The Bookend Lies of Institutional Health

Do not allow anyone to take away your right to manage your own health, even if they say they represent god, the government, or science.  There exist two root lies, from which religious posers pretend to dole out medical authority. It is incumbent upon you to recognize the derivatives which stem from these two lies and sidestep them in your path to understanding and managing your own health.
The Two Lies
  1. from the right and the left booksGod created your body and its food perfectly; ill health and weight gain are the logical consequence for not being normal or for something you personally did wrong.

  2. The body is a grand evolutionary accident, with many features that are functionless, redundant or simply vestiges of evolution.  Do not view it as something one has the expertise to observe or manage. Science as government, has done all the research necessary on your behalf and knows what is best for you.

Do not fall for these lies.  They both seek to have government intervene and compel you to follow their rules.

Corollaries/Derivative Lies:

a.  The government and/or industry, through science, now fully understand to the level necessary, the expressive effects of high hybridization and genetic modification inside food, as well as how to test for the safety and efficacy of such changes.

b.  The food science and agribusiness industries have sole and final authority to alter our food without feedback from or notice to the consuming public, in order to save a few pennies a bushel in operating costs.  Public concerns about this are simply cases of credulous apophenia or pseudosciences in action.

c.  A ‘balanced diet’ solves most ailments.  Health maladies come from increasingly imbalanced and unhealthy diets.

d.  Overweight and obese people eat too much, order Super Sized meals at McDonald’s and live sedentary lives.

e.  If food does not kill rats, nor make them severely allergic or sick, then it is safe for humans to consume.  No human impact studies are allowed once a food technology is rolled out to the population.  The liability in question is too great.

f.  If it is important for health, institutions of science will let you know.

g.  All statistical studies indicating alarming health trends correlated to agri-food changes, are alarmist apophenia.  They are to be ignored.

These are your rights

health bill of rightsa.  Your body is a system and you have the right to manage it.  It does not matter whether it was designed or not.  Begin to regard and protect your body as a responsive equilibrium, feedback and control system.  Its employs hormone, proteomic and antibody systemic signals; which are interleaved, and multi-layered – and every one of them serves a purpose, just as do many other elements which impact your health.  You are better served assuming that nothing is functionless, redundant or a vestige of evolution.

b.  Things go wrong naturally in your system.  Know when and how you must seek to intervene, and where to look for assistance.

c.  Medical science sometimes only focuses on treating symptoms, you have the right and responsibility to examine and address root causes.

d.  Medical science only focuses on corrective treatments once something has gone wrong, the definition of medicine includes tailored lifestyles and treatments of prevention. You have the right to decide and manage these approaches to medicine yourself.

e.  Everyone is different.  What is a non-essential protein for one person is an essential protein for another person.  Some people are more sensitive to some foods than are other people.  Not everyone has the same balances and receptors for key hormones.  Know you, and how you are different.

f.  Food is the first medicine.  Some of the ‘healthy’ food your are being forced fed, is harming your system, chronically and subtly.  Learn to see the symptoms of toxification and malnutrition.

g.  Your doctor is not trained on nutrition, and nutrition is the key to health.  Therefore he is only your consultant.

h.  Science Based Medicine is not competent on nutrition or health, and nutrition is the key to health.  Realize they have more agenda than science in their quiver.

i.  The FDA is not an authority on health.  Just because they have not validated a public domain claim, does not mean a thing.  It is your responsibility and your right to ascertain impacts to your health.

j.  Supplements are a necessary tool in the arsenal of a person managing their own health.  Demand that they be made free market, readily available and reasonably unregulated.  Seek legal prosecution of those who would unduly restrict, make prescriptive or patent essential foods and nutrition elements.

k.  The government cannot array a series of legislation which suitably manages your health for you and keeps you 100% safe.  They must, within reason, trust you to do this.

l.  The last 25 versions of the common wisdom on diet have been disastrously wrong.  What makes the current version correct?

m.  All proteins are not equal.  Calling proteins ‘protein’ is like calling various functional hormones, ‘hormone.’  Know your proteins, what they do, and how they relate to YOUR particular health equation.  Do not let anyone tell you that they are unnecessary, are only for body builders, or you get all you need with a ‘balanced diet.’

n.  Nutrition is the first vanguard to health.

Side Note:  The Human Protein Array

I put this spreadsheet together for my own personal management of proteins.  The right protein intake makes a dramatic difference;  proteins stand as the first vanguard in health, as food.  Use if you find helpful. :)