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Tyflocracy: The New Art of Oppressive Governance

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

I think it is time that we craft a new theory of misdirected governance, one which carries us beyond the misapplied, impotent and worn out terms ‘Nazi’ and ‘Fascist’. A new form of evil is on the block. This one is much smarter than the old forms of oppressive administration and rule. It not only wields power by means of bureaucracy and thick legislation, but understands the strategic importance of displaced risk. Unlike the Nazi’s, this type of rule doesn’t don a uniform, create an organization, publish its goals and say “Here I am, come and fight me”. Unlike Fascism, it does not seek uniformly to merge corporation and government into powerful forms of despotism. Its reach is achieved indirectly – as key dispositions of risk are imparted to those organizations and groups which are disfavored, while immunity from risk is granted to those groups which are favored. Burdens of taxation are disproportionately placed onto those groups which hold any form of independent power, apart from the government, its numerous proxies or its new constituency. No specific action of damage nor constitutional violation can be attributed legally and directly to the tyflocracy. All of its malicious impacts are clouded by the plausible or real doubt of inductive inference – the asymmetric, long-reaching cloudiness of how harm is apportioned. Or more precisely, ignored but strategically managed risk.

The first duty of a government is to promote the economy and commerce of a nation in order to foster the general welfare. In a tyflocracy, a few power holders have decided that this is an incomplete purpose of government. Instead, in tyflocracy a social cartel assumes power, in the name of virtue, and holds that general welfare is something which is rightfully and only possessed by the government. Such welfare therefore can be bestowed solely through the direct and ‘just hand’ intervention which the government provides. Virtue always justifies despotism.

This socio-perception of welfare ownership and virtuous ‘just hand’ serves to elevate the importance of government such that it must quod erat demonstrandum, defend itself at all costs against other governments (war) and internal constituencies (tyflocracy) – which threaten this now crucial ‘just hand’. However, since most constitutions forbid the use of military force against a country’s own citizenry, the ‘blind eye’ tactics below must be brought into play as an alternative style of asymmetric warfare.

A tyflocracy does not simply therefore fear its own citizenry (as in the case of a constitutional republic), but moreover has collectively determined that the sustaining of its power is now of such paramount importance that it must declare war on its own citizenry if they dare to get in its critically virtuous way.

A tyflocracy will punish its constituency for attempting to hold it constitutionally accountable,
through terror, illegal immigration, excessive redistribution of wages and the wholesale purchase of its democratic power.

A tyflocracy is conducting a style of asymmetric risk warfare on its own citizenry – identifying them as being privileged, racist, sexist, bigoted or scientifically illiterate for not toeing their party line. A tyflocracy targets power wielding independent citizens (to include the middle class and above), selecting in favor for citizenry who are less powerful, more dependent and more influence enabling. A tyflocracy features the following elements:


/philosophy : illicit governance : expansion of power by strategic employment of risk/ : /from Greek: τυφλός (tyflós: blind eye)/ : a power-wielding and expansive form of governance or administration which is willfully or maliciously blind to a suffering subject group or citizenry – often displaced in favor of groups who are not under its charge, employed as a means to increase its power. A group who strategically apportions risk, dismissing or refusing to examine its impart to a disfavored group over which they rule or have administering authority and impact – wherein a condition of negligence is indistinguishable from malevolence. A government who has assumed that the ‘general welfare’ is something it possesses and owns, and has duty to apportion to its constituents based upon virtuous justice – making the government an indispensable entity which must protect itself at all costs, up to and including ending public scrutiny of its conduct and establishing a credible nuclear option.

1. A tyflocracy will destroy, overtax or otherwise negatively impact a producing asset in favor of new non-producing assets, former outsiders or offshore assets which serve to increase its power/preferred constituency.

2. A tyflocracy asymmetrically employs risk (medical, toxin, disease and disease mitigation, genetic, aging, violent demonstration, illegal immigration, financial, crime, convalescence, social, market, pension) as weapons against its own people or those under its proxy organization’s administering authority; knowing that risk requires greater effort to measure and is often neglected for study by inductive science. A tyflocracy will refuse to intervene in such risk situations, allow a mob or cabal to shift that risk onto their enemies, and finally cite this denial of action as a kind of virtue on its part.

