The ‘Worthless Human’ Hustle of the Diet Cartel

You are a defective human being. The ScienceTM shows that it is your worthlessness, absence of willpower (gluttony), and lack of exercise (laziness) which are the cause of all your health maladies.

At the core of this lie resides an abject gaslighting and abuse of its very victims. There exist only a few entities which have direct access to the systems of the body which are coincidentally those also injured in obesity – the industrial agriculture and immunity-pharma cartels – along with the $130 billion diet and diabetes mafia which thrives from the entailed suffering.

These syndicates are not going to simply allow this profitable problem to be solved. The more they mislead, the more money they make.

The guy in the photo to the right is supposedly an expert on obesity, health, weight, and appropriate human lifestyle. I am here to assure you, that he is not.

The gentleman to the right of course, conceals from his audience that he must work out for 4 or more hours per day, take fat-burning stimulants at a level fatal to many people, employ steroids and/or hormone boosters, spend $2500 a month on specialty food/supplements/injections and physical training, flush-out his intestines regularly with laxatives/chemicals, and fast/starve for days, all in order to look anywhere near like this depiction. Practices which most people cannot possibly incorporate into their lifestyle, unless one is a celebrity, independently wealthy, or chooses to have no life aside from this understated and misrepresented fanatical obsession.

Most diet case examples are not telling you their entire story. Yes they used the product being promoted, but they often do not tell you what else they did.

Now I would prefer of course to examine how this gentleman does with his hidden regimen across an entire life with 3 kids, endocrine, microbiome, and pancreatic injuries from childhood, while delivering premium performance in an analytical or labor position, one where money does not come in from sales commissions/salary/royalties – but rather, the mandatory long and overtime hours one puts into their work. If you have observed for example, a medical center registered nurse who is on their feet for an entire 17-hour waking day – between 10 hour shift rounds, 30,000 daily steps, calorie counting, and managing a family full time, and yet is still obese – one should take this as a critical-path hint, that something else is at play in this deductive framework. To most rational people this stands as a falsifying piece of evidence. Evidence demonstrating that a false assumption resides in the mix of logical calculus.

Believe me, I have done caloric-workout programs (short of stimulants, steroids, and laxatives) and got them to work in the short term. Such programs do not work long term however, nor do they serve to resolve the underlying injury one has suffered. After age 40, from experience, once you hit your desired weight, the ensuing anemia and malnutrition will threaten your health and well being. Your metabolism will be in the crapper. The simple fact is that a ‘program’ cannot be sustained long term if it simply focuses on caloric intake and burn. What I have found is that it is red blood cell anemia (macrocytic and/or intravascular coagulation), an imbalance of intestinal bacteria, endocrine/autoimmune disorders, and a lack of available nutrition in food – which collectively cause a repressed metabolism and weight gain – and not personal moral weakness (see My Most Incredible Post-Covid After Workout Recovery Elixir).

“I lost 120 lbs in 9 months, and kept it off using ___________!!”

Yeah right. The poseur in the photo at the beginning of the article also curiously will not be found peddling this same program at age 60. Not because the program cannot be done at age 60, but rather he will find in the ensuing years that the real ‘program’ he undertook and did not tell anyone, does not actually work long term – and causes harm to one’s health to boot. It is the bad Hollywood Spandex act an attention-seeker puts on, portrayed to make other (inferior-looking) people feel guilty – a psyop used to coerce money out of the burdened victims of two specific industry cartels and their supporting mafia.

Accelerated-growth and gut-soil sterilizing agrifood cartel
Immunity-pharma and metabolic disorder cartel
Diet and exercise’ commerce mafia

The first two on this list are the only entities which have direct access to the very same systems of the body – which are those injured early in life,1 and are also highly involved with obesity and diabetes.2 3 4 This is not a coincidence. In other words, these were the only parties in the room, when the money went missing – and they all have a prior criminal record. However, it is the irony in whom they blame (you), which is even more telling. The diet and exercise mafia, is the entity which enforces such blame.

Fundamental Attribution Error : Behaviorism

The tendency to attribute suffering to one’s behavior, psychological state, or inclination, before and as opposed to examining for factors which are out of their control, access, or knowledge.

