Denial of Early Covid-19 Treatment – A Crime Against Humanity

American citizens were recently coerced into being part of the test or control groups of a medical experiment, without adequate knowledge and without their consent. Hundreds of thousands of Americans likely died from the resulting denial of timely and adequate treatment of Covid-19 and more importantly, its preventable secondary conditions.
This was an egregious violation of The Nuremberg Code on human rights. The time has come for jurisprudence and restitution to those harmed.

“In consultation with the legal community, indications are that ‘failure to [early/timely] treat’ will now be considered ‘wanton disregard.’ As such, any perceived statutory immunity will be rendered invalid.”

~ Senator Mark B. Steffen, M.D., 31 Mar 2022

The EUA Mandate – A Pandemic of the Untreated

During my initial diagnosis with the Delta variant of Covid-19 back in August 2021, I reasonably inquired of the attending physician as to any candidate or approved therapies and treatments for the condition. In his response, the diagnosing clinician admonished me with the following well-rehearsed quip:

There is no treatment. Go home and sleep it off. You should have gotten the vaccine.

~ Diagnosing Physician at Clinic, Aug 18 2021

As it turned out, this was absolutely the worst advice I have ever received in my life, and from a medical professional no less. This apothegm is what I call a Höchste Mechanism, a fraudulent notion arrogantly passed off as official science – a notion that has become so important to protect, that ignorance is now mandated in defense of its ‘truth’. This misinformation was spun by the clinician as if it were ‘the standard of care’ (both a medical and legal definition)1 for Covid-19, when in fact this was far from the truth. What I have found in researching this ‘there are no treatments’ false claim, can be framed inside the legal provisions surrounding issuance of an Emergency Use Authorization for the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Specifically,2

(c) The Secretary may issue an [EUA] authorization under this section with respect to the emergency use of a product only if …the Secretary concludes—

(3) that there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating such disease or condition;

~ 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3(c) – Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies

Since the EUA cannot sustain if an ‘alternative for treating’ Covid-19 exists, then there is no alternative treatment for Covid-19, quod erat demonstrandum. This is how modern science works, circular imperative (the Höchste), or the answer you bring to the problem in the first place, before solving for it. This mandate to not allow for any treatment use, development, or research, presented an ethical quandary to public health leaders, who in the end opted to serve monetary-power advantage rather than ethics. However, it gets worse. Once this bifurcation is established, between the vaccinated and ‘no treatment (allowed)’ cohorts, one has introduced a controlled experiment or what is known under The Nuremberg Code of 1947 as ‘medical experimentation’. This is the point at which an unethical choice transitions into a full-blown crime against humanity.

  1. Covid-19 treatment research, testing, evaluation, authorization, promulgation, conditions of use, timely employment, and advisement, were not only blocked by the US FDA and medical authorities, but communications regarding effective treatment were censored by US media (just as this article is being censored by those same media now).
  2. These illegal/unconstitutional restraints to trade were enacted to protect the Covid-19 vaccine Emergency Use Authorization, which could not legally exist without them.
  3. These illegal/unconstitutional restraints to trade were further employed to establish control/test cohorts inside a mandatory experiment on the entire US population; an immoral experiment which resulted in the majority of US Covid-19 related deaths (see Exhibit 1 below).

History’s Commentary on Mandatory Experimentation

The notion that one need withhold any and all forms of putative treatment or therapy as the EUA-stipulated approach in addressing Covid-19 or its symptoms, is a principle which functions under the philosophy of a ‘controlled experiment’ (i.e. medical experimentation to confirm an approach as sound/unsound). We now know too late, that there exist a variety of viable treatments for Covid-19 and in particular, its dangerous secondary conditions.3 4 5 6 7

Treatment not necessary or suited for everyone who tests positive certainly, but rather for those experiencing heavy cytokine storm or who bear a stark risk-compounding factor (dysbiosis, metabolic disorder, age, dementia, etc.). The antithesis, refusing any and all outpatient treatment or ‘doing nothing’, as it turns out was an unsound approach to the majority of moderate to severe Covid-19 cases. ‘Long Covid’ for instance, is a set of thromboembolic injuries which resulted from exactly this illegitimate ‘there are no treatments – you should have been vaccinated’ control-oriented philosophy.8 9 The reader should note that we reject the term ‘Long Covid’ for these deaths, and instead cite the actual etiology, EUA Shadow Deaths, outlined below.