3. Each risk imparted is justified before those which it seeks to disfavor or displace, as being based upon compassion, justice and scientific literacy. A cloud of academic ‘skepticism’ and celebrity contempt for privilege will rightly surround any counter to its agenda.

4. A tyflocracy will set up structures of non-governmental proxies, which act on its behalf and are not impeded by the public scrutiny and accountability entailed in a constitutionally chartered government. Legally designating these extra-constitutional proxy-government entities as government-authorized monopolies will be near to impossible.

5. A tyflocracy will employ virtue or science signalling as propaganda, passed among key detached non-liability-bearing agents (social skeptics), to justify its actions. Science will consist of a few, after the deployment of risk, suggestive inductive studies – with the majority being large – never replicated, data study-failures to confirm any disliked observation (blind eye).

6. Productivity in a tyflocracy is defined as M1 and M3 monetary units exchanged under any form, and taxed. It does not typically regard as important, the real or durable output of its average citizen. Most of this is provided in the nations financing the tyflocracy.

7. A tyflocracy will overtax its citizens in favor of social policies supporting broached immigration laws, in order to reduce power of its risk-bearing citizens and increase its own social democratic ranks or autocracy/oligarch reach.

8. A tyflocracy will burden and distract its risk-bearing citizenry with the constant specter of war, and enemies which much be countered with overwhelming might. Yet in contrast it will slowly dismantle domestic law enforcement, and alter crime statistics to lend the false impression that crime is on a downtrend. Virtue typically involves some form of denigrating law enforcement officials.

9. A Free Press does not exist in a tyflocracy, only ‘communicators’ and communications media. The ‘Press’ saturates media with plagiarized and duplicate source material originating from oligarch and syndicate controllers. A preponderance of the members of the ‘Press’ adhere to one set of politics and are from a single political party.

10. A tyflocracy employs the specter of terror, and terror itself, to manage the attention/perceptions of it citizens through constant fear. Virtue, justice and despair all rise in direct proportion inside a tyflocracy.

11. A tyflocracy will allow minority sectors and extremist sectors to function with violence and impudence; because these voters are critical in maintaining its power – and as well finds their activism useful in terrorizing the former population they are seeking to disempower. A blind eye is turned to what it is they represent and the actions they undertake. ‘Press’ reports will focus on diversion and innocuous topics and avoid reporting the horrid action of their constituents.

12. The only middle class in a tyflocracy exists with those bureaucracy ranks who administer and enforce it. Imported products and services are dumped on the market so as to hide the rate of inflation which damages all non-public-funded sectors of business. Business is the competition to a tyflocracy, and the tyflocracy must be protected at all costs.

13. A tyflocracy will identify and permissively threaten through its detached agents and communicators, its own dissenting citizens; justified through their being caste as privileged, racist, sexist, bigoted or scientifically illiterate.

14. A tyflocracy does not measure nor track unemployment; rather the flux rate of those who transition from/to assistance rolls. Under the guise of virtue, a blind eye is turned to those who truly have been abandoned and left with long term economic recession and joblessness. A significant plurality of the tyflocracy can be unemployed, and this will not be published by its statistical agencies.

15. Because the tyflocracy has become the sole fount-of-survival for a majority of its new citizen-base, because everything is now administered by the tyflocracy or its proxies, and because the tyflocracy is a body which enforces the general virtue/justice – it now must be protected at all costs, by means of well-funded extremist groups – bearing threat of crime/violence toward or public shaming of dissenting citizens. Nuclear weapons are essential to protect this now non-expendable entity.

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What Corporations Do When Bankrupt of Ideas/Ethics

Incompetency combined with elite right to privilege, correctness and power money, lay as the the fertile soil from which destructive corporate practices emerge:  cartel, monist and oligarch ethic organizations, all dressed up as capitalism.
When corporations run out of ideas – protecting the corporation itself becomes the only goal. If they existed only to make money – that would be fine. But this is not why they exist.

to serve man corporationsIt is not that our nation’s tier I B-schools are teaching this set of perfidious corporate activity (for the most part). It is that they are failing to prepare our executives to spot mafia/corrupt/monist behavior in their own world. Numbing their graduates to become compliant lesson followers – they serve to produce executive ranks who are bereft of ideas and the ethical gumption to think differently about what is indeed their legitimate role in this new world. In these types of corporate cultures, what I have found over the decades is that the E and C-Level executives bear little actual competency inside the technical work actually performed by their company.

