(/ˈn.ɨlɪzəm/ or /ˈn.ɨlɪzəm/; from the Latin solus, only, single, sole and nihil, nothing) is a philosophical doctrine that suggests the negation of one or more of the reputedly meaningful or non-material aspects of life. Socially enforced metaphysical or pseudo scientific naturalism. The religious belief that only such physical life on Earth is relevant, and that the conscious, spiritual, values or intent sets all reduce solely to the material.

Socially enforced metaphysical, material monist or pseudo scientific naturalism promoted through coercion into the role of god proxy. The substitution ontology which displaced Abrahamic Religion in Western academia.

The cult and religious doctrine enforcing absolute knowledge as to those things which are deemed ‘natural;’ moreover dictating that nothing exists outside the materials, energies, life forms, features and principles comprised inside an a priori defined and professionally compulsory domain of understanding. The religious belief that only the material is real, and that the conscious, spiritual, values or intent sets all reduce solely to the material. A presumption that all observations of phenomena related to consciousness stem from solely a neural configuration of a single biological source.

This extraordinary array of claims is justified through specious, scant predictive and selective application of the experimental method; attributing its false empirical basis to a pretense standard of evidence, measurability and repeatability. Rather, Nihilism is an unsubstantiated set of pseudo-scientific claims, misconstrued as atheism and subtly conflated with and porkbarreled inside actual science.  It is employed as an instrument to squelch freedom of speech, limit knowledge through vigilante bullying in the name of skepticism, qualify entrants into scientific and academic professions, screen topics under an embargo policy regarding access to science, control and direct institutions, establish social power; and in similar fashion to its Abrahamic religious precedent, leverage the resulting pervasive ignorance into a position of absolute subjugation of mankind.

It is not that which you believe, rather what you forbid belief, which defines you.The Ethical Skeptic

How it Works

Abused children are always hidden away and taught that they are worthless and stupid; that no one either exists and/or cares enough about them to desire their presence. Their captor loves them with a love which they could not possibly comprehend, but is Justly provoked by a past sin; and therefore now must by the integrity of this love, administer an awesome and righteous Justice. (“It puts the lotion on its skin!”) They are held in a prison, bullied and brainwashed into believing that they are isolated, receiving the Just ramification they deserve for being or doing something wrong to offend their captor/abuser. Religions used this approach effectively in the past to control thought. Secular Nihilism is crafted around the same approach they observed being effectively employed by abusive religions, because Materialist Nihilism is also an abusive religion itself.

In nihilism, you bear the original sin of being worthless and powerless.

The Ten EnDamnedments

We can no longer control them by means of masquerading as gods, hell worship, threats, tribe/cult social pressure and guilt. Therefore a new Charter is mandated as follows (aka, ‘Same Shit – Different Disguise’):


1.  enslavement of nihilismYour sentience and human intelligence have been proved to be exclusively an artifact of biological variation – iteratively mutated, survival culled, conserved along with a long history of precursor versions; replicated and expressed, all inside 43 randomly targeted, fantastically fortuitous, hyper-accelerated and first-trial-success blocks of your genome – comprising a mere 1 megabyte of actual novel allele data. This renders you nothing more than an extreme, single occurrence, fluke of nature.

2.  You are isolated in an unoccupied far corner of all there is. Any faith holding a contrary idea will be mocked. Any discordant eyewitness observation or research you maintain, will be regarded as criminal pseudoscience. Your life as a solely deterministic flesh-bot is the result of single instance, accidental material chemistry and closed set energy. Therefore, you are alone.

3.  Your lawless nature, the so called ‘free will’ and ‘self’, are proved to stem only from an illusion of neuro-synapse function. Your pathology inside this illusion renders you a wholly ignorant and pestilential presence on Our planet; unworthy to determine any ‘endowed, inalienable or certain’, health, diet, education, spirituality, domain, property rights or other supposed matters in defense of ‘self.’

4.  Quantum Science predicts correctly that ‘you’ are happenstance through an infinity of possibilities; yet has also proved that upon this basis of ultimate plenitude, ‘you’ could not possibly have existed before, nor can you sustain in any form, nor can you ever naturally happen again.

5.  We have demonstrated that We can re-observe you or anyone through Artificial Intelligence. There is therefore no need of an Other or competing Observer frame of reference, of any kind, which could relate to your presence nor bring ‘you’ to coherence.  We are your only Observer and We can re-create you, or choose not to, at our whim.

6.  As a pestilential weed therefore, you bear nothing special about you which would warrant an accommodation of life, liberty nor any pursuit of happiness. Your disarming and emasculation of power, freedom and unauthorized property is therefore now, a higher cause of social justice.

