Oh the Quackery!

Fake medical skeptics must realize that instructing someone from a position of scientific authority, claim to facts or likelihood, to not undertake a treatment or protocol, constitutes quackery as well.
Americans are successfully employing supplements to improve their well being, and as well are increasingly sharing this success with others. As this industry inflection point unfolds, it is such a joy to witness the trolls of pretend science scoffing angrily from their parents’ basements. A wage well earned.

In a November 2017 Business Insider article journalist Erin Brodwin tendered copious amounts of medical advice concerning the supplement industry, and in particular which supplements one should and should not be taking. For example, I should be taking zinc and magnesium she instructs, but not vitamins C, cobalamine (B12), NADH (B3) nor l-methylfolate (B9). She expertly opines that most all this constitutes “pills and powders which are ineffective and sometimes dangerous”, and follows this modus absens scientific claim with an even more amazing claim, that “[All/unnamed] Public health experts recommend that people stay away from supplements altogether.” Let’s be clear – this constitutes a medical treatment advisement to me based upon a psychic diagnosis on the part of a pretend medical professional appealing to unnamed scientific authority. No more, no less. I lost count of how many times Erin cited the size of the supplement industry ($37 billion) in the article – as if this revenue turnover, which would simply inflate four-fold in price if the pharmaceutical-regulatory industry gained control of it, immediately in and of itself served to condemn such well-being management activity. As it turned out, Erin Brodwin was not simply wrong – but the medical advice she offered up to me in this article, is the same as that which has served to impart significant harm to my life for decades. In this article she was acting in the role of a quack, plain and simple.

I contend that the majority of suffering experienced by especially our US population, stems from a lack of available health knowledge on the part of its average citizen. Shill agency or no, knowledge which is squelched in the media by such fake medical skeptics as Erin Brodwin. Millions suffer, she gets a pharma-guaranteed celebrity boost to her career. Fake medical skeptics must realize, that instructing someone from a self-claimed position of scientific authority, set of ‘facts’ or even probability, that a treatment is ineffective/harmful/quackery – constitutes the making of a medical recommendation as to diagnoses, cures and appropriate treatments. Instructing someone that, not administering a treatment or arguably beneficial approach, constitutes the right medical treatment for them – is pretending to be a medical professional and offering unskilled medical advice – even if offered to a group of individuals. One cannot simultaneously make an accusation of ‘ineffective and/or dangerous’ and then qualify the accusation with the de rigueur ‘there are only anecdotes of its effectiveness’ permissive apologetic. This is dishonesty in inference, and in itself constitutes the most harm-imparting form of quackery.

Information that constitutes medical advice [is] the provision of a professional’s [or poseur’s thereof] opinion about what action an individual should or should not take with regard to their health…

Dana C. McWay, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information Management1

If I could sue the skeptic-quacks who instructed me through highly publicized media releases, purported to be ‘communicating the science’ of medicine, that the following list (see ‘The Quackery’ below) was quackery – I would sue them for millions for the harm they created in my life over decades of suffering – through wrong diagnosis and erroneous treatment. An example of just such a quack-study can be found in this May 2019 ‘publication’, in the Annals of Internal Medicine no less (was simply a press release in reality): Chen F, Du M, Blumberg JB, et al. Association Among Dietary Supplement Use, Nutrient Intake, and Mortality Among U.S. Adults: A Cohort Study. A study wherein a student at Tufts University advises an entire national population as to a medical/health protocol they should not undertake (modus absens). The study was based upon death statistics among large cohorts who recalled ever taking a vitamin pill in their life, and what food they ate over 6, two year intervals. Not to mention recalling how much copper and 30 other nutrients that food had in it. Of course those who are still living are going to recall that this longevity is because they ‘ate healthy’ – this is how self-deception works in humans, and this study sought to exploit that foible. In other words, its analysis bore the agency and student conflict-of-interest (seeking to impress potential future employers) which sought to exploit noise-infused cohort stat-hacking bullshit. No wonder the study and its data are all hidden behind a paywall. An extraordinary claim to an absence (a monumental task of inference), affecting hundreds of millions of people through a medical diagnosis and treatment recommendation – and they don’t want to show the data or study. Right. A notorious trick of those seeking legislative rule (and extractive earnings) over American lives and rights.

Those seeking to keep Americans chronically sick – knowing that nutrient is being diluted from our food more and more each decade,2 they insist that all nutrient must come from our food alone, and then are mystified as to why Americans compulsively consume more calories each decade as well.

The incumbent weight battle and health harm were all imparted to me through instruction as purported medical and science aficionados, that the below approaches were quackery. When indeed all the below protocols turned out to be highly beneficial; critical in the recovery and maintenance of my well being. Such pseudoscience gets very personal and as a result, I am not afraid to call people like Brodwin and Chen, Blumberg, et al. incompetent and malicious fakers.

It is one thing to cite that the claimed benefits of a treatment have not been study-confirmed by the FDA. It is another level of harm-imparting potential to then call that same thing ‘ineffective or dangerous’.

Never trust a person who does not understand the ethical difference – and certainly never get your science nor medical advice from them, no matter what letters they may flaunt after their name.

“Supplements are an ineffective and sometimes dangerous waste of money.”

The Most Injurious Statement a Quack Can Make

Such fakers should be held legally accountable for the medical misinformation they spread. Be careful medical skeptics – the world does not suffer a lack of your cudgeling voice as to what constitutes the entire set of falsehood. Claims to absence and falsity require a much higher rigor in inference than do claims to presence,3 yet ironically such claims are doled out like candy by celebrity-seeking medical skeptics and journalists. Those foisting final claims to conclusive confidence, regarding topics about which they in reality know very little. That emotionally impaired propensity, the ‘Bunk! – I am the smartest person in the room and cannot be fooled’4 bravado, adds no value whatsoever to society. Such emotional frailty inevitably serves to impart harm, an affliction upon us all derived from one’s lack of critical knowledge and circumspection. If that is what you are here to add into the fray, then your life is of a net negative value to mankind. Celebrity or no – Doctor or no. You might help one person, and then definitely harm 10,000 in the next breath. Such sad circumstance mandates a long look in the mirror on your part.

You harm people like me – persons who no longer accept your claim to personal representation of medicine, science, science communication nor skepticism. Americans are successfully employing supplements to improve their well being, and as well are increasingly sharing this success with their friends and families. As this industry inflection point unfolds, it is such a joy to witness the trolls of pretend science scoffing angrily from their parents’ basements. A wage well earned.

