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Parents’ Basement Skepticism

Six questions which to ask your skeptic, all revolve around their ability to demonstrate inside their lives, the very mettle about which they so often preach. Thinking disciplines, hard work and open mindedness are positive traits which result in particular quality of life flags. The skeptic which lacks these signature life results, most likely also lacks the meritorious qualities which serve to produce them.

Parents’ Basement Skepticism has taken over from armchair skepticism. Armchair skepticism was a form of quasi-academic, cynical denial; a redeployment of the fear which religion created, inside a person who had rejected religion, but not its motivations of dogmatic denial. These were the people who insisted for instance, that the the gestures of Koko the gorilla, were mere imitations of her trainers, and not indeed a ‘vocabulary’.1 The religion was gone, but the fear based denial still resided in their core. These individuals were typically lazy, prone to pontification, angry and stuck in some form of academic cul-de-sac.

The new form of armchair skepticism, Parents’ Basement Skepticism, consists of social media fueled angry trolls; some of whom are compensated by industry front groups. Political and social activists who knew everything they needed to know, at age 17 – and may or may not have added a PhD in order to place an exclamation point behind it. They are often filled with hate (albeit demonstrated through virtue signaling), lacking adeptness at science and maths, struggling with their relationship or role inside academia, or pretty much failed at everything, seeking to punish those who they blame for their predicament.2 3

The Six Questions to Ask Your Internet Skeptic

There are six questions to ask this type of ‘skeptic’, when encountered inside issue advocacy or over social media. Some of these do indeed constitute pretty tough standards; but remember, you are challenging the credential of a person who is implying that they hold science-proved truth, have ascertained it themselves through ‘critical thinking’, that you are irrational and are a member of some pejoratively named group they despise, and that they represent science in all this. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Ask for the evidence inside these questions:

1.  First question to ask a social skeptic:

Have you moved out of your parents’ basement yet?

2.  Second question to ask a social skeptic:

Does your quality of life reflect the results incumbent with allegiance to the critical thought, order, hard research work and discipline which you implicitly enforce upon others?

(having made some money, does not count – your household, love, career, children and charitable works should all exhibit a quality of leadership, goal focus, discipline and character)

3.  Third question to ask a social skeptic:

How many trips into the field or direct studies have you personally funded or provided the work content for? Have you filed a patent/discovery/study and do you know the difference between a claim, framing, observation, prior art and disclosure?

(arm’s length statistical studies or ‘research articles’ do not count – funding a study indicates that you really wanted an answer)

4.  Fourth question to ask a social skeptic:

What objective and visible dissent from your club’s talking doctrine have you ever offered up to them for their consideration?

(‘dissenting’ but keeping quiet about it, does not count)

5.  Fifth question to ask a social skeptic:

What major contribution, groundbreaking original idea, or change to the world have you ever personally crafted or helped to deploy? And what did you do in response to the nay-sayers?

(deploying skepticism or critical thinking itself does not count. Having published an article or book does not count – in fact if one has more articles or books, than funded studies or trips into the field – that is a warning flag that they are a glorified Parents’ Basement Skeptic. And if you did not have any nay-sayers, ‘cuz everything you did was correct’, then you have not done anything)

6.  Sixth question to ask a social skeptic”

Have you ever changed your adult or professional point of view, based upon novel evidence?

(having ‘discovered science’ which changed your childhood indoctrinated mind about God, critical thinking or pseudo-science, and then never having had it changed thereafter, does not count. Minor shit does not count either – as there are literally hundreds of subjects your club decries, which are of major import – these count)

For example, if one were in a discussion with Dr. Michael Shermer – one would find that he is a well regarded professional, with a disciplined lifestyle academically and personally, has made numerous trips to investigate anomalous activity, has chastised his skeptic cabal at times for their proclivities, and has made some major contributions to skepticism and philosophy. Finally, he has begun to change his mind on the methods of skepticism in recent years; ‘softening a bit’ as he puts it. All laudable characteristics and positive personal history flags. He has earned the right to stand on the stage of skepticism.

I disagree with his conclusions, and am wont to point out that he sometimes lets the indicators of a priori club bias and conclusion-mindedness slip through the smokescreen of sophistry, which belie his claims to suspension of judgement and desire to see the evidence first. But I now listen to Michael with an open mind because he has passed my question qualifications.

But there are several social skeptics, money-minded authors who churn out books with regularity, bearing titles like ‘Conspiracy Theory Refutations’ and ‘Critical Review of The Paranormal and Pseudoscience’ on hundreds of topics inside which they could not possibly have developed any expertise, nor to which they have contributed any actual field work. These fakers I count as Parents’ Basement Skeptics too.

The gist of these questions (discounting the first one of course) is – don’t talk to me a lot about skepticism and science.  Show me where you have really applied it in your life.

