The Dark Side of SSkepticism: The Richeliean Appeal

A Richeliean Appeal is a contention which is declared correct by means of power or celebrity held on the part of the claimant. This includes instances where ‘consensus’ is declared by those influencing the consensus itself. As well, it can involve a Richeliean skeptic who encourages and enjoys a form of ‘social peer review,’ empowered via politics or a set of sycophants who are willing to enact harm to a level which the Richeliean power holder himself would not personally stoop.

Malevolence of the Richeliean Appeal

card richelieu - Copy - CopyIf you conduct research inside an issue of contention, or have a child who has been cognitively impaired through the incompetence of medical or pharma oligarchy, or had your health damaged by processed food, or have developed a new medical device, supplement or treatment, or have even innocently shown interest towards a subject which is forbidden access by Social Skepticism, then odds are you are highly familiar with the Richeliean Appeal. A Richeliean Appeal is a form of the Appeal to Skepticism, a tactic of intrigue, malevolence, fear-intimidation, high-school style social chiding or the implicit threat which is tendered to intimidate a specific person or group. It is usually implied by those who are impressed with their own celebrity, title, or social position they hold inside of a club. Many times it comes in the form of a threat to have a social clique bully a prematurely identified victim en masse. You will see this practiced by that tiny malevolent minority who hang out on social media and undertake harm on people who think differently. They have no idea that they are a joke to the great majority of Americans, and perform a great service to swing the mind of Americans away from the very movement they espouse. Anger is a sign of losing, even if framed inside a chucklehead diversion.

Hint: Weak ideas require enforcement by childish intimidation and clique bullying. Strong ideas launch movements on their own gravitas.

Social Skeptics enjoy such a perch of bully-tactic power, and use it fully to enable authority on subjects which would stand under a condition of plurality were they to be deliberated solely on ethics and evidence alone. The term is derived from the coercive behavior of Armand-Jean du Plessis, better known as French Cardinal Richelieu (1585 – 1642 ad), heralded as the father of the modern totalitarian state, Duvalism (the dispensation of the State as equal in status to God), socialized power and the modern secret police.¹ ² It is the tandem god set (Ω • ⊕) in which the Richeliean Skeptic enjoys free unmerited power, combined with a lack of being held to accountability.

The reason that Social Skeptics abet and aspire to celebrity, is the heady power of Richeliean Appeal it affords them.

Any entity, be it person, organization or nation which derives prurient satisfaction in the cruel or public punishment of those unlike themselves, or even those who have committed an offense, is an entity of an unaccountable and malevolent nature. Such, as well is the nature of SSkeptic power used as a battering ram on those who disagree with their religion.

richelieu quote - Copy - CopySocial Skepticism appreciates many of the neutral to dark techniques employed by Armand-Jean du Plessis de Richelieu, during the secretive development of his reign of power in the French court, in its own efforts to seek consensus and consolidation of power. The issue is not that everything enforced by Social Skepticism is necessarily incorrect, nor that every enforcement action itself is necessarily wrong. Rather, it is the subterfuge by which the enforcement is dealt, coupled with the intermixing of both questionable and correct conclusion alike – the failure of the ethics which declines to distinguish between the two – which renders the approach a rogue action on the part of those seeking to consolidate power. A Richeliean Appeal can be enacted supporting a contention which is correct, or possibly incorrect. The essence of a Richeliean Appeal is that, ‘correct’ is only a designation enabled by the power of the claimant. Since the claimant is in power, or has the power to harm, therefore the contention is correct by power. This includes the power of the mob or a set of sycophants willing to enact harm to a level which the Richeliean power holder would not himself personally stoop.