You are a defective human being. Look at the jacked guy in this photo. The ScienceTM shows that it is your lack of being like him, your worthlessness, absence of moral willpower (diet), and abject laziness (exercise) which stand as the cause of all your health maladies and suffering (it has nothing to do with us so don’t even go there).

~ Colluding Diet Mafia Messaging

This array of pseudo-theory resides at the heart of modern American physical suffering. Two industries are to blame for the destruction of American health in the era since 1972, the American industrial agriculture and immunity-pharma cartels, along with their pseudo-scientific lying minions, and diet message mafias. The core lie above, which these American cartels promulgate towards their client consumers, is one of blame and guilt – a diabolical gaslighting and abuse of their very victims. A way of keeping scientific health research from ever focusing upon the handiwork of those two cartels at all. Currently, both syndicates are well underway on censoring anything which would serve to reveal their culpability in this.

We just had a family member diagnosed with diabetes at age 30. At this moment, more than 2 million American lives are held financial hostage by insulin providers.5 Type II diabetes sufferers who got that way precisely because of thyroid, pituitary, and especially pancreatic injury from the very pharma and agriculture cartels who created the disease in the first place.

Intermittent fasting and ketosis are simply methods which serve to emulate the conditions in your body, which would have naturally existed had your pancreas alpha cells not been destroyed by glyphosate and vaccines.

Cabal Moralizing is Based Upon Six Key Myths

Myth #1: Anyone who keeps a healthy weight surely must have ‘changed their lifestyle’ (i.e. you are worthless)

Of course most people can stand some type of change in lifestyle habits. However, this contention stands as both a truism and a red herring as well. What the industry is selling you inside this wisdom is an implicit message of personal unacceptability. You are the way you are, because you are worthless. People secretly believe such nonsense about themselves without question. The industry is fully aware of this psychological lever and uses it against us. This is also how prescribing-technicians masquerading as doctors deflect accountability. ‘It’s your fault this is happening – I need listen no further.’ No paradigms will be busted today. From there, the culprit can simply relax and let the cash flow.

The simple fact is that it is the accelerated growth agrifoods and immunity-pharma industries which have caused the obesity epidemic – and not their hapless victims themselves.6 7 8 9 10 The central affected mechanism is outlined below.

HypoGlucagonopathy (Obesity) – the result of injury/impaired pancreatic alpha-cell function

Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 or (GLP-1) [a proxy for glucagon (and agonist) – from pancreatic alpha cells] analogs (sic) potently reduce food intake and body weight [an unintended secondary effect of 15% loss in body mass in nearly all test subjects].

~ Kanoski, et. al., GLP-1 and weight loss: unraveling the diverse neural circuitry11

Glucagon (or its GLP-1 proxy) controls plasma glucose concentrations during fasting, exercise and hypoglycemia by increasing hepatic glucose output to the circulation. Additionally, it is a key factor in providing adequate circulating glucose for brain function and for working muscle during exercise. Glucagon stimulates breakdown of fatty acids and inhibits lipogenesis in the liver (NAFLD). Glucagon reduces the need for food intake as the brain’s primary energy supply. Glucagon increases energy expenditure.

~ Glucagon Physiology, July 201912

When one cannot release and burn fructose-glucose from the liver and fat cells when dieting and exercising (which is the basis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), then one’s body must resort to burning alternative energy sources, in the form of an emergency metabolic state called ketosis. In ketosis, one skips past the normal release of glycogen/glucose from the liver and burns beta-hydroxybutyric acid (and two derivatives) instead.13 If you have not experienced the anemia and malnutrition at the end of such a sustained journey, then perhaps you should study a bit more and work with people of different body types, before speaking authoritatively. Glucagon is akin to water, it is essential for maintaining a healthy body weight. Obesity in its essence is, hypoglucagonopathy.

H2O [water – from oxidation of hydrogen] analogues potently reduce body desiccation, toxicity, and thirst morbidity. However, further study is needed because water use results in the death of 11 people per day, per the CDC. Plus, people may begin to view H2O as a magic-pill solution for staying alive, instead of doing the hard work of getting through the thirst.

~ A parody of modern health wisdom – our arrogant stupidity is harming tens of millions of people.