The Quackery

Now first please note, that I am not a medical professional. The protocols I undertook below, while beneficial for me, do not constitute recommendations nor non-recommendations by me as to diagnoses, cures, treatments or protocols for adoption on the part of any individual. It should also be noted that each of these successes were accompanied by many more protocols I personally tested, which either failed or did nothing for me.

That being said, the following protocol introductions changed my life substantially, in order of critical benefit – each of these were pooh-pooed by skeptic-quacks over the decades (and in particular the article and study cited above), those who caused me much injury by recommending specific not-protocols, which turned out to bear harm:

    l-Methylfolate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate)

Transitioning from the feeling like I was dying, weakness, sweating, light-headedness and anxiety – to feeling like it was a warm spring summer day and I was well again. I could run 3 miles on an 8 minute pace in my daily workouts, but could not even walk through the grocery store nor sit through an hour and a half professional conference lecture – without wondering whether I should have them call an ambulance. It ceased within 10 minutes of taking my first l-methylfolate and has never come back. My daily folic acid vitamin I took over the decades was completely useless this entire time.


All the same maladies as cited under l-methylfolate above, as I take this in combination with that supplement. These and more ceased within 10 minutes of taking my first methylcobalamine and have never come back. Doctor confirmed that my red blood cell count, months after starting this, had risen barely back above the anemic level. I was in the bottom 3% of the range – but to me it felt invigorating and wonderful just getting to that point.

    EDTA and Doxycycline (Both are required)

As verified by catheterization by a top cardiologist (“Well TES, I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is, you are going to die of cancer in your mid to late 90’s most likely…”). Two years of daily therapeutic dose in the morning completely eliminated arterial plaque from both my heart (cardiologist confirmed) and (I conjecture) my brain fine capillaries and other plaque-vulnerable organs. Significant cardiovascular boost and significant boost in cognitive skills. Significant change in endurance and required breathing for heavy activity. I lost my feet callouses and my veins became supple like cooked spaghetti (according to my regular phlebotomist). The cardiologist suggested I stop, since the job was done. I did – but the benefits have sustained without diminishing, for well over 15 years now. In my 50’s, with training, I am able to beat one third of my high school 5K cross country times.

    Digestive Enzyme Pancreatin/Ox Bile/Betaine HCL

Daily left lower quadrant pain (after all other possibilities were eliminated by doctor first) was eliminated via taking this with each meal and at bedtime. Helped clear up skin.

    Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NADH/NAD+)

Significant boost in daily energy, mental clarity and feeling of well being. If one gets dizzy, then back off on the supplementation amount.

    Negative Ionic Fulvic Acid Suspension

Energy all day long, reduction in anxiety, reduction in autoimmune measures (thyroid peroxidase antibodies and thyroid supplement required). If I go without this for more than 48 hours, I can tell physically. The first ingestion of this afterwards is akin to drinking water after being very thirsty. Very refreshing and reinvigorating. Hair thickness boost.

    Quercetin and Bromelain

Significant reduction in face sores and rosacea. Reduction in the sick-bloated feeling after evening meal.

    Vitamin C in Larger Dose (Not ‘Mega-Dose’)

Significant reduction in time to get up off the floor. Significant improvement in flexibility. Significant reduction in joint pain. Lower rate of flu and cold styled illnesses per year. Dropped from sick once per year – to once every other or three years.

    Vitamin D3

Nominal boost in overall well being, skin and hair tone. Lower rate of depressive winter funk.

    Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Powder

Significant reduction in illness, sick feeling, brain fog and rosacea – along with an increase in well being, energy and fresher morning feeling (no bad taste in mouth). Much less joint pain in knees and ankles, and more flexible workouts.

    Eliminating Toxic Agriculture from My Diet

Significant quality of life improvements were achieved by my whole family, through the elimination of the following toxic foods from our diet:

     Soy (All types and forms)
     Soy-fed animal proteins

     GMO Corn


     Non-Grassfed Butter

     Dairy (All types and forms)


     GMO Oils (Soybean, Canola, Cottonseed)

Night and day difference in overall well-being, lessened anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, thick and slow sick/toxic feeling, autoimmune reactions – along with a significant reduction in facial redness/rosacea and increase in metal acuity/attention/alertness.

My doctor of course has helped me through one surgery and a broken ankle. I celebrate those successes. However, the endless profit-minded monitoring of my blood pressure, A1C and cholesterol – has served to dissuade the doctor’s work from my real medical needs. Decades of undiagnosed pernicious anemia. Decades of autoimmune maladies and years of painful IBS. These were the important things (which probably eventually cause out-of-range blood pressure, A1C and cholesterol in the first place).

The money-making measures were never out of line – and my doctor falsely regarded that because of this, I was therefore fine. This, to my harm and suffering. I no longer want my blood pressure, A1C and cholesterol checked by my doctor. Neither do I bathe myself in ice-water when I get a nominal 101 degree fever. Instead I look for the cause. Otherwise, to focus on only the symptom …is well, quackery.

An ethical skeptic eschews such fake knowledge which stands in substitution of the critical knowledge, path or need.

The Ethical Skeptic, “Oh the Quackery!”; The Ethical Skeptic, WordPress, 25 Jan 2020; Web, https://theethicalskeptic.com/?p=44156

The War Against Supplements Continues to Revel in Harmful Pseudoscience

Instead of asking the ethical question of “Does orthomolecular vitamin B supplementation result in an increase in patient well being?” a pseudo scientist with an agenda will simply recite irrelevant or outrageous unsupported claims such as “Vitamin C injections fail to cure cancer” or “Most people in the industrialized world should be able to get whatever vitamins and minerals they need from a typical western diet.” The habits of avoiding asking the right question under the scientific method, and then issuing grandiose unsupported claims of finality – stand as key indicators of fraud, pseudoscience and oligarch industry subversion at play.
The simple fact is that supplements serve to reduce doctor visits and prescription purchases, as well as reduce the amount of excess caloric content a consumer must purchase each day. Even the much hailed one-liner ‘doesn’t prevent cancer’ claim among fake skeptics is proving to be false under diligent science. The oligarchs want this lost revenue back. And they are making it clear that they are willing to put your life and well being at risk in order to get what is theirs.
Their skeptic mafia is here to make sure that you stay silent about it as well.

the simple fact is that we need supplementationObesity is a result of toxicity induced body system dysfunction and malnutrition; it is not a moral flaw. It is a collapse of auto-immune and biome infrastructure confounded by malnutrition induced by poor decisions made inside our medical and agricultural industries – and bad advice from our fake health professional pseudo-skeptics. If you tend to carry extra weight, as do I, then you are familiar with dietary guidance promulgated us by the ‘science’ based (but we really haven’t looked much) medical industry: Being overweight can be managed through portion control, a balanced diet and regular exercise. Or put another way “You gorge yourself at meals, on just your favorite foods, and you sit on your ass all day.”  So, if you are like me and you speak frequently, own businesses and must present a semi-public image in order to promote your businesses and ideals, or just want to look your best at all times, then you daily and habitually reduce your caloric intake at each meal, eat a variety of food pyramid foods in the correct balance, and exercise four to six times per week. I choose to do martial arts, run 2 to 4 miles, do 15 minutes of stretching and calisthenics and lift with elastic equivalent weights. I have followed this habit for the last 14 years faithfully, unless injured or sick. At the same time I have for years maintained a detailed log of my consumption and well-being patterns to show my doctor.