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Ten Reasons People No Longer Find Skeptics Credible

Skeptics are losing the argument; losing the war for the American mind, and for good reason. Their actions appear to indicate confidence in the strategy of screaming louder, accusing everyone of being anti-science, conducting more personal attacks and pushing more idiot-but-celebrity personalities into the journalistic limelight; hoping that this approach will somehow rescue themselves in their plight.
However, in the end all this bray will prove to constitute is not a defense of science, rather simply the squeaking noise of their fingers desperately clutching at the metal surface, descending down the slide of irrelevance into posterity.

t1larg.angry.toddler.thinkstock - Copy - CopyVirtually all skeptics believe that, in order to improve the quality of life experienced by those who inhabit this world, then the scientific literacy of our leadership and that of the general population must be enriched. I agree with this sentiment. This Kantian a priori reasoning is belied however, as skeptics are frustrated by an ever increasingly difficult or opposition-minded audience with regard to the conclusions they attempt to foist under such a guise – on both the American population, as well as their elected representatives.

Scientific American published a series of articles recently by Joe Horgan, director of the Center for Science Writings at the Stevens Institute of Technology. The articles revolved around an original work criticizing the skeptic movement for focusing too much on soft/easy targets, and contending that ‘the skeptic movement needs shaking up’.  Coupled with a complete change of landscape towards specific issues of social conscience since the Social Skepticism movement was launched to protect corporate/social/political client interests in 1972, specific mistakes are combining to change the dynamic of how the public conscience is swayed regarding critical issues of research and epistemology. Ways which were not anticipated by the smarter-than-thou leadership the skeptic community hails; indicating an ominous foreboding for Social Skepticism. For instance, celebrity skeptic PZ Meyers has decided he is done with the ‘asshole skeptic’ movement for good. Fake skeptics, science communicators, MSNBC, CNN are all being collectively filed in the circular file of the American public mind. Heck, even Celebrity-Wannabe ‘Scientific’ Skeptic Sharon Hill has thrown in the towel over disgust with the intransigence and fecklessness of the ‘skeptic’ community:

I am not happy with the status quo in what is termed the “skeptical community” and have removed myself from group activities. My beef has been with the lack of effectiveness of promoting a skeptical worldview. The reason for this ineffectiveness has multiple factors. I’ll leave that longer discussion for some other time (or never, since I might as well talk to a wall for all the good it does). But here, in a nutshell, is what is going on in my head right now on the topic:

The fundamental shortcoming of the various organizations and the collective network is that it is missing a thoughtful mission with coherent goals.

I’d suggest such a mission would be simply to promote skeptical evaluation of questionable claims for the benefit of society.

This mission has nothing to do with secularism, humanism or atheism at all and it’s not simply cheerleading for science and reason. If anyone thinks that progress has been made by skeptical organizations to make society better, show me the metrics. I would be so happy to see them.

To her credit, Sharon gets that there exists a problem in the community, as exemplified no better than in her last two sentences; however she does not yet grasp the philosophical and scientific bad habits which have served to precipitate this problem.

  1. Skepticism, at least real skepticism, does not possess a ‘worldview’. Only noisy fake skeptics foist this idea.
  2. Skepticism does not ‘evaluate questionable claims’, science does.

‘Skepticism’ which attempts to foist a worldview and preempt and act on behalf of science – is known by another name. But delving into that is not the purpose of this blog post. In a nutshell, Ms. Hill is experiencing what is called Skeptive Dissonance. She is stepping into the realization that what is taught as popular skepticism stems simply from feckless ego. She is undertaking the Road Less Traveled By, and on to maturity out of anosognosia and virtue signaling concealed tantrums.

Skeptive Dissonance

/philosophy : pseudoscience : ethical dissonance/ : the difficult to articulate or grasp, cognitive discomfort experienced upon one’s first perception of the disconnect between fake skepticism and real or effective science. The discomfort one experiences in overcoming a former fake skeptic anosognosia. Usually considered the first step in ethical skepticism.

Skepticism is a philosophical disciplining of the mind undertaken by the person who intends to conduct science. Ironically, the role of skepticism is to protect from ‘worldview holders’, the prejudicial status of ‘questionable claims’ and challenge the assuredness of their favored provisional ones. The role of skepticism is to protect us all from social justice warriors and their ‘worldview’ taking over science in the first place. Ms. Hill does not get this at all. Never has. Only science can evaluate questionable claims, and science does not possess a ‘worldview’ – other than the gnosis-body of what it has found.  These bad practices of skepticism promoted by Ms. Hill, are exactly why the community is disintegrating through dissonance. They are falling apart because of bad instruction as to what skepticism even is. Skeptics are being schooled to a degree much greater than that of their supposed target credulous. This is because of their dark history of Bad skepticism.

Skeptics have had to be taught how to behave over the last 20 years in particular.
As a result of their malpractices so-called fringe ideas, both valid and invalid, have grown dramatically in subscribership.
If such such a fringe subject bears validity, then of course its cynics were always in error.
If the fringe subject is invalid, its ensuing popularity too is the fault of the pseudo skeptic – and for the same reasons.

