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What Corporations Do When Bankrupt of Ideas/Ethics

Incompetency combined with elite right to privilege, correctness and power money, lay as the the fertile soil from which destructive corporate practices emerge:  cartel, monist and oligarch ethic organizations, all dressed up as capitalism.
When corporations run out of ideas – protecting the corporation itself becomes the only goal. If they existed only to make money – that would be fine. But this is not why they exist.

to serve man corporationsIt is not that our nation’s tier I B-schools are teaching this set of perfidious corporate activity (for the most part). It is that they are failing to prepare our executives to spot mafia/corrupt/monist behavior in their own world. Numbing their graduates to become compliant lesson followers – they serve to produce executive ranks who are bereft of ideas and the ethical gumption to think differently about what is indeed their legitimate role in this new world. In these types of corporate cultures, what I have found over the decades is that the E and C-Level executives bear little actual competency inside the technical work actually performed by their company. In one large corporation I advised, a division president had two total years of experience, and had taken a 2 year sabbatical to get her Harvard MBA – and was immediately installed as division president upon return, simply because she was part of the blessed channel-elite. She had no clue what it was her company truly, as a service, even did. I would love to expound on the very familiar industry calamity which resulted from this – but cannot in this forum. The stories I can relate are myriad and deep; comical if not for the perspective on economic damage that they elucidate. Today, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act has been effectively emasculated by the new generation of oligarch elite. The economic conditions which preceded the Great Depression are in full play at this very moment.

Integral Capitalism is not a ‘win at all costs/kill all the competition’ elite approach to business economics – that is the ethic of Monist Socialism (oligarchy). This form of control based socialism alone bears the following pseudo-corporate ethical features:

The 10-10-10 Method: What Illegitimate Monist Corporations Practice

socialism and elitism are bedfellowsOne has to understand that the corporations which follow this path, are not made through success. Companies like Staples, GE, Lockheed Martin, etc. are crafted with this process already planned out in advance. They were not the ‘best of the best,’ nor winners of the innovation and normal chaos incumbent inside the capitalist play; rather, simply the bus which the oligarchs selected as their vehicle to monist control. They are mechanisms exploiting the lack of capital competition which thrives inside monist-socialist economic structures, on behalf of the elite of socialism (socialism always bears a hidden elite/royal class). One of the biggest mistakes I see executives make inside these entitled corporations, is to presume that because they wear the corporate oligarch logo on their polo shirt, that this somehow imparts competency; a superior nature of competency to those in their industry vertical and beyond.  This too is part of the psychology of self-awareness lacking deception which plays out in blinding executives to the ethical dilemmas faced in the construction of such pseudo-capitalist entities.

Please note that the companies selected for these monist success pathways are selected in advance (think Amazon and Starbucks). They are grown by agreements among key oligarchs and sometimes, even ironically, their success has little to do with the talent or lack thereof, inhabiting their corporate offices. Here is the pathway to Monist Oligarchy which I have seen play out in my advisements over the decades:

Phase I – Dominance Building Strategy Phase

  1. executive incompetency.jpgPetition for Wall Street Elite Backing – Secure Bond/Bank Ranking – Ally with Power
  2. Hire Only from Channels of Inexperienced Elite B-School Privilege (12 particular schools)
  3. Attempted Mega Mergers as Sole C-Level or Board Competency (see
  4. Develop ‘Smart but Stupid‘ Compliant Administrators as Leadership Models – Who Cannot Spot the Below Practices and Eventually Will No Longer Care – Once They Know
  5. Look Correct / Look the Part / Speak the Part / Right Human Appearances
  6. Silo or Compartment the Organization by Competency/Specialty
  7. ‘Improve Productivity’ and Offshore Resources/Sourcing/Capital
  8. ‘Benchmark,’ ‘Ideasource’ and ‘Best Practice’
  9. Silo, Measure and ‘Manage’ the P&L – Lower Cost Above All Else
  10. Establish Exclusive Channels of Predatory Lowest Cost Slave-Labor Supply