But what you will find is that the ‘science based-but we really haven’t looked much’ medical industry relies upon the likelihood that you will not actually test these claims about diet on their part, in your own life. They know that you will fall back on your rear and in resignation, accept this doctrine, blaming yourself for all your weight and health maladies. 

The pharmaceutical and food industries absolutely thrive in profits from this little mental trick they have played on you; courtesy of the familiar cast of propaganda specialists cited in referenced sources (SBM 1 – USAT 1) below.

If you actually test these claims, are faithful in portion control, eat a variety of foods, monitor your well-being and health, and exercise faithfully for more than half the week, in sufficient magnitude to avoid being overweight or obese when you have a body tendency to head toward such direction, what you will find is that you run into the following obstacles of well-being:

Symptoms of Medical-Diet Industry Induced Malnutrition

Carbohydrate Starving – extreme hunger, foggy headedness or lightheadedness, attention deficiency and agitation
Minor Protein Starving – peripheral anxiety (looking left and right feeling of unease), malaise, anxiety, weakness, depression, muscle loss
Vitamin B Starving – pernicious anemia (feeling about to faint while conducting glucose burning activities, but ironically OK during heavy caloric burning activity)
Micro-Nutrient Starving – lack of vigor, hair and facial pigment color saturation, subdued mood, underlying anxiety, muscle mass and tone loss
Vitamin Starving – a variety of intestinal, digestive and skin conditions, depression, visual acuity loss, endocrine insufficiency
Salt Insufficiency – low blood pressure, lack of digestive chlorides, dysbiosis, IBS and puss filled sores on the face and scalp (often confused with rosacea)
Omega 6/Omega 3 Imbalance – skin inflammation, hair dimming
pH Imbalance – facial redness, skin inflammation, dysbiosis, IBS, sweating
Sugar/Carbohydrate Substitution – your body will habituate to responding positively to excessive intake of carbs and sugar in lieu of adequate nutrient.

In other words, you will eventually find that you are suffering from malnutrition. And you will be overweight still. Blaming yourself still. You will hopefully, eventually observe that the propaganda about diet from the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries (see the shills in the recitations who pretend to be competent to issue ‘evidence based’ medical wisdom) constitutes utter and complete, non-scientifically derived bunk. Our foods are depleted of nutrition. Therefore, contrary to the false message issued by the pretenders of science, the stark realization about health in our modern pharmaceutical and agribusiness depleted diet/enhanced profit industry is

Nutrient diluted food tends to sell more in quantity/packaging,
Nutrient diluted food-crops afford cost-efficiency based predatory Mega-Agrimarket domination,
Nutrient deprived humans tend to require more medical services and  pharmaceuticals from chronic illnesses,
All this activity can be concealed through data inclusion/exclusion criteria,
Alternative medical approaches which can tamper with this process are being eliminated by false medical skeptics, and
Supplementation is Absolutely Essential to Well Being.

Business Equation: Dilute Nutrients and People Must Consume More Food in Order to Feel Good

The Best Foods and Still OvereatWhich serves as a segue to broach the very topic of this blog, B-Vitamin supplementation. In the chart to the right are the thresholds of supplementation that I have faithfully measured in my lifestyle and diet tracker logs over the last 5 years; levels which have served to attain for me a feeling of well being with respect to B-Vitamin starvation avoidance. Since I eat a low intake diet in order to keep my weight down, this is a persistent challenge. In this nutrition deficient diet food-environment which is offered us, we have to consume a large amount of food in order to get the necessary B-Vitamin intake which we need in order to obtain a healthy well being.  Notice that, in a normal diet, one can achieve 100% of the US Recommended Daily Allowance of each B-Vitamin, inside the context of a reasonable 2700 calorie a day diet. This makes sense.

(notes: there are at least 70 other nutrients I have not addressed in this 2700 calorie tally. I might require even more food in order to address those nutrients as well. But for now let’s just constrain this calculation to B-Vitamins for benefit of this discussion. The ‘group overlap’ is a conservative measure of mutual vitamin-overlap between different foods, calculated by taking the ratio of the next highest level of B-Vitamin to the primary one being measured. This results in an unrealistically high group overlap ratio, however such high ratios are suitably conservative for the estimation of calories to B-Vitamin measures. Any error imbued would result in an even a more dire underpinning of support for this case point.)

The problem is, that one has to eat the BEST – the absolute highest B-vitamin containing foods, of each food, in order to attain this perfect balance of caloric and nutrient intake at 100% US RDA

But I have to consume over 5,000 calories of the best B-Vitamin food each and every day, just to maintain an adequate level of B-Vitamin related well being, 

And indeed this is my diet each day for the last 14 years. Veggies, nuts, eggs, poultry, green leaf vegetables, seeds, root vegetables, legumes, fish, fruit, rice. Yummy, these foods are what I crave. I do not eat junk foods or unhealthy foods. My personal daily research and diet logs have proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that

I still do not feel good at a 100% US RDA intake of B-Vitamins,

I cannot consume a 2700 calories per day diet and still stay trim,

I only begin to feel better at 200 – 300%+ US RDA levels of methylated, co-enzymated and cobalimated B-Vitamin intake, and

Synthetic B-Vitamins provide absolutely no benefit or effectiveness in this challenge at all.

Why? Why do I suffer symptoms of B-Vitamin starvation malnutrition at a food intake profile that should have me thriving like a Biblical Samson with his hair intact – according to our government? Instead I gain weight, and I don’t feel good in my workouts. These are the questions with which I challenge my doctor. My doctor looks for my appointments a couple days in advance, and knows to prepare for me. The simple fact is that our food is deficient in the very nutrition it claims to possess, AND … and the realistic intake numbers we need as humans (in particular B-Vitamins, but I suspect other nutrients as well) are much higher than the US RDA has had set. Disease does not ‘just happen,’ as anti-supplement pseudo scientists would like you to infer. No, I have not gotten cancer, but if you use cancer statistics to attempt to statistically vet this topic (B-Vitamin intake), you have no clue what you are doing.

