The False Dichotomy of Bookend Lies


Bifurcation Fallacy/False Dilemma
Want to lie to someone without telling lies, win converts to your organization and gain influence in their lives?  Imply that only two options exist, the rational option backed by science, and the stupid option only promoted by pseudo scientists.  The choice should be easy! If you are a critical thinker, like us.
  1. The bifurcation fallacy is committed when a false dichotomy is presented, i.e. when someone is asked to choose between two options when there is at least one other option available.
  2. The false dilemma is committed when one implies that sufficient data exists such that a choice must be made between a constrained subset of options, when no such threshold of data actually exists.
i.  When a false dilemma is presented in such a way that both sides of the dichotomy agree (for differing reasons), then the correct answer resides with neither side of the argument.
ii.  When both sides of a false dilemma forbid access to a specific domain, important data resides in that domain.
iii.  Bifurcation fallacies are promoted through their simplicity (see “Occam’s Razor“).
iv.  False dilemmas are usually promoted through the furtive and flawed assumption that a disposition on an observation or claim must be tendered immediately.
v.  When a side in a false dilemma misrepresents itself as one philosophy in name, yet teaches another philosophy altogether, the concealed philosophy exists only as a ‘Lie of Allegiance,’ and is not regarded as a fact in the mind of the adherents.
              eg.  Nihilism misrepresents itself as “Atheism” in order to lure acolytes and appear more acceptable.
                    Creationism misrepresents itself as “Faith” in order to lure acolytes and appear more acceptable.
Whenever both the Religious and Nihilist Apologists forbid research into a specific domain, all things being equal, the forbidden domain is the first place one should begin to look.