Fake moon landing and flat earth proponents have learned to employ the very same methods which
have been taught by fake skepticism in the targeting of disliked ideas over the last 60 years.
The chickens of failed philosophy have come home to roost.
And the blame for this resides squarely with our floundering skeptics.

So, perhaps this failure in mission on the part of Social Skepticism (not real skepticism) is indeed not indicative so much of a decline in the rational/scientific mindset of the general population, as it is reflective of a specific set of mistakes being wrought inside the skepticism movement itself.  Perhaps, the public is a lot smarter than social skeptics give them credit. They can sense chicanery but find it hard to articulate their discomfort around it. Fake skeptics exploit this, along with errant descriptives of science and skepticism to enforce their agendas. ‘Worldview’ in their jargon has increasingly come to be associated with a specific political party, a specific paranormally-obsessed religion, specific medical diagnoses/obfuscation and specific view on failed economics; all compressed inside the circumspection and experience-lacking footprint of arrogant cubicle-constrained and celebrity infatuated academia. Americans get this.

Our feckless, low value/soft target fake skeptics do not get this. As a skeptic, if you are worried about tin-foil hats, bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, brainwashing children and how stupid everyone is, you are going to lose credibility, period. Americans are smarter than this, and they demand more than sophistry and casuistry dressed up as science.

Skeptics are Losing the Battle for the American Mind and Here are Ten Reasons Why

Why do leading periodicals such as National Geographic today decry the “War on Science?”  Perhaps this conclusion is not so much an outcome of diligent epistemology, as it is a push propaganda message on the part of social skepticism’s effort to dominate the media. An effort we have observed to be riddled with critical and harm-enabling mistakes. Through our research conducted over the past decades across a wide range of social topics, we have drawn this conclusion: Cognitive biases cause skeptics to habitually skip past critical research, fail to understand the actual scientific method, focus too much on correctness and control, instruct others as if they are idiots, try too hard to fit in with each other (ironically as if a ‘community’), chronically seek celebrity status and depend too much on experts in a single sub-field to provide a basis for opinion on broad venues of life and social discourse. All serious mistakes of non-science and Popper/Wittgenstein Error. In this article we discuss how these deeply ingrained skeptic foibles serve to impede their ethics – through ten specific weaknesses in message and practice which have manifested over the last 20 years.

     Skyrocketing Medical Debt and an Increasingly Sick Young US Demographic

so-much-more-important-copyAside from the argument surrounding the latest “1 in 120 1 in 55 1 in 38” autism CDC Report, an entire list of new diseases has not only sprung up, but have become the top ten most prescribed-for maladies; and only in the United States for the most part, and within the last 20 years.(1) (2) In their report “U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health (See more at: the National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine cites the condition wherein Americans are watching our selves and our children grow increasingly sick as a nation. And as we watch our loved ones suffer and die from a new class of diseases which did not exist 80 years ago, and as our family medical budgets rise by an average of $3,185 per year† and destroy our lifestyles (not to mention economy), the arrogant screams of the self-proclaimed ‘skeptics’ at Science Based Medicine begin to ring hollow and appear more and more malevolent to the average American. With autism skyrocketing in our children, IBS skyrocketing, alimentary canal cancers growing, diabetes skyrocketing much faster than calories, sugar and lethargy can explain, and our loved one’s beginning to die earlier, people are beginning to doubt what oppressive groups claiming to represent medical science in the media have to say. This is not a Baby Boomer phenomena, as these diseases are now regularly striking victims in high school and college. Being a skeptic is one thing, and most of us will afford you the leeway to play your virtue signalling game into bounds of intellectual arrogance, so long as it does not affect our families. But now it is personal, deadly and despair inducing. People are no longer tolerating the arrogance of voices of denial and correctness when it pertains to national health moving in the wrong direction.

And while parents and their children suffer, as if the ‘movement’ was rubbing salt and taunt into the public’s wounds, they insist on using their holier-than-thou science minds and superior knowledge of scientific reduction to what?  …waste copious amounts of time debunking the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, for the 400,000th time. People get the malicious insult, perhaps even more than do the social skeptics themselves. This fakery and misplaced priority set may serve to do more damage to the ‘community’ than any other single issue.