In order for me to feel a sufficient well being, in terms of the B-Vitamin starvation symptoms I experience, I have to take in on average 200% or higher of the US RDA (see chart) for each B-Vitamin – this is where I begin to feel human again, and fully functional in my work.  In addition, the B-Vitamins MUST be in orthomolecular form. Store bought synthetic vitamins do absolute shit in terms of making me feel better. Only methylated, cobalimated and co-enzymated B-Vitamins work. As you can see in the chart above, the problem resides in the fact that for me to attain this B-Vitamin intake level (which I obtain now through orthomolecular B-Vitamin supplements) I would have to consume 5,670 calories per day in these healthy foods.

At this level of caloric intake, I would gain 53 pounds in one year – or alternatively have to work out for 2 full hours each and every single day.  Right now I consume a maximum of 2400 calories per day and work out for around 40 minutes each day. So I have discovered in my own body, what integrative medical professionals have been saying for decades. The reality is that I supplement much more than 200% US RDA – really only feeling totally energy sufficient at near 1000% US RDA on select B-Vitamins. In particular B1, B2, B6, B5, B3, and B12 – interestingly enough, the Kreb’s Energy Cycle vitamins. Moreover, I must take methylated B9 (folate) and not the toxic synthetic waste product they dump into our food to supposedly make up for what we lost through our over-focus on efficiency cartel/oligarch-seeking industrialization.

The simple truth I have learned is, that the anti-supplement voices (TSD 1) are maliciously wrong.

Supplementation, and in particular Orthomolecular Supplementation, is Absolutely Essential to Well Being

The Hired Guns: Skeptic Mafia Provides Enforcement – Imparts No Liability Risk

Fat, sick and stupid is no way to go through life son.

obesity rises but overweight does notWatch over time and closely how the Pharmaceutical Industry pretend science (pseudoscience) regularly tirades against supplements, and the sales revenue reducing and profit cutting/competitive function supplements introduce into the market. The simple fact is that supplements serve to reduce doctor visits and prescription purchases, as well as reduce the amount of food a person must consume each day. Supplements can help to ward off or mitigate the obesity epidemic we are suffering.

Obesity is not simply an extreme version of being overweight. As you can see in the graphic to the right, our nation has never had a growing problem with people being calorie-based ‘overweight.’

Obesity has appeared as a discrete, patterned, constrained and distinct signal inside health data. It has followed the heuristic of an environmental contributor. Something that in any normal context would prompt a skilled ethical epidemiological scientist to raise alarm.

Unfortunately our social stigma around weight, and our false social wisdom skeptics defending 80 year old science, have worked to blind us to this effect.

But people and medical science are ignorant to all of this, precisely because of this group of idiots below. The oligarchy shills which promote this health crime follow habitual patterns of lazy research/analysis and employ common and outdated sources and shared fallacies. They are circular in nature and of propaganda in essence (see the plagiarism example, TSD 4 and USAT 1). These pseudo scientific activists typically employ four primary types of fallacy and fraud-based misrepresentations of science in their propaganda:

Non Rectum Agitur Fallacy

/philosophy : fallacy : pseudoscience : persuasion abuse/ : a purposeful abrogation of the scientific method through the framing and asking of the wrong, ill prepared, unit biased or invalid question, conducted as a pretense of executing the scientific method on the part of a biased participant.

Instead of asking:  “Does orthomolecular vitamin B supplementation result in an increase in patient quality of life?” – There are objective measures for such a study; however, when has this type of study ever been done?

They ask instead, the non-scientific question, “Do vitamin injections cure or reduce cancer?” Yawn. For example, this most-oft misapplied resource for such pundits: Fortmann, SP; Burda, BU; Senger, CA; Lin, JS; Whitlock, EP (12 Nov 2013). “Vitamin and Mineral Supplements in the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer: An Updated Systematic Evidence Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force”; Annals of Internal Medicine; 159 (12): 824–34. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-159-12-201312170-00729. PMID 24217421. Use of this study constitutes a ridiculous straw man of what vitamin therapy indeed is in actuality.

note: actually the study did find three things:  a reduction in cancer among those who took supplements when studied over 10 years or more – which did not replicate among 6-year average observation timeframe studies, an association with taking the industrial waste ‘folic acid’ with prostate cancer (notice not actual vitamin B9 or methylfolate), as well as some associated negative impacts of calcium supplementation. I find it interesting that the study could not confirm the well established link between calcification, and heart disease and stroke – an interesting commentary on the efficacy of the data pooling, pairing and stratification methodology employed.

Although it should also be noted, the only actual reductive scientific method question which the study did address was concluded in the following study statement: “Our 5 included studies showed no consistent pattern of harms from nutritional dosages of multivitamins…”

This is a scientific question regarding supplements? Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer among older adults?: two issues of primary human mortality and reality among older adults, which have little to indirect linkages to vitamin function in the first place? No it is not. This is not anything near to a scientific question about supplements – yet this question is contained in nearly every fake scientific article published by this group (SBM 1 – USAT 1 below). This is not even a valid scientific question regarding cancer and heart disease, much less supplementation. It is maleduction – a false form of straw man science.

The correct question under the scientific method (after the question of safety addressed by the above study) is

Does a diet cohort, which features consistent daily consumption of 2700 calories plant based organic matter which has been depleted of or bears a shortfall in nutrient, exhibit an increase in the incidence of, or early occurrence of, the three major causes of death (cancer, heart disease, diabetes), versus a study control exhibiting the same caloric consumption/burn patterns, yet obtaining adequate nutrient, as observed over a 25 year or longer period?

Now that is a scientific question. The study above addresses a political question, raised and financed not by doctors, rather by Ph.D.’s in social policy, national medical insurance policy and finance (examine the study authors and this is exactly what you will find, incompetent PhD degree projection).


/philosophy : pseudoscience : fraud/ : an argument must be reduced before it can be approached by induction or deduction – failure to reduce an argument or verify that the next appropriate question under the scientific method is being indeed addressed, is a sign of pseudoscience at play. The non rectum agitur fallacy of attempting to proceed under or derive conclusions from science when the question being addressed is agenda driven, non-reductive or misleading in its formulation or sequencing.

If I were presented this as an argument in a lab, under a study of supplements – my jaw would simply gape, that I had been this poor in training my associates the methods of hypothesis reduction. This is scientific ineptness. Malevolence which does not bear any form of scientific competency.