Of course humans require sound pancreatic alpha cell function (glucagon) or they will gain weight – this should have been discovered in the 1880’s, not the 2010’s. The fact that we are just now studying this, demonstrates how effective the cabal’s disinformation campaign has indeed been. There was no need to study something scientifically, for which we had already morally derived the correct answer. Heavy people are lazy and gluttonous, case closed.

Epicariacy trumps Ockham’s Razor necessity, every time.

In my studies, consuming glucose (and not sugar nor food) after fasting, serves to increase an excessively low resting heart rate (base metabolism, 51 increased to 58 bpm) and decrease a nagging starvation-appetite (hypoglycemic hunger, chronic blood sugar less than 60 mg/dl). Therefore, the absence of glucagon function in the pancreas is no accident with respect to one’s proclivity for gaining excess weight, as compared to a person who has normal pancreatic function.

Glucagon is the missing piece of the puzzle. What I have done in the past, is to simply power through the starvation, fatigue, brain fog, and low-blood-sugar tremors for decades. But no more. I am calling bullshit on the industry which has created this lie – a lie which has caused death, suffering, and harm to hundreds of millions of persons over its ensuing reign of ignorance.

Will Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1 Agonist avg price = $956 per month, August 2022) therapy ever be brought to market (other than for severe diabetes)? Obesity (as well as some forms of heart failure) is a simple case injury to the alpha cells of the pancreas (which release glucagon). Nonetheless, it is doubtful that the agrifood and pharma industry will ever be held to account for the damage they have done. Moreover, the diet industry is $75 billion and the medical support industry around diabetes is $55 billion in magnitude. These numbers constitute simply the start of that entire gravy train – one which thrives upon human suffering. A therapy which would collapse both those markets in less than a decade, will never make it past social skeptics, who will hound it with ‘questions’ and ‘doubts’. Diligence the ilk of which was ironically never raised in the case of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine for instance – and obesity kills 4 times more people in one year than Covid-19 did during its entire pandemic.14

A correlation is never a mere coincidence if there is prior established mechanism (damage to alpha, acinar, and islet cells of the pancreas; or Vitamin-D Binding Protein depletion15 and the resulting death-spiral relationship with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease16), as is the case with these two cartels and their scientifically untested products. The relationship demands investigation – as Ockham’s Razor has been far surpassed. When you witness agents such as David Gorski demanding through plausible deniability and public ridicule that such research be embargoed, know that by The Ethical Skeptic’s Razor, this is the first alternative which you should then examine. Everyone prevaricates at times – but it is those who appeal to the premature extinction of scientific ideas, who violate the wisdom of Solomon and the Two Mothers. Those are the liars on any given issue of public contention. You can pretty much guarantee that anything propaganda-pushed by the Science Based Medicine cabal itself constitutes syndicate and social skeptic disinformation (see How to Detect Propaganda – The Art of the Professional Lie).

Myth #2: The same tactics you employ to lose weight, will also ‘keep the weight off’

Exhibit A – The human body does not read BMI charts. Its priority is needed nutrition and system set energy reserve. It will drive caloric intake, as well as BMI, above the obesity line in quest of these first priorities. Pancreatic injury will cause the body-system’s set-point to reside higher than the BMI obesity line. This is not the fault of the person who suffers the malady. This arises from injury to pancreatic alpha cells and the resulting loss in glucagon function.

This is false. Once you have lost weight below your body’s set point, your metabolism will work HEAVILY against you in its efforts to re-attain that weight/nutrition level it is programmed (or functionally injured thereof) to maintain.17 The same ‘lifestyle change’ practices (usually involves lots of money and starvation) you employed to lose weight, will need to become even more extreme and stringent if you are to keep it off (the further to the right you go on the chart in Exhibit A). If you cannot up your game of fanaticism at this later time, well then too bad for you. This elasticity in BMI will be blamed on your being a weak ‘yo-yo dieter’ (another mafia condemnation and lie).

Once you have reached the bottom of your Wishnofsky Calories-In/Calories-Out weight loss range – no manner of extra activity or starvation (within reason) will cause you to lose weight below that low-set point. One can observe the contrast between a healthy and injured pancreatic function, in Exhibit B below.

