of this is provided from within the nations financing or lending quid pro quo to the tyflocracy. Money is derived not through the value of production and currency strength, but rather through elite paper trades and the mandate of the strongest Sovereign. All ‘corporate earnings’ are extracted through sacrifice on the part of the working class, and are funneled to these paper trading Royal entities to underpin further 40:1 leveraged wealth inside a small set of international banks. A tyflocracy will destroy, overtax, over-liability, force offshore or otherwise negatively impact a competitive producing asset in favor of new friendly non-producing assets, former outsiders or offshore quid pro quo which serve to increase its power/preferred constituency. The tyflocracy markets will boom (ironically not matched by economic growth) with the printed money given to its supporting offshore Cronies. This money is in turn used to buy up and consolidate weakened medium-sized businesses into the global syndicate. Trade becomes so complicated and burdened by regulatory/banking constraint, that small to medium-sized entities struggle to perform. Small company production/shipments fail to gain agency clout or are slowed by disadvantageous port costs, demurrage, or compliance, while syndicate supply chains flow with margin-enabling ease.

7. Taxation as Warfare – a tyflocracy will overtax its citizens in favor of social policies supporting broached immigration laws, in order to reduce power of its risk-bearing citizens and increase its own social democratic ranks or autocracy/oligarch reach. They will turn a blind eye to harm conducted to small and medium-sized businesses/farms, in favor of offshore, crony-capital, global socialist conglomerates.

8. Overburdens Its Citizens with War/Converts Military to a National Enforcement Force – a tyflocracy will burden and distract its risk-bearing citizenry with the constant specter of war, and enemies which much be countered with overwhelming might. Yet in contrast it will slowly dismantle domestic law enforcement, and alter crime statistics to lend the false impression that crime is on a downtrend. Virtue will typically involve some form of denigrating law enforcement officials. Symbols which revere historical military leaders are removed, and their mention is erased from history. The tyflocracy will use the children of its political enemies to fight its constant parade of wars. The military must be maintained to the very end of the whole process in order to deplete and exhaust citizenry of the will to fight. Eventually however, old military ranks must be replaced, and be transitioned from a culture of warfighting into a symbolic celebration of progressive diversity. The overarching goal in this will involve converting the military into a force which no longer possesses the integrity to understand that waging war upon a nation’s own citizens constitutes a human rights crime.

9. Fake/Doting/Richeliean Press Syndicate – a Free Press does not exist in a tyflocracy, only protected ‘communicators’ and communications media passed off as good-faith providers rather than publishers. The ‘Press’ saturates media with plagiarized and duplicate source material originating from oligarch and syndicate controllers. The Party and its leaders are never questioned by the media, save for angel questions. Astroturf and paid agency groups create ‘Fact Checkers’, which in reality serve the same people and influences who concoct the lies in the first place. A preponderance of the members of the ‘Press’ adhere to one set of politics and are members of The Party themselves. Their goal is to palter information and effect The Party’s goals in terms of an Overton Window of what truth is deemed socially acceptable. Media goals are falsely deemed ‘progressive’, however in reality comprise mostly efforts aimed at witch hunts targeting select individuals whom The Party despises and progressive genocide of political enemies. Those inside The Party who commit the same sins, are all overlooked (blind eye) and protected by the same media syndicates who conduct the witch hunts. Media companies are all protected by the illusion/proxy nature of being ‘private companies’ – who instead together enact a single Clayton Trust policy as publishers, all the while protected by legislation as if they were neutral providers.

10. Strategic Employment of Terror or Response to ‘Terror’ – a tyflocracy employs the specter of terror, and terror itself, to manage the attention/perceptions of it citizens through constant fear, coercion and despair. War, pandemic, famine and economic collapse are touted constantly before the populace. It is critical to keep the military disengaged from this social evolution; mired in constant overseas wars, as they are the last branch of government The Party need overtake. The Party uses the children of its enemies to fight against terror – then will turn on them once home and call them the terrorists. Information is throttled in a tyflocracy; no longer viewed as the property of the citizens, but rather the privation of those who hold decision-making and communicating power. Virtue, justice and despair all rise in direct proportion inside a tyflocracy. This terror or despair is then used to mitigate or control access to voting/polling.

11. Selective Enforcement of Laws – a tyflocracy will allow minority and extremist sectors to function with violence and impudence; because these voters are critical in maintaining its power – and as well finds their activism useful in terrorizing the former population they are seeking to disempower. The Party enacts its evil through pushing a good to its extreme of exploitation. A blind eye is turned to what it is they represent and the actions they undertake. ‘Press’ reports will focus on diversion and innocuous topics and avoid reporting the horrid actions, looting, violence and destructive marches of their constituents.