The propaganda artist will attack supplements in general by means of a script, which is used in the anti-supplement business. The script will typically feature

  • 85 – 95% of the articles will mention that studies show Vitamin C does not cure cancer or heart disease. Therefore vitamin supplementation is ineffective in healthy people. (SBM 1 – USAT 1)
  • 70 – 80% of the articles will mention Linus C. Pauling, in an effort to appear that they conducted background research (SBM 1 – USAT 1)
  • None of the articles will include or examine any modern science regarding nutrition, auto-immunity, micro-biome and disease.
  • Virtually 100% of the articles will mention some form of “Supplements Cause Cancer” claim based on scant few studies showing a slight elevated risk of cancer with excessive intake of some supplements.¹ (Typically featuring no exclusion criteria or signal compensation, things even third year tech’s do with their data, for patients and families who got healthy and supplemented specifically BECAUSE they or loved one’s had undergone cancer treatment).
  • References to QuackWatch, which sound authoritative but actually contain very little really condemning information, and are crafted to appear intimidating.

And let’s be clear here – telling people that they can and should get their nutrition solely from industrial food is making diagnosis and recommending treatment. It is quackery.

Praedicate Evidentia

/philosophy : argument : organic untruth/ : any of several forms of exaggeration or avoidance in qualifying a lack of evidence, logical calculus or soundness inside an argument. A form of preemptive false-inference, which is usually issued in the form of a circular reasoning along the lines of ‘it should not be studied, because study will prove that it is false, therefore it should not be studied’.​

Praedicate Evidentia – hyperbole in extrapolating or overestimating the gravitas of evidence supporting a specific claim, when only one examination of merit has been conducted, insufficient hypothesis reduction has been performed on the topic, a plurality of data exists but few questions have been asked, few dissenting or negative studies have been published, or few or no such studies have indeed been conducted at all.

Praedicate Evidentia Modus Ponens – any form of argument which claims a proposition consequent ‘Q’, which also features a lack of qualifying modus ponens, ‘If P then’ premise in its expression – rather, implying ‘If P then’ as its qualifying antecedent. This as a means of surreptitiously avoiding a lack of soundness or lack of logical calculus inside that argument; and moreover, enforcing only its conclusion ‘Q’ instead. A ‘There is not evidence for…’ claim made inside a condition of little study or full absence of any study whatsoever.

Instead of asking:  “Has a consilience or statistically significant or horizon representative set of studies of supplementation been completed by science?” – When has this type of study ever been done?

They claim instead “Most people in the industrialized world should be able to get whatever vitamins and minerals they need from food.” (TSD 3)

What? Where in the world did we derive this extraordinary and fantastically comprehensive claim? The naturalistic fallacy – if it is the natural way, it is proved sufficient, good or better. The naturalistic fallacy is only valid if it supports a shill position, but it constitutes useless pseudoscience if used by integrative medicine.  This too is scientific ineptness. Malevolence which does not bear any form of scientific competency.


/philosophy : argument : bias : inverse logic : sleight of hand/ : appearing to be focused on a given topic or a given case example, when a slightly different or less acceptable somewhat related position is actually being surreptitiously promoted. Enacted through opportunistic measures, desperate for an avenue of entry through any means of persuasion and locution – a form of such extreme commitment to a conclusion that it bears not the ethics and honesty of straightforwardness, science, transparency or poetry. An answer seeking a question which then targets a victim – a disliked topic or person.

the simple fact is that we need supplementationExamine this small sampling of rhetoric from our most infamous supplement debunking pharmaceutical company activists:

“Vitamins are magic.” (SBM 1)

  • Falsely Framed Context: Rhetoric/Celeber Cavilla/Red Herring/Associative Condemnation: Vitamin C injections fail as a cure for cancer.
  • Actual Point Made in Article: All Vitamin Supplements are useless and deadly.

“…there is no credible evidence to suggest that routine vitamin infusions are necessary or offer any meaningful health benefit.” (SBM 2)

“Instead of getting caught up in genetic screening by alternative practitioners, patients should simply eat well, exercise and not smoke.” (Forbes 1)

  • Falsely Framed Context: Praedicate Evidentia/Red Herring/Associative Condemnation: Vitamin B injections fail in curing heart disease and aging.
  • Actual Point Made in Article: All Vitamin Supplements are useless and deadly.
  • Pseudo Science: The incorrect and evidence-less claim that today’s mass industry food provides everything you need in order to prevent disease.

“Vitamin infusions are a marketing creation, giving the illusion you’re doing something for your health, but lacking any demonstrable efficacy.” (SBM 3)

  • Falsely Framed Context: Praedicate Evidentia/Associative Condemnation: Conclusive science has been done on supplements and it proves they do nothing.
  • Actual Point Made: All Vitamin Supplements are useless and only crafted by a market to make money.
  • Actually this is false propaganda. It is wishful thinking which is being shown falsified by real scientific study. Supplemental vitamins have been shown in studies to modulate rates of cancer, while a scientifically significant association has been demonstrated between cancer and shortfalls in thiamine. (see Lu’o’ng KV, Nguyen LT. The role of thiamine in cancer: possible genetic and cellular signaling mechanisms. Cancer Genomics Proteomics, 2013, 10 (4): 169-85.)

“…fake diseases naturopaths have invented, like “adrenal fatigue” and “chronic yeast overgrowth.” It also sells dietary supplements…” (SBM 4)

  • Falsely Framed Context: Rhetoric/Celeber Cavilla/Red Herring/Associative Condemnation: Naturopath support of Michigan House Bill 4531 and unfairness when compared to physicians’ ethical constraints.
  • Actual Point Made: Illness causing, degenerative and chronic diseases are a figment of the public’s imagination. It’s all homeopathy. Injections should only be made by licensed physicians in a doctor’s office. Only licensed physicians should be able to order medical tests. All Vitamin Supplements are useless and only crafted by a illegitimate competing market to make money. There is no legitimate medicine practice which seeks to prevent disease. This all should be done at home in silence and in private or on a black market. Only licensed physicians should be allowed to address preventative health measures.

“However, “orthomolecular/nutritional therapy’ is, in the words of Dr. David Gorski, ‘a parody of nutritional science.” (TSD 1)

  • Falsely Framed Context: Amphibology/Polemic/Praedicate Evidentia/Associative Condemnation: Conclusive science has been done on orthomolecular science and it proves to be the same as traditional vitamin supplementation.
  • Actual Point Made: All Vitamin Supplements are useless and only crafted by quacks to make money.

