An Official ‘Thank You’ to Science Based Medicine

Rookem’s Razor:  All things being equal the most expensive explanation tends to be the correct one. Chronic and severe pain is a no bullshit tolerance factor, it serves to make one a skeptic, very fast.
WARNING: The following testimonial constitutes an ‘anecdote’ and cites a resolution based upon actual patient input to doctors. When you have gotten up off the floor after fainting from the horrific pseudoscience of it all, simply click your heels three times and repeat over and over “The plural of anecdote is not data” and it will be all better.

I wasted three years of suffering and then $16,300 pursuing the approach Science Based Medicine might prefer for a malady which my Integrative Medicine Practitioner resolved in one appointment, $200 and by means of a supplement. Which now is quackery indeed? I am now in doubt. Patient success experience or revenue goal oriented scripted shotgun testing? Well let’s hold on that conclusion. This was not the last time unfortunately I was to have been harmed by bad medical advice coming from a Science Based Medicine representative ‘skeptic’.

One thing that I do know is that, were I to practice the Big Healthcare method on the left (chart at bottom) in my labs, I would be committing lab fraud in order to bilk my clients out of artificially prolonged revenue through fake science (see The Lyin’tific Method). In Science Based Medicine however, fraud only applies to outsiders, and is misdefined as anything that does not revenue-serve their cronies, any competing business or anything else they decide that they do not like.

Rest assured, Science Based Medicine is not promoting their view of medical care as a smart option for your consideration. Their heading is one of supporting the elimination of your choices and control over your own health, independent of the secure profit pathways for big pharma, big healthcare and their oligarchy cronies extracting from both.

The empirical results are proving to be abysmal, both in terms of the cost of healthcare and the overall health and well being of Americans.

This enormous harm and suffering caused by fake skeptics is just one key reason why skeptics are losing the battle for the American mind.

The Odyssey

rookems razorIt is a scam, and a crime of fraud, that I could not have been instructed about this supplement two decades ago. Why? Because hinting that a supplement might help my flank pain might ‘constitute claims of cures or treatments.’ This is how a mafia works. As a result of our sounds-good-on-paper ‘science’ millions of Americans suffer needlessly, and moreover are being held hostage and bilked out of tax and critical household budget dollars to the tune of $23,000 a year and dramatically upwards, to fund a scam in socialist medicine. Let’s examine how this fraud, activist-supported by Social Skepticism, works.

Yes, indeed I wanted to send out a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the Science Based Medicine crowd today.  Before I do that however, let me relate the Odyssey the science gods tasked me with in my search to resolve increasingly severe lower left quadrant pain. You see over the last two years I have been experiencing recurrent lower left quadrant pain, commensurate with a whole host of other partially debilitating symptoms; none the least of which included facial sores, dizziness, ear ringing, anxiety, hair color dimming, weakness in my workouts, cold sweats, mental fog. I speak often as part of my living in support of my businesses and those subjects inside which I carry a passion. Anything which negatively affects my pneumogastric nerve and central nervous system is an unwelcome life contributor. Of course this greatly distressed me so I went, in 2013, to my General Practitioner with my complaint. He immediately scheduled me for a battery of expensive tests, starting with a colonoscopy which cost my medical plan $6,500, and then proceeded to progressively more and more likely candidates of diagnosis. You will find in social skepticism that the precautionary principle, only applies to the opportunity to make medical profits – aside from that it is always pseudoscience. We followed the Big Healthcare, Big Pharma, Big Skepticism script, much of which agrees with the SBM doctrine. You are stupid, integrative medical professionals are evil, doctors have your best interests as first priority (note: ‘best interests’ correlate to profits with an Pearson r = .99).1

Well sadly, 26 weeks and more later, we found nothing, and nothing worked. Quietly I was told by my Gastroenterologist, “I used to get 3 patients a week with unresolved flank pain back years ago. Now I get 8 patients or more per day. It is my number one patient challenge.” This is called Intelligence, inside The Real Scientific Method – but it is the kind of thing which fake skeptics dismiss with a wave of the ‘it’s nothing but a change in awareness’ hand. And they repeatedly enforce this claim upon science, media and public before any evidence has arrived for the most part – see The Art of the Professional Lie: Einfach Mechanism. Fake skeptics know well that an idea is hard to unseat once it has been uttered as truth, by Lindy Effect alone. You win, absent of much data or study at all. Just scream the conclusion as early as is possible, or after you see any hint of inductive support for your a priori notion. Never mind that everyone else in the world can spot your bias and predict exactly what your conclusion will be, never mind your eroding credibility, just do it. This is just one of the ways in which these fakers outsmart themselves, unjustifiably influence society and cause us all harm and suffering.

