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Major Flaws Within the Neurodiversity Movement

Nuerodiversity SkepticPost-graduate level work and a well researched basis of evidence. Science ‘journalists’ should look to this type of article as their example in both responsibility and ethical depth of research. As one who has had the impact of this medical practice induced pathophysiology hit home hard – I grow weary of the fake scientists and skeptics who seem to speak a great deal about autism, yet know nothing. Courageously developed and posted. Keep up the good work. ~TES


Some of the most prominent flaws within the neurodiversity movement are its deliberate ignorance of the physical, mental, and economic consequences of autism and other neurological disorders. But before I go any further, let’s look at the definition of neurodiversity from Wikipedia:

“Neurodiversity is an approach to learning and disability that suggests that diverse neurological conditions appear as a result of normal variations in the human genome.[1] This neologism originated in the late 1990s as a challenge to prevailing views of neurological diversity as inherently pathological, instead asserting that neurological differences should be recognized and respected as a social category on a par with gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability status.
There is a neurodiversity movement, which is an international civil rights movement that has the autism rights movement as its most influential submovement. This movement frames autism, bipolarity and other neurotypes as a natural human variation rather than a…

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March 24, 2016 - Posted by | Deskeption

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