In one large corporation I advised, a division president had two total years of experience, had taken a 2 year sabbatical to get her Harvard MBA – and was immediately installed as division president upon return, simply because she was part of the blessed channel-elite. In my discussions with her, it became apparent that she had no clue concerning what it was her company truly, as a service, even did. In another acquisition, I surveyed the to-be-acquired company for its compatibility with its acquirer. This was a failing outdoor and sporting goods consumer products business. I inquired as to the outdoor activities in which the C-Level team participated, and one of them responded “I think Ted in Accounting does some boating and fishing, right?” I would love to expound on the very familiar industry calamities which resulted from these farcical plays – but cannot in this forum. The stories I can relate are myriad and deep; comical if not for the perspective on economic damage that they impart.

Establishing industry practices which foster channeled incompetence – stands as part of the monist’s strategy. It is easier to put incompetent competitors out of business. And with the right backing, despite when your own team bears a certain amount of it as well.

Today’s power monist corporation exploits the mechanism of commerce – and not a superior ability to serve and produce. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act has been effectively emasculated by the new generation of oligarch elite employing offshore capital, labor, raw materials and consumer goods horizontal channel domination. The consolidated cartel and oligarch economic conditions which preceded the Great Depression are in full play at this very moment. Integral Capitalism in contrast, is not a ‘win at all costs/kill all the competition’ elite approach to business economics – that is the ethic of Monist Socialism (oligarchy). This form of control based socialism alone bears the following pseudo-corporate ethical features:

The 10-10-10 Method: What Illegitimate Monist Corporations Practice

socialism and elitism are bedfellowsOne has to understand that the corporations which follow this path, are not made through entrepreneurial competency. Companies like Staples, GE, Lockheed Martin, etc. are crafted with this process already planned out in advance. They were not the ‘best of the best,’ nor winners of the innovation and normal chaos incumbent inside the capitalist play; rather, simply the bus which the oligarchs selected as their vehicle to monist control. They are mechanisms exploiting the lack of capital competition which thrives inside monist-socialist economic structures, on behalf of the elite of socialism (socialism always bears a hidden elite/royal class). One of the biggest mistakes I see executives make inside these entitled corporations, is to presume that because they wear the Home Depot or Walmart logo on their polo shirt, that this somehow imparts them competency; a superior nature of competency to those in their industry vertical and beyond.  This too is part of the psychology of self-awareness lacking deception which plays out in blinding executives to the ethical dilemmas faced in the construction of such pseudo-capitalist entities.

Irony resides in the fact that such epic degrees of incompetency, can become part of the formula as to how to establish monist industry plays in the first place. Please note that the companies selected for these monist success pathways are selected in advance (think Amazon and Starbucks). They are grown by agreements among key oligarchs and often times, their success has little to do with the talent or lack thereof, inhabiting their corporate suites. Below is rough outlined, some of the variety of tactics employed on the pre-planned long march towards Monist Oligarchy, which I have seen play out in my advisements over the decades:

Phase I – Dominance Building Strategy Phase

  1. executive incompetency.jpgPetition for Wall Street Elite Backing – Secure Bond/Bank Ranking – Ally with Power
  2. Hire Only from Channels of Inexperienced Elite B-School Privilege (12 particular schools)
  3. Attempted Mega Mergers as Sole C-Level or Board Competency (see
  4. Develop ‘Smart but Stupid‘ Compliant Administrators as Leadership Models – Who Cannot Spot the Below Practices and Eventually Will No Longer Care – Once They Know
  5. Look Correct / Look the Part / Speak the Part / Right Human Appearances
  6. Silo or Compartment the Organization by Competency/Specialty
  7. ‘Improve Productivity’ and Offshore Resources/Sourcing/Capital – Program and Standardize
  8. ‘Benchmark,’ ‘Ideasource’ and ‘Best Practice’ as the First Activity in the Door
  9. Silo, Measure and ‘Manage’ the P&L – Lower Cost Above All Else (and because you have no idea what else to do)
  10. Establish Exclusive Channels of Predatory Lowest Cost Slave-Styled Labor Supply. Lock exclusive x-factory terms and consolidation channels.