‘The plural of anecdote is not data.’

Take it from a successful intelligence professional and research lab head, never trust a person who utters this phrase. They have never accomplished even the first step of real science. They are a diagnostician at best.

At the conclusion of 30 weeks of expensive investigation I was told that I “must have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).” This is the pandemic set of symptoms from which an alarmingly increasing number of people suffer; one in which we have no idea what even causes it. Some pretty smart citizens have some well backed ideas, but of course they are slapped down as evil by SBM ‘skeptics’. I am told that the common occurrence of my pain simply stems from ‘an increase in awareness’ as well, for we have to remember that when Science Based Medicine puts out a claim, it does not have to be justified – simply promulgated to the masses unquestioned (see Appeal to Skepticism Fallacy). Now, forget the 54 million suffering people; …fuck them, our science super hero skeptic skills are needed for another much more pressing issue, Homeopathy Awareness! …ehh, that and some bigfoot scrutiny every now and again. Issues of focus that hallmark an ethical and humanity serving life.2 3

…please hold on a moment while I contain my laughing.

I had run into this ilk of malicious and oppressive incompetence before with the stupid idiot at Science Based Medicine who assured me that he represented science, and that folic acid and methylfolate were the same thing, and finally that I was an idiot for thinking any different. This professional medical advice (quackery) served to harm me greatly – as it turned out that I was suffering from decades of macrocytic anemia from having taken folic acid, instead of folate. Fortunately, another thing which was corrected by patients working with patients – and not by appeal to authority as science based medicine.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) of course is the diagnosis of last resort after all the money avenues have been exhausted. Now I must learn to live with my IBS, because there is no cure. There is obviously ONE contributing element since the skyrocketing started as a discrete event shortly after 1994 – but I can assure you there is no one cure.  Or, it could simply be the ‘luck of the draw’ genetically. You won the lottery again – funny how that keeps happening with medical stuff and never seems to happen at the MiniMart Lotto counter. Nothing in the environment causes it, certainly not glyphosate, and sadly nothing you can do about curing it. Your pain, slight fever, dizziness, and mental fog are all from panic attacks! Yes that is it, our go-to conclusive pseudo-hypothesis is one which cannot be tested for falsification! Such brilliance! Plenty of inductive study to confirm it. Proliferating as so many psychology studies do – standing as imperative proof that you are just weird – we are done! Yay for Science!

I was told to start to meditate and maintain an ‘awareness’ of your ‘triggers’ and ‘stress related episodes’ – as a good portion of this is psychological. Really your fault anyway, for worrying too much. But I do have an expensive set of prescriptions which can alleviate symptoms in the mean time. A funny thought drifted through my head, I had heard this line before – dermatologists attempting to treat my rosacea with $400 a month topical creams, each one of which never seemed to work; and upon being unsuccessful, fell back on this same failed message:

‘Triggers’, the watchword of the lazy and incompetent
‘Stress’, the ad hoc fallacy theory of the century
‘Awareness’, the buzzword of the incompetent and malicious.

Yes, I had heard this line of ‘go away, it’s all your fault’ sales bullshit before. 2018 note.4

Cut down on sugar, coffee, fast food and soft drinks, and exercise more. Yep, heard that too. Oh? You run 4 miles a day now and don’t do any of these things?  Well, meditate more and take these two new prescriptions.  An antispasmodic for your pain, and a relaxer to stop your ‘panic attacks’ and over-worrying. These two are a mere $92 a month more on top of your other medical costs.  A drop in the bucket really.

I Had the Ruby Slippers All Along – Finally Success!