12. Destruction of a True Middle Class – the only middle class in a tyflocracy exists with those bureaucracy ranks who administer and enforce it. Imported products and services are dumped on the market so as to hide the rate of inflation which damages all non-public-funded sectors of business. Independent business is the competition/enemy to a tyflocracy, and the tyflocracy must be protected at all costs. Any social unrest, disruption, or disease will immediately result in a shutdown of those businesses which are owned by the enemies and middle class of the tyflocracy. The tyflocracy will flood black markets with highly addictive and death-inducing substances, which kill a preponderance of older citizens and the now-unemployed children of their enemies.

13. Defamation of Its Own Citizens – a tyflocracy will identify and permissively threaten through its detached agents and communicators, its own dissenting citizens; justified through their being caste as privileged, racist, sexist, bigoted, scientifically illiterate and in the last stage, insurrectionists and terrorists. These citizens will be targeted for extinction through a variety of means, and either must flee to a new and free land or stand and fight.

14. Conversion of Manufacturing and Jobs into Slave-Dependency – a tyflocracy does not measure nor track unemployment; rather the flux rate of those who transition from/to assistance rolls. Under the guise of virtue, a blind eye is turned to those who truly have been abandoned and left with long term economic recession and joblessness. A significant plurality of the tyflocracy can be unemployed, and this will not be published by its statistical agencies (blind eye).

15. Shifts Purpose from Public Welfare to Self Preservation – because the tyflocracy has become the sole fount-of-survival for a majority of its new citizen-base, because everything is now administered by the tyflocracy or its proxies, and because the tyflocracy is a body which enforces the general virtue/justice – it (The Party) now must be protected by means of well-funded activist/extremist groups – bearing threat of crime/violence/overwhelming force toward or public shaming of dissenting citizens. Law enforcement is replaced by conformance police and nuclear weapons become essential in defending this Governing Entity which must now be protected at all cost

16. Taxation, Voting and Representation Human Rights Crimes – citizens are taxed without representation. A tyflocracy will speak often about being a ‘democracy’ – yet fail to recognize that a democracy without voting identity or controlled immigration, is not a democracy in the least. A tyflocracy looks the other way while illegal aliens influx across national borders, and then fund these illegals in preference over, and as a replacement of, their own heavily-taxed middle-class citizens. A tyflocracy looks the other way while illegal/identity-free voting is exercised and managed by appointed activists of The Party, thereby cancelling out (de-representing) the voting/rights of the legal immigration-naturalized and native citizens. These are high crimes in violation of human rights – and constitute the ‘final solution’ signature handiwork of the tyflocracy.

A tyflocracy is the cancerous form of government which has grown out of control. By any other name, through the ages it always progresses along the same lines of destructive ends. The same old agency, given all the kingdoms of the Earth, wielding modern tools of indoctrination, possession of our health, and complete control of all commerce. After all, slow moving disasters are the coronation chair of modern royalty.

The Ethical Skeptic, “Tyflocracy: The New Art of Oppressive Governance”; The Ethical Skeptic, WordPress, 18 Jun 2017; Web, https://theethicalskeptic.com/2017/06/18/tyflocracy-the-new-art-of-oppressive-governance/

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Great article


You might appreciate Auron MacIntyre’s perspectives on the ‘managerial elite’ – he’s very focused on the political philosophy of what we’re seeing. https://youtu.be/41J59hg1_30

John Day

Your “Tyflocracu”, as described, will require an almost endless stream of at least middling-competent narcissists to man the wheels of government.
A feat of this magnitude boggles the mind.
How do you propose to recruit such a multitude of passingly-competent narcissists, for instance, in America?



OMG, this is Gold
You mind if I steal the Swiss cheese model pic it’s 🔥


“Our choices are: the press-run state, or the state-run press. Sorry about that!” – Yarvin, Gray Mirror

This so-called “free press” only exists in our mythologies. You’re on the right track TES!

Wazi Floez

This report could have used your definition and explanation of tyflocracy. It does a credible job of outlining the current iteration of a malevolent global tyflocracy using climate change to defeat western civilization through the destruction of the western petroleum/fossil fuel industry but didn’t know how to categorize it. Well worth the read.

Thank you for your excellent site.


A foreign group that pretends to be the same as the natives leads in a ton of hostile immigrants that it calls oppressed when in reality those immigrants caused their own problems back in their native countries, and will bring those problems with them if allowed to go in and replace the native population/take control from them…
So what you’re saying is that basically, the USA is like this?
comment image