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Epoché and The Handedness of Information

Epoché is the suspended discipline of the ethical skeptic, which prevents the handedness of information from impacting what he or she discerns to constitute suitable theory. It is the active inquiry of one who goes into the field and observes, crafts intelligence and frames necessity. A journey of curiosity and opposition to agency in which the ethical skeptic will disappointingly find himself alone – while the religious, both believer and cynic alike, refuse to undertake any venture of the sort.

If you are even the most casual reader of The Ethical Skeptic, you probably have observed that I begin my signature with the salutation ‘epoché vanguards gnosis‘. Epoché is the discipline wherein an ethical skeptic actively goes back to the first hand source and dispassionately and neutrally looks for themself. An ethical skeptic is never satisfied with apathetically wallowing in a mystery (this is not the same as wonder), nor celebrating its debunking as part of an effort to increase a cynical club ranking. An ethical skeptic, goes and looks, gathers intelligence, asks critical path questions, seeks novel perspectives, themself – they do not rely upon social skeptic nor true believer literature to digest and explain challenging observations for them. Aside from specious forms of Nickell Plating, it is indeed a rare sight to see a ‘skeptic’ out in the field investigating, other than to be able to say that they did, or simply on symbolic excursion to search for a priori plausible deniability in the interest of club social ranking. Aside from this I have never once seen a skeptic out with various groups I have visited, regardless of the type of extraordinary claim I seek to research.

One outcome of this disappointing reality, is the realization that most all knowledge which is held by both believer and social skeptic alike, is knowledge they have received second, third, fourth or even ninth hand from different social and agency contributors. Parties who have altered (handed) that information set through its propagation. Information transference is rarely an idempotent process. If you can find a researcher who is able to assimilate intelligence, without changing the gist of its story, hire them and keep them. This skill is rare. The arrow in the quivery of the ethical skeptic, which he or she employs to combat the role of what is known as ‘handed information’, is called epoché.


/philosophy : skepticism : deontological doubt/ : (Gr. ἐποχή, “suspension”) – an active suspension of disposition. The suspended state of judgement exercised by a disciplined and objective mind, in preparation to conduct research. A state of neutrality which eschews the exercise of religious, biased rational or critical, risky provisional and dogmatic dispositions when encountering new observations, ideas and data. In contrast with a wallow in passive neutrality or apathy, epoché is a form of active investigation based upon a discipline of impartiality. A desire to find the answer, tempered by the wisdom that answers do not come as easily as most people believe.

It is the step of first being skeptical of self, before addressing challenging or new phenomena. Underpinned by both a examination of the disciplines of true knowledge development (epignosis) and the repository of vetted and accepted knowledge (gnosis). If someone relates a challenging observation to you, you suspend disposition, and catalog it. If you toss it out based upon a fallacy, trivial flaw or terminal disinterest – then you are a cynic, not a skeptic.

The bottom line is, epoché is a discipline of ‘going back to the source, and looking for yourself’. It is a methodology which seeks to circumvent the stacked plurality of what is known as the ‘handedness of information’. And in doing so, is the vanguard to what qualifies as our body of accepted knowledge, gnosis. Therefore, in order to understand why and how epoché is important, lets examine that key principle involved, the handedness of information.

Information Handedness: Social and Agency

We are used to speaking in terms of first and second hand information, socially. We as elementary school kids are taught and typically understand what the addition of a degree of separation from the source, tends to do in terms of information integrity. This principle is akin to the Ockham’s Razor axiom cautioning about adding ‘entities’ to an argument. Adding levels of exchange or conflict of interest to an information set is much akin to adding entities to an argument – it may or may not add value, but it certainly will always serve to add more uncertainty. Certain loss, combined with uncertain gain – do not go there. This risk versus benefit parsimony gives broach to the expanded idea of information ‘handedness’ (first hand, second hand, hearsay, etc.) as it relates to the entropy of intelligence.

Agency and The Handedness of Information

/philosophy : Ockham’s Razor : entities : sources/ : any increase in the entropy of the integrity of a purported information set as it is developed, communicated or codified. Handedness often is expressed in terms of stacked layers of sourcing, any introduced source layer or modifier which bears a conflict of interest regarding the integrity of the information, and/or any non-idempotent exchange of that information – collectively as a series group, known as the ‘hands’ of influence. There are nine hands of information exchange. The first four hands are typically regarded as the least corrupted – expressing merely as a phenomenon of social handling, The last five hands of agency constitute the least reliable hand-offs of information; and are moreover, earmarked by any goal to exploit ‘handed’ information for organizational or personal gain or power.

Social Handedness (The ethical skeptic maintains epoché on this information)

1st Hand – Something you personally observe

2nd Hand – Something related to you by a reliable witness or trusted friend

3rd Hand – Something related to an interested group by a knowledgeable and involved party

4th Hand – Something commonly or controversially discussed/rumor

Agency Handedness (The ethical skeptic is not required to maintain epoché on this information)

5th Hand – A prejudicial spin, straw man, disinformation, or exaggeration which is extracted from 4th Hand information

6th Hand – A transformed, misleading, witness disparaging and cherry picked set of 1st – 5th Hand information

7th Hand – Codification, club review or false authority derived from 5th and 6th Hand information

8th Hand – Ongoing doctrine and pseudo-philosophy which is enforced upon the basis of official 7th Hand information

9th Hand – Power, monetary income, club authority or personal celebrity which is derived from 8th Hand information

Please notice that the first four hands of information exchange are a normal part of the function of a group of social humans. This is what we are taught in elementary school about the escalations and adaptations which occur during the spread of gossip. But also note, with hands following fourth hand information, a new agent is introduced. Beginning with the agent who seeks to cherry pick extract, exaggerate and straw man translate the material (aka ‘digest’), so that it may be used ultimately for gain – these constitute the hands who are purposing part (not typically all) of the information set, for power. These are your dogmatists who produce agency handedness. They seek more than truth. They seek the power, celebrity and income that their twist on corrupted information can serve. Benefits in terms of cabal, its authority, and their celebrity ranking therein.

Religious Information Handedness

Let’s first elicit this chain of increasing risk, in verity (handedness – a form of plurality under Ockham’s Razor) by examining an example of 7th Hand Information as it pertains to religion. Specifically, with the New Testament Gospel of Luke, chapter 1, verses 1 thru 4 (New International Version).

Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. With this in mind, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught. ~ The New Testament Gospel of Luke, 1:1-4 (NIV)

As you may derive from (you must unshackle yourself from religious defensive bias first) this heavily equivocal-worded preamble to the history documented inside the Gospel of Luke, three elements of concern arise:

1.  The recount is delivered in a defensive and obfuscating pleonastic form. Instead of delivering a message in straightforward fashion, such as, ‘I was a 5 year-long daily associate of Jesus and this is what I saw and remember’, the delivery of information is couched in code phrases which cajole the reader into inferring a second and third hand verity to it, but never actually tenders claim to such a sound basis for its origin. This is Antoneqsue rhetoric in fine form, delivered so as to impress the reader with authoritative sounding credibility – but which actually says nothing.

2.  The information sources are neither fourth nor fifth hand, as the version the author is assembling for the reader, Theophilus, is chosen from a body of versions which are exonerated and exaggerated (hyperbole collectively) as well as compliant to a bias he holds. He implies that, sifting through this disorderly body of material (containing normal human exchange hyperbole) has been no small task.

3.  Finally the author, Luke the Historian, makes it clear that this is his version of the recount which resulted from this chaotic set of material. In this matter he has had to translate some of the hyperbole he struggled with, and then sought to formalize what he found into a codice for delivery to posterity (through Theophilus). Clearly sixth and seventh hand information sets.

As an ethical skeptic, I am not required to hold suspension on this type of information, especially as it relates to a claim to truth and action (acceptance and action on my part). This information above in Luke’s preamble, is presented as absolute authority upon which I must take action. If another agent then further pushes that information upon me (apologetics) as a doctrine or accuses me of failing science/knowledge/truth in some way by not accepting it – this is Eighth Handed Agency. It just keeps getting worse.

This verse in the Bible gave me great consternation (as did the appearance of an olive leaf Noah scraped from the dove’s beak, a mere 43 days after the first mountain tops emerged from Noah’s Flood – when it takes a 7 full months for an olive pit to ‘come true’ and produce its first leaf as a viable tree sproutling – if the ‘whole world’ was flooded, then where did this leaf come from?). Consternation because I sensed prevarication and high handedness being spun inside its text. It bothered me enormously in my sincere, god-seeking youth. Why would god prevaricate, equivocate and wax pleonastic? Just say what you mean and mean what you say; otherwise people could miss the point completely, and end up in hell. A problem with which I found the Bible to be replete.

Eventually I had to conclude that men wrote this material – men alone; not through any non-human inspiration; but rather in the same state as all information as spun by men; that the material suffered from every bit the handedness, as which does all forms of disinformation and hyperbole. It was capped off finally, in later years, by the signature earmark of being exploited for gain. It was religious Ninth Handed information – the science communication of the day.

When one undertakes such a journey of integrity, this process does not stop at neutralizing only Abrahamic religious messages – those who pretend to represent god. There are others who purport to represent truth under a burden of ‘high handedness’ as well: social skeptics. Those who pretend to represent the science-god.

Social Skepticism Information Handedness: No Different Than That of Religion

The seeker of truth, once in grasp of this Ockham’s Razor based tenet, often in a mild funk over failure of religion to deliver under a context of handedness – should next turn and set his or her newfound lens upon the Cabal of Social Skepticism. What the sincere ethical skeptic will find, is that in terms of the handedness of information, and the earmarked goal of personal or club gain, social skepticism is indeed no different than any religion.

The social skeptic agent, much as in the instance of the agency of religious interpretation, is on a mission to build his club through debunking, translating (cherry picking and straw man framing), and promulgating a twisted version of actual events, in order to enforce a doctrine which brings his club, power and money. You will notice that the same exact social dynamics and players – all the way through to the club exploitation of the digested version of the information for power, notoriety and money – they all exist in the exact same fashion as are deployed in the religious versions of information handedness.

For an example see Not So Fast: Anatomy of a Skeptic Hack Job

Social Skepticism is a form of Agency Handedness. Perhaps you can call this process underhandedness as well. They deal with nothing but 4th Hand information at best. And what 1st through 3rd Hand information they do employ, is cherry picked and selectively informed. Such skeptics are expert at the organic lie (telling a lie through selective facts or only a subset of the truth).

Agency Handedness of Social Skepticism

5th Hand – Disinform – a prejudicial spin, straw man, disinformation, or exaggeration which is extracted from 4th Hand information

6th Hand – Debunk – a transformed, misleading, witness disparaging and cherry picked set of 1st – 5th Hand information

7th Hand – Spin Propaganda – codification, club review or false authority derived from 5th and 6th Hand information

8th Hand – Enforce Social Skepticism – ongoing doctrine and pseudo-philosophy which is enforced upon the basis of official 7th Hand information

9th Hand – Enrich Self, Club, Celebrity Skeptics and Science Communicators – power, monetary income, club authority or personal celebrity which is derived from 8th Hand information

Epoché and The Handedness of Information

With epoché the principle is very simple – one remains neutral and level minded in response to handed information. Neither believing nor disbelieving it. This is not prejudicial doubt, rather deontological doubt – and the two are different. The principle, simply put, involves – going and looking for yourself. Understanding that answers do not come as easily as most people believe they do. The world, upon closer and closer examination, tends to become stranger and stranger. This, a seasoned and qualified philosopher, understands. Epoché therefore, is an active disposition of neutrality and suspension, meaning one desires to go and look, at any time during the process of handedness, short of having used it’s uncertainty for personal power or money. Once the ninth hand is reached, it is impossible to maintain epoché.

This is our mission – to go, to see, to catalog and observe, to listen, to find, to develop intelligence and necessity. To oppose agency. In this lonely journey you may find yourself surprised at how many things which ‘cannot exist’ – likely do exist, and how many creeds of certainty, fall to question. I leave you now with The First Duty of Ethical Skepticism.

