Anti-Homeopathy Propaganda Proves False

I heard the Social Skeptic Cabal screaming about how all Homeopathic medicines consist of only infinitesimally diluted placebo formulations.  So I decided to check out their assertions. What I found did not match what they claimed to me. 

Public Domain medicinals, ones we can all use at low cost or to start a business of our own, kill celebrity SSkeptic big pharma sponsors’ profits, and thwart social oligopolistic agendas.  One need not block the use of such remedies, rather simply block the channels which bring them to market shelves in volume efficiently.  Homeopathic channels are one such mechanism.  This same game is being played out in non-GMO foods and in nutricuticals as well.  Same tactics, same fake skepticism, same players, same net outcomes.  Client oligopolies in action.

 IMG_1213Not a big user or proponent of Homeopathic remedies myself, nonetheless I remain skeptical of the actions & motivations behind the marketing push by the anti-homeopathy flash crowd.  Plurality remains on this subject, or in other words, the ‘jury is still out.’  The more James Randi yells, the less I consider him credible.  The more I look into the facts, the more I begin to question what is behind this movement.

There are MUCH better arenas demanding skepticism in health and medicine; much better and more effective channels of research avail themselves to one who wants to apply the disciplines of skeptical thought in order to save lives.  But no, crushing small companies seems to be fair sport for the self-appointed elite.  Could their motivation be money from big drug and pharma targeting monopolistic control of all drug channels?  There is ample precedent for this in industry inside of consumer goods and especially pharmaceuticals, so I naturally watch for such corruption.   Yes, the establishment of a horizontal monopoly/oligopoly (sole control of channels rather than control of markets) is socialistic, and constitutes corruption. Elitist corruption begins with an agenda and continues through a sleight of hand distraction to a state where lack of competitive accountability produces inflation and reduces quality of life for us all.  Corruption and inflation go hand in hand, and you will see a case example regarding the pricing of big drug and pharma medicinals versus the cost effective Umcka OTC (which claims on the box to be Homeopathic) remedy below.  I do not know however the true motivation on the part of the anti-homeopathy movement, but I have doubts that it is about human lives.

The Scientific Method demands evidence of the highest integrity from entities which purport to represent science, to back up their inflammatory and extraordinary claims.  Good intentions are not enough to validate your pulpit, because what I see in Homeopathy is NOT what they (SSkeptics) tell me Homeopathy is. This bothers me.  Misleading people is not an acceptable action in science, even if the ‘scientist’ declares their intent to be honorable because the agenda partially involves a warning about bad practices and dangers. Moreover, on other issues, SSkeptics prove time and again that they cannot be trusted.  Their top objective is typically constituted by an agenda and not science; lacking any semblance of individual thought or dissent within highly pluralistic subjects.  So why would the case of Homeopathy be any different? What they told me Homeopathy is, sounded very bad indeed.  But what I saw in this brief look-see conflicted with what the Cabal has been shouting at me.

If homeopathy is only promoting sugar pills, then yes, this is unethical.  But right now the only placebo I have been given has been by James Randi.  Now my skeptic hackles have been raised.

Testing SSkeptic Claims


Bookshelves!! We have to be smart with Bookshelves!!

I took a look at one Homeopathic medicine (photo above) I have in my cabinet.  I was not even aware that it was Homeopathic when I bought it for a cold last year. But here is the summary of ingredients and the equivalent dose versus established big drug and pharma company drug equivalents.  Most of the ingredients as I research them prove to be common ancient treatments, two are deadly toxic in high dose – and the dilutions in this preparation are the SAME dilutions as are used in the big drug and pharma equivalent name brands.  So I would NOT recommend James Randi down a whole box of this stuff, as he has a habit of doing.  Two of these toxins at these solute ratios would poison him. The SSkeptic Cabal has instructed me that Homeopathy is constituted by three things (Mandatory Bookshelves : See Apologists – they love to be filmed in front of bookshelves):

  1. (STUFF) – low active levels of toxic antagonist agents which are targeted to produce a counter effect to their macro indications, and
  2. (DOSAGE) – dilution of active beneficial agents to levels where no molecules of the original agent any longer exist in the formulaic tincture;
  3. (SUBSTRATE) – all this deposited onto sugar cubes.

But what I found, with this homeopathic remedy, was that none of the Cabal’s contentions were correct. This remedy was actually significant in dose, and employing industry standard medicinals, commonly used for colds.  Its substrate was the EXACT SAME THING used by Merck, Glaxo, Roche, Novartis, etc.  James Randi was not correct. Why all the acerbic mis-characterizations then?