This year, when my IBS started flaring up again, I went to my Integrative Medicine Practitioner this time. She said: “This sounds an awful lot like stomach HCL insufficiency and dysbiosis. I get a lot of this lately, let me tell you. In addition, you had h. pylori after one of your Far East projects, and it can wreak havoc in your stomach’s acid production. Your digestive system is possibly not putting out enough hydrochloric acid and enzyme base. As a result your undigested food is putrefying5 in your small intestine and causing a whole host of dysbiosis symptoms, (my spell checker does not even recognize the words ‘dysbiosis’ or ‘SIBO’ despite its presence as a pandemic in the US population – see chart below) auto-immune, food-sensitivity reactions and pain from that point on in your gastrointestinal tract. Let’s try this first and see how it works: Get an HCL/Betaine/Enzyme supplement and make sure you take 1000 – 2000 mg with each meal.”

Well, they say that science is probative based upon incremental risk. My integrative medical practitioner had made an incremental conjecture of risk – and I was about to test it.  And chronic pain is a NO BULLSHIT tolerance factor – it makes you a skeptic fast. She had put her conjecture on the line of risk. As a skeptic, I at least admired that.

Oh my GAWD, my Holistic/Integrative Practitioner recommended a supplement! Oh the quackery!! Let the FDA Letters fly! People are dying! Big Pharma Skeptics rescue us! Let’s take just a second to examine what is going on regarding this grand odyssey of which I only suffered in microcosm. Unresolved flank pain (IBS) is skyrocketing right now in the United States. Any self respecting skeptic should be highly energized to look into such a stark signal. In contrast, aside from accidental overdoses, extreme body builders and reckless weight loss practices, no one is getting hurt by supplements.

The reality is we needed real skeptics back in 1991-1994 when our food base was planned to be changed dramatically based upon paltry science – unfortunately all we got was this cadre of goofball science pretenders who betrayed our consumer health base. They were all caught up in Bigfoot, UFO’s and the Loch Ness Monster back then too. Unfortunately they missed this important issue demanding skepticism, in the mean time. That is why I am speaking up.

When Social Skepticism ignores skyrocketing public health and human rights concerns such as SIBO, and the proliferating list of auto-immune generated maladies stemming from our food, in favor of chasing supplements on behalf of Big Pharma regulation – this activity is not simply pseudo-science or social epistemology, it is called more specifically a legal term: malice and oppression.

Wow, after three full years of misery and health degradation, problem solved. All symptoms are abated and even my hair color is growing robust again.  But I am so much more educated you know?  And I have Science Based Medicine to thank for that education. I made a decision in accordance with their philosophy which obtained for me a $16,300 education (that because of skyrocketing MooP/deductible costs, on top of the $23,000 we all pay each year already for the health scam). This misadventure alone tallied to 1/5th of the cost of my graduate degree! So I had to learn something, right?! Otherwise I would have never experienced the educational menagerie of things you can do, when you have lots of tools, billable pathways and rote formulas at hand, but don’t have a clue what you are doing.

2019 Update:  My healthy family plan medical cost per month is now $2,767. If I held a regular job, like I did in 1998 – I would be losing my home right now from the disease of being healthy and working in America.

This is criminal. Science Based Medicine this reality of citizen suffering is in part, YOUR fault – because healthcare plans have to pay for your promoted ‘science based’ practices and the large scale fraud/exploitation of hard working families you defend.

Were I to practice the method on the left of the 2013 to 2014 comparative chart (above right) in my labs, I would be committing lab fraud in order to bilk my clients out of artificially prolonged revenue through fake science. Yes, I own and have owned several science research and application development labs through the years.  In those operations, I could never ethically perform the list on the left under REAL science.

Oh, and one small note:  If you have an entry in your records, even one instance that you were referred to one of the specialists on the left in the chart above, and you DID NOT follow the doc’s referral, then you will be declined for health insurance coverage regarding that issue when you apply later in life – say 20 years later – even if you are fine now.  I know this from experience having managed several company health insurance plans for my employees.  The Health and Pharma industry just cannot seem to get your history of records readily available to the doctors for your health needs, like my doctor could not look up the fact that I had h. pylori in my history, that might have saved me lots of money in this case.  But the industry can sure make a DETAILED history of your health decisions readily available for the insurance companies – off of which to identify a non-compliant action on your part, in order to extort money from you.

