Toxic Diet Pushes US to Higher Diet Related Mortality Rate than Peer Countries

A recently released report on US Health as compared to our 16 peer industrialized nations does not offer a comforting glimpse into the direction our food producers have taken us:

“U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health”; National Academy Press,  ISBN-13: 978-0-309-26813-4.

Gmo_acreage_world_2009One of my alltime favorite Imperious Institutional Doctrines defended by SSkeptics is the media propaganda that excessive caloric intake, sugar and sedentary lifestyles are the leading impetus inside the overall decline in the health of the average US Citizen, as well as the leading contributor to our increasing incidence of obesity as compared to our peer industrialized nations.  Now keep in mind that all these nations are beginning to adopt US caloric intake levels, yet they are not inheriting the diet related diseases which we exhibit.  Why?  The US continues to lead the world in endocrine, diabetes and heart disease related deaths despite our focus on health.

This graph on the right shows the level of employment of GM Crops worldwide.  Keep in mind that many of the non-US countries in this graphic are NOT using GM Crops for food, only the US is employing GM Food

Perhaps this is not due to caloric intake.  Here we see another example of an instance where the science needs to be conducted, but rather than hold food institutions accountable, we allow SSkeptics to stand as activists blocking study of this issue by science.  We would rather blame the victims and accuse them of overeating and lethargy.

Indeed however, the statistics from the National Academy Press indicate that it is food toxicity which is the highest contributing factor in US Diet Related Death rates, which are all growing faster than our 16 industrialized peer nations for the same diet related maladies. I have developed below a histography contrasting the two factors of toxicity and caloric intake, and the associated death rates from specific related maladies, from this same data.

Food toxicity effects result in poor health, skewed death rates, caloric intake imbalances, and sedentary responses. The victims are not the perpetrators.

And how are we different?  We are the only nation employing genetically modified and Hybridized/Hormone/Antibiotic saturated foodstocks on a broad scale.

But heavens, we don’t need to do the actual science because we already know the truth: We must protect our corporate sponsors. The purpose of SSkepticism is to keep the status quo and blame the victims. SSkeptics and Science Based Medicine act as our enforcement mechanism blocking science.  We must refuse to skeptically challenge the baseless and outlandish claims that our large scale food alterations are all ‘safe.’  Go debunk Bigfoot and scream about Creationism, but stay away from this arena as SSkeptics are not allowed to be skeptical here.