The Nuremberg Code of 1947 addresses the context of circumstance wherein the standard of care has not been identified for a medical or therapeutic condition, and various approaches to treatment (including the action of withholding treatment so as to provide for a ‘control group’) are under consideration or testing (aka ‘experimentation’ in 1947).10 In the real life scenario above, I was involuntarily coerced into becoming part of an experimental protocol of withholding all treatment (the control), in favor of testing a vaccine purported to offer certain benefits against Covid-19 infection or severity. The various arguments made as to the efficacy of that vaccine are moot. A decision was made to coerce me, without sufficient knowledge on my part nor my consent, into participating as a control-group member in an experiment evaluating test-group vaccines versus the action of withholding any and all treatment. Much as a healthy beagle might be terminated after starvation for comparative autopsy in a pesticide toxicity study. All this of course as part of various vaccines’ completion of Phase III and IV testing now underway.11

A controlled experiment is one in which every factor is held constant except for one variable per test group.12 In this case, that one variable is the introduction of a particular vaccine (say the Pfizer-BioNTech version) to a test group. The fact that the vaccine was not held to standard against ‘the best alternative medical treatments or therapies’, means that denying me access to those available remedies, constituted indeed a control-test experiment exposing me to a potential of harm through contrived inaction. An experiment which risked my person, well being, health, and life without my knowledge or consent – and nothing else. My diagnosing clinician even stated as much, without fully realizing it.

In other words, I was allowed to choose whether I would be a member of
the ‘no treatment allowed’ control group or alternately one of the vaccine test groups;
however, through denying me timely treatment in order to protect the vaccine EUA,
I was not offered the ethical choice of not participating in the experiment altogether.

Neither was I informed as to the nature of this experiment, nor was I made aware that other treatments or therapies were at my avail, should I decline participation.

Nor was I allowed to be made aware of the comparative strength of natural immunity versus the vaccine, nor to see critical cohort testing data indicating the adverse effects risk quotients of the vaccine itself (both very basic ethical information sets), so that I could make an informed choice.

I was fraudulently coerced by medical professionals (and by advising health officials) into the belief that I had no choice, I had to participate. My life was endangered and I was exposed to unnecessary amounts of suffering and expense as a result of this coerced experiment. I was not offered the remedies or recourse to address the situation in the instance where the experiment failed or failed to ensure my safety (the experiment failed in both these regards), nor was I given the opportunity to bring the experiment to an end.

This set of actions constituted a violation of my human rights, subject to The Nuremberg Code of 1947. The following excerpts from that Code apply to the specific offenses outlined in my circumstance.13

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

4. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.

5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur;

7. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.

9. During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.

~ The Nuremberg Code of 1947 (see footnote 12)

A seven-count violation of my human rights. I lost loved ones to this experiment. My family suffered extensive career and financial losses, we all suffered physically and mentally beyond reason, and any member could have died inside this experiment.

One elder family member who underwent a severe cytokine storm, very nearly died of blood clots in her lungs and other organs twelve days later (right on time as per Exhibit 1 below), solely because she was actively refused treatment by her general physician until she was actually dying – a tortiously late intervention in an otherwise foreseeable and treatable condition.

Each of us fell victim to contrived ignorance, fully unaware that our lives were being exploited for experiment, experimental use money flow, and political purposes. Millions of American citizens each bore a similar drama inside this crime against humanity.

The time has come for jurisprudence and restitution regarding this crime.

How Many Persons Were Impacted by this Unethical Experiment/EUA Exclusion?

But how can we even begin to quantify just how large a crime it was? In researching the mechanisms of death involved in either Covid-19 itself, or its even more dangerous secondary effects, I sought out medical publications and studies which would serve to parse Covid deaths into their actual root physiological cause. What I found disturbed me greatly. Covid-19 itself, comprising the indicators and symptoms of fever, cytokine storm, cough, and diarrhea, was rarely the cause of actual death in most Covid mortality. Most mortality occurred a good eight days after all these maladies were well over. Instead, the primary cause of death was ‘venous and arterial thromoembolic events’ (see the black arrow in Exhibit 1 below). That is to say, that 50 to 75% of all Covid deaths came from blood clots.14 15 16 Blood clots (as well as endothelial dysfunction) are conditions which are eminently treatable, provided they are addressed in a timely manner. If they are left untreated for long, myriad systems and organs within the human body will be negatively impacted.