Starved Fat – What the diet industry does not (want to) get about metabolic dysfunction

Hypoglucoganopathy is the neglected etiology inside this progression. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) will co-progress through all four stages above.

When the pancreas will not release glucagon (hypoglucagonopathy – right side of Exhibit B below) as it normally should, one must go into ketosis every day in order to compensate for this injury to the pancreas – along with maintaining an athletic or very active lifestyle, in order to continue to lose weight into a normal BMI range. Simply maintaining an active step count, daily exercise, low-_______ diet, or theoretical caloric deficit (under hypoglucagonopathy) will not serve to take one out of obese BMI ranges. One will be fit-obese, faithfully burning up the gym with miles run and weights lifted – yet still chronically obese, sick, and dying of ironic malnutrition.

People who do not suffer from metabolic disease (left side of Exhibit B below) never struggle into this zone, so they commonly fail to understand the challenge. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to make it through med school and internship with severe metabolic disease – so few doctors truly understand the contrast below as well.

The victim of hypoglucoganopathy is typically willing to do the necessary work to lose the weight. But they will be less inclined to do so if they perceive that the playing field is not level, and calories-in/calories-out does not suffice to solve their challenge over the medium to long term – no matter how disciplined they may be.

                              The diet industry profits highly by hustling the victim of hypoglucoganopathy

Exhibit B – Despite equivalent lifestyles and all things being equal, the person on the right will weigh far more than will the person on the left. The victim of pancreatic injury and hypoglucoganopathy (on the right) will not be able to ‘diet and exercise’ their way to a normal body mass index (BMI). Calories-In/Calories-Out practices will serve to manage weight to some degree, however will never get this person below the obesity line (right side panel above). In order to make strides in weight loss and BMI reduction down into a normal range, the pancreatic injury victim will need to attain ketosis each and every day, above and beyond anything the person on the left will need to undertake. The net requirement of this in terms of caloric intake will result in harm from malnutrition over the long term – making it increasingly difficult to lose weight. The normal metabolic function person in contrast, regards weight loss as a simple matter of minor changes in daily habits, and only needs employ ketosis for body sculpting (left side panel above).

In Exhibit B above, one may sense the imbalance in message wherein, the pancreatic injury victim remains quiet about their weight challenge (under the pressure of self-blame), while persons with normal pancreatic function make all sorts of noise about how to manage body mass index (when in reality they know very little about the topic). Hence why we have so many diets which don’t work for the long term, and so many people (especially doctors) who offer up ineffective advice on weight management.

For example, with the understanding in mind that malnutrition occurs when under 2,400 calories are consumed on a daily basis (shortfalls in NADH/NAD+, essential proteins, trace minerals, chloride for stomach acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins B12, B9, C, D, etc.), the net result of the mitochondrial suppression observed in Exhibits A and B above is this:

   Days 1 – 61  Goal:  lose 12 lbs

‣ Caloric Intake: 2,239 (mild malnutrition)
‣ Exercise required: 35 minutes, 3 to 4 times per week

   Days 91 – 312  Goal:  lose 30 lbs and ‘keep it off’ (950 calorie mitochondrial suppression)

‣ Caloric Intake: 1,839 (severe malnutrition, red blood cell anemia, mild depression)
‣ Exercise required: 1 hour 20 minutes, every day (or twice per day on select days)

If you are cutting caloric intake and working out, you are committing slow suicide.

~ Dr. Joel D. Wallach, ND, The Truth About Nutrition

As one can see, in order to ‘keep the weight off’ 200 days into an exercise and diet regimen, the pancreatic injury sufferer must risk their health. This is the nasty little secret that the guy in the photo at the start of this article does not offer up. No, the reality is that this struggle outlined above is a symptom of systemic injury inside the body (pancreatic alpha cells), and not personal weakness. The body will slow its metabolism and attempt to force an increase in appetite/consumption, in its quest to push your BMI back to its set point.18

Six years after participation in The Biggest Loser, they had all gained most of their weight back, significant slowing in metabolic rate still persisted among all participants, and those who lost the most weight, also showed the most metabolic slowing.