“The belief in diet and supplementation as the cause and cure of diseases [note: ‘such as cancer’ is inserted here, but noted as red herring rhetoric] continues to be believed by many people, though the evidence for this belief is next to nil.” (TSD 2)

  • Falsely Framed Context: Rhetoric/False Representation/Amphibology/Red Herring/Associative Condemnation: Vitamin injections fail as a cure for cancer.
  • Actual Point Made in Article: All Vitamin Supplements are useless and deadly.

“What we’ve found time and again is that the supplements are not working… we don’t need to go on studying them forever….most of the 53% of U.S. consumers who use supplements are wasting money, to the tune of $28 billion a year.” (TSD 4)

  • Falsely Framed Context: Rhetoric/False Representation/Amphibology/Red Herring/Associative Condemnation: Vitamin injections fail as a cure for cancer.
  • Actual Point Made in Article: All Vitamin Supplements are useless and deadly and absorb revenue which is legitimately the property of pharmaceutical and agricultural clients of mine.
  • Actual Point Made in Article: No more science should be conducted.

and please note that the line above in The Skeptic’s Dictionary was plagiarized from the following article in USA Today:

“What we’ve found time and again is that the supplements are not working… we don’t need to go on studying them forever,” said editorial writer Eliseo Guallar of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in a telephone interview.” (USAT 1)

  • Falsely Framed Context: Rhetoric/False Representation/Amphibology/Red Herring/Associative Condemnation: Vitamin injections fail as a cure for cancer.
  • Actual Point Made in Article: All Vitamin Supplements are useless and deadly.
  • Actual Point Made in Article: No more science should be conducted.

Notice the last rhetorical point in the last two recitations. This is a common conclusion of a fake-science appeal to authority: No more study is needed. Malevolence and incompetence.  Supplementation is not working for what? What scientifically measurable objective? Curing cancer? What a false pretense of conducting science. When you want to hide an effect, select a large S population and craft irrelevant, fantastical and ridiculously insurmountable ‘hypothesis tests.’ Run one test, bally-hoo it, and declare that no more testing is warranted. This is not just pseudoscience, it is fraud.

These guys’ articles all exhibit these common faults/traits:

  • quoting and citing each other or each other’s work, circularly
  • there is never any research deconstruction or analytical work use as example, calling into question the ability of the authors to actually perform such analysis
  • supplements are treated as this one large evil group of snake oil
  • making money is somehow evil – you should sit in a university office and do fake science
  • regurgitating the same subject matter history about Linus C Pauling & ’emergency room visits’ sourced from each other and NOT researched by the author them self at all
  • citing the same scant study from 40+ years ago
  • overblowing mild signals in old, exclusion compromised and scant study as terror threats about the ‘dangers and deaths’
  • making the same red herring points about injections and cancer
  • using the same rhetoric structure occulting the implication or statement that ‘supplements are useless’
  • publishing in the same opinion forums and outlets
  • citing and reinforcing each other as authorities
  • pretending that pharmacists are unbiased expert resources on health
  • oblivious to the fact that telling person that a nutrient will not work – is giving medical diagnosis and treatment.

In other words. This is a movement of utter, pseudo scientific garbage. The harm and social cost defended by these persons is absolutely historic in magnitude.

epoché vanguards gnosis

(SBM 1)  “Vitamins are magic.” Science Based Medicine: A closer look at vitamin injections https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/a-closer-look-at-vitamin-injections/

(SBM 2)  “…there is no credible evidence to suggest that routine vitamin infusions are necessary or offer any meaningful health benefit.” Science Based Medicine: A closer look at vitamin injections https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/a-closer-look-at-vitamin-injections/

(SBM 3)  “Vitamin infusions are a marketing creation, giving the illusion you’re doing something for your health, but lacking any demonstrable efficacy.” Science Based Medicine: A closer look at vitamin injections https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/a-closer-look-at-vitamin-injections/

(SBM 4)  “…fake diseases naturopaths have invented, like “adrenal fatigue” and “chronic yeast overgrowth.” It also sells dietary supplements…” Society for Science Based Medicine: Dietary supplement company funds Michigan naturopaths’ licensing bill https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/naturopathy-vs-science-fake-diseases/

(TSD 1)  “However, “orthomolecular/nutritional therapy’ is, in the words of Dr. David Gorski, ‘a parody of nutritional science.’” The Skeptic’s Dictionary: Orthomolecular Vitamin Benefits http://skepdic.com/orthomolecular.html

(TSD 2)  “The belief in diet and supplementation as the cause and cure of diseases [note: ‘such as cancer’ is inserted here, but noted as red herring rhetoric] continues to be believed by many people, though the evidence for this belief is next to nil.” The Skeptic’s Dictionary: Orthomolecular Vitamin Benefits http://skepdic.com/orthomolecular.html

(TSD 3)  “Most people in the industrialized world should be able to get whatever vitamins and minerals they need from food.” The Skeptic’s Dictionary: Orthomolecular Vitamin Benefits http://skepdic.com/orthomolecular.html

(TSD 4)  “[Most] supplements [do not prevent chronic disease or death], their use is not justified, and they should be avoided…. After years of study and mostly disappointing results, enough is enough. What we’ve found time and again is that the supplements are not working… we don’t need to go on studying them forever….most of the 53% of U.S. consumers who use supplements are wasting money, to the tune of $28 billion a year.” The Skeptic’s Dictionary: Orthomolecular Vitamin Benefits http://skepdic.com/orthomolecular.html

and please note that the line above in The Skeptic’s Dictionary was plagiarized from the following Eliseo Guallar quote (then was amended at a later date to hide the infraction and include the actual quote, yet still not allude fully to the recitation credit individual who originated the statement – that ill intended shenanigan is shown to the right here, extracted from SkepDic at a later date):

Please note: The reason they believe they can get a way with this type of dishonesty, is the knowledge that no one will hold them accountable for anything they say and do. Cuz’ they are ‘skeptics’ – they can sick the hounds of justice/retribution on you at any given time. Jackboot Consensus.

(USAT 1) “”What we’ve found time and again is that the supplements are not working… we don’t need to go on studying them forever,” said editorial writer Eliseo Guallar of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in a telephone interview.”  USA Today:  Medical journal: ‘Case closed’ against vitamin pills http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/12/16/vitamin-supplements-research/4042037/

(Forbes 1)  “Instead of getting caught up in genetic screening by alternative practitioners, patients should simply eat well, exercise and not smoke.” Forbes: How Your Genetic Sequence Can Be Exploited By The Supplement Industry; Britt Marie Hermes, 11/14/2016; http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:NVLjYm9I3ucJ:www.forbes.com/sites/brittmariehermes/2016/11/14/genetic-sequence-exploited-supplement-industry/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

¹  Science Based Medicine Vitamins and Cancer Risk; Steven Novella, May 6, 2015;  https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/vitamins-and-cancer-risk/.