Richeliean Appeal to Skepticism

/Appeal to Skepticism : coercion/ : an inflation of personal gravitas, celebrity or influence by means of implicit or explicit threats of coercive tactics which can harm or seek to embarrass a victim one wishes to be silenced. Coercive tactics include threats to harm family, contact employers, ridicule, tamper with businesses, employment of celebrity status to conduct defamation activities or actions to defraud, or otherwise cause harm to persons, reputation or property. This includes the circumstance where a Richeliean skeptic encourages and enjoys a form of ‘social peer review,’ empowered via politics or a set of sycophants who are willing to enact harm to a level which the Richeliean power holder himself would not personally stoop.

Richeliean Appeal to Authority

/Appeal to Authority : coercion/ : a contention which is considered correct by means of social power or celebrity held on the part of its proponent. An appeal to consensus made by a group which influenced or measured the claimed consensus. An appeal to an authority who is notable at least in part for authoritarian or coercive measures they have employed to maintain power. Also an employment of coercive tactics which include censorship or propaganda-charging the media, establishing a large network of internal spies or sycophants, forbidding the discussion of specific matters in public or publishing of one sided science studies, patrolling of public assemblies or media forums or seeking to harm or defame who dare to disagree.

Richelieu’s Law

/Argument : locution : coercion/ : given a sufficient quantity of statements of merit, actions or associations on the part of an individual, a case can be made that one of those things either serves to condemn that individual or runs anathema to the essence of all their other contentions (apparent hypocrisy). An exploitative coercive argument which proceeds along the lines of the Richeliean quote: “Give me six lines written by the most honest man and I will find in them something to hang him.”​

The tactics employed by Social Skepticism which create the environment enabling the Richeliean Appeal currently include:

  • informal organizations never held to public or peer accountability – imputing no liability to corporate sponsors
  • staffed by a variety of non-science persons who volunteer time extra-professionally
  • claiming to represent correctness or the well being of the people
  • organized and personal public and celebrity ridicule tactics, attacks, defamation and tortious interference
  • attempts to blackmail, approach employers, publicly humiliate or anonymously harass
  • ‘investigators’ pretending to do scientific inquiry
  • academic celebrity promotion, agent, and publicist employment
  • scientific method masquerades, pretense of representing science
  • propaganda one liners, catch phrases, weapon words and circular recitations
  • domination of education unions and systems
  • enforcement of informal professional penalties for dissent
  • funded legal intimidation of those who dissent
  • squelching of free speech through warnings to media and celebrity intimidation
  • enlisting the aid of government agencies to enforce data screening
  • proselytization of children and intimidation of teachers
  • screening and qualification of those allowed into science and technical academia
  • media forum and publication channel policing, fabricating, intimidation and monitoring and
  • intimidation, monitoring and control of scientists and researchers

A Richeliean Appeal is Not Tantamount to Peer Review

peer review is not - CopyBy teaching that skepticism is the privilege sword of a closed group acting outside science, Social Skeptics labor under the fable that they are enacting a form of social peer review on behalf of science. Well, let’s dispense with three ideas right off the bat:

A.  Social Skeptics do not represent science, nor are they practicing scientific method,

B.  The critical assessments of Social Skeptics are not congruent with, nor do they stem from the same ethic as does peer review, and

C.  Peer review is issued inside of a discipline of expertise. A Richeliean Appeal to SSkepticism is issued regardless of the expertise of the ‘reviewer.’

Peer review results in the following categorical dispositions, enacted by an actual expert under qualified ethical circumstances:

  • to unconditionally accept a manuscript or a contention,
  • to accept it in the event that its authors improve it in certain ways,
  • to reject it, but encourage revision and invite resubmission,
  • to reject it outright.³

A Richeliean Appeal, in contrast, involves only

  • a prejudicial desire to dispense with a person or a subject
  • an aspiration to political power and celebrity influence of popular opinion
  • a focus on mechanisms of control and policing

a desire to enact harm on opposing persons and ideas. A willingness to look the other way when such activity is encouraged or effected by allies.

The idea in the mind of Social Skeptics that they are applying some kind of “peer review” by critiquing you or applying ‘critical thinking’ on various topics is fallacious in both its application and is justification. Scientist issue peer review inside of preparation for journal publishing or even after, through their credibility and status inside a scientific discipline.