This circumstance was akin to telling potential cancer patients to
‘Check back in with us next year and we’ll take a look at your growing lump then.

In the meantime, if you find yourself starting to die, go to the emergency room’.

Covid Did Not Kill Them – We Killed Them

This set of events constituted a highly unethical, nay monstrous, set of decisions on the part of American health officials. One which has resulted in death and immeasurable harm, from delayed treatment which was administered only under the extreme condition wherein the sufferer was dying. A dying person literally had to force their way into an ER or hospital’s care, just to get access to Heparin or a simple lifesaving novel oral anticoagulant (NOAC) pill17 which could have prevented the entire tragedy (as well as offset hospital/ICU overloading) if it had been administered twelve to fifteen days earlier as an outpatient instead.

50 to 75% of all Covid-19 deaths were a result of endothelial dysfunction and blood clotting. Conditions that would not have been fatal if timely out-patient treatment had been made available to the victims.18 19 20 21

Such readily available treatments were denied to patients, under a contrived ignorance and the unethical protocol of an involuntary experiment that placed them at risk of harm and death. These treatable secondary effects/risks, which were not addressed until a person showed up at the ER dying included

  • blood clots/coagulopathy/circulatory deaths
  • sepsis/bacteremia
  • endothelial inflammation/major organ/heart damage
  • related physical pneumonia/dyspnea
  • dysbiosis (coprobacillus, clostridium ramosum and clostridium hathewayi)

Of course, I am not even going to venture a guess as to the financial losses incurred by American citizens under this barbaric method of managing a pandemic. The restitution numbers will be staggering. More appropriate for this analysis however, is a quantification of the human loss in terms of injury, suffering, and life. In particular, we estimate that

  • 19+ million citizens experienced negative life-impacts/injuries/long-Covid aside from the mere pandemic virus itself (see chart here),
Exhibit 1 – Most hospitalization is too late to prevent otherwise treatable etiology.

Covid EUA-Shadow Injury and Death

Most death associated with Covid-19 occurred after the cessation of primary symptomology (Days 1 – 12 in Exhibit 1), and rather was due to secondary and imminently treatable conditions (Median Day 18.5 in Exhibit 1). These constituted conditions which were neither looked for, detected, nor treated in a timely manner outside a hospital setting, due to the vaccine emergency use authorization (EUA) 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 stipulation that no alternative treatment could exist.

(c) The Secretary may issue an [EUA] authorization under this section with respect to the emergency use of a product only if …the Secretary concludes—

(3) that there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating such disease or condition;

~ 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3(c) – Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies

This false standard of care was enforced upon medical professionals (by the Federation of State Medical Boards, healthcare officials, and medical insurance companies) in order to keep the vaccine EUA in place, both before and after the introduction of the vaccine into the population. This error and malfeasance resulted in the majority of deaths and delayed deaths from Covid-related organ injury, from thromboembolitic, endothelial inflammation, and coagulopathy related causes. Causes which killed Covid patients anywhere from thirteen days to several years after infection.

As one may observe in Exhibit 1 above, the median day of Covid mortality (day 18.5) falls right in the middle of the disease progression timeframe in which venous and arterial thromboembolic events were almost exclusively occurring on average. In fact, the majority of hospitalization, morbidity, and mortality events associated with Covid-19, were a direct result of otherwise treatable endothelial dysfunction and blood clots.22 23 24

Also take note, that the majority of this knowledge shown in Exhibit 1 was held by April 2020. Medical authorities had ample time to distribute, control, and monitor treatments for endothelial and thromboembolitic conditions. They simply chose not to.

An action which resulted in the USA holding a #1 ranking in national deaths, a full 37% higher than even the #2 ranked nation (Brazil) in terms of total deaths.25

Most people did not die of the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself, nor even its primary Covid-19 symptoms. They died at the hands of obdurate-minded and unaccountable public health officials. They died as the result of a horrendous experiment in humanity on the part of The Party – one conducted gleefully on their political opponents. While at the same time rubbing their noses in the destruction of their children’s lives, shuttering of their small and medium-sized businesses, and overall impingement upon their quality of life.