An Official ‘Thank You’ to Science Based Medicine

Rookem’s Razor:  All things being equal the most expensive explanation tends to be the correct one. Chronic and severe pain is a no bullshit tolerance factor, it serves to make one a skeptic, very fast.
WARNING: The following testimonial constitutes an ‘anecdote’ and cites a resolution based upon actual patient input to doctors. When you have gotten up off the floor after fainting from the horrific pseudoscience of it all, simply click your heels three times and repeat over and over “The plural of anecdote is not data” and it will be all better.

I wasted three years of suffering and then $16,300 pursuing the approach Science Based Medicine might prefer for a malady which my Integrative Medicine Practitioner resolved in one appointment, $200 and by means of a supplement. Which now is quackery indeed? I am now in doubt. Patient success experience or revenue goal oriented scripted shotgun testing? Well let’s hold on that conclusion. This was not the last time unfortunately I was to have been harmed by bad medical advice coming from a Science Based Medicine representative ‘skeptic’.

One thing that I do know is that, were I to practice the Big Healthcare method on the left (chart at bottom) in my labs, I would be committing lab fraud in order to bilk my clients out of artificially prolonged revenue through fake science (see The Lyin’tific Method). In Science Based Medicine however, fraud only applies to outsiders, and is misdefined as anything that does not revenue-serve their cronies, any competing business or anything else they decide that they do not like.

Rest assured, Science Based Medicine is not promoting their view of medical care as a smart option for your consideration. Their heading is one of supporting the elimination of your choices and control over your own health, independent of the secure profit pathways for big pharma, big healthcare and their oligarchy cronies extracting from both.

The empirical results are proving to be abysmal, both in terms of the cost of healthcare and the overall health and well being of Americans.

This enormous harm and suffering caused by fake skeptics is just one key reason why skeptics are losing the battle for the American mind.

The Odyssey

rookems razorIt is a scam, and a crime of fraud, that I could not have been instructed about this supplement two decades ago. Why? Because hinting that a supplement might help my flank pain might ‘constitute claims of cures or treatments.’ This is how a mafia works. As a result of our sounds-good-on-paper ‘science’ millions of Americans suffer needlessly, and moreover are being held hostage and bilked out of tax and critical household budget dollars to the tune of $23,000 a year and dramatically upwards, to fund a scam in socialist medicine. Let’s examine how this fraud, activist-supported by Social Skepticism, works.

Yes, indeed I wanted to send out a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the Science Based Medicine crowd today.  Before I do that however, let me relate the Odyssey the science gods tasked me with in my search to resolve increasingly severe lower left quadrant pain. You see over the last two years I have been experiencing recurrent lower left quadrant pain, commensurate with a whole host of other partially debilitating symptoms; none the least of which included facial sores, dizziness, ear ringing, anxiety, hair color dimming, weakness in my workouts, cold sweats, mental fog. I speak often as part of my living in support of my businesses and those subjects inside which I carry a passion. Anything which negatively affects my pneumogastric nerve and central nervous system is an unwelcome life contributor. Of course this greatly distressed me so I went, in 2013, to my General Practitioner with my complaint. He immediately scheduled me for a battery of expensive tests, starting with a colonoscopy which cost my medical plan $6,500, and then proceeded to progressively more and more likely candidates of diagnosis. You will find in social skepticism that the precautionary principle, only applies to the opportunity to make medical profits – aside from that it is always pseudoscience. We followed the Big Healthcare, Big Pharma, Big Skepticism script, much of which agrees with the SBM doctrine. You are stupid, integrative medical professionals are evil, doctors have your best interests as first priority (note: ‘best interests’ correlate to profits with an Pearson r = .99).1

Well sadly, 26 weeks and more later, we found nothing, and nothing worked. Quietly I was told by my Gastroenterologist, “I used to get 3 patients a week with unresolved flank pain back years ago. Now I get 8 patients or more per day. It is my number one patient challenge.” This is called Intelligence, inside The Real Scientific Method – but it is the kind of thing which fake skeptics dismiss with a wave of the ‘it’s nothing but a change in awareness’ hand. And they repeatedly enforce this claim upon science, media and public before any evidence has arrived for the most part – see The Art of the Professional Lie: Einfach Mechanism. Fake skeptics know well that an idea is hard to unseat once it has been uttered as truth, by Lindy Effect alone. You win, absent of much data or study at all. Just scream the conclusion as early as is possible, or after you see any hint of inductive support for your a priori notion. Never mind that everyone else in the world can spot your bias and predict exactly what your conclusion will be, never mind your eroding credibility, just do it. This is just one of the ways in which these fakers outsmart themselves, unjustifiably influence society and cause us all harm and suffering.

‘The plural of anecdote is not data.’

Take it from a successful intelligence professional and research lab head, never trust a person who utters this phrase. They have never accomplished even the first step of real science. They are a diagnostician at best.

At the conclusion of 30 weeks of expensive investigation I was told that I “must have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).” This is the pandemic set of symptoms from which an alarmingly increasing number of people suffer; one in which we have no idea what even causes it. Some pretty smart citizens have some well backed ideas, but of course they are slapped down as evil by SBM ‘skeptics’. I am told that the common occurrence of my pain simply stems from ‘an increase in awareness’ as well, for we have to remember that when Science Based Medicine puts out a claim, it does not have to be justified – simply promulgated to the masses unquestioned (see Appeal to Skepticism Fallacy). Now, forget the 54 million suffering people; …fuck them, our science super hero skeptic skills are needed for another much more pressing issue, Homeopathy Awareness! …ehh, that and some bigfoot scrutiny every now and again. Issues of focus that hallmark an ethical and humanity serving life.2 3

…please hold on a moment while I contain my laughing.