The First Duty of Ethical Skepticism

The First Duty of Ethical Skepticism is to oppose agency. In the same way that science is a method, even so ignorance is also a method. But the scope of cultivated ignorance extends further than that of science itself, in that it is also a method of conditioning and contagion. It propagates through exploiting all manner of cunning and deceit. As an ethical skeptic, your first duty of philosophical acumen is not to execute the scientific method per se, which is straightforward in comparison. You are not here to promulgate conclusions, as that is the habit of your foe. Your ethical acumen is necessary rather, in spotting the clever masquerade of science and knowledge. Ethical Skepticism’s first duty therefore resides not solely in the examination of ‘extraordinary claims’, but also in examining those claims which serve to harm through the clever masquerade, hidden in plain sight, as if constituting ordinary ‘settled science’.

epoché vanguards gnosis


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Ketosis Lab Notes – Mitochondrial Suppression Disorder

Some people merely need cut out desserts for a month in order to lose the weight their doctor recommends. Others can consume and burn that same amount recommended by their doctor and still gain a substantial amount of weight throughout the course of each year. This despite matching their lower weight peers food for food, activity for activity. This latter condition is what is known as mitochondrial suppression.
Until the mitochondrial suppression sufferer can get into a therapeutic daily state of endogenous (and not exogenous) ketosis, they will continue gain more weight over time, and suffer more diseases of chronic malnutrition, than do their comparable practice non-sufferer peers. A keto diet is not a diet ‘high in fats’, rather it is a diet which cuts out the noise which carbohydrates add, so that one can perform diagnostics to determine the level of mitochondrial suppression from which they suffer.

Have you ever had a friend or an advising physician who seemed to be able to keep the weight off simply by cutting out desserts or initiating a little bit of exercise every once in a while? Have you experienced the challenge of exercising every single day, and constricting calories until you suffer severe malnutrition and the associated chronic diseases, for decades – yet you are still statistically ‘obese’? Well, there is a reason for this apparent inequity. Most Americans who do not suffer from this inequity, have no idea the extents to which its sufferer must go, in order to maintain a trim appearance and remain physically healthy. What is contained inside this blog article is not a study – rather a disciplined set of observation to intelligence to necessity. It stands as an appeal for plurality under Ockham’s Razor, concerning this very real physiological condition which I call: mitochondrial suppression. The efforts you will observe in this article constitute the obfuscated start of our scientific method, which labors truncated, beneath the overweight burden of our elitist, apathetic and fake form of skepticism. Herein we actually go there, look, experience, live for years inside, record observations, conduct analysis of, and develop a dissenting intelligence regarding an issue which they and their cronies have had all figured out through mere armchair plausibility.1

I have established in my own metabolism, a 650 calorie per day, every single day of my life, disadvantage. I must exercise more and eat less, than the average person to recover this imbued deficit, or face inevitable obesity – not overweight – obesity. Obesity is the disease which results from the environmental factor which is causing this mitochondrial suppression in Americans.

This entire cycle has nothing whatsoever to do with overeating and lack of exercise. You will observe social skeptics who get angry over keto diets and ketone tracking, because this analytical approach to weight management arms Americans with information2 – information they need in order to run diagnostics and observe mitochondrial suppression in their own bodies. Social skepticism thrives on, and maintains a goal of, ignorance. You will note that social skeptics grow angry any time their preferred state of ignorance is threatened.

Below I have run a series of tests in incremental critical path progression, and shown the associated bench notes upon a test subject’s3 physiology and blood chemistry, as it pertains to ketosis and the key energy centers inside the human cell, the mitochondria. I have identified an issue with regard to normal caloric consumption inside a particular human body physiology: that of the mitochondrial suppression sufferer.

There exist two states of human caloric burn profile, the normal function modeled by the orange curve in the Exhibit above, and the mitochondrial suppression curve modeled from the below observation data, in blue. While the below observation appeal does not pretend to suggest a cause for this malady, let’s take a look for a moment at an article which does. The below Time Magazine article suggests that much of medical science today not only understands that this condition exists; but moreover, after decades of enforced false moralizing wisdom, is finally in pursuit of its root, and fairly recent, cause.

What the researchers believe could be responsible for these differences [in metabolic profiles] is the microbiome—trillions of bacteria that live in the gut and differ wildly from person to person. Another recent study published in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice found that even if they exercised and ate the same amount, an adult in 2006 is heavier than one in 1988. The study authors also suggested that changes in the microbiome could be at play, amid other possibilities. ~Alexandra Sifferlin, Time Magazine: “Why Losing Weight Is So Hard for Some People”4

The Normal Mitochondrial Burn

In the normal mitochondrial burn human physiology, a typical active person can consume on the order of 3000 calories per day, achieve the necessary USRDA 100% critical 90 human nutrients, and still initiate a condition called endogenous ketosis, wherein the body uses up its stores of glycogen, and begins to burn off a bit of body fat each day. In this type of body mitochondrial energy profile, if one gains a bit of weight over the years, generally all one has to do is cut out desserts or another favorite indulgence for a month, or exercise a bit – and things will be fine in a matter of weeks.  This is the type of person a typical doctor thinks they are encountering with every single new patient. I mean, it works for them right? Then why would it not work for everyone? Of course it works for everyone. Formula, rote, easy – the essence of abductive inference and diagnostician’s error. This type of physiology (orange curve above) generates a mitochondria-to-energy supply environment which produces a steady stream of ketone based cerebral and physical energy throughout most of the day. This type of endogenous keto-energy is clean and not brain-fog inducing. A tremendous resource which makes addressing the challenges of school and work, a bit less daunting. One would find it very difficult to attain a PhD, or much less become a doctor, were this beneficial physiology not in play. This, to my understanding, is why we have few doctors who know how to treat or have faced themselves, mitochondrial suppression.

My buddy from the Navy is like this. After 5 years, with no exercise regimen to speak of, he found he had gained 5 pounds since he left college. His pants were getting a bit tight. He cut out moose tracks ice cream for a month and everything was fine. He spent his extra time not exercising, by studying for his MCAT and medical school. He did well. ‘Why can’t everyone do this?” he would ask.

The condition cited in the case of my buddy above, is called ‘being overweight’ – this condition has nothing whatsoever to do, statistically, causally nor epidemiologically, with the condition of being obese. Most of our doctors today do not realize this, because they have been disinformed on this subject – both by their advisory resources and by their own life experience. Not everyone is like my friend above, especially when it comes to mitochondrial activity and a body’s ability to sustain an endogenous ketosis state on a daily basis.