Such is the generous, self promoting gift of Science Based Medicine. One that keeps on giving in terms of destroying households financially, and in terms of personal health. An elegant accomplishment, harming citizens in two ways at once. Fighting for the rights of oligopolies and cartels everywhere. Well done. So sciencey.

epoché vanguards gnosis


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The Bookend Lies of Institutional Health

Do not allow anyone to take away your right to manage your own health, even if they say they represent god, the government, or science.  There exist two root lies, from which religious posers pretend to dole out medical authority. It is incumbent upon you to recognize the derivatives which stem from these two lies and sidestep them in your path to understanding and managing your own health.
The Two Lies
  1. from the right and the left booksGod created your body and its food perfectly; ill health and weight gain are the logical consequence for not being normal or for something you personally did wrong.

  2. The body is a grand evolutionary accident, with many features that are functionless, redundant or simply vestiges of evolution.  Do not view it as something one has the expertise to observe or manage. Science as government, has done all the research necessary on your behalf and knows what is best for you.

Do not fall for these lies.  They both seek to have government intervene and compel you to follow their rules.

Corollaries/Derivative Lies:

a.  The government and/or industry, through science, now fully understand to the level necessary, the expressive effects of high hybridization and genetic modification inside food, as well as how to test for the safety and efficacy of such changes.

b.  The food science and agribusiness industries have sole and final authority to alter our food without feedback from or notice to the consuming public, in order to save a few pennies a bushel in operating costs.  Public concerns about this are simply cases of credulous apophenia or pseudosciences in action.

c.  A ‘balanced diet’ solves most ailments.  Health maladies come from increasingly imbalanced and unhealthy diets.

d.  Overweight and obese people eat too much, order Super Sized meals at McDonald’s and live sedentary lives.

e.  If food does not kill rats, nor make them severely allergic or sick, then it is safe for humans to consume.  No human impact studies are allowed once a food technology is rolled out to the population.  The liability in question is too great.

f.  If it is important for health, institutions of science will let you know.

g.  All statistical studies indicating alarming health trends correlated to agri-food changes, are alarmist apophenia.  They are to be ignored.

These are your rights

health bill of rightsa.  Your body is a system and you have the right to manage it.  It does not matter whether it was designed or not.  Begin to regard and protect your body as a responsive equilibrium, feedback and control system.  Its employs hormone, proteomic and antibody systemic signals; which are interleaved, and multi-layered – and every one of them serves a purpose, just as do many other elements which impact your health.  You are better served assuming that nothing is functionless, redundant or a vestige of evolution.

b.  Things go wrong naturally in your system.  Know when and how you must seek to intervene, and where to look for assistance.

c.  Medical science sometimes only focuses on treating symptoms, you have the right and responsibility to examine and address root causes.

d.  Medical science only focuses on corrective treatments once something has gone wrong, the definition of medicine includes tailored lifestyles and treatments of prevention. You have the right to decide and manage these approaches to medicine yourself.

e.  Everyone is different.  What is a non-essential protein for one person is an essential protein for another person.  Some people are more sensitive to some foods than are other people.  Not everyone has the same balances and receptors for key hormones.  Know you, and how you are different.

f.  Food is the first medicine.  Some of the ‘healthy’ food your are being forced fed, is harming your system, chronically and subtly.  Learn to see the symptoms of toxification and malnutrition.

g.  Your doctor is not trained on nutrition, and nutrition is the key to health.  Therefore he is only your consultant.

h.  Science Based Medicine is not competent on nutrition or health, and nutrition is the key to health.  Realize they have more agenda than science in their quiver.

i.  The FDA is not an authority on health.  Just because they have not validated a public domain claim, does not mean a thing.  It is your responsibility and your right to ascertain impacts to your health.

j.  Supplements are a necessary tool in the arsenal of a person managing their own health.  Demand that they be made free market, readily available and reasonably unregulated.  Seek legal prosecution of those who would unduly restrict, make prescriptive or patent essential foods and nutrition elements.

