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The Tree of Knowledge Obfuscation

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[…] The tree of knowledge obfuscation, The Ethical Skeptic […]

Terry B

Ethical Skeptic, I suppose I don’t have to be the one to tell you how friggin’ good this list is. Please do not take this down, as I would like to link to it on a regular basis. I would suggest a fallacy, or whatever is the right way to call it, where a pseudo sceptic is trying to make themself look good by being overly aggressive in arguing? Is that covered here? Like a show of intimidation?


The Ethical Skeptic
Terry, there are several which relate to this line of personal critical blindness or bias, in Misrepresentation of Self (Appeal to Skepticism), notably: Compositional Exclusion, Ergo Sum Veritas, Ergo Sum Scientia, Delusion of Superiority, to name a few. Glad you like the list. It is both a page here, where you commented, and a post as well so that it gets maximum exposure – and the fact that some people link, as you are intending here, back to the original post, posted before I made it a page because of its popularity. Have at it – it will always be… Read more »
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