The Suppressed Mitochondrial Burn

Those suffering mitochondrial suppression and the incumbent lack of nutrition and mental alacrity, who do manage to complete advanced degrees, work achievements or become doctors, are persons of extraordinary fortitude, persistence and character. They suffer through every single day of their lives – abjectly unaware that this level of suffering is anything but normal.

Fully unable to benefit from the pure mental energy derived from the ketone flush, they instead rely upon carbohydrates, alcohol, sugars and coffee to feed their cognitive endurance, and power through the challenge of each new day by means of utter survival. Their bodies bearing testament to the incumbent malady – mitochondrial suppression.

In the physiology exhibiting mitochondrial suppression (the blue curve in the Exhibit above), the sufferer is unable to consume a sufficient level of food which imparts the USRDA 100% for the majority of the 90 critical human nutrients, without greatly exceeding his or her caloric burn curve. By a good 650 calories per day. Exacerbate this condition through the most recent two-decade dilution of nutrient versus caloric biomass in our new growth-accelerant based agricultural products, and you have a stark and challenging epidemic at hand. In other words, if the mitochondrial suppression sufferer, despite a normal diet and exercise lifestyle, were to eat enough food in order to avoid the chronic diseases related to malnutrition, they would gain on the order of 30 lbs per year. Comparatively, the normal mitochondrial burn physiology person would remain at the same weight, and obtain all the nutrient they need.

The bottom line is that the person, like our test subject, who exhibits mitochondrial suppression, must undertake physical exercise above and beyond a normal active day burn curve, to the order of 650 calories per day – in order to consume enough food to ward off chronic diseases of malnutrition.

The old adage that ‘You get all the nutrition you need in a typical Western Diet’ – is a load of baloney for those who suffer mitochondrial suppression. Below, you will find my bench notes, developed from my study of the subject over the last 8 months. It took me some time and diligent measuring, to begin to observe what was going on (in the scientific method, this is called observation, intelligence and necessity – the part fake skeptics leave out). Once I had my observations, thoughts, measures and critical line of questioning/testing/reasoning gathered, I digested them into the set of bench notes depicted below.

A side discovery gleaned from the bench notes: Exogenous (provoked) ketosis is not the same condition as is endogenous ketosis. Exogenous ketone or BHB salts5 are a way to stimulate the body to produce a blood chemistry very similar to that found during endogenous (natural internal) ketosis. However, exogenous ketone salts and exogenously provoked ketosis, do not stimulate the body out of mitochondrial suppression to the same degree as does endogenous ketosis. Therefore the only effective therapeutic use of ketosis, is to create it naturally in the body. I was very disappointed as I deduced this answer, but this appears to be a sound principle (see bench notes below).

Round Up the Usual Suspects

Before we examine actual evidence however, let’s conduct a Google search to observe the current common wisdom surrounding this topic. I took a sweep through Google to see the top 40 sites which comment upon certain peoples’ inability to lose weight, and here is what they said in summary. The first two reasons are mutually exclusive, but cover all the options through a guaranteed-to-send-you-reeling bifurcation. Pseudo-theory spun inside the very first quips I encountered. The deceptive nature of pseudo-theory hinges upon the critical principles that – it comprehensively addresses every condition of plausibility, explains everything, and tenders conjecture inside realms of victim blame, or where testing is not easily conducted. Fortunately, there are people like me who do test these axioms. The advice below has consistently failed Americans for decades, and upon disciplined scrutiny, consistently turns out to be false.

   The Bullshit Blame of the ‘You Are’s’

  1. You are lying and you eat more than you say you are.
  2. You are not eating enough, your body is in ‘starvation mode’.
  3. You are mistaken that extra physical activity or exercise will cause you to lose weight.
  4. You are eating the wrong foods (what are these? what you are eating of course!) or the same foods all the time.
  5. You are doing the same exercise, or too much cardio, or are lifting weights too much or not enough.
  6. You are not getting enough sleep or are sleeping too long.
  7. You are drinking soft drinks or too much alcohol.
  8. You are too stressed out.
  9. You are gluttonous and lazy – and your memory of this is flawed – because memory is an unreliable form of evidence.
  10. You are ‘dieting’ and need a ‘lifestyle change’ – usually involving 6 am workouts and consuming 1200 calories per day and buying lots of high cost products and magazines.

Boy, they pretty much nailed 100% of the US demographic with these pearls of wisdom. Well done. Based upon this set of infallibles, everyone should be obese. The principle contained in this plethora of bullshit paid-pseudo-advice (pseudo-theory, which inhabits 38 of the top 40 rankings in a Google search6) doubles down upon the agenda of accusing the mitochondrial suppression victim of being the cause of the problem themself. Do we smell corporate social skepticism at play here? These old worn fables bear the very exploitation of journalism, plural arguing and Art of The Professional Lie characteristics which are the core habits of the social skepticism cabal. The straightforward critical path is, as a grouping, everyone does the things above. And among everyone, there exist some who are obese, some who are overweight, and some who find it hard to put on weight at all. So another differential factor is at play, undercurrent to this group of ignoratio elenchi disinformatives.

Fortunately for purposes of this eight month study, the test subject had already addressed all these pop-science factors. They were not effective in the least at contributing to weight loss. As well, please note with caution that a 1200 calorie a day Hollywood Starlet diet for the rest of your life, will make you chronically sick for the rest of your life – or even kill you. Do not do this. In order to obtain enough nutrient and to avoid chronic disease, you will need to consume 1800-2400 calories per day and supplement with 90 nutrients, and initiate a therapeutic endogenous ketosis each and every day (see below).

Ketosis, and the inability to enter that state, is the key problem. This is an issue of environmental compromise of body systems – and NOT human personal habits, within reason. If you are gluttonous and lazy, this is not the relevant domain nor context of our argument here. This serves to point out two rules about social skepticism, from the pages of The Tree of Knowledge Obfuscation.

Google Blame Ranking Effect – If advice about what you are personally doing wrong, inhabits 90% of the first three pages of ranked responses on Google, it is most certainly wrong.

culpant et victima – Whenever a culprit is being concealed as to their introduction of a deleterious contribution, the victims will be assigned the blame for their handiwork.

