The Pseudoscientific DRiP Method

Social Skeptics speak often of the Scientific Method.  But few of them can cite its tenets or process.  SSkeptics don’t actually center concern on application of the Scientific Method, as the method is simply a football, a tool used in an argument of misleading.  SSkeptics do practice a structured methodology however, taught inside their Cabal.  The actual method employed, if we boil it down to a step by step, is as follows.  It is a very successful method which produces exactly the outcomes and conclusions it is designed to produce.  But it is by no means science, nor does it constitute skepticism.

Social Skepticism

/philosophy : pseudoscience : rhetoric : sophistry/ :

1. organized agency which is engineered by means of teaching weaponized fake skepticism to useful idiots. Agency which actively seeks to foment conflict between science and the lay public; which exploits such conflict to bolster its celebrity and influence.

The method by which Social Skeptics employ pseudoscience to filter official discourse and enforce the religious goals of the Cabal

1.   D Deny Evidence

– ‘There is no evidence…’

2.  R Restrict Research

– ‘as the subject is a ‘pseudoscience’ …’

3.  P Prevent or Pretense Peer Review

– ‘and is a complete waste of my and science’s time…’



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