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The Awesome Insistence of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory (CMT)

A Cataclysmic Mirage is a social construct which is employed to dehumanize and enslave a target population. It is a slow moving disaster or murky offense on the part of a victim, which justifies the awesome insistence of that entity which aspires to rule. It is a Ponzi scheme which purchases a bow of the knee, through merchandising an apocryphal ownership of all the Kingdoms of the Earth.

A mirage theory is a false social construct or omega hypothesis which is employed to dehumanize and enslave through a belief in its core tenets. It is an unholy mess (the cataclysm or offense) which is enforced upon an isolated and otherwise ignorant victim population, in order to manipulate them toward specific goals/outcomes. It can involve an entrapment, but most often involves a natural cycle or process which is spun as being the fault of the victim for something they were, did, or said which was incorrect.

Cataclysmic Mirage Theory is the laid plan of oppressive royal agency, seeking to extract vengeance and/or beneficial enslavement from the very hide of their victim. A royalty which is only sustained by means of a sleight-of-hand through which the enforced royalty is gained in the first place. It is an asset which is paid as pledge to the compliant victim, out of that which was borrowed or stolen from the victim. For instance, a government might steal freedoms from a constitutional populace under a quasi-mythical threat (real but also overblown), and then sell those freedoms back to its citizens in return for their compliance. Such constitutes a Ponzi scheme, because the government never owned these things to begin with.

Natural facets of our world and society such as changes in climate, racial mistrust, personal identity, pathogens, political party, or religious choices can be escalated to serve as the basis of the cataclysmic mirage. Empty (apocryphal) threats regarding a claim to knowledge about that which is in fact impossible to know, can often be leveraged as well. Heck, even a conspicuous and questionably-placed tree was used to precipitate the ‘offense’ in one popular form of cataclysmic mirage mythology:

Cursed is the ground because of you;
    through painful toil you will eat food from it
    all the days of your life.
It will produce thorns and thistles for you,
    and you will eat the plants of the field.
By the sweat of your brow
    you will eat your food
until you return to the ground,
    since from it you were taken;
for dust you are
    and to dust you will return.

Yahweh, chief ruler of the Elohim, creators of their garden laborer, man – Genesis 3:17-19, Bible (NIV)

The creator of the universe survives infinity without any external sustenance, but suddenly cannot go without it (and must protect it) when he relocates (flees?) his abode in the infinite expanse of heaven and into south-central Turkey on a small minor planet called Earth. He appears to be sequestered there as well, embargoed from traveling to or resourcing the vastness/diversity of his own purported handiwork. The creator of the entire universe suddenly needs a personal garden, as apparently nature itself was not sufficient for his own needs. Having missed the call on this and now fully unable to create any longer, he had to modify and cultivate his own specialized plants in order to derive their power-enabling critical fruit, much like man would. He must employ mentally impaired slaves to provide for eating of cooked flesh (his preference when given a choice – blood sacrificed, unblemished, and young), and novel cultivation technology – in the end all labor and technology, and not creation, in order to exist in a manner he finds suitable.

One who is omniscient, was not able to anticipate that the very DNA he created, would imbue those creatures based upon that DNA with certain behavioral traits – including a predilection for deception, predation, selfishness, pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, wrath, and death. Then gets furious, abusive, and cruel when those very traits which had already manifested in animals and man-prototypes such as homo naledi and neanderthalensis, indeed then emerge in man, who is based 99.9+% upon that exact same, well-tested, DNA. Like this was some big surprise.

In a literary sense the ruler of the elohim transitions here into the role of antagonist and no longer protagonist. There exists a possibility that the antagonist is also at this point, quite insane. But it is also clear in the subtext of the tale that the ruler of the elohim, due to some undisclosed backstory, bears enormous antipathy towards mankind.

No better is this indicated than through a ‘forbidden’ tree placed suspiciously right dead center of the very place where his naked known-DNA-trait slave was ordered to cluelessly labor-for-eternity on behalf of this suddenly impotent, immobile, and ignorant creator. Thereafter upon being offended, he demeans and more importantly, lies to, the poor creature – telling him that he is merely ‘dust’ – while later on belying this claim by declaring him to also be a soul and spirit as well. A later-disclosed soul-and-spirit artifice which conveniently provides the basis for a second sentencing for the same crime – with a second and third punishment at some distant point in the future, since the monist punishment above was not enough apparently. Even men know sentencing a person twice for the same crime is cruel and unethical, much less punishing them three times or for ‘eternity’.