So, without further ado, let us get back to the primary subject of this blog. The test subject initiated an 8 month protocol of ketosis testing, tracking and charting blood chemistry, detailed caloric consumption, life factors, exercise and weight, each day. Detailed charts were maintained and compiled into a series of bench notes below. A sample daily diary entry is shown in the chart immediately below. What follows hereafter are the results.

The Key Finding: Mitochondrial Suppression

The key finding of the 8 month effort was as follows.

A subset of normal health Americans are unable to lose weight at the medically established, and otherwise commonly attained, rate of 1 pound per 3500 calories of shortfall between physical activity burn and dietary consumption.7 It is conjectured that the experiencer of this disadvantage in physiology is suffering from a specific underlying condition which prohibits their ability to attain this normal physiological energy to meta-weight profile. This test, and the body of other studies like it, demonstrate that the sufferer of this conjectured disadvantage condition will also coincidentally experience difficulty in establishing daily therapeutic inception of natural endogenous ketosis. It is further conjectured that these two phenomena are causally linked, and as a factor set, far outweigh the impact of all other factors in terms of contribution to the sufferer’s healthy weight and weight loss. Therefore, it is conjectured that there exists a phenomenon of unknown cause among some of the American population, wherein a suppression of endogenous ketosis, as a reaction of the body’s cell-energy mitochondria management, is indicated.

Same individual, same lifestyle habits – two different seven day periods of 14,000 calorie shortfall between physical activity and food consumption.8 During the first test week (Exhibit A) the individual did not attempt any ketosis stimulation (shown in list below) and did not subsequently enter endogenous ketosis of any significance for the 7 day period – herein a weight loss of 1 lb was experienced. During an earlier week however (Exhibit B), the same profiled 14,000 calorie shortfall and practice set produced a 4.5 lb weight loss. However this week (Exhibit B) featured an average 35 mmol/L-hour sustained ketosis profile each day of that period. This same circumstance was replicated 3 more times. The weeks were separated in time so as not to be adjacent and influenced by weight measures shifting from one week to the next.  As a benchmark, the individual should have lost 3 to 4 pounds under normal expectation, even during the weeks which did not feature a ketosis mmol/L signature (as typified by Exhibit A). Yet consistently the individual failed to lose weight at this rate during the weeks in which endo-ketosis did not emerge. However, consistently during the weeks in which an endogenous ketosis profile was achieved (as typified by Exhibit B), the individual actually slightly outpaced the anticipated 3 to 4 lbs of weight lost under a 14,000 calorie shortfall for the period under consideration.

It is conjectured therefore that, in some Americans, there exists a phenomenon of mitochondrial energy consumption suppression, which prevents those individuals who suffer the condition, from entering a normal physiology of body energy-to-mass management – and results in chronic, apparent-stubborn and unhealthy weight gain in an otherwise healthy and reasonably lifestyled individual. Finally, it is conjectured that these same individuals, by means of the same underlying physiological contributor which expresses as mitochondrial suppression and/or through undertaking extreme measures to mitigate weight gain, may experience higher rates of chronic disease precipitated through persistent shortfalls in daily nutrition.

Stimulating Endogenous Ketosis

Stimulating endogenous (not provoking exogenous) ketosis is the only way to sustain weight loss in the mitochondrial suppression physiology. In the chart to the right you may observe that endogenous ketosis comes in the late morning or early afternoon, only after making the required disciplines (listed below). Once endo-ketosis is established, a limited amount of calories may be eaten. In the chart to the right you will see the impact of this caloric intake (yellow arrows) upon the overall state of endo-ketosis. The diary entry to the right constitutes a 70 mmol/L-hr day. Under this sustained profile, a person with mitochondrial suppression would lose 2 – 4 lbs per week. In absence of this ketosis curve, a person with mitochondrial suppression might lose nothing at all or very little, despite featuring the same caloric intake and activity profile. Taking BHB Salts will not produce this necessary endogenous condition the mitochondrial suppression sufferer needs – constituting merely an emulation of the same or similar blood profile acetoacetic acid mmol/L (millimoles per litre).  Below I have listed some tactics the test subject employed successfully to create ketosis (shown in the graphic to the right) on a regular basis (measured in the bench notes as mmol/L-hr, or millimoles per litre-hours – or “Volume’), under the period of this study.

   Tactics of Successful Endogenous Ketosis Under Mitochondrial Suppression

1.  Keep carbohydrate and sugar consumption low in the latter part of the day, after 6pm. Keep carb and sugar consumption low as an overall intake profile.

2.  Avoid consumption of food after 8pm each day. This benefits in ketosis the next day.

3.  Drink coffee in the AM and early PM, with 1/2 oz of MCT oil. This encourages the brain to release the body from the mitochondrial suppression state.

4.  Exercise is a must. Every day. Exercise does not immediately induce endogenous ketosis on the day it is performed, but it contributes to the next day’s endo-ketosis level.

5.  Psyllium husk added to the diet later in the day, will assist in attaining ketosis the next day, by helping keep the colon clean of debris. You will find that the ability to enter endo-ketosis and the state of the colon, are intimately linked. This will stand as a hint as to the cause of mitochondrial suppression later on.

6.  Bio-Available forms of vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, NADH (B3), methylfolate (important: do not take ‘folic acid’) and methylcobalamine (B12) – all these MUST be taken early every morning and in the evening as well on hard activity days. The body will not kick off its Kreb’s Energy Cycle (and the resulting endo-ketosis) in absence of these critical nutrients. If you delay the intake of these vitamins, you will delay the onset of endogenous ketosis each day and reduce the resulting mmol/L-hrs you benefit from.

7.  Fasting, after breakfast and through the entire day all the way to a vegetable and protein 8pm dinner, is essential. If you can, fast for an even longer period, once a week. Eating steadily throughout the day only works AFTER you have established an 8 mmol/L endogenous ketosis or higher, and reasonably early in the day.

8.  Caloric intake must be well below the nutrient-sufficient 3000 calorie day (1800 – 2400 at most). Therefore you are going to NEED to supplement with critical proteins, vitamins and negative ion fulvic acid.