     The Social Pressure Crucible They Created Around Fringe Subjects Has Been Shattered

The internet and social media is serving to shatter the social pressure crucible that has traditionally bound us from speaking of our paranormal experiences.(3) Ghost hunting, ancient mystery and bigfoot hunting shows are the rage. Despite the fact that every single social media site which even remotely discusses fringe topics, is assigned a team of 3 to 6 token skeptics to patrol the site and ensure that secular nihilism is taught as if it were true science, people are not buying this. They are rejecting the message along with the arrogant meatpuppet patrols who act as their prison keepers. They are buying the evidence instead. Society no longer regards the 768 subjects condemned by the Skeptic’s Dictionary (with very little real research), as all invalid. I have had four close friends, friends who have died – dead – on the operating table, all of whom have come to me (because they trust my ability to be objective and not call them crazy) and shared privately the extraordinary experiences they had. Experiences during, and only during the time in which they were dead.  Four incredible, honest and information verifiable experiences. Were this thirty years ago during the golden age of methodical cynicism, they would never have come forward to anyone. How do I dismiss their observations (they are not ‘claims’)? As a skeptic I do not dismiss them. I ponder, catalog and watch for further information. These four persons are no longer afraid to come forward, much to the chagrin of the fake skeptic crowd of thugs seeking to enforce their religious choice, Secular Nihilism. Most everyone is understanding that two things now are invalid responses to such challenging observations: Knee-jerk denial, and Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann’s Spiral of Silence-styled oppression. Those days, along with those fake skeptics are all a thing of the past.

     Statistics Show that People are Not Buying ‘Big-A’ Atheism

Despite the fact that a recent Pew Research study elucidates that a full 50 million Americans have departed or declined traditional religion(4), fewer than 12% of those in this newly apostate population even privately profess atheism when queried. Given the enormous amount of vitriol spewed by the group claiming scientific knowledge as to the basis of their belief validity concerning religion and gods, why then the refusal by even the most open minded of the general population to accept what this group has to say? The simple fact is that ‘Big-A’ Atheism (as it is commonly called – the A standing for a variety of terms) is shallow, arrogant and every bit as dogmatic and religious as is fundamentalism.(5) It is a fundamentalist religion after all. ‘Big-A’ Atheism (Secular Nihilism) is a religion; but quietly, rational people regard ignostic atheism as not constituting a religion, rather simply a thinking disposition regarding gods only. This allows them to ponder something besides the false dilemma of Atheism and Theism. Something more intellectually challenging and stimulating; something which does not boast of knowledge one cannot possibly hold.

     Science is Being Abused to Enslave Not Free Us

The University of California Berkeley cites in its guidance on science, that “Science doesn’t tell you how to use scientific knowledge” and “Science doesn’t draw conclusions about supernatural explanations.”(6) Despite this, science under the SSkeptics’ watch since 1972, is not being employed to free us and our minds; rather is being abused to support specific oligarch businesses, an oppressive religion and to harm/economically enslave families.(7) The Social Skepticism movement manifests its goals through support of several specific special interest groups. These are interests of allegiance without exception inside the ‘community’, in which Social Skepticism seems to have an irrationally high focus, were it solely comprising an unstructured movement of individual ethic and science alone. Key among these partner special interests are the very familiar laundry list of control groups which manage our economically inflating agriculture, healthcare, health insurance, education, asset insurance, pharmaceuticals and universities. Science in the hands of, and under the watch of Social Skepticism, has played a key role in precipitating economic predation inside these seven hyper-inflating verticals, damaging Americans, their families, their nation. Most people are beginning to see this manifestly.

     Skeptics Tend to Scream Conclusions and Not Conduct Research of Ideas

As ‘fringe’ and ‘paranormal’ researchers bring a continuous flow of higher and higher quality evidence, skeptics do absolutely nothing but scream louder and continually demonstrate that they do not possess the grasp of science nor scientific method of which they all-too-frequently boast.(8) Increasingly, the Baloney Detection Kit produced by Carl Sagan in 1995, is simply being employed to enact the squelching of thought, observations, research and ideas. Ideas which social skeptics do not favor, and seek to have blocked from access to science. Proof gaming (demand to see final proof before research ever starts) and squelching of Sponsors and Discovery Science Methodology are the chief tactics of fake skeptic. Americans get this hypocrisy intuitively, and sense a reason to distrust this group. This is one reason why skeptics are not well liked people – and not because they represent science. People grow in their insistence regarding observations under a paranormal moniker, and grow increasingly tired of being called delusional, stupid or liars by those in the arrogant Social Skeptic community. Besides the role models are often horrible persons, ones whom most Americans find shallow, attention seeking and mean.(9)  Celebrities, blogs, defamation and social exclusions are no longer enough weaponry in the Social Skeptics’ arsenal, wholly now insufficient to keep the population in line. The community is viewed as a cabal of spoiled screaming children. Sorry Social Skeptics, it’s just not working anymore.

