Islam, Corruption and Socialism All Relate in Direct Proportion to Human Suffering

Three social forces operating on the globe today, relate in direct proportion to the level of unhappiness exhibited by a country’s population. Islam, Socialism and Corruption, these three social factors tend to not only establish and foment misery on the part of their victim populations, but moreover tend to prompt their victims to export their wares into target nations – seeking a migration of their tradecraft for all global humanity to enjoy as well.

I conducted a review of several disparate databases which were published in the last year, relating to human happiness and various national demographic profiles. First I examined the World Happiness Index by Nation (World Happiness Report, Chapter 2), which was released on World Happiness Day 2016. (1 Helliwell) I then compared the happiness index contained therein, by nation, ranked in order of decreasing happiness, with published census statistics on population which was Islamic, Christian (3 & 4, Pew Research), the percent of public policy which was socialist (5 Wikipedia), and the level of corruption control as measured by the World Bank (6 World Bank).  The following four graphs result from this comparative.

But before we examine them, let’s look at the ten happiest nations on the planet as ranked by the World Happiness Report. (1 Helliwell)  With the exceptions of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, they are all concentrated essentially in Northern Europe. Each nation features a unique combination of low corruption, low levels of Islam, and for a good part, low levels of socialist national policy. One should take notice in graph two below, that the optimal mix of socialist policy to overall policy, appears to be about 20-25% in the happiest countries on the planet. One should remember that oligarch corporations are socialist mechanisms however, and not capitalist entities. So bear these indices with a healthy grain of salt.

The Ten Happiest Countries on Earth (2016 Happiness Index) of 234 Nations

  1. Denmark            7.526
  2. Switzerland        7.509
  3. Iceland                7.501
  4. Norway               7.498
  5. Finland               7.413
  6. Canada               7.404
  7. Netherlands      7.339
  8. New Zealand     7.334
  9. Australia             7.313
  10. Sweden               7.291

Now let’s examine the entire index of 155 nations (the ones which were given a rank, among 234 global nations), ranked in decreasing order of happiness (blue line in graphs below), as compared to these independent factors (Corruption, Socialism, Islam and Chistianty). Of course we realize that ‘correlation does not prove causality‘ but… neither is it an excuse for ignorance either. So without further ado, here is what I found.

Corruption Control Index

As corruption is controlled, the Happiness Index of the population of each country on the globe, rises accordingly and in 1:1 direct proportion.

World Happiness and Corruption Control

Percent of Public Policy Which is Socialist in Approach

As socialism increases in prevalence above a certain y-intercept, as a percentage of public and economic policy, the Happiness Index of a nation declines in 1:1 direct proportion. Notice however, that the happiest countries feature an elegant mix of 80% capital and 20% social approaches. As socialism trends upwards, comprising 40% of a nation’s socioeconomic structure or more, happiness downtrends accordingly.

World Happiness and Socialism

Percentage of Population Which is Islamic

As the percentage of the population which is Islamic increases, the Happiness Index of the nation’s people decreases in 2:1 direct proportion.

World Happiness and Islam

Percentage of Population Which is Christian

As the percentage of the population which is Christian increases, the Happiness Index of the nation’s people increases mildly in 1:2 direct proportion.

World Happiness and Christianity

My conclusions? On this data stand alone, none really. The data must be compared to other indices and to direct observations. My advocacy work on behalf of the suffering peoples of this globe, I will concur stems mostly inside these very profiled corrupt, Islamic and socialist nations; tending to underpin the statistics however, which I observe here.

For those of you who scoff at the Christianity mild correlation with an increase in nation happiness, I agree. These same statistics show that there is a mild increase in happiness as it relates to the level of atheism professed in each nation as well. To my perception, this effect of Christianity and Atheism BOTH relating to an increase in Happiness Index – probably and most likely relates to the availability of freedom and choice inside each nation’s social structure.

To ignore this data however, is not wise.

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