k.  The government cannot array a series of legislation which suitably manages your health for you and keeps you 100% safe.  They must, within reason, trust you to do this.

l.  The last 25 versions of the common wisdom on diet have been disastrously wrong.  What makes the current version correct?

m.  All proteins are not equal.  Calling proteins ‘protein’ is like calling various functional hormones, ‘hormone.’  Know your proteins, what they do, and how they relate to YOUR particular health equation.  Do not let anyone tell you that they are unnecessary, are only for body builders, or you get all you need with a ‘balanced diet.’

n.  Nutrition is the first vanguard to health.

Side Note:  The Human Protein Array

I put this spreadsheet together for my own personal management of proteins.  The right protein intake makes a dramatic difference;  proteins stand as the first vanguard in health, as food.  Use if you find helpful. :)


The Real Cost of SSkepticism’s Science Entitled Medicine

We Are All Paying for SSkepticism’s Obviation of the Judicious Employment of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.
Preventative health and its practitioners, constitute the number one threat to the Healthcare/Pharma Industry power and money.  In response, these oligarchy interests enlist the aid of their partner SSkeptic Cabal bullies.  Bullies who pose as health and value chain experts, in ensuring that preventative health is considered superfluous pseudoscience, and can never undermine the profitable industry of managed disease.

A Broken System

healthcare groups cause inflation in medical costsI just hung up from a phone call where my pharmacy indicated that a daily prescription renewal has been denied by my physician.  I just visited him for this prescription update on October 21st.  But he still denied my refill because I have not visited him since that appointment 4 months ago, nor paid the requisite $400 per visit to justify his time in prescribing this common 8 cent per day medicine, which I must take for the rest of my life. I am out of the medicine again, an absence of which damages my health, yet the physician’s office must schedule me long out because it is ‘busy busy busy.’ No, they won’t accept a street lab test because of “concerns over standards and quackery.”  The voice attendant recordings all make it clear.  Such exemplifies the current state of the disastrous healthcare system crafted, advised and defended by the SSkepticism Cabal.

A word about bias: Everyone is biased – that is life. The key is this: Who is assisting in producing vast scales of suffering with their bias? This is what is used to differentiate ethics.  Not perceptions of bias. Anyone can claim such. It is no special insight. I am not married to CAM medicine as it exists today, I am simply proposing that an entity of this type should exist. Not everything SBM contends is wrong. I am simply pointing out that the balance of oppression and suffering has swung erroneously into their court – and they are blind to the problems it creates.

Certitude Exploitation

/philosophy : argument : fallacy/ : a contention (such as ‘he is biased’) which is made about a person, for which evidence has a certitude of easily being found – however which also applies to everyone, or easily explains everything or nothing about that person, in reality. In similar principle to explanitude: A theory which explains everything or bears no risk in falsification, likely explains nothing.

Celebrity SSkeptic Steven Novella, in a predictable blog article last year, twisted and stuffed his square peg version of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) into its SSkeptically one-liner crafted round hole of universal condemnation. (  As is typical for his Cabal, Steven does not appear to invest, in my opinion, enough research in the article to understand nor articulate what it is that CAM-style practitioners actually do, nor define the detrimental impact of the current failing healthcare system on real American families. In the blog conclusion, quoted below, he purposely conflates the role of health advisement with that of corrective medicine; and of CAM practitioners for preventive and first consult health questions with the role of a primary care physician (PCP).  First consult does not equal primary care.  But who cares? Steven has expressed a public agenda here, targeting specific groups.  Steven prefers the equivocation artifice in my perception and opinion, as it is useful in his argument in support of certain institutional crony driven organizations.  Money can be made by keeping possession of the First Care/Maintenance/Preventative touch point with patients.  Big Healthcare, Big Pharma, and Steven Novella know this and are threatened by the presence of any alternative which removes this control of the money supply.

The shrill voices screaming about ‘quacks’ constitute a borderline libelous ruse, screened and protected by the word “science” and “skeptic” in organizational titles, which only serves to keeps Americans in the dark about their health.

