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The Ethical Skeptic Statement of Faith

 Epoché vanguards Gnosis.

Ethical Skeptic Faith

When enforced on me as a child, was a destructive lie which took years to shed through education, integrity, rational thinking, fellowship, a global deep life experience and a smarter circumspect view about man and our elegant universe.

Metaphysical Naturalism

When it is offered to me as the only alternative to Abrahamism, this becomes a bifurcation fallacy;

When I am told there exists enough epistemological evidence upon which to select it, this becomes a false dilemma;

When it starts instructing me as to a whole list of things which do not exist; and this is enforced on society, government, in my career, in the media, and in my academic progression, it becomes Nihilism;

When it is bolstered by pep rallies and through surrounding one’s self with angry like-minded fellows, it becomes every bit an abusive religion as is Abrahamism;

When it is promoted as “atheism” or “skepticism” or “free thinking” or as supporting a single set of political views

…it becomes a lie.

My research, and my review of the research of others, has led me to conclude that both Abrahamism and Metaphysical Naturalism are false. At a certain point, the integrity of philosophy will dictate that it must yield to evidence. Those who pretend the evidence does not exist, remain lost in their own weakened minds. However, I await more true research before choosing to conclude anything further. I object when either group seeks to control the evidence, means, access, method, funding, attention, work, conclusions and visibility of all research which allows me to improve my understanding of our realm. This knowledge is neither the property nor propriety of any government or group. I object when my peers seek to enforce either religion on me, society, careers, media, social discourse, or government. When this happens, I will speak up.

We do not yet understand enough, as men, to substantiate these grandiose fatalistic claims as to the nature of our universe and our existence. Epoché vanguards Gnosis. I expect to be amazed. This is my faith.

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The Ethical Skeptic

Science is based on the premise “Give us one free miracle, and we’ll explain all the rest.” LOL!!! I love it. A total statement of Ethical Skepticism. Thanks for the video Taliesin! ~TES

Taliesin Ward
Taliesin Ward

Any time brother, keep up the great work.

Taliesin Ward
Taliesin Ward

Rupert Sheldrake: The Science Delusion (TED Talk)

Taliesin Ward
Taliesin Ward

Bifurcation fallacy… nice to have a name to the face. I’ve noticed these being presented a lot recently:

– Alopathic medicine is the only alternative to disease.
– Hostile land grabs (Agenda 21) and more taxes extracted from the middle classses are the only way to combat global warming.
– Anthropogenic CO2 is the only explanation for global warming.
– Being anything other than a feminist makes you a mysoginist.
– Being anything other than an atheist makes you ineligible to participate in scientific discussion.

The list goes on.

Many thanks for the bigger picture presented here EthicalSceptic.

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