9.  Consume foods which match your genetic disposition and health. A good resource for this approach can be found at Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s site: Eat Right 4 Your Type (or book of the same name on Amazon) For me this involved cessation of wheat, barley, oats, corn, soy, canola oil, cottonseed oil, as well as pretty much anything bearing a risk of being sprayed with glyphosate (including to desiccate beans and seeds).

10.  Track your blood acetoacetic acid levels, via urine test strips, every two hours throughout the day until around 10pm. Keep track of what influences serve to therapeutically sustain endogenous ketosis day after day in your body.

11.  Ketosis can be earmarked by a very clear and alert mind – the pure energy of ketones in the blood performing much better as a cognitive energy source than either sugar or carbohydrates. However, one must eat steadily and in small quantities, once 8 mmol/L or higher has been established each day, in order to avoid keto-crash flu. Keto flu takes about 4 to 6 hours to recover from, and risks prompting the mitochondrial suppression victim to over-consume in response to its feeling of sickness/weakness.

12.  Ketosis is very hard to establish until one has taken a bowel movement. This is a sign, I conjecture, that the body is using every single calorie it can find – including ingesting ‘bad’ or contaminated calories, in order to sustain a substitute in its avoidance of using stored ketone energy.

Below, please see the notes I have assembled on this process of critical reduction.

The next question, and the one which social skeptics do not want answered, is: “What is the cause of mitochondrial suppression in its vulnerable American demographic?” It is something which kills microbiome bacteria and was introduced into our diet in the late 1990’s. Not sure what that could be. 🤔

We will get to that question in the coming years, as a group of pro-science and ethical skeptics.

Bench Notes on Mitochondrial Suppression and Ketosis

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Quashing Study of Ancient Artifacts Violates a Basic Human Right

Public access to study artifacts which serve to illuminate mankind’s social, morphological and genetic history should not be denied based upon property conventions of any tribe, culture, owner, propriety, government, nation, intelligence group or institution. Knowledge is a basic human right; and in particular, it is a basic human right to access freely the knowledge of where mankind came from and the pathway which brought us here as a species.
The Atacama Mummy is the prior art property of all of mankind and not of a single trivial haplogroup, nation or organization. Our understanding of such matters of science ethics urgently needs to evolve.

I read an article today written by a group of social skeptics, concerning a recent study of the Atacama ‘Mummy’. Ata, as she is called in short, is the 6 inch long anomalous preterm foetus, mostly human female skeleton, analyzed inside the following, unprecedented study:

Bhattacharya et al.; Whole-genome sequencing of Atacama skeleton shows novel mutations linked with dysplasia; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: Genome Research; March 22, 2018, doi: 10.1101/gr.223693.117 Genome Res. 2018. 28: 423-431; 2018;

A critique article (not a study) was pre-released this week, which concerned me ethically a great deal. This regards an aspect of human rights which I have been contemplating over the last three decades of private interest work. The article was authored by a group of social skeptics obviously upset by the astounding nature of the original Bhattacharya Study above. A knee-jerk form of anger with which I have been long acquainted inside my study of fake skepticism.

Halcrow et al.; On engagement with anthropology: A critical evaluation of skeletal and developmental abnormalities in the Atacama preterm baby and issues of forensic and bioarchaeological research ethics. Response to Bhattacharya et al. “Whole-genome sequencing of Atacama skeleton shows novel mutations linked with dysplasia”; Genome Research, 2018, 28: 423–431. Doi: 10.1101/gr.223693.117;

The Halcrow Article

The Halcrow Article made a number of boasts, complimented by several apparently valid objections related to the morphological expression of various genetic conditions contended inside the Bhattacharya Study. I am not an expert in such matters so I will not comment technically upon them; however, I am an expert in the ethical philosophy of science and skepticism. The article attempts to brand itself as a scientific study by raising peer-review styled questions regarding these purported bone morphologies and in relation to our current understanding of the genes which influence them. But the article buries a deceptive lede in the process. This peer review doubt is employed as a disguise, an artifice the authors abused in order to interleave elements of oppressive personal bias inside a series of scientific claims. Like a dude trying to dress up as a hott chick in order to gain entry into a fashionable nightclub or a patent inventor attempting to patent a new device along with slipping in an itemized claim to have invented gravity as well. They did not pull it off well however – heck, even a layman like me caught it.

The real purpose of the article was to slip its supplemental fluff opinion segments by as if they were peer reviewed outcomes of science. This was not a refutation of the core Bhattacharya Study analysis (see below), as Forbes (a notorious fake ‘science communication’ outlet) inexpertly contends in the propaganda piece referred to on the right, rather only a questioning of peripheral morphological analyses and the overall age of the creature when it died.  Aside from these observations, the article is disingenuous and dishonest (this will not be the only time) in this hybrid-costumed approach – attempting to pass off social agendas and pseudoscience, nestled inside of and pretending to also constitute real science or peer review.

The article stands as a textbook ethical skepticism example of the control-minded among us cultivating ignorance. Moreover, below I have outlined a couple comments from within the fluff opinion sections of the Halcrow Article which should greatly concern us all.

“Although this testing was not sensu stricto necessary, once her humanity was confirmed, analysis should have stopped and her body should have been repatriated to Chile.”

This is not entirely true. In fact this is an ethically ludicrous assertion. Such thinking defines a false Machiavellian virtue which we must face down and overturn as humankind. Regardless of Ata’s provenance – the fact remains, that a substantial percentage of artifacts which challenge our understanding are going to arrive through less than pretty sources. Mandate that governments or cultures immediately need confiscate (and most often historically, sequester and stagnate) such artifacts, and one ensures that such evidence will never surface again, being delivered straight into silent private collections. Science will inevitably become partially occult under such oppression. Ethics dictate that academics and scientists not own the sources of scientific observation, critically when it regards a challenge to current understanding and particularly when DNA analysis is involved. Competition is critical inside science, and let’s be clear – the Halcrow et al. Article is not posed inside a competitive context, nor does it actually even constitute peer review; rather it is a quashing of science through pluralistic ignorance and appeal to authority. DNA maintains first precedent among the epistemological resources available to mankind and should not be subjugated to religious politics attempting to manage the direction and investigation domain of science. The morphology of the skeleton did indeed raise Ockham’s Razor plurality. It was odd enough to justify scientific curiosity, and even if that were not enough, the ethical mandate to test a one of a kind foetus should have piqued study to begin with. So given all this, in ‘sensu stricto’ the testing was fundamentally as science, necessary. The fact is that these researchers who originally produced Ata, introducing it into the public domain for study, indeed executed an ethical act. They realized that Ata would eventually retire to its owners – however they took the risk in order to further mankind’s understanding.