We, the American citizens, seek remedy for this crime against humanity.

The Ethical Skeptic, “Denial of Early Covid-19 Treatment – A Crime Against Humanity”; The Ethical Skeptic, WordPress, 30 Dec 2021; Web,

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Jennifer Joy

This makes me so sad. I treated 1000s of patients who were told to go home and sleep it off. I had delta in August of 2021 and from my couch essentially worked an outpatient ICU. There were herbs, supplements, off-label medications, medications that all contributed to none of my patients dying from COViD. I had to defend my actions against my medical board and they found “no violation”. Providing care that does not follow the narrative is a potential violation while now it is ethical to send people home to die if they did not get vaccinated? What did… Read more »

Kennedy Granama

My dad has cancer he underwent chemo to no avail he was forced to get vaccine in order to be admitted into the hospital for robotic surgery 44 lymph nodes removed large mass from colon at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital the cancer is not gone the vaccine wad a means to am end and $$$$$ in the medical care industry pockets May Hebrews 10:30 be the demise of All involved

Frank Truth Warrior

It is indeed a crime against humanity. Back in the summer of 2020, Dr. Brownstein published the results of his drug-free nutritional and oxidative early treatment protocol, with which all 107 of his patients so treated – including a few that had been hospitalized – fully recovered within 9 days. No cytokine storms or long COVID. I used a similar home treatment protocol to get over COVID quickly and easily. And how did the government react? They ordered him to cease and desist from publicizing his protocol.

Caligula Jones

This is exactly what we found in Trudeautopia (Canada):

From the very beginning of the pandemic, it seems, there were plans in several countries to implement a system of population triage that included the administration of end-of-life drugs to those considered too old or frail for intensive (or, in some cases, even standard) Covid-19 medical treatment. We know that the associated protocols can induce death, and that they were sometimes employed on residents in public care who were not in immediate danger of death or even Covid-19-positive.


TES check out this one please
These are the same guys that wrote the Spartacus letter, but it contains a lot of good info. I know that Covid is passe but that is too good to pass ;)

Thomas Donlon

And from The Times Of Israel, better Vitamin D levels are now much better correlated with better health outcomes with Covid. Well let’s go directly to the study at the journal Plos One. Summarized from the Times of Israel. “Israeli study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D’s power to fight COVIDBolstering previous research, scientists publish ‘remarkable’ data showing strong link between vitamin deficiency, prevalent in Israel, and death or serious illness among patients By Nathan Jeffa Vitamin d from supplements runs the risk of eventual racing heart rate. But the body has multiple means to cut off excess… Read more »

Thomas Donlon

Hi Ethical Skeptic. Former president Trump and his wife got Covid and immediately they got treatment at a military facility and that treatment included vitamin d maybe zinc (the rest of what they received I forget) but they recovered very quickly. And at the start of the outbreak former CDC director Tom Frieden also urged people to maintain healthy vitamin levels. He thought it was a safe and helpful position to take. Many people I work with got sick from Covid (I work with mostly young people) and though some of them reported they had a rough time, everyone… Read more »


“However, Foucault argues the exercise of power in the service of maximizing life carries a dark underside. When the state is invested in protecting the life of the population, when the stakes are life itself, anything can be justified. Groups identified as the threat to the existence of the life of the nation or of humanity can be eradicated with impunity.” – Wikipedia – “Biopower”.

Scott S Manzel

was prohibited… i believe the rules have changed. Those who fail to see will be victims of said governments.


Is there any potential genetic or other physical factors that cause one to contract COVID more easily or prevent them from contracting?
I’ve had friends who have gotten it and no one else in their household did. Then, many others have gotten it three or more times and of course others never had it at all.
I’ve read about the virus in untreated sewage water being aerosolized but how do some individuals inside that range of spray not fall ill?
The seeming randomness of transmission bothers me more than anything else.