     Employment of Trolling Punks Obsessing Over Persons & Politics and Not Science

Social Skeptics coordinate through specific social media sites such as Reddit and patrol a variety of popular fringe topic forums. According to Google Ad Planner the median Reddit user is male (59%), 18–29 years of age, and is connecting from the United States (68%). Pew Research has stated that 6% of all American adult Internet users have used Reddit and males were twice as likely to be Reddit users as females.(10) Reddit is a notorious hangout for the arrogant, inexperienced, shallow and criminally defamatory. These are persons who suffer Fanaticist’s Error. Skeptic ranks increasingly comprise inexperienced, thug minded, Reddit-styled-gang mentality, ignorant, hot-headed, overconfident punks. Most Americans either sense or see this, fully cognizant of meaning behind the Shakespearean quote “Methinks he doth protest too much.” When the number one circulated presentation at TAM2014 involved instructing Social Skeptics how to “Not be A Dick,” you know that there is a high-visibility problem in the Cabal with this.(11) Social Skeptics mistakenly think that this negativity will constitute a strategy of success. They routinely underestimate the ethical quality of Americans, presuming us all to be exactly like themselves. This approach will not succeed with Americans. The last few years have seen our first serious lawsuits requiring Social Skeptics to establish legal defense funds because of tortious interference and business tampering litigation regarding persons and businesses. People of science, like me, have already seen the political motivation, and the puppet show of fake science. We are not buying the poser posture.

     The Stakeholders Impacted are the New (and Long Overdue) Peer Review

The availability of information and scientific studies is allowing diligent common persons to conduct in-depth research on their own. Contentions can be readily presented and refuted. Mom’s in particular are the primary observers of their childrens’ health for example, in contrast to ‘Science Based Medicine,’ who is not. They are disagreeing and are speaking up. Fake skeptics will tell you that skepticism is about the ‘simplest explanation’ (see the fake Occam’s Razor) and then turn around and tell smart mom’s that they are too dumb to understand the science, so shut up. Let’s be ethically clear here: if  you are the victim, impacted by a new action of science – then by default – you ARE the peer. These stakeholder peers are questioning when government regulators take Vice President and higher jobs inside the corporations for which they just crafted legislation. They are elucidating the malfeasance, financing and a priori influences on authors involved in studies touted as being ‘unbiased’. They are not intimidated by extraordinary claims that others represent science, and that mom’s are stupid or delusional. Again, it is just not working. Moms are the scientists now, they are making the first hand observations and doing the testing – mostly because they have to. Social Skepticism has abandoned them, for the Potter’s Gold of celebrity and career promotion. In comparison, the fakers are simply talented at making 80 year out-of-date noise. Activist organizations such as Thinking Moms’ Revolution are making a big splash – a manifest of the increasing health and financial pressure on us which has resulted from the abuse of science by Social Skepticism since the 1970’s.

     Scientists Quietly No Longer Support Social Skepticism

Scientists do not think as does the Cabal of Social Skeptics and studies make this clear.(9) (12) Scientists after all are people. Their kids get sick, their food damages their health and they have paranormal experiences too. A recent Edge Survey of science journalists and real scientists reveal an enormous schism developing between these two groups as to what constitutes good science, and the chief concerns of scientific endeavor.(12) In fact, the number one regarded issue among real scientists expressed inside that study was concern over ‘Screening of Information/Control of What is Regarded as Acceptable Science’. This contrasts dramatically with science communicator top two concerns focusing on ‘pseudoscience/religion promotion’ and ‘conspiracy theory/anti-big institution activism’.  At a certain point to the ethical mind, tenets of philosophy must yield to sound evidence. The evidence is around us every day – we are being media manipulated by social skeptics. Scientists have strange occurrences in their houses, some have seen Sasquatch and UFO’s or have children who have had vaccine injuries or an entire neighborhood with allergies, cancer and diabetes. Does this make them immediately credulous on such issues? Does this mean they are making a claim to proof? No, of course not. They simply may desire some of the 768 forbidden subjects of skepticism be in fact, …I dunno, maybe researched? An inverse negation fallacy in contrast is a condition wherein you decry the de rigueur 768 topics, and the set left standing after all this rancor, just happens to overlap 100% with the religion you adopted at age 14. This fakery is tantamount to making a pseudoscientific claim – and dressing up as a scientist in an attempt to belie that reality. It cannot be defended by masquerading an Omega Hypothesis through a ‘Oh it’s the null hypothesis’ baloney – real scientists get this. All this does serve to give them pause, and opens the question: “Are our arrogant voices of conclusive certainty, maybe premature?”  The resounding answer to the ethical scientific mind, is Yes.

     People Now Think Outside the Box and are No Longer Intimidated by a Claim to Represent Science

Media is discovering that not only are people interested in the strange; moreover, and even more importantly, they possess an increasing thirst to know more about the world around them. They are not afraid of out of the box thinking or tough questions; a fear socially enforced through Bernaysian Engineering 150 to 50 years ago. This public sentiment makes Social Skeptics scoffing and furious – the 1972 handbook on fake science skepticism is not working! Don’t they know who we are? Why does the public not come to them, the smartest people in the room, for such information? Obviously the public is a bunch of idiots. The growth in paranormal oriented media, has not only detracted from the stream of violent soap-opera-fiction big network and fake news fare, but has spawned a whole new generation of channels dedicated solely to paranormal, science fiction and the strange.(13) The public grows ever more suspicious of people who make the extraordinary claim to represent science, yet at the same time refuse to examine the evidence on a variety of challenging issues. An interesting dichotomy in character.