Phase II – Predatory/Collusion Business Strategy Phase

  1. Conceal Price Increases through Product/Service Compartmentalization – Claim Loudly that You ‘Lowered Costs and Passed on The Savings!’
  2. Reward Elite Backing from Phase I – Step 1 with Earnings Exclusivity
  3. Incest with Government Regulators/Money-Job Lobby Legislature
  4. Establish Barriers to Market Entry
  5. Create ‘Contractor’ Employee and Cottage Capital Market Entity Barriers
  6. Weaken Competition Through Government Regulation
  7. Craft Laws which Exonerate Operations from Liability
  8. Predatory Price Select Foundational  Services or Product – Seek Legislative Protection for Such
  9. Hire/Over-Pay Competitor Talent and Neutralize Them Professionally
  10. Establish Corridors of Exclusive Supply, Capital or Service – Protected by Legislation

Once a corporation itself becomes the ultimate priority, once a culture of monist domination has been established, the members themselves are fully unable to observe the damage that they cause. Instead senior members opt to undertake perfidious mechanisms which serve to blind overall members to stakeholder feedback, and only bolster the corporate entity itself above all else – at the cost of no longer truly serving mankind. ~TES

The Corporation Itself is Not the Priority

They Rule Dot NetThe real reason we run corporations is not to become Walmart, Monsato or Bayer – these are not examples of successful integral capital models. All of these businesses put more people out of work, than they actually serve to employ – by 100 to 3000 to 1 inverse return margins. Another word for this is social enslavement. Our tax generated public deficits rise accordingly, and people are at the mercy of fascist social structures which have replaced once thriving income models. These oligarch entities have only caused economic decline and served to establish monist approaches to social function. If someone has you chained to a radiator in their basement (“It puts the lotion on its skin! It does what it is told!), they are not ‘moral’ just because they bring you food, water entertainment or medicine. They cannot pass off your imprisonment as ‘hosting’ or in some way saving you from hunger/disease. In such a circumstance, the corporation itself has now become the goal, and no longer mankind. Violence will eventually be the end result of such unethical activity.

If they existed only to make money – that would be fine. But this is not why they exist.

In the same way, when a political party itself or a specific government itself becomes ‘the goal’ – war is the inevitable outcome. War is not the natural state of relation between cultures of man, it requires instead an artificial entity (political party, religion, cartel) to promote itself into monist representation in lieu of each culture participating in the war. This monist approach to power is indeed to goal of the oligarch corporation. It has nothing whatsoever to do with capitalism, nor in reality simply the making of money. Both war and oligarchy constitute an unhealthy misplacement of trust and focus. A valuing of the wrong thing. An entity valued over mankind. A god proxy.

Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. They’re destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outbursts and racial division.

     ~California Governor Jerry Brown

For a comprehensive listing of these corporations, their connections, their board members, the people who craft and manage this pseudo-capitalist oligarchy, see  (graphic above extracted as example map).

Integral Capitalism: A Primer

In several of the businesses I run, I do not seek to put my competitor out of business, and instead work to create new avenues of opportunity through which we compete. I want a series of competitors, all with equal access to capital (unless they are corrupt). This is called integral capitalism, a subject which I preach in my national advisement efforts. A subject upon which I shall expound in a later blog. I never develop a strategy for agri-food-supply for a country by creating ‘The National Hunger Organization.’ It may sound good, but the simple reality is that such an approach only serves to invite elitism, corruption, collusion, overpricing and domination. In my businesses, I regularly call the other CEO’s and make them friendly competitors – and in some cases, life-long friends. I don’t consider my company being as large as possible – to be indicative of its success. I am in my 10th business startup now for companies I own and/or operate, and as well have advised hundreds of global corporations on corruption, trade and global operations practices.

The real and only reasons (below) we run corporations, is so that they can serve mankind. And not in the Twilight Zone alien sense either:

  1. Innovate on behalf of mankind
  2. Create human opportunities and social wealth
  3. Alleviate human suffering
  4. Inspire humanity to greatness/peace
  5. Build brand and maintain competition
  6. Strengthen the industry vertical (not category kill it)
  7. Adapt to changing markets and world
  8. Provide vision
  9. Nurture the next generation
  10. Generate profit.

Public stakeholders are NOT shareholders, and are NOT board members. They are the clients which a business serves. At each strategic cycle – a corporation should petition its public stakeholders and ask three core questions:

A. Are we serving our 10 priorities?

B. Does our getting more dominant – improve upon this service?

C. Are our activities serving to strengthen our industry and our nation?

These are the only reasons for corporations to exist. The corporation itself is not the priority – save only as the means by which these goals are effected.

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