If we allow the Halcrow et al. authors of the world publicly demean such finders and researchers; and further then to dictate a call for confiscation of study material, then that will be the end of true scientific ethics, like those just exhibited by Ata’s original finders. ~TES

The artifact remains should be repatriated to Chile and the applicable native South American tribe, only after a full set of study has been completed, AND samples are retained for future, more highly advanced, DNA analysis. This is how ethical science works inside the context of human rights. Human right to the truth contained in DNA, takes precedent over any institution, tribe, government or other social virtue agenda. The right parties will eventually get their mummy – but they do not have the right in the meantime to withhold vital information from mankind. This would constitute a form of racial bigotry in its enforcement.

The artifact exists in a temporarily indivisible duality: it is simultaneously both a physical object and a public domain information set. The asset or cultural ‘owner’ of the artifact only owns the physical item; they do not own the information which it contains – nor do they bear the right to restrict access to such information. This is a type of easement, similar to a property easement which is administered for the benefit of everyone, and not just the property title holder. Each of these dual entities involves differing legal, moral and ethical implications; and until they are separated by study and documentation of the contained intelligence into the public domain, no one party can claim authority over both sides of this unique duality. Maintaining this duality in pressure upon obfuscating governments and institutions will ensure the competition and efficacy of science. Both the physical object owner and the public information owners will want analysis completed in as expedient a fashion as is reasonable. Lawyers are you listening? Because such a case is going to be tried, and eventually won. ~TES

Nonetheless, let’s continue on with the next in the series of ridiculous and oppressive contentions.

“In the case of Ata, costly and time-consuming scientific testing using whole genome techniques was unnecessary and unethical.”

This constitutes a red herring fallacy, yet even aside from such deception, is also not ethically valid, nor is it even accurate. Aside from the fact that humans lie and DNA does not, the cost and time involved in whole genome sequencing is not anything near its recent past levels. The authors admit themselves that “only one of us (MK) is a specialist in human genomics”. Has Michael Knapp been involved in any genome sequencing lately? I have. I have paid for or helped fund several studies. The first one cost nearly $250,000. That, a mere pittance in comparison to the knowledge gained. However, such studies are a mere fraction of the cost and effort involved even 5 years ago – equating to somewhere around $4,000 to draft sequence an entire human genome today.1 Where has this guy been? Where has this team been?

Unnecessary? To the ‘researchers’ assembled for this study, apparently there was no connection between an unprecedented morphological being and an unprecedented DNA whole genome sequence. No, ends typically do not justify means as the apothegm goes, however in this case we are not ‘justifying the means’; rather the case for starting science to begin with. Science advances on both ‘true’ and especially ‘false’ outcomes. It never advances upon anti-curious social normatives. This is a key tenet of ethical science. To shut down scientific inquiry such as this is a dangerous precedent – exemplary of the jackboot and pluralistic ignorance which exists inside socially manipulated science today. Was Ockham’s Razor surpassed? Yes, manifestly. The authors of this propaganda piece contend that this artifact should not have never been studied in the first place, based simply upon the old tired stricture pseudoscience: they don’t like the people involved, nor where the study was headed. Apparently to Halcrow et al., science should never begin by surveying the environment and asking a question, rather should begin by ignoring the environment and tendering answers (buried as lede inside pretend studies). Shutting down scientific inquiry during the sponsorship stage, by declaring that ‘study is unnecessary’ – is corrupt, purposed for power, and in no way resembles anything near to something called science.

Unethical? Unethical to whom? A close genetically related haplogroup of today? That is scientifically questionable, and is often racially bigoted in its exercise. The Government of Chile? That is even more questionable. I am not sure that their rights to do what they will with an artifact (information) – outlast the rights of humanity to access knowledge about its own origins or progression as a species. Again, men lie. They need to be held accountable, and no level of virtue ethics spinning can countermand the rights of the rest of humanity on this and similar matters. No one may possess the right, to deny the rights of others by means of information control. And let’s be clear, this find is information – as a priority over its being a dead being. It is intelligence. It is the prior art property of all of mankind and not of a single tribe or nation. Its physical ownership or putative genetic affiliations stand as secondary, or even tertiary in importance.

So, based upon the ridiculous attempts exhibited in this article at squelching knowledge through an appeal to authority, let’s establish a normative of ethical skepticism now:


Basic Human Right to Knowledge of Mankind’s Origins and Progression

/philosophy : human rights/ : Public access to study artifacts serving to illuminate mankind’s social, morphological and genetic history should not be denied based upon property conventions of any haplogroup, culture, owner, propriety, government, nation, intelligence group or institution. Knowledge is a basic human right; and in particular, it is a basic human right to access freely the knowledge of where mankind came from and the pathway which brought us here as a species. The Artifacts involved in such study are the property of mankind before they are the property or propriety of any and all other entities. Public access to objective physical, morphological, phenomenological and DNA study is the first duty of all paleontology and archaeology.

A.  The free study of found artifacts should not be impinged based upon provenance alone, provided that such artifacts are eventually retired to their cultural owners. Cultural or national propriety over found artifacts only takes precedence once all appropriate study has been completed and communicated into the public domain.

B.  The knowledge of any hybrid, exceptional, novel, extra or ultra-terrestrial, technological, extinct, predecessor or otherwise equal or advanced intervening culture of any form, whether past or present, shall not be the property of any single or collective group based upon haplogroup, culture, property, propriety, government, nation, intelligence group or institution. Such knowledge is, as the supreme and immediate priority, the irrevocable property of mankind.

C.  Access to such knowledge shall not be denied, and no law shall be written nor considered legally binding, which restricts the free access thereof.


Now that my channel with Thomas Jefferson has ended, let us continue with the litany of ridiculous information-squelching contentions made inside this hit-piece.

“We caution DNA researchers about getting involved in cases that lack clear context and legality, or where the remains have resided in private collections.”

