The Ten Pillars

The pseudoscience of Social Skepticism at its root both is, and stems from, an active shortfall in integrity and respect for self. It is motivated by particular psychologies of anger, emotional impairment and the desire for revenge and control. The Ten Pillars which underlie the habits of an arguer who habitually and angrily must self-validte through winning at all costs.

The Social Skepticism adherent has, as a reaction to a circumstance or as a result of some inward struggle, intrinsically mandated that his caste and domain of beliefs is superior to that of all other persons.

And what better way to validate one’s superiority than to cling to or wear the robes of science?

This superior aspiration take precedence above all other issues of conscience and intellect; relegating the SSkeptic to little more than a zombie of sorts.  I have divided the mind map, or playground of the unethical skeptic, into 10 partitioned cognitive and personal disorder foundations from which most every tactic of the desire for deception stems.  Remind the reader that none of these practices come from a grounding of honesty, integrity, character or the ability to handle issues of life or fact gracefully.  Nor, is everything a SSkeptic contends incorrect.  On the contrary, a faking skeptic wears facts like lights on a Christmas Tree.  The practices of Social Skepticism originate from the false superiority growing in the fallow heart; of those wounded and afraid, left susceptible to arrogant doctrines of defiant ignorance.

Most of fake skepticism stems from one or more of these core 10 underpinnings.

The Ten Pillars of Pathological Self Validation Need (Social Skepticism) are as such:

I.            Social Category and Non-Club Hatred

II.           Narcissism and Personal Power

III.          Promotion of Personal Religious Agenda

IV.          Emotional Psychological Damage/Anger

V.           Overcompensation for a Secret Doubt

VI.         Fear of the Unknown

VII.        Effortless Argument Addiction

VIII.       Magician’s Deception Rush

IX.         Need to Belittle Others

X.          Need to Belong/Fear of Club Perception

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