Margold’s Law and The Ethics of Skeptics

Faithful in Small, Faithful in All

or why Social Skeptics eventually destroy their own credibility and must defensively agglomerate into an inerrant club in order to provide each other mutual validation and protection

I had a Social Skeptic recently explain to me in no uncertain terms, why famine and disease conditions exist in the world, along with his agenda laden entailed solution. I sat quietly and listened to him pass the familiar Cabal doctrine, he fully unaware that I have directed several dozen national strategies worldwide in this subject, most delivered to ministries, executive offices or heads of state; and possess 23 years of deep, expert, daily and on-ground experience.  Unfortunately there are only a small subset of disciplines in which I am considered an expert. A fake skeptic does not let this natural reality which we all face, stop them. Social Skeptics habitually profess the extraordinary claim to ‘evidence based’ expertise (see Corber’s Burden) in a large array of specific subjects – most inside of which they bear no actual expertise; and Margold’s Law explains why. Margold’s Law is a time tested and reliable principle via which the discriminating researcher can gauge the level of trustworthiness exhibited by a real researching skeptic or noisy faking Social Skeptic. I find this tactic very useful in discerning whom and whom not to trust. Now not everything a faking skeptic contends is incorrect of course.  In fact the majority of what a Social Skeptic might contend is indeed scientifically correct. But what the discriminating Ethical Skeptic observer must keep in mind, is that many times the ‘correct’ aspects of a Social Skeptic’s behavior are simply portrayed in an effort to gain credibility, so that the lack of integrity they apply below the threshold of normal perception can further be wielded more importantly and surreptitiously inside higher priority targeted subjects.

Margolds Law pic

Many Social Skeptics are not really that concerned about homeopathy, CAM medicine, Anthropogenic Global Warming or promoting science (see Stooge Posing). All which stand as valid issues of science and medicine. To a Social Skeptic, these issues stand as Lies of Allegiance, a platform point to which they must adhere, along with all the other doctrines of Social Skepticism, in order to gain the protection of the Cabal (see Margold Multiplier Counters 5a 1 & 2, b and c, below). You will notice this in blogs, wherein one prominent celebrity Social Skeptic will publish a defamatory article, then the next day a flurry of 20 or more similar sycophant SSkeptic blogs will essentially say the exact same thing as the celebrity did the day before. Really? All that research and skepticism executed in one whole day? Impressive. So in reality, one can rely upon Margold’s Law because, the incentive structure inside the Counter to the Margold Multiplier forces the Social Skeptic to accept compromises in integrity, in order to gain the protection and backing of the Cabal. In other words, the Social Skepticism movement is no different than a street gang.

Most of the time, Margold’s Law will become manifest when a SSkeptic makes rash proclamations inside subjects where no real data is possessed and no real research has been conducted on the part of the challenging claimant SSkeptic. This constitutes an action set which is readily apparent to real experts inside those subjects in which a SSkeptic pretends to be competent; wherein I have observed these fakers in my subset of professional disciplines frequently. Social Skeptics will attempt to portray a key principle inside my discipline, and purposely malign it in order to support a broader platform of ideas and control.  Most people will not catch this sleight-of–hand, but experts do. The Margold Multiplier essentially cites that this expert observer effect will be replicated over and over, eventually resulting in the destruction of the credibility of the faking SSkeptic. The faking skeptic knows this, and therefore must seek protection and provide a counter.

Hence the Genesis of Social Skepticism

who amongThis reality then further compels the faking skeptic to join the Social Skepticism movement in a defensive effort to salvage and maintain their credibility (see 5. The Margold Multiplier, below). All this stems in essence from, simultaneously an intellectually lazy boast as well as a compliance reaction from their fear of attack by their own Social Skepticism Cabal. The final state of this type of Gollum-Skeptic styled character involves the habitual circumvention of the conventions of evidence, blocking of the methods of science and attempts to establish immediate unjustified credibility on the part of an arguer who must now, because of Margold’s Law, win at all costs and at all times (see Guild Accretion Counter 5a 2 ii). My precious!

Margold’s Law

The observed level of integrity which a fake skeptic applies regarding one subject in which an external observer is an expert, will extrapolate reliably to constitute the level of integrity the fake skeptic applies in all subjects the fake skeptic debunks.


1.  The Margold Multiplier Guild Accretion Counter 5a 2. ensures that Margold’s Law is correct.

2.  A skeptic who claims that their comprehensive expertise on all subjects comes from an aggregation of knowledge from multiple experts in a variety of fields, is lying.

3.  If a skeptic is convicted in a felony, then lies about it to excuse it or explain it away as a big misunderstanding, then this behavior is reliably indicative of the level of integrity applied to all subjects they debunk.

4.  A faking skeptic who is caught in, or catches their own self in a Margold’s Law deception, will make visible displays of aggressive fealty to cabal doctrines of correctness, as a means of compensation for their resulting inner doubt.

The Margold Multiplier

5.  Eventually a fake skeptic will demonstrate their integrity to a sufficient number of true experts across all the fields they debunk, which will serve as an amplifying effect in terms of destruction of credibility; forcing the faking skeptic to retreat into social skeptic clubs and circles and rely upon their status as a ‘skeptic’ in order to re-establish a credible reputation.

The Margold Multiplier Counters

Guild Accretion Counter

5a 1.  The first counter to the Margold Multiplier is for the faking skeptic to bolster his position by demonstrative backing with other fake skeptics, and through much noise and media intimidation regarding the unquestionable nature of skepticism, and implying their position therein.

5a 2 i.  In order to gain the protection of the Cabal of Social Skepticism, a faking skeptic must visibly and aggressively support all 200+ of the doctrinal points claimed by the Agenda of Social Skepticism, despite personally not researching the subjects themselves and/or not originally agreeing with the entailed conclusions. Any room left for doubt might risk removal or exclusion from the club cloak of protection.

5a 2 ii  Fealty to the Agenda of Social Skepticism is demonstrated by the ability to be victorious in all arguments the fake skeptics enters.

5a 3.  Corollary 4 ensures that the Guild Accretion Counter 5a 2 i. is correct.

Truzzi Counter

5b.   The second counter to the Margold Multiplier is the Truzzi Counter:  The presumption that a position of skepticism or plausible conformance on a specific issue affords the skeptical apologist tacit exemption from having to provide authoritative outsider recitation, ethical conduct or evidence to support a contended claim or counter-claim.

Truzzi Apology Counter

5c.  The third and conditional counter to the Margold Multiplier is the Truzzi Apology:  The presumption that a position of skepticism, the word ‘science’ included in an organizational title or a plausible conformance on a specific issue affords the skeptical apologist tacit permission to conduct highly visible defamation, employer or business tampering, derision, or tortuous interference, along with other dark and/or illegal conduct.

Pseudo-Skeptics: Critics who assert negative claims, but who mistakenly call themselves ‘skeptics,’ often act as though they have no burden of proof placed on them at all. A result of this is that many critics seem to feel it is only necessary to present a case for their counter-claims based upon plausibility rather than empirical evidence.”  – Marcello Truzzi (Founding Co-chairman of CSICOP)

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