The Art of the Hoax

In the world of counter intelligence, the propagation of pseudo-lies is more prevalent than lying itself, because fabricated information is just as informative as is correct information.  The malicious profession of hoax-baiting is no different.

If you tell the truth, you reveal much about yourself; more than you intended to reveal through the simple act of being honest.  If you tell a lie, you also reveal much about yourself.  One finds that, in the world of counter intelligence, straight lying becomes a problem, because eventually lies are found out through the addition of more facts.  But pseudo-lying is the art of lying about lying through the relating of facts.  A method of counter propaganda, which confuses and obfuscates more effectively than simply fabricating falsehoods. The profession of hoaxing is no different.  One may think that the generation of hoaxes pertains to the desire on the part of the surreptitious to amaze and energize the flock.  But think again.  Most hoaxes are pseudo-lies, spun to misdirect and impersonate the impersonator. Valuable insight can be gained into hoaxing by examining more than simply who develops hoax material; rather, who benefits from it and celebrates the work after the fact. In all four cases outlined below, the art work of hoaxing is celebrated by the Fake Skeptic Cabal, and no one else.

And while the hoax is not initiated by the Cabal nor encouraged by any means, it is the illicit squelching of targeted topics; their relegation to being blocked access to the scientific method, this current unethical state of martyrdom, which ultimately provides the fertile fallow ground fomenting massive hoaxing from both sides of the argument.

There are four types of hoax:

  • Hoax (Strawman) – Hoax perpetrated to discredit organizations and persons to whom the strawman hoaxer wishes to do damage. A Strawman Hoax will always be fitted with a 2nd layer deep “Key” – the Key is the obvious or semi-obvious flaw or Achilles heel of the argument or the evidence; which, while not lay manifest – is sitting inside the data like an Easter Egg waiting to be found and explode on the whole Hoax. This in an effort to discredit a specific targeted subject or persons. Strawman Hoaxes often bear the signs of employed common method/theme and are mass produced. A Strawman Hoaxer will never reveal who they are. Strawman Hoaxes will come in thematic waves, through the same channels, and right on the heels of an astounding event. They will be imitative and proceed along the same lines of context or subject as the precipitating dramatic event.

Hate Hoax – A skit/joke or special kind of strawman hoax which celebrates oppression or mocks people based upon their opposition to oppression, based upon race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or political beliefs – is indistinguishable from and should be treated as, the real thing.

  • Hoax (Straight) – Hoax perpetrated to entertain one’s self and obtain the adrenaline rush of magician-ship.  Magicians range from those who disclose they are magicians to the unethical who do not. Regardless however, the goal is to hold the perceived audience enraptured with the magician’s personal intellect, sophistry and implied authority and skill. Balls, videos and rabbits are used. Videos and photos are used. A Straight Hoaxer may or may not reveal who they are. One can do magic with facts as well. You will find many SSkeptics, are also hobby or even professional magicians. Both hobbies held from a young age. This is not a coincidence. Deception provides an adrenaline rush, especially when spun inside a cocoon of apparent correctness.
  • Hoax (Backfitted) – a video, recording or photo typically, in which a conventionally surprising event is documented, which appears to engage humans and/or animals regarding the curious nature of the event. However, the event is backfitted with an additional hoaxed entity which alters the subject or object nature of the amazing observation, by means of a false overlay or impression of a more astounding or entirely different nature. For instance, overlaying the fake-image of an angel over a blown-lightbulb video, and leveraging off the shock of bystanders to falsely imply that they were reacting as witnesses to the appearance of an angel.
  • Hoax (Fake) – Hoax perpetrated to “Show how easy it is to fake this stuff.” This is no different than the perpetrator of the Straight Hoax – except that the perpetrator in this case comes out and discloses that the evidence is a fake; at some later time after they have gained the adrenaline rush of deception or when the revelation will increase their celebrity status to the greatest effect. The implication is that this hoax-and-reveal process is some sort of grand ethical action on their part. In reality, Fake Hoaxes and Strawman Hoaxes are in reality the same thing. However, a fake hoaxer will always reveal who they are. Fake hoaxers are compensated by becoming celebrated members of the Social Skeptic Cabal.  Heroes informing the credulous masses. Eventually, the fact that the hoax was ‘admitted’ is stripped from the social passing of information, and the Fake Hoax does the same exact damage as if it were a Strawman Hoax.  The Cabal and the Fake Hoaxer are well aware of this natural social effect.  This is the most common form of hoaxing.