Muscle mass and nutrition have been objectively linked to longer life in a new study lead by Dr. Preethi Srikanthan, an assistant clinical professor in the endocrinology division at University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, and recently published in the American Journal of Medicine. The higher your muscle mass, apparently the less likely you are to die from natural causes.  Your PCP is not allowed to help you with this. A CAM practitioner can. Perhaps we should rename the practitioner category Preventative and Health Maintenance Care (PHMC).  But the SSkeptic campaigners would simply shift tactics accordingly, so this would be moot. Well, call it what you may, but the current employment of the primary care physician which Mr. Novella is extolling  under “Science Based Medicine,” is FAILING its constituency miserably, to the tune of $23,000 per healthy family, per year (see graphic below).  All this stands as a much more damaging impact than the minor and addressable quackery his cronies decry. 85% of what we face medically as Americans could be managed by less formal, and much lower cost alternatives; wherein aside from acute care cases, actual health contributors can be addressed with the patient. Places where a simple annual blood test would cost $25, where I had control of my dosage and mode, pharmacy records were automatically updated, and I could purchase a 3 month supply so I can safely conduct my overseas presence business. But this will not happen because Science Based Medicine and its malicious crowd of Big Healthcare lobbyists and false authority academics block such alternatives from reaching the legislative desks of our own representatives. These false skeptics persist in pretending to represent the opinion of science, and the best interests/will of us as citizens. They consider us too stupid to merit an input into the process. “Science Based Medicine” failed me again today, to the tune of $400 and a 3 week loss of a vital daily prescription.  All because I had the audacity to exhibit an, all-to-common in the last 20 years, minor daily prescription need.  A treatment which I understand and can manage daily, much more effectively, expertly and at lower cost than does my PCP.

I consult a CAM practitioner FIRST on my nutrition, preventative medicine and health maintenance before I have to take any corrective approaches. I do this because she will spend time with me, is better informed on these issues than is my PCP, she will discuss the causative issues behind various facets of my health and sees ME as the manager of my health; all unlike my PCP.  Subversive ideas to the Steven Novella camp of enforcers.  All this in stark contrast with my primary care physician, who will not address anything health related with me – rather only focus on how to best take advantage of my minor prescription needs, to earn $1,816 in annual revenue, above and beyond the other $20,000 I currently pay for really nothing.  The money is all my PCP is allowed to care about under the current elite-only oligopoly Health Care approaches supported by Dr. Novella and his Cabal.  My PCP is only there to correct problems which many times, I have found originate from a lack of advisement/accountability on the core impacts of nutrition, diet, environmental toxins and health maintenance to begin with.  Things which a CAM practitioner can address.

This process could be managed at much lower expenditure through a complimentary tier of health professionals who advise and assist patients in managing simply addressed preventative and maintenance issues (such as my lifelong prescription) – without the patient having to invest thousands of dollars into a broken system which falsely and ineffectively attempts to monopolize all facets of healthcare. 

If nutraceuticals/supplements are placed under this current corrupt system, a legislative action which SSkeptics are advocating now before Congress, the state of American health and economic viability will suffer even more catastrophically than it has already.

The Incumbent Cost of Elitism and False Correctness

overpricedThe current Scam Based Entitled Medicine system promoted by Science Based Medicine, as shown to the right¹, is upside down, grossly over inflated, is not working – and most importantly – is not economically sustainable.  The Steven Novella’s of the world, in my opinion are not only are the noisy and unqualified health value chain experts, moreover they consistently demonstrate that they are so verticalized and blind in their understanding of what the average American family faces in terms of Healthcare burdens, that they have erred in their rhetoric through scientific pretense, blatant ignorance and lack of sensitivity to the victims of our current state of healthcare. Oh my gawd, my CAM practitioner advised me to reduce my exposure to corn, wheat and alfalfa based on my allergy response tests, and to increase my intake of magnesium – how horrid the dangers!  I shudder at the enormity of the pseudoscience.  Thank you for protecting me Dr. Novella.