7.  Only science is qualified to determine rights, beliefs, responsibilities, legislation and morals. A supreme rule through the fascism of science/governance is manifestly justified therefore, as your only ultimate option towards fealty. Any unauthorized ideas will be met with severe social, and eventually legal, punishment.

8.  We are the science. You are not. We administer all platforms of truth. It is our just right therefore, to seek retribution or silence you by any form of coercive means we choose, in order to ensure the greater and just good.

9.  You exist and function at Our behest. There are no extant Other realms or intelligences which could hold Our Neo-Fascism morally or ethically accountable. Nothing exists through which you could understand differently, develop self, tender appeal; nor through which any other individual rights or societal morals could be derived.

10.  Since all humanity now depends upon Our supreme rule for their justice-enabled existence, Our ruling entity must therefore be protected at all costs; including inevitably, the mutually assured destruction nuclear option. Therefore, you precious human, are collectively hostage in the game of ensuring that Our power (in all forms seen and unseen) is never toppled. We are more than willing to extinguish you, along with all this planet’s higher life forms, in order to defend and keep Our rule intact.

The False Dichotomy of Bookend Lies


Bifurcation Fallacy/False Dilemma
Want to lie to someone without telling lies, win converts to your organization and gain influence in their lives?  Imply that only two options exist, the rational option backed by science, and the stupid option only promoted by pseudo scientists.  The choice should be easy! If you are a critical thinker, like us.
  1. The bifurcation fallacy is committed when a false dichotomy is presented, i.e. when someone is asked to choose between two options when there is at least one other option available.
  2. The false dilemma is committed when one implies that sufficient data exists such that a choice must be made between a constrained subset of options, when no such threshold of data actually exists.
i.  When a false dilemma is presented in such a way that both sides of the dichotomy agree (for differing reasons), then the correct answer resides with neither side of the argument.
ii.  When both sides of a false dilemma forbid access to a specific domain, important data resides in that domain.
iii.  Bifurcation fallacies are promoted through their simplicity (see “Occam’s Razor“).
iv.  False dilemmas are usually promoted through the furtive and flawed assumption that a disposition on an observation or claim must be tendered immediately.
v.  When a side in a false dilemma misrepresents itself as one philosophy in name, yet teaches another philosophy altogether, the concealed philosophy exists only as a ‘Lie of Allegiance,’ and is not regarded as a fact in the mind of the adherents.
              eg.  Nihilism misrepresents itself as “Atheism” in order to lure acolytes and appear more acceptable.
                    Creationism misrepresents itself as “Faith” in order to lure acolytes and appear more acceptable.
Whenever both the Religious and Nihilist Apologists forbid research into a specific domain, all things being equal, the forbidden domain is the first place one should begin to look.

The Binding Role of the Lie of Allegiance

A useful tool in SSkepticism, the Lie of Allegiance keeps the faithful unified and aligned in playing activist roles.  A Lie of Allegiance is often promoted through one-liners and circularly quoted propaganda, initially deployed by celebrity SSkeptics, and enforced by the faithful, looking for purpose power and reward.

Lie of Allegiance

  1. Want to win converts? Put on a better face.
    A core philosophy (such as Nihilism or material monism) which is masked by a differing but similar and more attractive cover philosophy (such as atheism) because of the cover philosophy’s generally more acceptable nature.
  2. The core argument which binds together a group on one side in a false dilemma
  3. A principle which is not fully regarded as truth by the members of a group of adherents, rather is employed only as the default, null hypothesis, or battle cry agenda around which to combat those on the other side of the false dilemma argument.  The measure of adherence to the Lie of Allegiance principle is more a reflection of disdain towards those of antithetical positions, than it is an expression of rational conclusion on the part of the adherent.
i.  The Lie of AllegianceMany of the proponents in a Lie of Allegiance based organization, do not fully understand the Lie of Allegiance, nor perceive its contrast with the cover philosophy to which they in reality adhere.
Example:  Most self proclaimed atheists cannot coherently frame the difference between atheism, skepticism, agnosticism, naturalism, nihilism, ignosticism, monism, materialism, tolerance and apatheism.
ii.  Many members involved in a Lie of Allegiance do not in reality care about the specifics of the teaching under which they profess fealty.  Specific psychologies involving the Ten Pillars are at play inside the binding power of the Lie of Allegiance.
Example:  Many self proclaimed atheists wear the badge as a result of an emotional state, rather than a discriminating choice of conscience.  This renders them susceptible to Nihilist’s, who use rally cries and the pummeling of christian issues in effigy, as a way to enlist the emotional allegiance of those who have poorly rationalized their ontology.