Phase II – Predatory/Collusion Business Strategy Phase

  1. Conceal Price Increases through Product/Service Compartmentalization – Claim Loudly that You ‘Lowered Costs and Passed on The Savings!’
  2. Reward Elite Backing from Phase I – Step 1 with Earnings Exclusivity
  3. Incest with Government Regulators/Money-Job Lobby Legislature
  4. Eliminate Competitors through Predatory Losses and Makeup Shortfalls with Paper Trades
  5. Create ‘Contractor’ Employee and Non-Compete driven Cottage Capital Market Entity/Entry Barriers regarding critical technical services
  6. Weaken Competition Through Favorable Government Capital and Sourcing Regulations
  7. Work with Supported Legislators to Craft Laws which Exonerate Operations from Liability
  8. Predatory Price Select Foundational  Services or Product – Seek Legislative Protection for Such
  9. Methodically Competitor Tamper – Hire/Over-Pay Competitor Talent and Neutralize Them Professionally
  10. Establish Corridors of Exclusive Supply, Capital or Service – Protected by Legislation

Monsanto stands as a well known example of a corporate entity which has moved solidly into Phase III above. Its activity has eroded into a condition wherein, all actions are the result of a goal of protecting the corporation itself.  And at all costs.

Once a corporation itself becomes the ultimate priority, once a culture of monist domination has been established, the members themselves are fully unable to observe the damage that they cause. Instead senior members opt to undertake perfidious mechanisms which serve to blind overall members to stakeholder feedback, and only bolster the corporate entity itself above all else – at the cost of no longer truly serving mankind. ~TES

The Corporation Itself is Not the Priority

They Rule Dot NetThe real reason we run corporations is not to become Walmart, Monsato or Bayer – these are not examples of successful integral capital models. All of these businesses put more people out of work, than they actually serve to employ – by 100 to 3000 to 1 inverse return margins. Another word for this is social enslavement. Our tax generated public deficits rise accordingly, and people are at the mercy of fascist social structures which have replaced once thriving income models. These oligarch entities have only imparted economic decline and served to establish monist approaches and socialism-styled function. If someone has you chained to a radiator in their basement (“It puts the lotion on its skin! It does what it is told!), they are not ‘moral’ just because they bring you food, water entertainment or medicine. They cannot pass off your imprisonment as ‘hosting’ or in some way saving you from hunger/disease. In such a circumstance, the corporation itself has now become the goal, and no longer mankind. Social welfare cultures and regular violence will inevitably become (and already are) the end result of such unethical activity.

If they existed only to make money – that would be fine. But this is not why they exist.

In the same way, when a political party itself or a specific government itself becomes ‘the goal’ – war is the inevitable outcome. War is not the natural state of relation between cultures of man, it requires instead an artificial entity (political party, religion, cartel) to promote itself into monist representation in lieu of each culture participating in the war. This monist approach to power is indeed to goal of the oligarch corporation. It has nothing whatsoever to do with capitalism, nor in reality simply the making of money. Both war and oligarchy constitute an unhealthy misplacement of trust and focus. A valuing of the wrong thing. An entity valued over mankind. A god proxy.

Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. They’re destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outbursts and racial division.

     ~California Governor Jerry Brown

For a comprehensive listing of these corporations, their connections, their board members, the people who craft and manage this pseudo-capitalist oligarchy, see  (graphic above extracted as example map).

Integral Capitalism: A Primer

Don’t get me wrong – I have put competitors out of business before, and in some cases even acquired their companies as well. In several of the businesses I run or direct however, I do not seek to put my competitor out of business, and instead work to create new avenues of opportunity through which we compete. I typically want a series of competitors, all with equal access to capital (unless they are corrupt). This is called integral capitalism, a subject which I preach in my national advisement efforts. A subject upon which I shall expound in a later blog. I never develop a strategy for agri-food-supply for a country by creating ‘The National Hunger Organization.’ Such an entity may sound advantageous to a snowflake, but the simple reality is that such an approach only serves to invite elitism, corruption, collusion, and eventually mafia, overpricing and domination. Observe what has happened with American Healthcare costs & corruption. In my businesses, I regularly call the other CEO’s and make them friendly competitors – and in some cases, life-long friends. I don’t consider my company being as large as possible – to be indicative of its success. I am in my 10th business startup now for companies I own and/or operate, and as well have advised hundreds of global corporations on corruption, trade and global operations practices.