Code Jinn

For those who seem to think the ethics arguments are some sort of joke or political nitpicking that can be disregarded, try to imagine this going on: and people trying to dismiss objections as some sort of pedantic nitpicking only relevant to “unscientific” philosophers. The underlying philosophical cause of that incident, which was the origin of the Holocaust, was the idea that ethical claims are meaningless because they’re “unscientific”. Unfortunately we still have this underlying attitude in play today, and we can not refrain from ethical scrutiny or we will end up with the same thing not just happening… Read more »

John Day

This is the best formulation of the involuntary medical testing meme which I have seen. Does Dr. Malone read you?
I’m a COVID-treating MD, early treatment adopter since early 2020,before Trump mentioned it, fired at end of October for refusal to compy with mandatory COVID vaccination. I’ve currently got COVID, treating with ivermectin-based therapy, and got a resurgence of symptoms and a positive viral test a few days after completing a 5 day course of ivermectin.


Can you please discuss the experimental treatment Remdesevir
My husband was in hospital for 7 months and I feel he got worse with that medication and the only reason he is here with us is because God wants him to be here.


Yes That is part of the problem. He was not treated correctly for the pneumonia in the first place when he went to urgent care. The treatments that worked were kept from him, therefore, he just got worse . Giving him the Remdesevir just made him worse , then put on ventilator and ecmo causing all kinds of complications . Since my husband survived by the grace of God , the make it seem like if they would not have done that, he would have died . Yet, non of the doctors admit that medications that would have prevented him… Read more »


For this to be weaponized, you need to add one ingredient.

What would your answer be if the MD would tell you ‘Sir, I did not know about this treatment list THEN’ ?



What I meant is this: the doctors can claim that ‘during the first COVID year, the science was not settled on early treatments, so it’s not our fault for the deaths you are accusing us for’

What would your answer to that be ?


Thanks for your answer TES So, I guess the best way would be to track ALL the references mentioned in the protocols of McCullough, Zelenko and FLCC and plot them in a time dimension. That would settle the *when* the science became known to the world. Next step would be to brake down their defense that this kind of information takes time to trickle down to the MDs. The closest thing we have to a smoking gun is war on HCQ against the French Doctor Raoult plus the fraudulent publication in Lancet. As for medical three letter agencies … of… Read more »


The basic structure of the medical institution in the U.S. surely must be questioned and thoughtfully modified as a result of this situation. As a retired Engineer and Operations Manager who has had to deal with the medical establishment on my own and other’s behalf throughout my life, I have frequently disparaged the lack of independent, competitive and responsible thought within the medical community when compared to relatively pedestrian activities like manufacturing. While the members of the medical establishment should and do feel the pressure brought on by the credible threat of liability actions for malpractice (as we all do),… Read more »




I’m very sorry what you and your family have gone through. And thank you for continuing to fight our humanity.


The scope and scale of this vaccination program and the suppression of other treatment options could not be consistently manipulated by any distributed federation. That kind of control would require (1) a central coordinator of enormous power and pre-existing connections in every healthcare and reimbursement system, (2) a motivation strong enough to ignore the risk and consequences of discovery, and (3) an understanding that this process would span more than 2 years. Certainly the US federal administrative government satisfies the first and third requirements, but my money is on the pharma powers because of the insidious and ubiquitous nature of… Read more »


The timeline almost compels the conclusion that Moderna participated in the virus iteration process.


Moderna bragged in an SEC filing in Feb 2020 that it had developed a complete and clinically testable vaccine for the SARS-2 COVID virus within 25 days of the publication of the virus genome. ;(page S18)
Moderna was seeking approval for the issuance of an additional 26 million shares of common stock, based in part on the creation of this vaccine.

Seems impossible to go from 0 to complete vaccine in 25 days without some inside knowledge regarding the genome.

Code Jinn

This reminds me of some stuff that happened with Google when it was brand new. I can’t recall the exact timeline but they mysteriously went from distributed computing scalability problems to no problems very quickly when every other search engine had struggled with that for a few years. This was around the time some, uh, other stuff was going on.


The “scope and scale” of the Covid Scam CAN ONLY be COHERENTLY explained by recognizing that a cabal of psychopaths are ruling globally — see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

“2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown

Code Jinn

I would disagree that “a cabal of psychopaths ruling globally” is the only explanation. In most cases I would say degenerate phenomena are better explained by game theory and social psychology. The players don’t need to be psychopaths either, only humans with conflicts of interest who can rationalize their convenient disregard somehow. People tend to assume that things must happen due to hierarchical control by a single hierarchy led by one or more persons, because that’s what they tend to encounter on a smaller more everyday scale, but there are plenty of situations where this is not the case. For… Read more »

Code Jinn

I would agree entirely and this is especially true for those who wield extreme amounts of power and thus have extreme amounts of responsibility. Humanity can’t afford for such people to be doing everything primarily for their own personal convenience. The only thing that seems to help is stronger more robust accountability mechanisms, but the ease with which most people are deceived and manipulated seems to defeat accountability.