Lob & Slam Ploy

/philosophy : pseudoscience : method : fake hoax/ : a version of good cop/bad cop wherein a virtual partnership exists between well known fake news ‘satire’ news outlets, and so called ‘fact checkers’ media patrols. The fake news is generated and posed to the web as satire, subsequently stripped of its context by a third party (which often is the debunking or fact check site to begin with), and then inserted into social media as true – whereupon it is virally circulated. Subsequently, ‘fact checking’ agencies are then alerted to this set up (the Lob), and then slam home the idea of the fake nature of the ‘news’, as well as the lack of credibility and gullible nature of those who passed it around through social media. This in itself is a fake ploy, a form a Fake-Hoaxing and Hoax Baiting practiced by social agenda forces seeking to artificially enhance the credibility of a news ‘fact checker’.

Examples can be found here:  or

Fake Hoaxes should be illegal under fraud statutes – especially when click commerce is being transacted on such fraud. By prosecuting these people, this will force hoaxers to remain in the closet in either the camp of 1) giddy surreptitious magicians, or 2) the maliciously surreptitious. By not allowing the avenue of thinking… ‘hmmmm, all I have to do if caught is say, “I wanted to show how easy it was to fake this stuff” – under admission, a disincentive will be placed for hoaxers of all types, and give them pause.

In the end, however all three hoax genre games only exist as a mechanism which feeds recitation material for those SSkeptics promoting cultivated ignorance. They are the only ones who celebrate the various forms of the hoax lie. They are the only ones who derive a compensation from hoaxing. They are a smokescreen and extraordinary tool of deceit at several levels.

As with most confusing social issues, one must ask “Who loses?” and “Who benefits?”

Fake-Hoax Obfuscation

Does a subject threaten you?  Create a swarm of obvious hoaxes around it.

The excuse “I did it to show how easy it is to fake this” is not a suitable excuse for committing fraud. If the subject is so easy to debunk, why do you need to manufacture hoax propaganda?

One form of entertainment which SSkeptic acolytes seem to enjoy performing as a service to impress their pseudo-intellectual mentors, is the tactic of posting obviously hoaxed videos to the internet and YouTube as tour de force methodology in discrediting the subject matter involved in the videos.  Take for instance the STRANGE SOUNDS HEARD ALL AROUND WORLD 2012 series of videos currently viral on the internet.

“What bothers me is not the fact that a specific subject has been discredited; what concerns me, and what the public at large is missing, is that this discrediting machine can never be switched off.” – The Ethical Skeptic

I love keeping a power drill for work projects on my sailboat when underway.  But I do not leave it laying around on the deck running unattended.  Most of the videos involved in this Strange Sounds 2012 Campaign have been produced by persons seeking to gain attention to themselves and their videos, as a series of hoaxes, so that the creations can subsequently be cited as such by the prominent internet debunkers.  This is a form of partnership, with the Fake-Hoaxers becoming the unwitting or not participants in a machinery of deception.  Machinery which is honing its teeth on clueless people and easy subjects… for now.  In many cases the video posters themselves state freely that the videos are indeed fakes; nonetheless, they are then subsequently cited by the SSkeptic Cabal as constituting evidence of a hoax.  This is a partnership of fools and can in the end, only serve to obfuscate and blind us to ANY subject at large.  Take the video example below, posted by an agenda-biased but affable gentleman who used to go by the user name V00D00SIXXX to YouTube on Jan 21, 2012.  This gentleman has genuinely debunked many of the strange sound viral videos, and I applaud that effort in the generic sense.  The problem is, that the videos he cites as “evidence” – were posted in their originality with the intent of being example fakes in the first place.  So what indeed have we accomplished?  Indeed, there is a surreptitious and deeper goal to all this.  One of which I believe that VooDooSixxx, as unwitting pawn, is not even aware.