My CAM practitioner acts as my partner in keeping my body healthy.  My doctor simply fixes things when this process is not enough, which is rare for me. I am extraordinarily healthy, thanks to me and my CAM adviser, and no thanks to my primary care physician.  I have only two health maladies 1. Rosacea, and 2. Hypothyroidism.  Now set aside the fact that enormously destructive Science Entitled Medicine SSkeptics would not even acknowledge that such a thing as Rosacea even existed until about 7-10 years ago, or contended that it was caused by stress, alcohol and chocolate; and the fact that they would rather tell Hashimoto Antibody patients that science says ‘stop eating so much’ and ‘you don’t really need this T4/T3 hormone anyway cuz’ it’s a ‘vestige of evolution.’ That is my favorite bullshit line of all the ones I have ever heard. Rather, let’s focus on the real cost of this current ongoing scam which they support.  My total annual bill for just these two minor conditions, caused by environmental toxin exposure which slipped by Science Entitled Medicine’s “food science” in the first place, in his blessed version of PCP-only directed medicine?  As you can see in the chart below, is $ 1,813 a year.

Eighteen hundred dollars a year to manage my two very minor prescriptive needs. Extraordinary.  So that I can take two little pills each day which cost about 8 cents to produce in total, through Chinese pharma sourcing agencies.  The markup on these medicines is on the order of 3700% – as compared to a Chinese sourced consumer goods markup of typically 200 to 300%.  The reason the end consumer costs are so inflated?  Because our corrective health system is a social scam.  A perpetration of fraud on a large scale, defended by allies before our legislative bodies by SSkeptics lead by people in Dr. Steven Novella’s loose social club.

My total annual household cost of Scam Based Entitled Medicine?  $22,800 *

*from my household Quickbooks summary on medical expenses for a healthy family (graphic below)

scam based medicine costs

It takes me a full $ 33,500 in income to recoup this expense – each year. It does not matter if my employer offsets this cost, I still have to provide that equivalent value – or I become part of the problem or as well as an unemployment statistic.  This is the instance where my family has no corrective health issues to begin with. God forbid what will happen when this unsustainable system collapses and my family DOES face corrective health issues. This is WITH health insurance. Most families will not be so lucky inside the clutches of this “we are the science” rice bowl of greed.

The ultimate outcome of Scam Based Entitled Medicine will be theft of American Baby Boomer and later generations’ retirement wealth – followed by the resulting economic depression

But by gosh, at least we were skeptical, and we stopped those evil CAM advisers.  I will not be able to retire and carry this cost, and neither will any of my friends except for the most wealthy of them.  And no, I do not have a large university to bear this cost on my behalf, nor tenure me a juicy retirement medical/convalescence plan, in exchange for saying the correct one-liner propaganda for 40 years.   So, without further ado, from the cited blog penned by celebrity skeptic Dr. Steven Novella himself:

“Making pseudo-scientific practitioners primary care doctors would be disastrous, and would be a massive disservice to the public. Politicians owe it to the people they serve to have a transparent debate about such proposals before instituting them, and such debates should be evidence-based as much as possible. They should be informed by high quality science.  Science, of course, is kryptonite to CAM practitioners. CAM is a category that exists solely to create a double standard in medicine – one that is insulated from having to justify itself with science and evidence. This is not good medicine, primary care or otherwise.”

So, there you have it, in Dr. Novella’s own so well rationalized Conclusions to the blog:

  • all CAM ideas are pseudoscience
  • the current state of $23,000 expenditure annually per HEALTHY family – under Scam Based Medicine – is not disastrous, nor a disservice to the public
  • ‘Science Based Medicine’ should be appointed to act as the primary input to the legislative process on our behalf, effectively silencing the voice of its victims
  • CAM approaches never employ science or evidence
  • CAM approaches, as first health advisement are an extraneous, dangerous and inessential facet of medicine
  • Being labelled ‘science based’ affords an organization the privilege of action without external or constituent accountability
  • Primary Care now equates to First Advisement on health (even though PCP’s will not advise on health)

Very poorly vetted pseudo-intellectual contentions – bereft of real life experience and genuine critical thinking.  Perpetuating the problem in the name of agenda-based politics, power and pseudoscience.

¹ The Economist, “Experimental Medicine” September 20, 2014,