Hence, monstrous, large scale diabolical projects can occur without anything resembling a conspiracy. Can you direct me to any writings on this by yourself or others?

Code Jinn

Ethical Skeptic already beat me to writing about it, but he’s a better writer than I am anyway.

Here’s an example paper I just found but haven’t read yet. But that’s at least something that leads to more material.

Dave Abramson

Is there any other potentially deadly disease that the medical professional diagnoses you positive, then sends you home without a treatment plan? Telling the patient to take some OTC product to only soothe symptoms doesn’t count as a treatment plan.


And adding to that, in what universe is early treatment of any disease not preferable?


You’re clearly correct,
Where might the genetic ‘target’ be chiefly represented?
Pleased to here of your recovery, beyond 3score and10 I expect to see a thinning of the ‘ranks’ but since the jabs began roughly a year ago the losses almost equal those of the whole previous decade, and all amongst the vaxxed.


Hospitals in the western world followed the same script. Denial of early treatment, lockdown of nursing homes and euthanasia with respiratory depressants (midazepam in England, Rivotril in France), forced vaccinations. The orders are easy to find as they’re called mandates which is the legal term used by the sect. What is awful is that the medical profession has been taken hostage, often from within, either by political participation or simple brainwashing. In any case the whole medical industry is now completely discredited as either incompetent or malign, or both. Early treatments are very effective indeed, and refusing to administer them… Read more »


PS: Thought there was something else missing from your diatribe…From your description it seems you were infected with the coronavirus, probably the Delta variant and then presented yourself to a clinic. At this point you become concerned that you were forced onto a path in which you elected not to be vaccinated. But surely you made this decision far earlier – at a point when vaccines became available and you had not yet been infected? That was the point at which you should have investigated your alternatives extensively. Once you made that decision you would be stuck with whatever treatment… Read more »

John Day

There are effective treatments for COVID, especially at early stages, and through getting vitamin-D levels up into the normal range, so the immune system functions normally. John Day MD

Code Jinn

EthicalSkeptic, Something I had forgot to mention regarding this: there seems to be a bureaucratic rule issue that creates a rules conflict between promoting treatment and approving the emergency use of a vaccine etc: Finally, an EUA can be granted only when “there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product.” (not what I would consider to be a very good article, but it points out some bureaucratic issues) So it seems very much as though there was an effort to “debunk” any cheap low-tech treatments in order to gain EUA for experimental expensive/high-tech ones. Then people… Read more »


Sounds unbelievable that your attending physician made such a blunt statement: “There is no treatment. Go home and sleep it off. You should have gotten the vaccine. ~ Diagnosing Physician at Clinic, Aug 18 2021. Is it possible that you attempted to engage him/her on the use of Ivermectin or something similar and raised his/her ire at having to deal with yet another recalcitrant antivaxxer? I have every sympathy with healthcare personnel who have spent the last two years trying to save lives under such appalling conditions – and then have to deal with such nonsense as demonstrated here. You… Read more »


Hi TES, Amazing that the Harvard article has no mention of Ivermectin despite it being the most controversial & talked about treatment in 2021. You write: “A decision was made to coerce me, without sufficient knowledge on my part nor my consent, into participating as a control-group member in an experiment evaluating test-group vaccines versus the action of withholding any and all treatment.” I think you are on the same page with my thinking that to constitute an experiment you need more than just conditions consistent with experimental proceedures but also intentionality behind the process – someone controling the conditions… Read more »


Thanks a lot for your thoughts on this.

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There isn’t necessarily a single “who”. See Each “player” can also be a group. Each player also does not need to necessarily “plot” or explicitly coordinate with other players. In some cases, players don’t even need to communicate, they just need to have access to the same information and follow the same payoff metric calculations. An example of this last one is the stock market where a significant number of investors in a stock receive the earnings announcement and converge on the same decision to buy or sell using the same or similar valuation models. However, like the stock… Read more »