Yes Skeptics Have a PR Problem – Social Skeptics

When the most circulated speech from TAM 2014 advises the minions about “not being a dick,” you know that they realize they have a PR problem.

I find it amusing that now even Social Skeptics are beginning to coach their acolytes as to lessons on avoiding horrid behavior. When the most circulated speech from TAM 2014 advises the minions about “not being a dick,” you know that they realize they have a PR problem. It is no coincidence that major players have disavowed the skepticism movement in the mean time.1 As well, The Amazing Meeting was shut down the very next year – under pressure regarding a variety of personal moral scandal issues involving its brand figure, sponsor and founder. My critique of Social Skeptics falls more however, along these lines below. Every one of these negative-control social actions, I have personally experienced recently.  Moreover really enough to make me sick, through the last decades since the 1970’s pseudo-intellectual backlash movement started. This is not simply a public relations problem, but a sad sad reality inside of modern skepticism

A cabal of nasty people, promoting a mandatory religion (no, not atheism), protecting themselves with the shroud of faking as if representing science.

    Social Skepticism

1. a form of social activism which seeks abuse of science through a masquerade of its underlying philosophical vulnerability, skepticism. An imperious set of political, social, and religious beliefs which proliferate through teaching weaponized fake skepticism to useful idiots. Agency which actively seeks to foment conflict between science and the lay public, which then exploits such conflict to bolster its celebrity and influence.

2. a form of weaponized philosophy which masquerades as science, science enthusiasm or science communication. Social skepticism enforces specific conclusions and obfuscates competing ideas via a methodical and heavy-handed science embargo. It promotes charades of critical thought, self aggrandizement, and is often chartered to defend corporate/Marxist agendas – all while maintaining a high priority of falsely impugning eschewed individuals and topics. Its philosophies and conclusions are imposed through intimidation on the part of its cabal and cast of dark actors, and are enacted in lieu of and through bypassing actual scientific method. One of the gravest weaknesses of human civilization is its crippling and unaccountable bent toward social coercion. This form of oppression disparages courage and curiosity inside the very arenas where they are most sorely needed.

Failures with respect to science are the result of flawed or manipulated philosophy of science. When social control, close-hold embargo or conformance agents subject science to a state of being their lap-dog, serving specific agendas, such agents err in regard to the philosophical basis of science, skepticism. They are not bad scientists, rather bad philosophers, seeking a socialized goal. They are social skeptics.

Massimo Pigliucci Quote

Until we weed out these deleterious social actions, I am not sure that we have a real dog in the hunt of claiming a right to moral authority over most people of faith.  So, without further ado, SSkeptics suffer from a/an:

Hyena method gang skepticsI.  Overestimation of Personal Acumen, Skill and Knowledge Inventory

II.  Visceral Disdain for Anyone Who Considers Different Ideas

III.  Childish Manners of Mocking, Defamation, Deceit and Social Clique Derision

IV.  Shallow Understanding of Skepticism, Philosophy, Science and Method

V.  Boorish Taunting of People of Faith

VI.  Know it All Arrogance / Assumption of Unmerited Scientific Credential

VII.  Lack of Self Circumspection / Empathy

VIII.  Official ‘Look the Other Way & Wink’ Celebrity Policy Regarding Harmful Nefarious Activity

IX.  Maniacal Desire to Control Society/Antipathy towards General Public Sentiment

X.  A Critical Blindness and Hatred towards Those They Have Been Told are the Enemy