~Harvard Public Health Blog, 12 Mar 2018

Notice that you never hear from persons who are in their eighth or twelfth year of a starvation weight loss program. That is because they suffer severe malnutrition and must back off the program in some form, before dying or destroying their health. If your liver, microbiome, or pancreatic alpha or islet cells have been damaged, you will not be able to simply ‘keep the weight off’. You must learn how to compensate for this injury first, without endangering your health at the same time.

Myth #3: You can get all the nutrition you need in a normal restricted-calorie western diet

Do the calculations (One can observe some here). Of the 110 key human micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and macro nutrients, one need consume over 5500 calories per day in order to get close to the ridiculously low US Recommended Daily Allowance (US-RDA) of each – even eating the perfect combination of foods. This requires at least 2 hours of workouts per day, in addition to a full set of daily activities, in order to mitigate the energy load. Something is wrong in the implied math of these cartels, and it hinges upon a lie which they are peddling. A lie which involves artificially accelerated grains and disrupted immune/endocrine systems.19 20

An Example:

For a decade during my workouts and dietary management, I suffered regular kidney stones, heart arrhythmia, leg cramps, and hypothyroidism. As it turned out, these all were a result of potassium deficiency from my ‘Normal Western Diet’. Not only was I not getting enough potassium from my restricted caloric discipline, but this deficiency was not even checked upon nor mentioned by my attending doctors. Such is the basic incompetence wrought in the name of this myth.

Those who stay at a normal weight have won the luck of the genetic draw, and are not that way because they are fanatic about working out for hours a day. In fact, not one of those I know who are of normal weight, will attribute their weight to obsessive levels of exercise and diet, especially as they get older.

Myth #4: Obesity is simply a severe form of being overweight

Exhibit C – If the weight equation for obesity was caloric-driven, then by necessity, both overweight (yellow) and obese (blue and black) percentages should have increased simultaneously. The percent of population which is overweight did not increase over the last 50 years, therefore obesity results from an independent set of input variables.

Obesity is not simply a more severe form of being overweight. Sitting on the couch, eating chips, and living a sedentary lifestyle causes overweight. Being overweight is caused by caloric differential and can happen in anyone. Obesity is caused by bodily systemic injury and is part of a disease process that happens in mostly certain genetics – yet its suffering population is rising faster than is the overweight population (see Exhibit C to the right). The condition is exacerbated by a dilution of nutrient in our plant based, and subsequently animal protein based, food.21

Ceasing sitting on the couch, eating chips, and living a sedentary lifestyle will not serve to resolve nor cure obesity. The morbidity of obesity begins in childhood, well before one begins the symptom of putting on the weight from obesity.22 23 24

One can lose weight, but they cannot lose obesity

One can starve themself and exercise for hours a day, and this will not cure what is caused by systemic injury and disruption, amidst nutrient shortfalls – any more than such activity can cure a broken leg.

[As far as] The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are concerned, obesity has been categorized as a chronic illness since 2004.

Myth #5: People are heavier today because they are more sedentary and consume more calories than the past

According to the USDA, the average person consumed 300 more calories per day in 2016 than they did in the 1970’s (the majority of the increase coming in the form of concealed oils).25 In contrast however, 69% of people by 1987 claimed to exercise regularly,26 far higher than the rate of 24% that claimed this in 1960.27 Thus our extra caloric intake has mostly been countered by extra physical activity.

Of greater salience to this argument, is a principle outlined in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, which found that people today who eat and exercise the same amount as people 20 years ago are still fatter. People today are about 10 percent heavier than people were in the 1980s, given the exact same diet and exercise plans.28

If you are 40 years old now, you’d have to eat even less and exercise more than if you were a 40 year old in 1971 to prevent gaining weight.

~Jennifer Kuk, Professor Kinesiology and Health Science, York University

On a personal note, I have typically fasted for the first 9 hours of the day (note: I have had to increase this to a 20-4 fasting practice most recently) and then consume a glucose (no sugar) drink (See this article) after my afternoon workout to prevent a blood sugar crash (my pancreas is injured and will not release glucagon, which would trigger release of glucose from the fat cells and liver, to prevent this). Then dinner consists of a protein (as a side dish – fish, chicken, lamb in smaller quantity, not a main entree), spinach or kale, stewed potato (for potassium), and lots of veggies of varying kinds with grass fed butter and sauerkraut. I will finish the evening while writing, researching, or viewing a program, with a single beer and a bit of cheese. I do not consume grains for the most part, save for rice bread and a bit of organic corn tortilla once or twice a week.