     The American Public is Weary of Being Called “Anti-Science”

The American public is simply and justifiably tired of this; and they are calling out people like Steven Novella for making such grandiose and unfounded claims: “Not only do people reject the science specific to their issue, they reject science itself.”(14)  So claims Steven Novella (and yes, this is a claim and not an observation, under the scientific method). National Geographic recently produced a rather shallow and associative condemnation laden article on everyone who disagrees with five litmus scientific ideas, as all being one tin-foil-hat-wearing ‘War on Science‘ crowd. Social Skeptics everywhere giggled with joy. The simple fact is that the Anti-Science accusation crowd acts more like unto a political party and oligarchy movement, and nothing else. People sense this, and science is damaged in the process of its being used as ruse and football for these, less than scrupulous persons.(15) When one issues a MiHoDeAL Claim – people are no longer seeing such a claim as being based upon science. Religion, it is not just about a bearded grandfather in the sky anymore. We are not stupid, delusional, irrational, unscientific, anecdotal-conclusion vulnerable, not as susceptible to hoaxes nor are we liars as your ‘community’ implies. This continual insult of the American public, is nothing more than an attempt to remove constitutional rights, import votes from foreign countries and increase your client billing revenues. It is simply the squeaking noise skeptic fingers make as they desperately cling to the metal and skid down the slide of irrelevance into posterity.

Guys. You are losing the battle. Your horrid behaviors, darkened hearts, and control freak minds are sticking out like dead tree stumps in a forest. Those of us highly involved in science and the questions on the mind of the American population, are going to make sure that you do lose. Our society cannot afford your fakery any longer. In the end, Social Skepticism will prove simply to be a cautionary tale parents tell the children of the future.

epoché vanguards gnosis

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Lies of Which I Disabused Myself Along the Way

At the basis of The Lie, is the contention that one only needs to seek professional medical advice when one is sick or something hurts. This precludes the role of any medical profession involving health, nutrition and prevention. This is a serious broach of ethics and scientific acumen on the part of social skepticism. It is just plain institutional-stupid. The reality is that we erroneously assume our bodies to be simple systems – just like a car. And the sadder truth is that current medical science has taught us to treat our cars better than we do our own bodies.

Mysteries Are Almost Always Woven of Bad Assumption Fabric

seal run and swimI run, typically 3 to 4 times a week, and have for most of the last 12 years, as well as most of my life in fact. I consume 1700 – 2200 calories per day and track my food and nutrition measures religiously. I have followed this protocol over the most recent decade of my life.  Every aspect of my life is imbued with the circumspect, precise and skeptical approaches of science. I study each facet of my existence and take no assumptions for granted. Data and observation logs abound everywhere. I smile when people offer me common or ‘evidence based’ wisdom on matters which I directly study; driving some of my work associates (not lab associates) crazy through my habitual approach to each issue via the scientific method. I focus more instead on direct observation and results-based study. ‘Evidence’ as it turns out, often constitutes simply semi-objective propaganda – and the wise ethical skeptic understands this. This is a substantial reason for my personal success in life.

When one possesses the means to directly test common wisdom – one should always do so.

My times for a 5K in cross country in high school ranged from 17:10 to 20:15 depending upon how far into the season we were and how difficult the course was. Flat course runs through garlic country were easy, hilly runs through pine coast country were not as easy. I barely finished in the top 5 on my cross country team my senior year, finally lettering in a sport to which I had dedicated my fall semesters for 3 years. But despite being co-captain of my swim team each summer, lifeguarding, riding bicycle to and from wrestling practice in winter, and participating in track & field in the spring, I just could not seem to generate the results I sought in terms of field competition in each sport. I carried more weight than was optimal for these high school sports.

I recall once complaining to my cross country coach, about this inability to produce results from my training commensurate with my buddies on the cross country team. He smiled and stated “K, you weigh 180 lbs man. All these guys who finish in the top 5 each year, on average weigh 135-145 lbs. I tell you what, tomorrow I will strap a 40 lb weight pack to each of them and we’ll do a 10 K practice. Then we will see who is indeed getting results from their training.” I laughed and swallowed the partially understood medicine, but never forgot it.

Later in life this proved to be accurate. When assaulting armed Marine insurgents in US Navy summer training, swimming 1/3 mile after jumping from a zodiac, diving 100 ft under water holding my breath, followed by a run up a hill carrying a 40 lb gear loadout and my M16 – I was able to make it across a 2 mile long sand-field and up the 400 ft foliage hill well before my fire team, surprising the flanked insurgents before they could even ready their weapons, substantially mitigating their defense. A specialist always does well at his or her specialty. But life is not a specialty, it demands a personal rounding and an ability to distinguish and focus on the goal at hand. An ability to distinguish propaganda from results.  Life is never about attaining the best in one specific statistic or technique – rather preparing for the overall battle. What challenges arise from that battle (life), no one can predict – among goals which are often hard to discern and measure.

