When SSkeptics Block Science the Public Must Force Change Anyway

One way or another, we must as a public when necessary, sidestep the all-too-familiar propaganda campaigns of fake science employed by the professional SSkeptics, and force corporate America to hear our message and effect change. We must be proactive, especially if it involves issues regarding our food, health or well being. Even if we have to encourage them to make change surreptitiously as H.J. Heinz Company has done with their ketchup, in order to not catch the attention of the oppressive SSkeptic Cabal.

A Thank You to the H.J. Heinz Company and Beanitos Inc. for Listening to Their Customers and not the SSkeptic Cabal Propaganda

Heinz KetchupI am sensitive to seven specific foods. There is no doubt in this as I have documented it through controlled variable testing and sound method for the last 12 years.  I have had very little help from the scientific community in terms of offering clues as to which foods to look for, as their hands are tied through intimidation, rendering them unable to develop testing around this subject. My conclusions are based on direct, falsification oriented, well documented and repeated/repeatable experiments.  If I consume these foods, rather large painful sores appear on my face 3 – 8 hours after consumption (along with other maladies), and take about two weeks to heal – provided I do not consume the offending foods again.

But I cannot tell anyone this. Heaven forbid that my personal observations run afoul of the corporations and SSkeptics who mount major campaigns to push oligopoly foods onto our plate. I first found my children to be sensitive to these foods, after observing ill impacts to their health which greatly disturbed me.  Then, working with my doctors, both my holistic medicine and general practitioners, I methodically figured out which foods were the culprits.  My and my family’s health is so much the better for this discovery today.

My family’s faces were red and puffy (edema), and their health was suffering with mental fog, endocrine malfunction, autoimmune issues, abdominal pain, fatigue, and weight gain. Grades were suffering and medical bills were rising. My holistic doctor looked at me and my 4 year old’s faces and said “We have to find out what is causing this.” The culprits ended up being:  Wheat, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Canola. Eliminating these food constituents was VERY difficult to accomplish because almost every processed food employs them, …but it did the trick nonetheless. A success such as this renders people like me, immune to the tripe from SSkeptics.

It is time to study this with science. But the SSkeptics won’t allow this to be studied by science because they already have ‘truth’ on their side. Sound familiar?

beanitos pure chipsI am an activist with my food providers, as I should be. I let them know when they produce foods which harm my or my family’s health. I also indicate to them my encouragement and approval when they take action to correct the introduction of these harmful foods into the American Public’s diet.  Products such as Beanitos, who do not use corn, corn oils or syrups, wheat, soy, canola or cottonseed oil in their chip products; over concerns consumers like me have raised after observing the negative effects of these food constituents on their health.  I applaud these companies with a conscience. Well done Heinz and Beanitos!

When science is dragooned by corrupt SSkeptics, sometimes the public must force change despite what science says, and despite being called ‘stupid’ by this same oppressive SSkeptic Cabal.

It is alright to have some foods which you must avoid, but when 90% of them employ ingredients which are harmful to your family’s health, it is time to take action. These food exec’s have families they care about too. Eventually we will change our food supply to remove these foods. The snide objections of the SSkeptic community will fade away into a forgotten whisper, as they always do.

Recent examples of fake food science propaganda from the SSkeptic Cabal:

I Can Finally Have Ketchup and Chips Again! Yay!

I am not a big fan of sugar in general for overall health. But sugar does not make me foggy headed, overweight, edemic, and depressed; nor does it impart large red welts to my and my family’s face, as do corn oils, starches, syrups and corn products of all types.  Someone at H.J. Heinz Company has been petitioned on this and as a result, they have quietly offered back onto the market (see above) a ketchup product which has ‘simply’ replaced the corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup with sugar.¹ I doubt this new product idea was prompted by the current manifestation of oppressed science.  Probably more likely by one of the spouses of the executives in H.J. Heinz Company.

One can push fake science only so far. When people see negative impacts on their health, they are ultimately going to call baloney on the so-called science. It does not matter how many foundations were intimidated into regurgitating the party line.

I missed the testing for this list of newly (since 1995) genetically accelerated for cartel and glyphosate saturation food set; testing where they asked the rats if they had fatigue, IBS, foggy headedness, edema or sores on their faces? Perhaps they had little rat survey forms for the critters to fill out? But gosh, this is science after all, no room for skepticism here.

gm food test rat survey questions

The body knows what to do with sugar, as long as you consume it in moderation. It does not know what to do with high fructose corn syrup apparently, as this food constituent causes myriad problems in my and my family’s health.

You have seen the campaign propaganda commercials where the two women are talking and one objects to the use of high fructose corn syrup. The other woman asks why, and the proponent cannot tender an answer. That is because the science has been blocked. Blocked by this same group of obfuscating professionals who are employed to block other specific forms of forbidden science. No one can possibly provide an answer to a scientific question, when the science has not been done in the first place. Well alright, one cannot unless of course you are a SSkeptic, I forgot about that. Once the science is undertaken on health impacts imparted by our new forms of corn, wheat, soy, canola oil and other damaging foods on Americans, the proponent in the high fructose push commercial (why it has to be pushed since it has been incorporated into 85% of the sweets we consume now, is beyond me) will have PLENTY to speak about.

In the meantime, you will be raked over the coals for contending that you have observed deleterious impacts from these foods on your family’s health. Remember, fake scientists do not allow observations, and especially never observations from the public at large, no matter how pervasive. If you let this be known to someone brainwashed by the SSkeptic Cabal, they will call you a liar, uninformed, lacking in critical thinking skills, anti-GMO, anti-science, backward, credulous, gullible and stupid.  Pay no attention to them. They are dealing a deck of cards for a game in which they cannot play; at best, employing placeholder science.  Your health, well being and the food which is force fed to all of us, is more important than are their intimidation and control tactics. The SSkeptics, after all this is over, will be long forgotten. The lessons we learn about the tactics and damage imparted through fake SSkepticism protecting inadequate science should not be, but sadly we always forget them.

We are winning this, and will win this.  With real science. There is a limit after all apparently, as to how much bullshit you can shove down the throat of the public in the name of science.

1.  H.J. Heinz Company Product Gallery and Nutrition (http://www.heinzketchup.com/Products.aspx).