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Warning: seriously addictive blog.

~ KE

Finally, someone has the guts to say what we’ve all been quietly thinking about ‘skeptics’ for some time.

~ YG7

TES, discovering you & your blog (that is, your ideas) has been the best intellectual thing to happen to me in all of 2021. Thank you for making your thoughts accessible to virtually everyone.

~ SB

Refreshing to new and weary seekers of truth alike. If you claim to be a skeptic and have not read The Ethical Skeptic, you risk echo-chamber irrelevancy.


I suspect that I possess neither the lifetime nor competencies to grasp all that is said therein; nevertheless inside I also suspect greatness.

~ Tech Journalist

I don’t know who you are but I do know what you are – very astute.

~ Professor Organic Chemistry, Ivy League University

Your articles generally have been a revelation for this old dog. Thanks, if you charged by the hour I’d owe you quite a balance. In particular, [Nelsonian knowledge] ranks in my top 10 Eureka moments of the past decade. I wish someone had given me the memo on this when I was 20 years old!

~ Law Firm Senior Partner

I really think that you can learn more from The Ethical Skeptic than from any other contemporary source of philosophy. It is like a compendium of truly rational independent thought, without the usual short-sighted badmouthing of everything even somewhat metaphysical-sounding, yet all the more rational for it. No stupid materialism vs. idealism or analytical vs. continental shenanigans – but lots of fundamental epistemology and criticism of common thinking, with an abundance of scientific and cultural competence (a surprisingly rare but necessary combination). It is also written in a time when something like it is badly, badly needed …

~ TS

An extraordinary work. Masterpiece.

~ LS

Essential for any philosophy of science course. The pageantry of pseudo-skepticism is abused to belie its truly corrupt core. What we lacked are the frameworks necessary in pinpointing the very flaws and deceptions many of us have sensed, but have been unable to articulate. That is, until now.


I have to say thanks. Up until a few years ago I was a True Believer of the Steven Novella/Skeptics’ Guide brand of ‘skepticism.’ I was ready for any debate with my talking points from their podcast in one hand and my psychology credentials as backup in the other. I’ve tried to figure out exactly what it was that snapped me out of a ~10 year reverie, but I’m not sure there is any one thing. I do know that your blog was a significant part of it. Who knows, I may just be in another layer of reverie, but if anything I’m sure I’m less condescending to those who aren’t behaving in perfect harmony with the gatekeepers of “critical thinking.” So between everything you’ve shared pre-2020, and everything you’ve written over the last two years, thanks.

~ SW

Sir, I hope you realize the high quality of material you have produced here. Hopefully you will choose a world stage someday and take personal credit for it. The material is that good.


I am starting each day this new year with a coffee and reading/meditating on a TES article. It has been a joy to read a sentence and then take a step back and think upon it. This is the year that I find a way to ‘stand in the gap’ and to do my part. Thank you for being The Ethical Skeptic and sharing your learnings. 

~ SR1

This site/blog/whatever is messing with my mind and I love it!


Your article got me thinking. After a few tears, recaffeination, and a paracetamol, I confess to the crime of being a subject in your story. What a wake-up call this was! Thanks for being a pain in the arse because it changed what I believed a mere fifteen minutes ago.

~ VM

A man of words as well as one, if not THE, Greatest Thinker of our time.

~ SS02

I finally set aside a little time to sit down and truly read one of the articles by this person who calls themself ethical skeptic. At the end of the piece I had one thought, this may well be the most brilliant essay I have ever read. But then I read the next one, and found that I was wrong. A solid fan now.

~ D2

Reading this and now contemplating it is the closest I’ve ever come to getting kicked in the nuts.

~ Chaz

I deeply appreciate you, your work, courage, and persistence in sharing your insights with the world. What I have learned from you I have shared, and that has made a difference in the lives of my family and friends. Thank you.

~ JC

In the early midst of the Covid crisis you helped bring society back from the brink of madness when it mattered the most. Much respect.

~ BH

TES, do you ever stop to think about how many lives you saved?

~ SWasa

I want to thank you. I just finished reading 3 articles from your excellent website — it was an “aha! moment” and the proverbial scales fell from my eyes…

~ PB

It’s hard to reconcile how someone can be so soothing yet make your brain hurt all at the same time.

~ MW

I love that blog by The Ethical Skeptic. It punches effectively and by the end I was cheering!

~ PhD Physicist

At the deepest darkest despair early on in the onset of the Covid hysteria, Ethical Skeptic was there providing perspective and context to the situation we were so desperately lacking. I was in a dark place until I stumbled upon his Twitter.


I am a military intelligence instructor. Honestly, your knowledge structure of deception ought to be standard teaching inside graduate level US military intelligence courses. Do you mind if I use your material to do so?


Your blog is an absolute masterpiece. Thank you for your contributions, not only is it satisfying to the neocortex, but to the very soul.

~ AW

I was asked by a colleague, just whom I regarded to be a signature philosopher of our time, as viewed say a century into the future; to which I responded, “I don’t even know his name, other than ethical skeptic”.

~ JP

[One of the] best non Cathedral empiricists outside Nassim Taleb.

~ BH

Brilliant stuff… I’ve bookmarked that guy. He is super savvy. I love smart articulate logician philosophers. We need more of them.

~ RC

I have been told on several occasions by several people — including members of the venture capital community — that I am the best intuitive analyst of business they have ever seen. They haven’t met Ethical Skeptic.


…now I have some good articles to refer to. Basically your blog has proven to me that I’m not alone in the universe when it comes to my concerns. I wish more people would read it.

~ CJ

[If you’re] a lawyer, ‘The Tree of Knowledge Obfuscation’ should be almost compulsory reading. I see so many things there I recognize but never had names for, nor suspect that anyone else has.

~ T

My mind is absolutely blown.

~ MA