Health is One Such Multifaceted Battle

One such challenge of life is the difficulty of managing body mass inside the context of metabolic disorders stemming from Endocrine-Immune-Biome Disruption (EIBD) – from toxins concealed inside our foods, along with the low nutrition level of our mega-industry sourced Western diet. For me, keeping trim for presentations and the example to be portrayed by a CEO, was a very daunting process. One which I studied with the same passion, direct engagement and objectivity I exhibit in every other facet of my life.

To keep trim, I cannot eat Western food, I cannot consume the way my associates and friends consume, I cannot eat glyphosate bearing foods, I cannot eat Western grains/wheats/corn/canola/soy/alfalfa, I cannot eat most meats, I must supplement my diet with specific protein sources, high levels of sublingual b-vitamins, vinegar with the mother, raw garlic, pro-biotics, pre-biotics and stomach enzymes. I must workout regularly and cannot consume anywhere near the Western prescriptive 2700 calories a day.

These are the things I have learned through hard study, record keeping, practice, trial and error and discipline. I find the smug platitudes about diet from social skeptics to be not only Pollyanna, but malevolent towards persons like me.

Below you will find five lies I disabused myself of along this journey. Lies which stand as ‘evidence based’ common wisdom, promoted by people who have never been there, never done that, never understood the background principles, never conducted any direct observation or sensitivity testing and never attained any results in the matter from a personal perspective, whatsoever.

The lies of social skepticism. Fake knowledge which arises from Diagnostician’s Error.

Lies About Diet and Health – Of Which I Disabused Myself Along the Way

1.  Obesity Arises from Eating too Much and Lack of Exercise

obesity rises but overweight does notExample of The Lie:  “An obese friend of mine commented on how well his new diet was going, as he absentmindedly devoured an entire low-carb cheesecake while happily engaged in his sedentary pastime. …There’s plenty of blame to go around for what is being called the 21st century pandemic of obesity. The western lifestyle is always the first target of blame, for good reason. Americans eat too much and exercise too little.”  (

The Truth:  Obesity is a symptom of Endocrine-Immune-Biome Disruption (EIBD).  ‘Overweight’ is caused by eating too much and moving too little, and can be corrected through lifestyle changes – obesity cannot be corrected through such changes, and requires a totally different strategy.

While some associated symptoms may ease, obesity is neither cured nor resolved by one simply losing weight.

Therefore they cannot, a fortiori, be caused by the same mechanisms, nor in any way shape or form, be the same disease. We do not deem Alzheimer’s and Dementia, one disease called ‘Crazy-Forgetfulism,’ for this very same reason – they are not caused by the same thing, even though their symptoms might appear similar to the uninitiated. This is a central tenet of epidemiology. One we ignore in the case of obesity through its obfuscation by fake medicine, social messages and social skepticism. Social skeptics enjoy the leverage and condemnation they can deliver through an amalgamation of these disorders into one category of simplest explanation judgement. A judgement which serves to defer responsibility from their clients, and onto the very victims of their clients.

Obesity is an epidemic, among certain genetic profiles which are susceptible to toxins concealed in our average Western Diet. It is not simply an extreme version of being overweight, and the statistics show this (see graphic to the right from the CDC). The Lie, exhibited most effectively inside its related quote above, courtesy of The Emperor Himself, Steven Novella can be summed up in this:

It is the concealing of these toxins (pesticides, deleterious DNA proteins, hormones), the commensurate dilution of our much needed nutrient from our food in lieu of fast growth/higher calorie plant matter, coupled with push-promulgated erroneous common wisdom, which is the bad practice and assumption set residing at the core of the modern obesity pandemic.


/philosophy : pseudoscience : malfeasance/ : the study of the patterns and effects of health & disease conditions in defined populations; while yet at the same time meticulously avoiding study of the cause of those same diseases or conditions.

2.  Excessive Body Mass Index Causes Disease

Example of The Lie:  “People who are [high BMI] are at increased risk for many diseases and health conditions.”  (

The Truth:  Obesity is a symptom of Endocrine-Immune-Biome Disruption (EIBD).  The following co-morbidities begin BEFORE a person becomes obese, and are caused by the same EIBD factors which cause the obesity commensurate with or after the morbidity factor itself has already begun in a person’s body. In other words, they are not ‘at risk’ for them, rather they most often already have these maladies. It is the absence of medical intervention early on, which prevents us from regularly observing this co-morbidity. (list generally from the same resource (CDC) as cited in ‘The Lie’ above).

High blood pressure (Hypertension)
High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (Dyslipidemia), liver dysfunction
Type 2 diabetes, metabolic disorders
Coronary heart disease
Nutritional deficiencies (micronutrients, b-vitamins, minor proteins)
Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint)
Sleep apnea, asthma, allergies and breathing problems
Chronic inflammation (bodywide) and increased oxidative stress
Some cancers (endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder, and liver)
Low quality of life
Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders
Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning (Intestinal disorders, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Endocrine Disorders)

These conditions are not caused by body mass – they are caused by the SAME THING which causes the excessive body mass to begin with. By not looking for this single cause, we are committing criminal pseudoscience.

