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Stooge Posing – Why Celebrity SSkeptics Debunk Easy Things

Amityville Horror House Seen on Moon by Apollo 15

amityville horror houseSo I caught you with that headline.  Sorry about that, as sadly the story has been officially debunked by prominent skeptics. Social Skeptics and Celebrity SSkeptics use the subjects like Homeopathy, 9/11 Conspiracies and the debunking of ridiculous ideas and brazenly faked ‘hoax evidence’ to bolster their record of debunking success, in an attempt to increase their credibility in and around other subjects which they fearfully disdain or seek to discredit.  This process of self-aggrandizement is called Stooge Posing, and is a key pathway for SSkeptics to establish peer ranking without having to do any science or actually even be a scientist.  At this point in his career Mike Tyson was 37-0.  However, at least 15 of those competitors were easy set-ups, less skilled boxers utilized and paid to bolster his fight record.  This left him susceptible to an entirely unexpected 10th round 30 second KO at the hands of Buster Douglas.

Easy kills are for lion cubs and lyin’ people; SSkeptics grow fat on such prey.  Homeopathy at its purest core (not the broader use of the term), useful only in pseudoscience topic bashing, offers merit badge points which increase the Cabal Member’s status and perceived gravitas.  Since they do not plan to perform any actual effort at researching other targeted and unwelcome topics which they seek to disarm, nor do they hold any position of research accordingly, SSkeptics plan to rely upon critical personal peer status to realize their effortlessly attained office.    Once a SSkeptic has established a peer review standing, then that SSkeptic has garnered credibility in applying such authority on other and all targeted topics in the future – a goal best accomplished with as little investigative effort as possible.

James Randi when he hype-swallows one single bottle of sugar pills, is not incorrect on the point he is making. But the fact is that this leverages this easy kill of Homeopathy into celebrity, successfully promoting his entire cosmological religion.

In the end for many other Social Skeptics it is neither about consumer health nor science at all.  It is about crafting oligopoly institutional power, plain and simple.  A dishonest ruse.  Stooge Posing and Deskeption.

Why Debunk Easy Things?

  • Very little work involved
  • Implies that SSkeptics are correct about other more scary topics
  • Comforts those who are afraid and angry
  • Plenty of Fake-Hoax material to draw from
  • Does not threaten corporate sponsors/increases their power
  • Allows for quick gang cohesion
  • Provides for a good laugh and entertains the Cabal
  • Keeps things in the anecdotal deniability zone of comfort
  • Message conveys to an audience you presume is dumb
  • Bolsters my record/gravitas for use on more difficult subjects
  • Tenders the facade idea that I am protecting the Public at Large
  • Get automatic invites to university speaking engagements
  • Makes me money
  • Makes me famous

SSkeptics are skeptical when it is to their advantage to be a bully in the social order; but flee from their activist positions if the skepticism runs counter to anything supported by the Cabal.  This is NOT skepticism.

“At best, belief in provably false things like homeopathy (notice the context shift here dear reader to ‘provably false things’ – the real subject) is a colossal waste of money, and at worst belief in homeopathy can kill you. That’s why skeptics are fighting the practice of homeopathy all over the world, from the UK to Australia.” – Bad Astronomy (

Yes, and SSkeptics ‘all over the world’ are all about improving the efficacy of our health information and practices.  That is why they are there in the trenches supporting cutting edge research and compliance in every lab and in every pharma company (rolling eyes).  That is why they are there at Monsanto in St. Louis, questioning the wisdom of genetically modifying corn and wheat without sufficient pre-study.  Yes, skeptical champions of our health they are.  They were out there fighting for the introduction of the PrevPack, and the eradication of H. Pylori (a1). Yes sir, right there, fighting for science and the human health the entirety of the 35 years after its proven efficacy.  Yes, they are there fighting for the inclusion of Levo-triiodithyronine (T3) in the treatment of hypo-thyroid and showing the connection of food allergens to Diabetes.   Yes, they are there in the face of the water company execs who allow per-chlorate and fluorine concentrations in our water which are damaging our endocrine systems. Yes, they are there at the forefront of science methodology being applied to food allergies, as we hit record levels of wheat allergies in US health history.   They are right there in the trenches, addressing the 20:1 increases in alimentary tract cancers. and mapping out the confidence intervals on potential causation.  At worst, participation with the practices of SSkeptics can kill you.  You and a billion other people.  But we will start saving lives with the topic of Homeopathy, no sense assailing bigger, more critical and really challenging subjects. Let’s start with small victories.  Let’s start with Stooge Posed setups.

Key Social Skeptic indicator:  When social prominence and reputation as a debunker come before ethical issues of health or data

The malicious part of this resides not in the fact that the SSkeptic above is technically incorrect – they are not.  Rather the deception resides in the fact that no SSkeptics only use the subject of Homeopathy as a prop up and easy patsy, for advancement of their own social status benefit.  They then discard the merit badge carton on the ground like an emptied McDonald’s burger bag.

An easy hate.  An easy kill. Easy pat answers.  Easy way to get notoriety in the Cabal.  Homeopathy bashing is easy, like a thoughtless one-liner.  But being correct, is not the same as being right.  This is Deskeption, plain and simple.

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