SSkeptics like to contend that they are not conducting peer review because you are not their peer. The simple irony is that, in the vast majority of instances, they are not your peer, in ethic, expertise, experience, acumen nor discipline status. Do not let them play this trick.

Social Skeptics wish to emulate this status falsely and solely through the power enabled by the mob, and their celebrity status acquired therein. This is why you observe Social Skeptics continually clamoring for attention and celebrity status/noteworthiness.

Take such aspirations as a warning sign of those seeking the power of The Richeliean Appeal.

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The Malicious Social Lie called Privilege

My ancestry never enjoyed this so-called privilege. The only privilege we ever enjoyed, was fighting and sacrificing to not reside under the thumb of oppressive socialism. But through the weapons of population dumping, social correctness, terror and hacking of economic systems and mechanisms – socialism seeks to end the privilege of all those who have escaped its extinction event, up until now.

When you tenure inside the fantasy of a socialist view of the world, when you are paid to represent fake skepticism, when your shallow pseudo-history has transitioned from fiction to faction to doctrine, one has to couch their ethnic, gender and religious hatred inside code words. Privilege is one such code word. A maliciously invalid proxy neolexia, plied to derive hate, economic injustice and the re-establishment of socialist royalty – a 450 year conflict, wherein history has shown that genocide is consistently the end game. The goal of Social Skepticism, is the death of individual freedoms, economic and capital rights, freedom of thought, speech, property and action. It employs population dumping, climate disruption and propaganda, as a means of enslavement, genocide, conquest and rule.

They want you dumbed-down, emasculated, cognitively injured, sick, symptom-treated, docile and compliant – and they will get you there via a broad asymmetric interplay of social actions, ranging from violence to food to healing methodologies and everything in between. Royalty requires a body of equally rewarded task workers; drones specialized for their particular assigned function. Until they have established this supreme power – you will notice the classes of people who are pursued for extinction through their dwindling numbers and influence, and the never-ending wars they foment as a ruse to enable their strategy. This is the nature of evil.

Your prosperity, well being and independence do not serve their goals.

Socialism is an extinction event

Those who value free expression, individual and capital rights and economic freedoms – retreat as refugees from the shadow of encroaching socialist forces – those seeking to enslave the rest of the planet not yet under their well documented thumb of suffering, despair and oligarchy driven royal elite. That is the history of my family, victims of socialist royal elite. The only privilege resides in the hands of the elite who push this extinction event upon mankind even now.

My Family’s So-Called “Privilege”

Below is brief depiction of the result of nearly a decade of genealogical work documenting my family’s history, depicted as streamlined inside the 450 year conflict with the Global Socialist Party movement sweeping across the globe.

The myth of privilege spun by social epistemologists - Copy - Copy

Privilege, as used in the context to condemn Americans who suffered in their flight from social oppression – as such is a term of bigotry and racism. It is offensive to Americans (the only people who are not allowed a home land) who have looked back and observed that the actual records on their ancestors, do not match the propaganda they’ve been fed. If you want a true definition of privilege, look no further than below:


/bias : unconscious : entitlement/ : is the condition wherein a person perceives that someone else should be denied something in order for them to possess that same something, to which they feel they are entitled.

Examine the history of my family above. In no way did they participate in such a human foible. To categorize persons into classes of the good and the bad, by this means and by their skin color – is the highest form of racism. The slave traders in contrast, were indeed privileged, yes. Today’s refugee brokers – are just the modern slave traders.  Same groups, same financiers, same religion, same people, same roundup & disposal methods, same countries, same shipping means, same money, same political motivations – just a new shtick. Privilege.

