Oh, Those Darned Narcissists

you are a narcissist - Copy


How dare they. Why can’t they do as they are instructed? Everyone knows that following the instructions is the first rule in rational thinking. Keep your head down, be diligent, pragmatic, humble and do as you are told.
These damned narcissist Americans.



Chris Norman, British Citizen and hero on FrenchRail Amsterdam to Paris.
“I heard some kind of sound. I then stood up to see what was happening. I saw a man with, what I think, was an AK-47. Anyway it was some kind of machine gun or submachine gun. So, my first reaction was to sit down and hide.
But then I heard one guy, an American say “Go get him!” and another American say “Don’t you do that buddy!” or something like that, I think that was it. So then, I decided perhaps it was really the only time, or chance to act as a team, and try to take over the terrorist.”
Well done gentlemen.

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