In order to keep my weight, I must fast and measure my ketosis level each day at 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm. It needs to be above 40 mg/dl for at least one of these two measures, or I will not be able to maintain my weight, no matter how much I exercise within reason. Yes, I can workout for 4 hours per day as does a celebrity spokesperson, but then I will go broke and lose my family.

This is much akin to how a diabetic manages their lifestyle. Take this as a hint.

If I am able to hit ketosis on any particular day, an entirely different weight function/calculation set comes into play, one which does not hinge on the Wishnofsky formula approach (traditional 3500 net calories per pound wisdom).

The Wishnofsky function calculations only apply on days when I am unable get into ketosis – but more importantly, this rule of thumb is also not effective for me once I am in a ketosis-need range of lower BMI. In this BMI range, I can ‘diet and exercise’ for months and not lose a single pound.

As a result while my weight is not obese, my body systems still bear the injury from the introduction of glyphosate in the Fall of 1995 along with damage from early childhood immune system tampering resulting in a couple chronic autoimmune syndromes. If I eat as a normal person my age and gender does, I will gain 3 to 6 lbs a month easily, even with workouts. As a result, I suffer severe anemia and nutrition shortfalls, which have required a lifetime of supplement research and testing to help resolve. Most people cannot do this – and remain victims of these two cabals and their colluding mafia.

Merely losing weight, does not in any way shape or form, cause one to lose the systemic dysfunction of obesity. This chronic condition is for life.

My daily regimen results in 3100 – 3500 calories burned and 2100 – 2500 calories consumed on an average daily basis (see example personal logs extract in above right image). I keep meticulous and very detailed logs on this. By now, under the Wishnofsky dietary formula, after all these years, I should weigh minus 200 lbs. So obviously the calorie understanding of weight only applies to a short time-span, and cannot be used to adjudicate what is happening to the American population at large (pardon the pun).

Myth #6: Deception thru Affirming the Consequent – If p then q. Given q, therefore p

It is time for these excuse-making myths to die. They only serve to harm the innocent and protect the diabolical. We close now, with a list of twisted logical arguments which help sustain this collusive and evil cabal.

Cause-Therapy Affirmation of the Consequent

When one operates from a belief or practice based upon the disinformed notion that, since a therapy is effective in reducing an effect, therefore the lack of that therapy is the cause of that effect.

Placing a person in an ice-bath reduces dangerously high fever; therefore, fever is caused by lack of ice-baths. Fasting and HIIT exercise serve to reduce body mass index and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; therefore, high BMI and NAFLD are caused by too much consumption and not enough exercise.

  • People who increase exercise, weigh less after they do so. Therefore, all normal-weight persons are consistently exercising.
  • People who restrict calories, weigh less after doing so. Therefore, all normal-weight persons are consistently restricting calories.
  • If you stop what you did to lose weight, you will gain weight back. Therefore, if you gain weight back you have failed in your program discipline (and are now a failed worthless human).
  • People who are obese have poorer health, therefore obesity is the cause of this poor health state. So don’t be obese.
  • I work out 3 times per week and am fine. You can work out 3 times a week as well, and you will be fine too. It is just a matter of motivation and habit.
  • All the people who consume premium gym/exercise program/equipment are young and good looking. Therefore, using those things will keep you young and good looking.
  • Nutritional supplements often come in the form of pills. Therefore, those who use supplements are looking for a quick-fix pill solution.
  • Mega doses of Vitamin C was found to not cure cancer. Therefore, supplements are a waste of money.
  • Fit people workout for a mere 20 minutes per day on average. Therefore, 20 minutes per day workouts is all anyone needs in order to become fit.

All of this reflects the widespread false common wisdom and industry propaganda which is employed to deflect accountability from these industry cartels and their complicit diet industry mafia. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on just how incompetent and dishonest these industries really are.

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