Kuhn Denialism

Actively seeking to block paradigm change in science.


At the unaccountable core of modern Social Skepticism, resides the unethical practice of Kuhn Denialism.  American Physicist Thomas Kuhn believed that scientists’ subjective experiences made science a relativistic discipline.  SSkeptic Denialists bristle at this idea – remember they don’t do science, they ARE science.  His construct, published as The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was also commonly discoursed as the concept of the Paradigm Shift.  SSkeptics seldom if ever initiate, substantiate, accept nor support Paradigm Shifts – because most SSkeptics deny the central tenets of Kuhn’s Relativistic Paradigm view of Science, which comprises the following:

  1. Most scientific work is spent filling out the details of the prevailing paradigm, not in divergent or critical investigation
  2. Over time anomalies accumulate in the prevailing paradigm, eventually building into a ‘paradigm shift’
  3. A field of study is NOT a science until it has a single, unifying paradigm within which most of its practitioners work.
  4. Kuhn therefore characterized progress in science as a highly social activity as opposed to solely rational.
Kuhn Denialism – The pseudoscience of social and media bullying with the ultimate goal of controlling exposure to and blocking Science’s consideration of a condition of plurality or new paradigm.

Social Skepticism seeks the goals of Denialism, obfuscation, and collective control of thought.  Social Skeptics achieve Denialism Social goals through the pseudoscience methods of Deskeption.  These particular methods center around and focus on public derision, media bullying, ridicule, media enforcement and Scarlet Lettering.  All of this done to circumvent the Scientific Method via a social context rather than science.  This is why they are called Social Skeptics, or SSkeptics.