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The Nine Features of Great Philosophy

Within the Riddle of Skepticism is revealed the very nature and role of philosophy.

For me, nine feature traits serve to formulate the basis of an important new philosophy. Much of this set of principles revolves around the same tenets which serve to identify good science, innovative ideas and serviceable patents. Philosophy, despite the problem of philosophy as identified by Karl Popper, is no different. Venerable thoughts should exhibit certain beneficial and ethical traits in service to mankind – regardless of whether the domain context is legal, governing, mathematical, scientific or philosophical in nature. In each of my blogs, I strive to meet these expectations for my own work. I don’t always hit the mark – but I will say it is very easy to find examples of philosophy which violate each of these tenets. We all have a long way to go.

The Nine Features of Great Philosophy

An astute scientist or engineer who has filed a patent, might observe that the four elements of a sound patent appear inside this feature set (Numbers 3, 4, 5 and 9).

1.  Distinct – Serves in an incremental or open critical-path role

2.  Cogent – Is focused, concise and meaningful

3.  Novel – Has not been fairly addressed before

4.  Non-obvious – Not really obvious to the average philosopher

5.  Adeptly Addresses Prior Art – Leverages or fairly modifies prior philosophical work

6.  Not Sophistry – Not developed to feature nor protect an agenda

7.  Clarifying – decreases the entropy of knowledge and understanding

8.  Useful – bears incremental utility inside a specific context domain

9.  Teachable – Can be effectively communicated and sustained

And that being said, I leave you now with Ethical Skepticism’s “The Riddle of Skepticism”

The riddle of skepticism

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  1. Hello,

    I saw your post on Skeptiko where you analyzed the EVPs that were recorded by a user named Matt. I was wondering if you could do the same analysis of three EVPs in one audio recording. Also, if you can compare the voice from a recording of a person while he was alive to the second EVP. Supposedly the second EVP is this lady’s dead son and the first EVP is Jesus! Both the EVPs and the recording of her son when she was alive can be found here

    Comment by Ethan Matthews | August 24, 2016 | Reply

    • Ethan,

      I bear an allow-for ethic on this type of matter and am not afraid to examine taboo subjects of this nature. Fake skeptics already hate me, and they cannot touch my career so I am free to think and investigate as the evidence leads.

      That being said, I can certainly run the audio files through scrubbers and develop analytics around the measures, dynamics and ranges – but that type of analysis won’t address the subjective questions you are asking here. The software won’t tell me if the two voices in two separate mediums are a match to the same person. As well of course the software cannot tell me if the second voice is Jesus either. I would caution against using analytics to feign the appearance of scientific approaches where they do not actually have salience. That is an issue upon which agenda skeptics will pounce and (rightfully) declare that a person does not understand what they are doing.

      All that being said, I will take a listen and see what jumps out of the media as interesting from a sound engineering perspective. Will that work?

      TES 😎

      Comment by The Ethical Skeptic | August 25, 2016 | Reply

    • Ethan,

      The first YouTube file is covered over with bike noise and one of those stock YouTube base and tweet backing tracks (scoops the middle so you can still hear the video but have music in the background if your mind is ADHD and you have to have rap backing for attention sake), so the sound was very muddy. Unfortunately however, what the bike noises and the rap beats do – is masque the sound so that the analytics cannot pull off a clean signal form of just the voice. A second consideration is that the voice is in an acoustic echo chamber (garage), so I would get a reverberating voice mixed in with the NON-reverberating music. This won’t allow me to filter out the high and low ranges in which the music plays, cleanly.

      Then, the EVP track won’t download as the website is indicating that the EVP file is corrupted… ??? So I could not get access to the EVP file, nor listen to it.

      If you have the original sound files for either the video, or the EVP track and can send them to me. I can give it another whirl. ???


      Comment by The Ethical Skeptic | August 25, 2016 | Reply

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