3.  You Get All the Nutrition You Need from a Healthy Typical Western Diet

Example of The Lie: “…if you live in a Western industrialized nation you probably have adequate nutrition.” (

The Truth:  This is a most serious piece of bullshit common wisdom promulgated without any evidence, by social skeptics. Not only is our modern western diet serving to destroy the mechanisms which protect the EIBD susceptible body, but as well our modern western diet cannot provide the nutrition a person (with EIBD at least) needs. Supplementation is mandatory: in particular – B vitamins, Micronutrients and a complete array of all 19 human amino acids.

Inside social skepticism today, all you have to contend is that supplements are evil, and the Cabal will grant you immediate voice in publication.

But to a person who has done actual study, this is a mistake of malfeasance on the part of people overconfident in their rational and skeptical abilities. Malevolent cluelessness even worse than simply pseudoscience.

The clear results based understanding – supplementation is essential to modern western health – one simply cannot mathematically intake a sufficient b-vitamin and full protein array by means of a 2700 calorie per day modern diet. It is impossible.

The Best Foods and Still Overeat


4.  Doctors are the Authority About Managing Health and Preventing Disease

Example of The Lie: “…in order to be a primary care physician one ought to have the education and training of a primary care physician. Because, after all, patients (or, at least, naïve patients) aren’t going to divide themselves neatly into two lines based on the seriousness of their condition, one going into the M.D. PCP’s office and one going into the N.D. PCP’s office.” (

The Truth:  At the basis of the Lie, is the contention that one only needs to seek professional medical advice when one is sick or something hurts. This precludes the role of any medical profession involving health, nutrition and prevention. This is a serious broach of ethics and scientific acumen. It is just plain institutional-stupid. We need a professional health discipline which focuses on prevention, nutrition and habits, period. The idiots at Science Based Medicine have the audacity to attempt to preclude via legislation such an entity from ever existing – and the tools of nutrition from being made available – when these resources indeed reside at the core of human health.

If our doctors are going to be over-booked under-paid body repair mechanics – then we need medical resources which help us stay healthy – not just repair mistakes and maladies. Higher medical care provider costs and longer appointment wait times are not an indication of a healthy nation in the least. They stand as indicators that we are failing under the burden of false medical science.

Inside the context of EIBD, 90% of health and medicine resides in practices of prevention, nutrition and personal discipline. These are not things today’s primary care physician can help you with. By the time you are seeking help for an EIBD related malady in point 2 above, it is often too late. Of the malady challenges I have solved in my life, here is the record of each contributing entity:

Primary Care Physician:   2 of 11 maladies (.182)

Alternative Care Professional:   4 of 11 maladies (.366)

Me:  5 of 11 maladies (.455)

And here is the key to this: had I not done the research, threw out the baloney enforced by Science Based Medicine, these maladies solved by Alternative Medicine and by me, would have turned into more grave body injury and sickness to be handled by my PCP doctor. Of the two things my PCP handled, BOTH were injuries sustained from bad food impacting my health, during a time where I was not aware of this impact. We cannot continue with the idea that a PCP is our first contact regarding health. This current profit-focused and clueless patient approach to health is not working. It is the health approach of malevolent morons. Our emphasis needs to be on our most effective means of promoting good health (bullets 2 and 3 above). That more than anything will help alleviate the burgeoning costs of medical care.

5.  The Endocrine-Immune-Biome System is a Simple Machine which is Easily Managed & Corrected through Doctor Visits

Example of the Lie: “Standard treatment for hypothyroidism involves daily use of the synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine (T4).” (

The Truth: The thyroid (along with a couple other EIBD flags) is the canary in the cage, for Endocrine-Immune-Biome Disruption (EIBD). If you have low thyroid output, your body is not simply having one piece of its equipment malfunction (as if it were a fuel injector circuit or something). This is not a case of ‘one statistic-one fix’ diagnosis and treament. The simple truth is, that once you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you are about to embark on a long journey of endocrine, weight, metabolic, immune system, well being and feeling, health and microbiome management.  You have EIBD and your doctor, your simpleton science medical fakers, don’t know it.

Why Are So Many People Getting Thyroid Disease?

If you had the right resources, those who would advise you on health maintenance and disease prevention, after you show up with a TSH measure of 3 milli-international units per liter or higher, THEN we would be practicing medicine. The current practice resembles a poorly administered version of auto mechanics for the body. It is akin to coming into your auto mechanic for lessons on how to drive.

The reality is that we assume our bodies to be simple systems – just like a car. And the sadder truth is that current medical science has taught us to treat our cars better than we do our bodies. Social Skepticism would have it no other way, because that is what enriches their sponsors and their clients.

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