The Hypocrisy of the Socialist Anthropogenic Global Warming Agenda

global social warmingIt is indeed ironic that Big Socialism is manifesting at the forefront of the previously ethical movement over concerns about Anthropogenic Global Warming. Ironic since history is clearly linking Big Socialism explicitly as the major cause of the carbon contribution problem in the first place. Our ‘oh so smart’ academic scholars have fallen for this sleight-of-hand yet again; demonstrating for an eighth consecutive decade that they not only fail to grasp economic principles and elements of sound business, but moreover fail to perceive when they are being manipulated by powerful global social forces who could care less about the Earth – only employing it as a battering ram in the war to enslave mankind under their voracious form of tyranny.

The Economist exposes why the most recent flurry of Social Skeptic push campaigns have hit the press:  Why Climate Change is Suddenly Back on the Agenda.

If you sound the alarm about Climate Change – yet do not seek action inside deforestation (which accounts for 80% of climate change) and physical goods trade imbalances (which accounts for the remainder) – you are a clueless socialist apparatchik.

This is not about Climate Change – This is about Political Change.

No solutions are ever proposed or discussed – only attacks on targeted people, and demands for lock step allegiance.

And the Earth is the innocent victim of Socialism in two ways: First at the hand of misleading and purposely polarizing politics, and second ironically through Big Socialism’s actual primary contribution as THE major cause of Anthropogenic Global Warming

They created the problem, and now purport to be its solution. Sound familiar?

Seven Ways in Which Global Socialism is THE Major Cause of AGW

1.  Highly Remote Untouchable Socialist Work Camps Cause Overproduction and Waste
global social warming 2

By enslaving the working class and selling their captured value as manufacturing slaves, we ensure that products can only be made in the most remote socialist slave labor countries. As a result, the products they produce must be shipped great distances in order to be consumed. These were products which formerly shipped an average distance of 200 miles in many cases within classic unit based capital business scenarios.  Products were produced by ethical family driven businesses which either by ethic or market nature valued local community and local community labor. This new remote aggregation of manufacturing results in the creation of massive trade agencies and shipping consolidation groups which ensure that the average consumer good ships over 7500 miles before it is consumed – and that the retail and wholesale buyers and ‘sales plan modeling packages’ which write the purchase orders are instructed to only buy from authorized Big Socialism shipping conglomerates.

When you buy all your margin perishable product, 7500 miles and 18 months in advance, you must buy 40% more than you need, and a 25% wider assortment in order to accommodate the increased uncertainty on sell through.  Yes you get it cheap – but you also way over-buy and over-produce, and then must dump the poorly performing excess (most of what you bought) onto your home economic turf – because socialist entities bear no risk/do not make mistakes, and do not take returned goods as a result.  This equates to resource wasting and product dumping, both of which destroy a consuming nation and deplete capital resources which otherwise could have been used to establish competing green manufacturing. 

I own and operate a retailer and a wholesale buyer. Because I am forced to buy from China, I must buy a full 60% more than what I want to buy, in order to keep my margin afloat. I have little input into the manufacturing process, nor can I work with them to correct their mistakes.  They just keep on pumping out product which I am required to buy – in order for me to have privileged access to their channels of sourcing. This is what occurs today – and stands as the largest single contributor to global warming.

“A-Level Vendors” they are called in the big software packages that drive manufacturing, SAP, Oracle and JDA. What are B-Level Vendors? Smaller local capital driven businesses which cannot produce enough cheap volume for you to put your competitors out of business. Oligarchs need an alliance with Big Socialism in order to eliminate the ethical employment of capital which could be employed to compete with them. That Oligarch/Big Socialism alliance of manufacturing is what drives AGW. That includes every 24 cent trinket and every $9 t-shirt ever worn, and a 30% overbuy on top of that. In fact, if you examine the world list of socialist states (, you will find that these states comprise in excess of 75% of the world’s consumer goods manufacturing.

