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Mark TwainDespite the difficulty of task entailed in informing people of the possibility that they have been fooled, apparently we at The Ethical Skeptic are not the only ones who bear a discomfort with the deceptive and misleading actions of Social Skeptics. We consistently receive private feedback on the order of ‘I knew there was something that I just didn’t like about this group,’ or ‘It’s nice to have someone finally articulate this. Keep up the good work.’ Frankly, because the power of the group and its habits over the last century, people are intimidated by this Oppressive Cabal of fake skeptics. Media persona, educators and scientists will only speak against them in private, and dare not tender their honest thoughts on pluralistic subjects publicly.

I do not blame them at all, as I have seen fake skeptics at work in my professions and business verticals, as well as in the social discourse. No one can speak out against them without fear of harassment, ostracizing or harm to their career or reputation. It is not that all their conclusions are wrong; rather, they employ an errant vigilante methodology in lieu of science.  It is this pseudo scientific method which concerns us most at The Ethical Skeptic. The method is justified through its media-hyped application by non STEM professionals on stooge posed and easily debunked topics. Moreover, it is further then employed to promote Nihilism, control institutions and people. and develop a presiding culture of fear and ignorance.

We, real science and engineering professionals, are beginning to speak up about this misrepresentation of science, and our collective professional opinions.

Ethical Skepticism

/ Epoché Vanguards Gnosis / : a means of disciplining one’s mind, practices and data sets in order to maintain objectivity in methods of science. The positive technique of developing a neutral phylogeny, cataloging existing and new data without prejudice. An aversion to obsessing over proof or the disposing of subjects, people and claims; while instead, focusing on accruing field observations and asking the critical reduction path, value and clarity enhancing, next question under the scientific method. Defense of the Knowledge Development Process through application of Ockham’s Razor and full scientific methodology. Opposition to all thinking which seeks to surreptitiously establish power through errant science or method, religion, institution, cabal, oligarchy, intimidation or ignorance – regardless of how ‘critical’ or ‘rational’ it purports to be.

.The Ethical Skeptic Monthly Visitors
“Spent a while searching and eventually found this blog, the only one of its kind as far as I know. A sigh of relief that this phenomenon has been noticed and analysed. A breath of fresh air consistently delivering quality content as well as strategies to deal with acolytes of the SSkepticism religion.”
stats are booming
“Finally someone has the guts to say what we’ve all been quietly thinking for some time.”
“I have been entranced and fascinated with this site of yours called The Ethical Skeptic.”
“Whoaha! I have hit the mother load. This is gonna take me all month to catch up on. Well done.”
“Looking forward to reading your site! Down with fake, screeching pseudo-skepticism!”
“It has been nice to read the work of someone who can finally articulate this.  Keep up the good work.”
“I knew there was something I did not like about this group of so-called skeptics. Now I can grasp what it is.”
“Oh my god this is good. Oh my.. oh my…..I gotta link this to a buddy of mine.”
“I have a request TES if you don’t mind? Can you put this in a presentation for me? I would love to give it at our next meeting.”
“Es patológico que menéame permita la difusión de las tonterías de los payasos dizque escépticos. Ojalá pronto se denuncie, oh espera ya se hace (apreciar la genial imagen):”
“Se recomienda leer  ¡A darle duro a los seudoescépticos!”
“When I speak, I speak to the public, not to some point-fingered critic.” – notorious ill mannered self promoting Sorwert Scale Level V Social Skeptic
The Ethical Skeptic has been blocked on Twitter by some of the most prominent Social Skeptics, not because of harassment by any means. But because, in order to live in a cocoon of delusion, one must proactively block all competing or outside philosophy and surround themselves with only the qualified club members. Sounds an awful lot like a religion we all know.
What this means is, that we are making an impact. Their fear of being in error resides second only to their fear of the unknown.

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  1. My sentiments exactly. Discovered your blog after wondering whether anybody else had noticed the hijacking of language that seems to be quite rampant in modern society: phrases like “I’m a skeptic” and “As a scientific minded person” coming from people with obvious bias, closed-mindedness and emotional investment in the status quo who consistently revert to basic ad hominems and straw man fallacies whenever challenged.

    Spent a while searching and eventually found this blog, the only one of its kind as far as I know. A sigh of relief that this phenomenom has been noticed and analysed. A breath of fresh air consistently delivering quality content as well as strategies to deal with acolytes of the SSkepticism religion.

    There seems to be a massive take over of the language going on to muddy the waters of intellecual discussion and keep the people in the dark.

    Here are some of the terms I have noticed being hijacked:

    Sustainable development
    Public servants are now referred to as “Authorities”
    “Rape” which now has so many definitions that actual rape has become trivialised
    Conspiracy now refers to “something that is untrue and goes against the status quo” or “this person is crazy” as opposed to its original definition
    Environmentally friendly

    There are many more examples.

    As always keep up the good work. To my fellow readers: Let’s not make Ethical Skeptic do all the work – jump into the conversation and let’s develop this community.

    Comment by Taliesin Ward | November 26, 2014 | Reply

    • Again, thanks Taliesin. I hope you don’t mind that I echoed the quote from your comment up in the blog post upon which you commented. Let me know if that is OK. We are garnering some interest as the visitor count is growing very fast. You must be out pounding some big drum. 🙂 Thank you very much. I suspect we are getting GM Food related traffic as well; and were my children and my neighbors’ children not suffering adult-style diseases from something deleterious in the nature of this last 20 years of food, I would probably not touch on the topic at all. I am pro-GM Technology – but even more I am pro my kids not suffering. But since this is one of the cause célèbre of the Social Skepticism movement, pretending how food science should work, and their work is directly harming my children, my self and my family – I will be vocal about that topic, as an aside from the charter of the blog.

      Hehe… Democracy – A form of Monarchy in which only the most flamboyant, notorious, popular or good looking Royals succeed to throne or office of nobility.

      Yes, administrative officials will continue to be promoted from the role of public servant to the offices of nobility and authority. This is the way socialism creeps into a successful economy and strangles it from within. The beneficiaries are always the same Royal class, mostly hidden in our modern era. And they are always supported by their sycophant SSkeptics.

      Thanks, and great comment on the hijacking and equivocation being played inside our language.

      ~ TES

      Comment by The Ethical Skeptic | November 26, 2014 | Reply

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