SSkeptic Weapon Word Top 25

Social Skepticism’s Top 25 Weapon Words (Oct 2015)

Weapon Words

/philosophy : pseudoscience : propaganda : jargon/ : Words of Mass Defamation.

Fashion terms among those who consider themselves too elite and intelligent to observe that the King wears no clothes. The manufacture, instruction and deployment of key expressions into the educational, push channel media, public and SSkeptic discourse, targeting a goal of social intimidation and indoctrination.  Celebrity SSkeptics proactively introduce a term or phrase into the SSkeptic community, which then promulgates it through repetition and finger pointing, thereby establishing a clique’ fashion statement around the expression. The words are used as weapons to artificially defame targeted individuals, observations and in the deceptive obviation of access to science by unwelcome topics. Subsequently such words are plied to place SSkeptic compliant peer pressure on budding scientists or persons of influence in high school, university and beyond.

Discern that, despite the loud proclamations to the contrary, neither these words nor their users adhere to any context of promoting the application of science or critical thinking.  These words are purposefully broad-footprint words of mass destruction employed to fight a war of oppression; wherein the SSkeptic does not care who they injure, just as long as the people they do not like are intimidated and under fear of retribution and reproach – if they think wrong thoughts – or say wrong things.  SSkeptics do not practice peer review, nor do they hold their fellows accountable. This affords them freedom to spin all sorts of deceit and harm under the delusion that 1. they are adding clarity to a discussion, and 2. they are adding value to the world.

The term ‘pseudoscience’ has become little more than an inflammatory buzzword for quickly dismissing one’s opponents in media sound-bites.”  – Richard McNally, an editor at Skeptic Magazine (UK)

Ranking of Social Skepticism’s Current Top 25 Weapon Words

nuclear weapon word of skepticsRank   Expression                                   Current Employment Context

  1.  Pseudoscience                            Reigning champion buzzword – The Forbidden 121 Topics
  2.  Magical Thinking                         To discredit all dissent as constituting a belief in magic
  3.  Pareidolia                                     Current fad word in SSkepticism
  4.  Anti-Science                                 A person who disagrees with a Social Skeptic
  5.  Manufactroversy                          Any initiative to study GMO’s, pesticides or Big Pharma
  6.  Contrarian                                    To impugn any person who holds a SSkeptic accountable
  7.  Denier                                          One who disagrees is spun as denying science – rather than being in rational disagreement
  8.  Creationist                                   Any idea which does not adhere to Naturalist Nihilism religious teaching
  9.  Privilege                                       Any action on the part of a specific race, gender and religion
  10.  Apophenia                                  Counter any medical data which shows a concerning trend
  11.  Woo                                             Ghost hunting SSkeptic buzzword now useful against all disliked data
  12.  Anti-Vaccinationista                    Safe vaccination proponents are spun as irrational militants
  13.  Confabulation                             Only SSkeptics are allowed to extrapolate off of circumstantial data
  14.  Scientific Literacy                        If you do not believe what we want, the you are to be re-educated
  15.  Neologism                                   A word which introduces or adds clarity to a threatening idea or observation
  16.  Truther                                        Anyone who dissents on a specific subject
  17.  Numpty                                       A person who is regarded as stupid and therefore not deserving of a voice, vote nor opinion.
  18.  Tin Foil Hat                                 A person who thinks unauthorized thoughts
  19.  Quack                                         Any medicine which does not support big 5 Pharma/Healthcare revenue
  20.  Believer                                      One who does not loudly decry the Forbidden 121 SSkeptic subjects
  21.  Sheeple                                      Anyone who does not immediately dismiss the Forbidden 121
  22.  Bunk                                            Fading in use as debunkers are increasingly called into question
  23.  Monkey Suit                               Something presumed debunked long ago and now spun as myth
  24.  Crank                                          A Bubba who is rather insistent on what he saw or provides evidence
  25.  Conspiracy Theory                    Any questioning of a SSkeptic agenda item