Islam Judaism and Christianity: Time to Remove and Renounce Your Holy Verses Celebrating Violence

You claim to represent a faith of peace. I do not believe you. Not because I am a doubter, but because you have handed me stark evidence to the contrary, yourself. An Idea Who’s Time Has Come:  Whatsoever the least of you has done, unless you stand and say ‘no more,’ they have done in your name and with your complicity.

blood on your handsAbrahamism is currently a religious disgrace to humanity.  Islam, Judaism and Christianity – The time has come – You should each proactively and officially remove these scripture versus and make a statement of apology and renunciation to humanity. No more lame excuses and looking the other way while people commit violence on your behalf. You are not innocent. Your church, your congregation/mosque/synagogue/temple/assembly/body, etc. and you, wear the blood of innocents on your hands – if you take no action to repent of each of your own ‘holy scripture’ errors. Anything short of this should stand as indication of your tacit complicity with the current wave of religious violence which you have collectively instructed upon mankind.  There is not claim of “Oh but we are a religion of peace.” Your scriptures belie your fantasy. It is your responsibility to correct the error and damage your religion has committed upon mankind.

532 Encouragements to Commit Cruelty and Violence from the Quran:  The Skeptic’s Annotated Quran
1157 Encouragements to Commit Cruelty and Violence from the Jewish-Christian Old Testament:  The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible
164 Encouragements to Commit Cruelty and Violence from the Christian Testament:  The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible

Christianity, you claim to be a religion of peace, prove it. Judaism, you claim that Islam needs a reformation, then provide the example in your own scripture. Islam you claim that outsiders do not understand your holy writ, then clarify it – expunge those verses which are killing innocent people. If you are religions of peace – prove it – or stand as liars. We once had permission to assemble holy writ. Then all of a sudden it became ‘holy.’ Now we suffer under such imperiousness, along with the necessity to rewrite it again; as those who assembled it in its originality, developed such authorship in error. They mistakenly assumed and taught that violence has a role in instruction and promotion of religious teachings. They were wrong. Their scripture is wrong. They are unable to observe this in themselves, however – just like fake skeptics who protect their religion by only applying doubt to subjects they disfavor – you give your beliefs a free pass and excuse them from examination by a series of memorized denial exercises. This is anathema to a modern civilization destined for a role in our future as broader mankind.

To promote literature which encourages terror war violence, and look the other way as if innocent, while others commit the violence.  This activity has a legal name…

18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Your scriptures are not holy, none of you hold scriptures which were handed down by a god or gods. To wit and as example,

“The last book to be accepted [as we assembled the Bible across 5 centuries] universally was the Book of Revelation, though with time [from the First Council of Niceae] all the Eastern Church also agreed. Thus, by the 5th century, both the Western and Eastern churches had come into agreement on the matter of the New Testament canon.[15] The Council of Trent of 1546 reaffirmed that finalization for Roman Catholicism in the wake of the Protestant Reformation.[16] The Thirty-Nine Articles of 1563 for the Church of England and the Westminster Confession of Faith of 1647 for English Calvinism established the official finalizations for those new branches of Christianity in light of the break with Rome.”¹

The New Commandments
church renounces scripture which promotes cruelty and violent behavior
If a faith is not a free personal choice of an adult and non-oppressed mind, it is not a faith.
A faith which promotes a holy writ, which records, incites, ignores, promotes, celebrates a history of or predicts violence or cruelty against humanity or humans, simply for the act of disbelief, non-conformance with its tenets or ethnic/cultural differences – should no longer be recognized as a religion by an Ethical State, nor by an ethical people.
A faith which attempts to intervene in and manage in lieu of the legitimate government of a state or men, is not a faith. It is a subversive cult – and should no longer be recognized as a religion by an Ethical State.
If your faith teaches violence or cruelty or war or world conquest in its scripture, and you claim it to be a religion of peace, you misrepresent on its behalf. Stop apologizing for your faith and change its scripture. Become accountable. Remove and renounce the verses in a public forum, and permanently.
Faith Based Organizations which publish holy or propaganda based materials containing records, incites to, promotion of, celebration of, a history of, or a prediction of violence against humanity or humans, should be fined for each act of its members which is committed under the guidance of such materials. The church synagogue or mosque which they attended should be fined and victims given restitution – unless they publicly and privately renounce and remove the scripture which teaches such activity.
You are accountable, not for what you claim and wear as robes, nor what you think you say and do, but what you allow to be said and done in your name.
You are accountable, not for what your religious apologists say your faith is about, but rather what your faith actually says and does in your name.
If a faith chooses to keep a record of past violence in its scripture, a statement regarding that violence, its contribution to history and acknowledging the error which precipitated it, should be made as part of that scripture.

Yes, both the Bible and the Quran teach and promote violence against the innocent. Their members mistakenly believe several malicious apologies:

  • That their religion is an exception and it really promotes peace. They live in a dream world of self delusion that they are the salt of the Earth. If so, then prove it. Renounce your religion’s violence and cruel history officially.
  • That by not committing the actions themselves, and keeping mute about the verses in obedience to the holy nature of their scripture, this somehow exonerates them from accountability as a religious member – God will somehow bear the fault of the suffering which is caused.  It does not, and he does not.

By renouncing their own scripture, and expunging it from their ‘Word of God’ a member can say in good confidence, “We are a religion of peace” and again co-exist with humanity and the non-violent religions of the world.

In the way that we at The Ethical Skeptic are challenging SSkeptics to drop their religion and walk the road of science in peace with mankind, we are asking you to do the very same thing.

¹  Wikipedia: Development of the Christian biblical canon, extracted 5 Dec 2015;



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