2.  Aggregation of Slave Labor into MegaCommunities with Poor Green Infrastructure
global social warming 3

A natural outcome of aggregating work camps into highly remote slave labor centers, is that manufacturing centers are concentrated into regions of carbon unaccountability, where emissions are not only not monitored, but the remote aggregation of people employed in the workforce forces those in the community to resort to ancient methods of sheltering and food preparation.  I have spent time in Islamo-socialist and Neo-socialist countries where around the cities, every tree is dead, bereft of leaves in the winter of human ignorance and desire for a reclaimed ancient empire or dynasty. Hundreds of millions of families employing the domestic burning of wood, cow dung and coal (highly toxic fumigant sources) in order to provide energy for their homes.  Young people left without means of birth control, where schools cannot be powered by wood, with absent long shift dual-slave working parents.  All this creating an unsustainable severe drain on our environment, even independent of Climate Change. In fact, dollar for dollar, Socialist manufacturing countries produce 20+ times the carbon soot emissions as compared to the same size exporting non-socialist country (

3.  Aggregation of Carbon Intensive Business into the Most Unaccountable and Irresponsible Political Climates
socialism creates global warming

Socialism takes advantage of political structures with low levels of accountability, and seeks to dominate people who have lost their ability to stand on their own and hold their government accountable. In this environment, Big Socialism is able to more effectively hide the always incumbent royalty and pseudo-egalitarian elite groups who siphon the wealth out of the Big Socialism system.  But this same tendency to hide and retreat from global accountability bears manifest, problems with respect to accountability within the countries Big Socialism has seen fit to conquer and dominate.  It is solidly and unequivocally no coincidence, that the countries in the chart to the right which contribute the greatest contribution of carbon into the planet’s environment, all are Big Socialist countries.   As you may see in the graphic to the right, provided by the World Economic Forum, 10 of the top 15 carbon and soot emitting nations are members of Big Socialism. It is clear that Big Socialism only TALKS a lot about Climate Change.  Sound a lot like Social Skepticism and the scientific method? Social Skeptics remain the hapless pawns of this movement and its desire to influx its philosophies into western economic practices. See India and China Ignore UN Climate Change Summit.

4. Conversion of Lean Competitive Capital Business into Bloated Bureaucratic Oligarch Big Box and Monopoly Socialist Elite Dominated Industry
global social warming 4

AGW proponents have a nasty habit of trying to blame carbon contributions on the activity of capitalist and Western business.  But the sad fact remains, that as our businesses get more dominant, and cut out smaller competitors, resources tend to aggregated into the hands of a few, production centers are reduced, local labor is put out of work, and product must be dedicated to massive oligarch driven empires which generate carbon as a predatory way of using efficiency to put capital competitive businesses out of business. Ethical business owners must die off and give way to the detached and procedurally obedient workslave executive inhabiting a suit. Execubots trained by universities who only understand efficiency as a means-to-MEGA, and no longer grasp the heart of what values bolster ethical business or healthy economies. If you examine the official list of sweatshop labor practice countries, those where the state allows manufacturing to abuse its labor, and provide a totalitarian environment in which labor has no other choice of work, you will find the majority of these countries to be Big Socialist ( in their government, business and economics.

5.  An Ever Increasing Lust for Control Mandates that Each Year Must Surpass the Last (or Risk Collapse of the Empire)
global social warming 5

Box business, means that each year, the domination must increase – and the increase in revenue must come at any cost; or the slave enterprise risks losing control. Think of what will happen when China hits its first real depression. How will it survive the 5 largest insurrection dangers within its new dynasty? Big Socialism knows that China cannot survive a depression.  They will push for mega increases in revenue, even at the cost of ethical employment of resources, or in the face of over-production versus demand to mitigate the risk of long lead times between manufacturing and consumption.  This is the sad current reality of the China to US/Europe supply cycle under which we now suffer.  As well, we currently waste 40+% of the food we produce in socialist growing regions through post harvest perishment and non-consumption globally.  But the over production is part of the Socialist manifesto of business.  There is no LEAN process in Socialism.  There is efficiency, save for when it is needed to kill all competitors.  Then that efficiency ethic goes by the wayside as bureaucracy builds, and stands in lieu of efficiency in the need for mega revenues.  If you think that Nestlé, Blue Cross and Walmart are capitalist enterprises, you need to go apply for a refund from your graduate business university. These companies are not capitalist winners, they are the last losers. They are Big Box Socialism with a market equity mask. Indeed, the two top Socialist labor employing nations, rely upon a track record of slave labor to produce a smooth curve of growth without major recession, for the past 55 years.  This, rather than an effect of competent business practice, is indeed an outcome of being able to force more production/overproduction year after year and depend upon consuming countries to accept the incumbent product dumping, and not complain because they are getting ‘low cost manufacturing.” (