It’s the 1. SAME DAMN STUFF, 2. SAME DAMN DOSAGE, 3. SAME DAMN COMPOUNDING SUBSTRATE, as the big drug and pharma companies employ.

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE? = $8.29 for this medicine, versus $20.99 for the the Big 6 Pharma equivalent – and why? Through an ingredient’s listing on the HPUS, this allows us to manufacture drugs in the public domain more cost effectively (from the FDA guidance on Homeopathic Drugs):

2. Homeopathic Drug: Any drug labeled as being homeopathic which is listed in the *Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), an addendum to it, or its supplements. The potencies of homeopathic drugs are specified in terms of dilution, i.e., 1x (1/10 dilution), 2x (1/100 dilution), etc. Homeopathic drug products must contain diluents commonly used in homeopathic pharmaceutics. Drug products containing homeopathic ingredients in combination with non-homeopathic active ingredients are not homeopathic drug products.

So you can buy these remedies more cost effectively, if you can find the public domain remedy on the shelf, if it has not been removed by cartel activists.  The issue resides in the active agents employed, and the revenue stream which can be derived from them.  All of these remedies in the Homeopathic product have been used effectively in the public domain since antiquity, but for some reason fell out of favor versus patented private revenue alternatives.  Curse that public domain! – it frees people from inflation, control by big socialism, and allows the manufacturing to be done in the domestic footprint, not overseas; and we cannot tolerate any of this under a social approach to medicine! The issue is that, in the public domain, we ALL own these drugs, and are free to use them and compete with business in a free enterprise capital economy.  Control of the channels, enforced by funded academic ‘skeptics’ establishes inflation, kills business, enslaves and creates social structure domination in an economy.  Oligopolies/monopolies  are indistinguishable from socialism.

Just as the music industry attempted to blame Napster and downloading for its monopolistic revenue loss, when in fact the revenue loss was from the unanticipated impact of new employment of permanent media (digital files rather than cassettes and vinyl) rather than perishable media (we no longer had to buy the same songs over and over and over again – and the execs in the industry did not truly understand their business revenue model); we have a case here of an industry seeking to deflect the competitive impact of free market remedies on their horizontal oligopolistic channel control.  This remains the lead hypothesis, a. because it can be falsified, and b. the alternative, “homeopathy is evil,” is not even a true hypothesis under the scientific method.  And I just falsified it, in one, my first, anecdote.  I would suspect that, as I go down the aisle in my local drugstore, every single one of the Homeopathic remedies represents the same situation.  HPUS listed drugs being sold at lower cost than their big pharma equivalent and NOT hypo-solutes – as Social Skepticism contends.

Comparison of Homeopathic OTC Purchase to Big Drug Equivalent Dose/Dilution

The ‘science’ studies I have read on Homeopathy, which generally just turn out to be history recitations, and exact duplicates of each other, seem to get all wound up in the notation, as if the notation was evil itself.  Just because homeopathy uses a different notation, does not mean that a woo factor should be masked around it, as classic ppm or ml notation can be used to calculate ridiculously small solute ratios just as in homeopathy; there is nothing particularly insidious about X, C, and M style notations.

So what gives here?  Now the Cabal wants Walgreen’s to stop selling this OTC remedy.  I will buy one of the big drug names for $20.99 next year I guess.  I am scratching my head. Why the misinformation? Science is about evidence, falsifiable hypothesis testing, credibility and established trust; not propaganda and hype.

Leading Indications

Pseudoscience is the deceptive act of claiming to use or represent the Scientific Method or Science in attaining conclusions, when in fact such contentions are false.  Pseudoscience is not a set of beliefs nor an undesirable topic of credulity, contrary to what SSkeptics claim; rather, is an action constituted by errant methodology and pretense.

In my opinion, the Social Skeptic Cabal is using the equivocation over the definition of what is deemed “Homeopathic” as an avenue of opportunity to condemn one extreme definition of Homeopathy and port this condemnation onto the broader public definition of the term, in order to suppress sales of certain medicinals.

Short Term Conclusion:  Hypothesis A is the lead candidate.  Pseudoscience in action targeting support of oligopolistic drug interests, allied with a SSkeptic social party agenda – Misrepresentation of a knowledge base and the methods used in researching it – passed off as science, by people claiming to BE science, when in fact, no science and no scientific method was used in the process.  Gang, let’s get going with at least ONE case of research like I have done here above.  But let’s gather actual data and 97% or greater confidence intervals across a Sample (s) of 6% or more on the industry current Federal SKU base (S), not history lessons on 100 years ago and scare taunts about Homeopathy being witchcraft.  For this extraordinary claim (all homeopathy is inactive sugar pills), the onus is on YOU to provide more integrity in your science.