The real and only reasons (below) we run corporations, is so that they can serve mankind. And not in the Twilight Zone alien sense either:

  1. Innovate on behalf of mankind
  2. Create human opportunities and social wealth
  3. Alleviate human suffering
  4. Inspire humanity to greatness/peace
  5. Build brand and maintain competition
  6. Strengthen the industry vertical (not category kill it)
  7. Adapt to changing markets and world
  8. Provide vision
  9. Nurture the next generation
  10. Generate profit.

Public stakeholders are NOT shareholders, and are NOT board members. They are the clients which a business serves. At each strategic cycle – a corporation should petition its public stakeholders and ask three core questions:

A. Are we serving our 10 priorities?

B. Does our getting more dominant – improve upon this service?

C. Are our activities serving to strengthen our industry and our nation?

These are the only reasons for corporations to exist. The corporation itself is not the priority – save only as the means by which these goals are effected. If you think this is crazy – perhaps you should get out there and see it and do it for real yourself.  Get into the fight before pretending to know how it works. Sell your bitcoins, move out of your parents’ basement, and learn what it means to serve an industry or product or customer. Learn to distinguish the corporate pretender from the skin-in-the-game/soul-in-the-game entrepreneur.

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The Malicious Social Lie called Privilege

My ancestry never enjoyed this so-called privilege. The only privilege we ever enjoyed, was fighting and sacrificing to not reside under the thumb of oppressive socialism. But through the weapons of population dumping, social correctness, terror and hacking of economic systems and mechanisms – socialism seeks to end the privilege of all those who have escaped its extinction event, up until now.

When you tenure inside the fantasy of a socialist view of the world, when you are paid to represent fake skepticism, when your shallow pseudo-history has transitioned from fiction to faction to doctrine, one has to couch their ethnic, gender and religious hatred inside code words. Privilege is one such code word. A maliciously invalid proxy neolexia, plied to derive hate, economic injustice and the re-establishment of socialist royalty – a 450 year conflict, wherein history has shown that genocide is consistently the end game. The goal of Social Skepticism, is the death of individual freedoms, economic and capital rights, freedom of thought, speech, property and action. It employs population dumping, climate disruption and propaganda, as a means of enslavement, genocide, conquest and rule.

They want you dumbed-down, emasculated, cognitively injured, sick, symptom-treated, docile and compliant – and they will get you there via a broad asymmetric interplay of social actions, ranging from violence to food to healing methodologies and everything in between. Royalty requires a body of equally rewarded task workers; drones specialized for their particular assigned function. Until they have established this supreme power – you will notice the classes of people who are pursued for extinction through their dwindling numbers and influence, and the never-ending wars they foment as a ruse to enable their strategy. This is the nature of evil.

Your prosperity, well being and independence do not serve their goals.

Socialism is an extinction event

Those who value free expression, individual and capital rights and economic freedoms – retreat as refugees from the shadow of encroaching socialist forces – those seeking to enslave the rest of the planet not yet under their well documented thumb of suffering, despair and oligarchy driven royal elite. That is the history of my family, victims of socialist royal elite. The only privilege resides in the hands of the elite who push this extinction event upon mankind even now.

My Family’s So-Called “Privilege”

Below is brief depiction of the result of nearly a decade of genealogical work documenting my family’s history, depicted as streamlined inside the 450 year conflict with the Global Socialist Party movement sweeping across the globe.

The myth of privilege spun by social epistemologists - Copy - Copy

Privilege, as used in the context to condemn Americans who suffered in their flight from social oppression – as such is a term of bigotry and racism. It is offensive to Americans (the only people who are not allowed a home land) who have looked back and observed that the actual records on their ancestors, do not match the propaganda they’ve been fed. If you want a true definition of privilege, look no further than below:


/bias : unconscious : entitlement/ : is the condition wherein a person perceives that someone else should be denied something in order for them to possess that same something, to which they feel they are entitled.

Examine the history of my family above. In no way did they participate in such a human foible. To categorize persons into classes of the good and the bad, by this means and by their skin color – is the highest form of racism. The slave traders in contrast, were indeed privileged, yes. Today’s refugee brokers – are just the modern slave traders.  Same groups, same financiers, same religion, same people, same roundup & disposal methods, same countries, same shipping means, same money, same political motivations – just a new shtick. Privilege.

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