No, we caution you Halcrow, et al. The authors overstep their bounds here; coursing into an imperious display of religious bias and incompetence. The reality of ‘lack of context’ you identify here is wholly and solely the fault of your Cabal; which is irrationally interested in suppressing information based upon its source, involved personalities, channel and implication. The market simply reacts to an unfair monopoly here. This responsibility involves a principle outlined earlier in this blog article, which your cadre of fake skeptics consistently fails to grasp, Haspel’s Paradox.

Haspel’s Paradox – a suppressed idea mutates to ever more virulent forms, these are then invoked to justify its continued suppression.

We can make any law – that does not mean we cannot work ethically to change oppressive ignorance-promoting laws. See the above statement on human rights to knowledge. You, as scientists, do not own this right to develop & qualify information. You hold no right to caution anyone. Neither does a tribe or nation own this artifact, ethically. Humanity does.

You guys in academic socialism are just going to have to get used to private collections, as they are a reality and in part, your fault. Private collections are an expression of mistrust, on the part of individuals who know that your Cabal lies on a regular basis, and want to know the truth, if only for themselves. If we can use their contained artifacts for study and the owner recognizes that they own the ‘piece’ and not its information – well possibly that beneficial understanding might just stem from our new ethical view on the matter (as outlined in this blog).  But such understanding on the part of private collection owners will never come about with the Halcrow et al.’s of the world threatening them with loss of their property and with warnings to DNA researchers. These are actions of social skepticism. Knowledge will ironically be obfuscated ‘because of science’. Anything short of this new realization, then the ‘owners’ are doing nothing different than is the ‘country’. They will both continue claiming to own – and more importantly hide from analysis – that which is not theirs to hold in the first place.

“In the end, even the novel genetic variations discovered in Ata’s genome are of uncertain significance.”

Given the context of the article, I find the statement that Ata’s genome is of ‘uncertain significance’ to not be credible. It is deceptively and equivocally worded. The article makes it clear that the genome study was unnecessary and of null significance in the eyes of the authors – so this statement was a lie. The equivocal statement only serves to engender mistrust at this point, tucked away at the end of the article and worded so as to appear unbiased and objective. Bullshit. I do not believe you. And dear reader, please recall that the article authors tried to pass these types of statements off as peer reviewed outcomes of science, by tucking them inside a technical review of bone/DNA morphologies. Contending or implying that there was no connection between an unprecedented morphological being and an unprecedented DNA whole genome sequence inside a study masquerade, constitutes incompetence and desire to deceive, on a grand scale.

DNA Does Not Lie – Scientists However Do

Moreover, these large-scale single nucleotide, block indel and structural variants in no way constitute simple ‘novel genetic variations’ as the article frames them; rather they involve [Bhattacharya et al.; Whole-genome sequencing…]:

i.  3,356,569 single nucleotide variations (SNVs),

ii.  518,365 insertions and deletions (indels), and

iii.  1047 structural variations (SVs) were detected as compared to a human reference genome.

None of this was even mentioned in the Halcrow Article. The only time it was alluded to, the above variance was downplayed as part of a desperate grasp at the plausible deniability of ‘nitrate exposure’ and to question the haplogroup and human they used as the genomic reference. In other words, desperate rhetoric. Again, show me the precedent for such large scale and functional ‘mutation’. To make the implication that this is not a mystery is just plain old agenda-spinning ignorance. To suggest that no morphological feature of this artifact should have served to raise a scientific question at all, is corrupt in its crafting. The DNA simply serves to confirm this.

In order to place this DNA divergence into perspective – this genetic distance represents slightly more than the separation break between Homo sapiens and Neanderthal, at about 3 million base pairs.2 This represents 300,000 years differential evolution at the Scally/Sykes rate of observed natural genetic mutation.3 4 Three hundred millennia of evolution comprised inside one single generation of in-species birth. Technically, we encountered a completely new species of man in the case of Ata. However, we panicked so badly as to how to spin this information for damage control (as are the Halcrow Article authors now), we failed to take note of the scientific observation. An observation just as exotic in nature as the discovery of Denisova hominins, Homo naledi, Homo neanderthalensis and Homo floresiensis. Finding human DNA inside a set of remains, does not logically constrain our conclusion therefore to that of the remains being modern human, as the article has incorrectly contended. Each of the four predecessors just listed, as it turns out all have human DNA in them – this does not serve to make them modern Homo sapiens.

The study of this little mostly human foetus could serve to turn our understanding of the mechanisms underpinning evolution upon its ear, or advance us decades into the future of our understanding of speciation. Yet, we think it is ethical to bury this evidence back in the ground. Much like having the Royal Navy sink Darwin’s ship HMS Beagle, replete with all his work, because it did not pay its port departure fee. I swoon at such virtuous action!

Halcrow Article experts, query your human genetic representative, Michael Knapp. Have him email me with even ONE SINGLE precedent for a single generation mutation which has attained this level of variance from its parental genome – and lived long enough to be analyzed as a creature for that matter. In fact, I challenge all the study authors to explain to me – one highly involved in genetic studies, just how this 3.4 million SNV genetic distance was attained in a single generational reproductive context. I await your expert response.

My email is

Men lie, organizations lie, skeptics lie, scientists lie, intelligence agencies lie, governments lie. Even tribes will lie in order to obtain compensation. None of these entities can be entrusted with authority over a basic human right. This is not how human rights work – they are not granted nor dispensed at the authoritative discretion of a group of humans. Even if the humans claim to represent science, or scientists. We have learned this from our fake skepticism movement – trust must reside in the strictures of ethical procedure (goals of value, clarity, risk and suffering mitigation), and not in the hands of men. We left the days of rule by demi-god and royalty centuries ago. It is time we abandon the draconian practices of information control in the name of fake third world virtue as well. Mankind bears the legacy of this mandated ignorance even now, its cat-o-nine stripes emblazoned across our collective backs. It is time we evolve as a species – face our foibles, face with courage the information which is buried in our institutional vaults and under our feet. As one species and not as a group of privileged tribal interests.

DNA does not lie. This avenue of integrity is where we owe our first allegiance. Humanity is where we owe our overarching fealty; nowhere else – especially in the case of ad hoc ethics adopted as a pretense employed to rob humanity of its past and squelch the spread of information we do not like.

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