The Malicious Social Lie called Privilege

My ancestry never enjoyed this so-called privilege. The only privilege we ever enjoyed, was fighting and sacrificing to not reside under the thumb of oppressive socialism. But through the weapons of population dumping, social correctness, terror and hacking of economic systems and mechanisms – socialism seeks to end the privilege of all those who have escaped its extinction event, up until now.

When you tenure inside the fantasy of a socialist view of the world, when you are paid to represent fake skepticism, when your shallow pseudo-history has transitioned from fiction to faction to doctrine, one has to couch their ethnic, gender and religious hatred inside code words. Privilege is one such code word. A maliciously invalid proxy neolexia, plied to derive hate, economic injustice and the re-establishment of socialist royalty – a 450 year conflict, wherein history has shown that genocide is consistently the end game. The goal of Social Skepticism, is the death of individual freedoms, economic and capital rights, freedom of thought, speech, property and action. It employs population dumping, climate disruption and propaganda, as a means of enslavement, genocide, conquest and rule.

They want you dumbed-down, emasculated, cognitively injured, sick, symptom-treated, docile and compliant – and they will get you there via a broad asymmetric interplay of social actions, ranging from violence to food to healing methodologies and everything in between. Royalty requires a body of equally rewarded task workers; drones specialized for their particular assigned function. Until they have established this supreme power – you will notice the classes of people who are pursued for extinction through their dwindling numbers and influence, and the never-ending wars they foment as a ruse to enable their strategy. This is the nature of evil.

Your prosperity, well being and independence do not serve their goals.

Socialism is an extinction event

Those who value free expression, individual and capital rights and economic freedoms – retreat as refugees from the shadow of encroaching socialist forces – those seeking to enslave the rest of the planet not yet under their well documented thumb of suffering, despair and oligarchy driven royal elite. That is the history of my family, victims of socialist royal elite. The only privilege resides in the hands of the elite who push this extinction event upon mankind even now.

My Family’s So-Called “Privilege”

Below is brief depiction of the result of nearly a decade of genealogical work documenting my family’s history, depicted as streamlined inside the 450 year conflict with the Global Socialist Party movement sweeping across the globe.

The myth of privilege spun by social epistemologists - Copy - Copy

Privilege, as used in the context to condemn Americans who suffered in their flight from social oppression – as such is a term of bigotry and racism. It is offensive to Americans (the only people who are not allowed a home land) who have looked back and observed that the actual records on their ancestors, do not match the propaganda they’ve been fed. If you want a true definition of privilege, look no further than below:


/bias : unconscious : entitlement/ : is the condition wherein a person perceives that someone else should be denied something in order for them to possess that same something, to which they feel they are entitled.

Examine the history of my family above. In no way did they participate in such a human foible. To categorize persons into classes of the good and the bad, by this means and by their skin color – is the highest form of racism. The slave traders in contrast, were indeed privileged, yes. Today’s refugee brokers – are just the modern slave traders.  Same groups, same financiers, same religion, same people, same roundup & disposal methods, same countries, same shipping means, same money, same political motivations – just a new shtick. Privilege.