Methodical Cynicism: The Lyin’tific Method

SSkepticism.  We do the science, so science doesn’t have to.
I have developed my most comprehensively descriptive structure of the typical Social Skeptic article ‘researching’ a pluralistic topic of consideration which they do not favor. Herein, I have entitled its embodied circumvention of science, The Lyin’tific Method. Enjoy :)
It should be understood that the use of this presentation in no way implies or expresses The Ethical Skeptic’s endorsement of the special interest subject surrounding its presentation; and Second, the full presentation should be given without alteration, and with full credit to The Ethical Skeptic as the author.

The Lyin’tific Method

/ noun, unethical practice / : A method of cultivating ignorance through corruption of the process which regulates data collection, sponsorship, research, review and communication of scientific understanding. The exploitation of a denial network mandating a personal religious belief set while at the same time tendering an affectation of science.

As always, you are free to use this presentation addendum, within a limited rights set under these conditions. Use of the presentation stands as your acceptance of these terms.

(Note: This is an addendum to version 3.1 of the presentation on Methodical Cynicism)

Thanks!  ~TES

The Lyin'tific Method

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