The Sorwert Scale of Fake Skepticism

SSkepticism, taking the burden of research off its shoulders and standing in lieu of science.  “For the potential consumers of pseudo-science, that’s where SSkeptics come in.” – Shermer

Below, respectfully is submitted The Ethical Skeptic’s depiction of the Sorwert Scale. Pronounced /’soh-wert/ in the old phonemic orthography symbols.

It should be understood that the use of this presentation in no way implies or expresses The Ethical Skeptic’s endorsement of the special interest subject surrounding its presentation; and Second, the full presentation should be given without alteration, and with full credit to The Ethical Skeptic as the author.

The Sorwert Scale

/ noun – formal name – thing, ˈs-wɜrt / : A ranking scale for determining the severity of fake skepticism exhibited by a Social Skeptic. At each successive grade level, the fake skeptic exhibits that level characteristic flaw, in addition to the ones below that grade level; but not yet the ones above.

As always, you are free to use this presentation addendum, within a limited rights set under these conditions. Use of the presentation stands as your acceptance of these terms. (Note: This is the second addendum to version 3.1 of the presentation on Methodical Cynicism)

Thanks!  ~TES

The Sorwert Scale of Fake Skepticism

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