6.  The Polarization of Politics into an Environmentally Impotent Artifice Effective only at Absolute Control of the Population
global social warming 6

It is no secret that the majority of the Social Skepticism movement, the pawns who are cluelessly employed to further the goals of Big Socialism, possess a lock step disdain for certain politics and sectors of our society. Tweets from the SSkeptic community continue to be embarrassingly awash with latet misandry, hatred of Caucasians, hatred of stay at home mom’s, hatred of families and every disdained remnant of the America they were trained to defeat. I am a critic of both sides of the political aisle as it comes to the application of good science and good sound economic policy. But when I survey the landscape of political extremism and irrationality which inhabits the halls of US Academia and Big Socialism proponents in the Social Skepticism movement, it renders me, even as a moderate, a great dead repulsed.

When the government or monist oligarchy becomes the sole entity which provides for the people. Then that entity must be protected at all costs. Including violent oppression, class enslavement and nuclear war.

Climate change has become a useful political football – much like a bootlegging network which must switch to drug smuggling when alcohol is legalized – the value is in the mechanism and not its product. Proponents never gave a damn about climate change to begin with – as it was the advocacy network which held the value and power they sought. Therefore, climate change will never go away as an issue. Even after we stop deforestation and level the current extreme trade imbalances – even after we all are riding in electric vehicles supplied power by clean power sources – the global socialist forces will not allow climate change to drop. It is too power enabling and too politically and financially advantageous.

The net of this is polarization; a purposeful division which ensures that nothing will get done, except hate.  The Earth will be the victim, as conservative and moderates grow increasingly skeptical of the political agendas, and our elected representatives are emasculated of any ability to accomplish policy in western governments.  The Social Skepticism movement is led and chartered by Socialist and Big Party democrats who make it clear that they will gladly sell science based on politics.  A great example can be found here ( and here (  After all, power and political domination is the real goal. The Earth is simply a playing card in their game of political domination. You will notice that Steven Novella and Donald Prothero are exceedingly quiet about proposed solutions to AGW, and the need to divert carbon from our Value Chains. The solutions are there, solutions which do not entail the adoption of Socialism (not that Socialism will help in the least) but these guys just don’t seem to be able to talk about them much.

7.  The Destruction of the Human Problem Solving Spirit
enslavement of nihilism

The final nail in the coffin of mankind (and the Earth), through the deleterious effect of Big Socialism, is its insistence that only the Elite and their obedient cronies are allowed to possess meaningful lives.  Big Socialism has made it clear that it will gladly destroy the planet in its quest for domination.  But moreover, Big Socialism has another effect, probably the most damaging of all.  That of destroying our spirit, our ability to create, our ability to counter and strive for survival, our gumption to face a big problem and seek to win.  Big Socialism kills all within man that is driven by a ‘more than just me’ ethical boldness. Big Socialism kills our spirit as creative problems solvers and dreamers – just the kind of ethical people who can cure cancer, go to the moon, and help solve issues like Climate Change. The decline in American optimism is rising commensurate with the tyrranical obsession our Social Skeptics have placed onto destroying certain strength sectors of our society. They continue to ignore the alarms, fail to be circumspect about who is formulating their propaganda, and run through a process of denial when faced with any argument which runs counter to their form of Big Socialism and its decaying effect on a free society (

With Big Socialism, we lose our soul first, then we lose our lives.