I had run into this ilk of malicious and oppressive incompetence before with the stupid idiot at Science Based Medicine who assured me that he represented science, and that folic acid and methylfolate were the same thing, and finally that I was an idiot for thinking any different. This professional medical advice (quackery) served to harm me greatly – as it turned out that I was suffering from decades of macrocytic anemia from having taken folic acid, instead of folate. Fortunately, another thing which was corrected by patients working with patients – and not by appeal to authority as science based medicine.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) of course is the diagnosis of last resort after all the money avenues have been exhausted. Now I must learn to live with my IBS, because there is no cure. There is obviously ONE contributing element since the skyrocketing started as a discrete event shortly after 1994 – but I can assure you there is no one cure.  Or, it could simply be the ‘luck of the draw’ genetically. You won the lottery again – funny how that keeps happening with medical stuff and never seems to happen at the MiniMart Lotto counter. Nothing in the environment causes it, certainly not glyphosate, and sadly nothing you can do about curing it. Your pain, slight fever, dizziness, and mental fog are all from panic attacks! Yes that is it, our go-to conclusive pseudo-hypothesis is one which cannot be tested for falsification! Such brilliance! Plenty of inductive study to confirm it. Proliferating as so many psychology studies do – standing as imperative proof that you are just weird – we are done! Yay for Science!

I was told to start to meditate and maintain an ‘awareness’ of your ‘triggers’ and ‘stress related episodes’ – as a good portion of this is psychological. Really your fault anyway, for worrying too much. But I do have an expensive set of prescriptions which can alleviate symptoms in the mean time. A funny thought drifted through my head, I had heard this line before – dermatologists attempting to treat my rosacea with $400 a month topical creams, each one of which never seemed to work; and upon being unsuccessful, fell back on this same failed message:

‘Triggers’, the watchword of the lazy and incompetent
‘Stress’, the ad hoc fallacy theory of the century
‘Awareness’, the buzzword of the incompetent and malicious.

Yes, I had heard this line of ‘go away, it’s all your fault’ sales bullshit before. 2018 note.4

Cut down on sugar, coffee, fast food and soft drinks, and exercise more. Yep, heard that too. Oh? You run 4 miles a day now and don’t do any of these things?  Well, meditate more and take these two new prescriptions.  An antispasmodic for your pain, and a relaxer to stop your ‘panic attacks’ and over-worrying. These two are a mere $92 a month more on top of your other medical costs.  A drop in the bucket really.

I Had the Ruby Slippers All Along – Finally Success!

This year, when my IBS started flaring up again, I went to my Integrative Medicine Practitioner this time. She said: “This sounds an awful lot like stomach HCL insufficiency and dysbiosis. I get a lot of this lately, let me tell you. In addition, you had h. pylori after one of your Far East projects, and it can wreak havoc in your stomach’s acid production. Your digestive system is possibly not putting out enough hydrochloric acid and enzyme base. As a result your undigested food is putrefying5 in your small intestine and causing a whole host of dysbiosis symptoms, (my spell checker does not even recognize the words ‘dysbiosis’ or ‘SIBO’ despite its presence as a pandemic in the US population – see chart below) auto-immune, food-sensitivity reactions and pain from that point on in your gastrointestinal tract. Let’s try this first and see how it works: Get an HCL/Betaine/Enzyme supplement and make sure you take 1000 – 2000 mg with each meal.”

Well, they say that science is probative based upon incremental risk. My integrative medical practitioner had made an incremental conjecture of risk – and I was about to test it.  And chronic pain is a NO BULLSHIT tolerance factor – it makes you a skeptic fast. She had put her conjecture on the line of risk. As a skeptic, I at least admired that.

Oh my GAWD, my Holistic/Integrative Practitioner recommended a supplement! Oh the quackery!! Let the FDA Letters fly! People are dying! Big Pharma Skeptics rescue us! Let’s take just a second to examine what is going on regarding this grand odyssey of which I only suffered in microcosm. Unresolved flank pain (IBS) is skyrocketing right now in the United States. Any self respecting skeptic should be highly energized to look into such a stark signal. In contrast, aside from accidental overdoses, extreme body builders and reckless weight loss practices, no one is getting hurt by supplements.

The reality is we needed real skeptics back in 1991-1994 when our food base was planned to be changed dramatically based upon paltry science – unfortunately all we got was this cadre of goofball science pretenders who betrayed our consumer health base. They were all caught up in Bigfoot, UFO’s and the Loch Ness Monster back then too. Unfortunately they missed this important issue demanding skepticism, in the mean time. That is why I am speaking up.

When Social Skepticism ignores skyrocketing public health and human rights concerns such as SIBO, and the proliferating list of auto-immune generated maladies stemming from our food, in favor of chasing supplements on behalf of Big Pharma regulation – this activity is not simply pseudo-science or social epistemology, it is called more specifically a legal term: malice and oppression.

Wow, after three full years of misery and health degradation, problem solved. All symptoms are abated and even my hair color is growing robust again.  But I am so much more educated you know?  And I have Science Based Medicine to thank for that education. I made a decision in accordance with their philosophy which obtained for me a $16,300 education (that because of skyrocketing MooP/deductible costs, on top of the $23,000 we all pay each year already for the health scam). This misadventure alone tallied to 1/5th of the cost of my graduate degree! So I had to learn something, right?! Otherwise I would have never experienced the educational menagerie of things you can do, when you have lots of tools, billable pathways and rote formulas at hand, but don’t have a clue what you are doing.

2019 Update:  My healthy family plan medical cost per month is now $2,767. If I held a regular job, like I did in 1998 – I would be losing my home right now from the disease of being healthy and working in America.

This is criminal. Science Based Medicine this reality of citizen suffering is in part, YOUR fault – because healthcare plans have to pay for your promoted ‘science based’ practices and the large scale fraud/exploitation of hard working families you defend.

Were I to practice the method on the left of the 2013 to 2014 comparative chart (above right) in my labs, I would be committing lab fraud in order to bilk my clients out of artificially prolonged revenue through fake science. Yes, I own and have owned several science research and application development labs through the years.  In those operations, I could never ethically perform the list on the left under REAL science.

Oh, and one small note:  If you have an entry in your records, even one instance that you were referred to one of the specialists on the left in the chart above, and you DID NOT follow the doc’s referral, then you will be declined for health insurance coverage regarding that issue when you apply later in life – say 20 years later – even if you are fine now.  I know this from experience having managed several company health insurance plans for my employees.  The Health and Pharma industry just cannot seem to get your history of records readily available to the doctors for your health needs, like my doctor could not look up the fact that I had h. pylori in my history, that might have saved me lots of money in this case.  But the industry can sure make a DETAILED history of your health decisions readily available for the insurance companies – off of which to identify a non-compliant action on your part, in order to extort money from you.

Such is the generous, self promoting gift of Science Based Medicine. One that keeps on giving in terms of destroying households financially, and in terms of personal health. An elegant accomplishment, harming citizens in two ways at once. Fighting for the rights of oligopolies and cartels everywhere. Well done. So sciencey.

epoché vanguards gnosis


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