2012 Strange Noises Heard Worldwide Videos Debunked into Oblivion

The above propaganda video has been removed, but its job was already done. Establishing a thing called fake doubt. We actually do not know if there are any strange sounds being heard at all.  And now we never will.

strange soundsNow, I do not find credibility in the Strange Sounds 2012 subject being passed off in serious videos, without further data. So I am not losing any sleep over the strange sounds issue. However, the strange sounds concern me less than do the strange and unethical actions of the SSkeptic Cabal. As an Ethical Skeptic, I bristle at this condition: We can no longer ascertain data through the cacophony of willful deceit and fabricated counter-propaganda. VooDooSixxx even includes the malicious, later self-exposed fake video cited above, as evidence of hoaxing.  We are manufacturing the evidence as well as making the conclusion?  Why? 


If the subject is so easy to debunk, why would one need allies to manufacture evidence in support of its debunking?  Moreover, if one were ethical – then why would you cite as supporting ‘evidence,’ data which you KNOW, and was advertised in the video itself, to be made up in the first place?  

This is a key method of Social Skepticism, and is promoted to accomplish the goal of Stooge Posing and Hoax-Baiting.  Many videos on YouTube are crafted by SSkeptics to stand as evidence cited by other skeptics – in an epidemic of Hoax-Baiting, while even other SSkeptics are paid to create hoax videos on YouTube by third parties seeking to sway public discourse in and around a disfavored subject, and quash any relevant serious material on the subject. VooDooSixxx even includes footage in his video from a 2011 Comet Elenin Apocalypse promoter, a clear case of Associative Condemnation in order to explain why he is making a prejudged conclusion in crafting his debunking video.  While he is more than likely correct in his assessment, Comet Elenin has little to do with this evidentiary pathway. This by no means constitutes skepticism, is by no means ethical, and is by no means representative of the Scientific Method.

Fake-Hoaxes as a tactic of Deskeption are dangerous.  They are fast becoming a tour de force methodology on the part of the Deskeption Cabal.  Trained groups of sycophants create these materials at the behest and example of the SSkeptic community, and for fun.  Others subsequently discover the ‘hoaxes’ through being “Oh so smart” in their role as Junior SSkeptics in training in an effort to impress their mentors in the Cabal.

The excuse “I did it to show how easy it is to fake this” is not a suitable excuse for committing fraud.

Fake-Hoaxing is dangerous, willful pseudoscience and deceit.

Obama Birth Certificate – SSkeptic Fake-Hoaxing in Action

FAKE HOAXA PURPOSEFUL forgery. For the SSkeptic, it is all about protecting institutions by any means necessary. The Obama Birth Certificate is one such serious example and form of a Fake-Hoax, albeit slightly different in its logic from the Strange Sounds video issue.  A copy of the birth certificate with 17 or more OBVIOUS evidences of inconsistency/apparent adjustments was released to the public last year.  The layer tampering was so obvious, that to the reasonable public mind, surely anyone seeking to release a fake birth certificate would never commit such errors.  A presumption is therefore foisted by the SSkeptic Cabal, that the errors must have been committed at the originating Hawaii offices back from 1961, and whether fraud or not, therefore a more legitimate birth certificate cannot be located.  In this brilliant strategy, the fake-hoax version of the birth certificate exonerates the publishers of the certificate from any crime, as they would be stupid to release such a fake, were they indeed ill-intentioned – and we, the victims are left fully unable to ascertain the truth in the matter.  Take as Deskeption closure this ‘fall right in line’ statement by Nathan Goulding in the National Register Online from April 27, 2011, concerning the certificate

What’s not plausible is that the government spent all this time manufacturing Obama’s birth certificate only to commit the laughably rookie mistake of exporting the layers (with the apparent errors)… Let’s leave it at that.”

Move along folks, nothing to see here.