Sure, I buy ALL this (heavy irony). The story gets more ridiculous each time I ponder it. It is not that I am ‘leaning on my own understanding’, but rather that the antagonist is inconsistent in behavior, bears a significant shortfall in the necessary basic attributes of anything approaching ‘God’, is illogical, violates his own standards of integrity, and finally lacks key facets of basic human ethics. It is almost as if the author is furtively mocking the antagonist as being demonic, in the tale’s very recount (Poe’s Law) – begging the reader to notice the hypocrisy. This is key: one cannot accept this story at face value, and yet still maintain integrity in their heart.

No holy writ should require a man to violate his own integrity in order to accept its tenets or be acceptable to the fold, no matter how authoritatively or holy it may be posed.

The story bears features of insanity on both the part of its key characters and victims. It has been abused to enslave billions of humans throughout our history. In the end this story may be mythical allegory or even completely made up. Regardless, the story relates a false construct posed in the form of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory, called ‘original sin’.

One must bear in mind that the critical features of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory never really change. The abusive tricks of the trade do not alter with time – because its elements are both logically essential in order to craft its core sleight-of-hand and thus will not evolve over time as a set. Victims however, do evolve. They begin to question the mirage and doubt the cataclysm. Thus, the practices of CMT might expand under necessity of having to adjust and become more creative, as its targets become more aware of the role of mythology or the entailed Ponzi scheme.

To wit, the features of our modern form of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory include:

      The Dirty Thirty: The Awesome Insistence of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory (CMT)

  1. Exploits isolation, ignorance, and/or an entrapment of its victim
  2. Slow moving
  3. Portends disaster/apocryphal threats
  4. Remote in observation or impossible to test
  5. Difficult to differentiate its cause
  6. Difficult to measure or hold accountable
  7. Methodical Deescalation1 pervades scientific study
  8. Has not been tracked long
  9. Nelsonian 2 or embargoed knowledge at play
  10. Dissidents are oppressed/mocked
  11. Actions of a few are the fault of the many (all)
  12. Employs Richeliean3 appeal to skepticism or authority
  13. Just happens to also fit a political agenda
  14. Exploits or creates new classes of people
  15. First steps of resolution involve sacrifice or loss
  16. Perpetrators are currently disfavored class
  17. Victims are currently favored class
  18. Appeals to virtue, justice, and instilling fear
  19. Involves adoption of an endless financial obligation
  20. Must take a long time to resolve
  21. Actual outcomes are ignored
  22. Success objectives are absent or vague
  23. Administered by royalty and decree
  24. Kingship is awarded through bowing the knee
  25. Involves an original sin on the part of an easily identifiable group
  26. Cannot be questioned/forgiven
  27. Religion: denied falsification but also mandatory
  28. Justifies violence/suffering on the part of the innocent and most vulnerable
  29. Dehumanizes
  30. Enslaves
  31. (The victim holds a power which the oppressor both fears greatly and as well desires to obviate the victim’s awareness of such power).

Moreover, just as the burden of offense that serves to enslave, is typically enforced by myth or entrapment, even so can its bad spell of belief be broken by additional myth (quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur). A good spell, if you will – typically involving a very simple truth, is all it takes to bust an enslaving apocryphal notion. Much like an entire legal complaint may collapse based upon one small tenet of the law.

The archons then took Adam and forced him into labor, cultivating and attending to their garden. But they also instructed Adam, “From every tree in the garden you may eat as you please, but from the tree at the very center of the garden, the mysterious, powerful, and ‘for-gods-only’ tree of knowledge of good and evil you are not allowed to eat. In fact, don’t even touch that tree. If you do, you will become mortal once again, and be legally mandated back to your original purpose: suffering and dying for our pleasure.”

The archons posed this command in cleverness, expressing it in such a way that it would entice Adam to eat. For they knew that by his core nature, testing this edict would be the first thing man would indeed then do. The archons were fully unaware however, that all this was evolving exactly according to the Father’s will.

Later the Father sends the emissary Eleleth to advise the daughter of Eve, Norea in her complaint against the cruelty of the archons toward her and mankind:

Do you believe that these archons therefore have any real power over you? None of them, nor this bogus legal entrapment, nor their empire of the dead and dying, will ultimately prevail against the Sovereign Power which runs this universe. For this very reason, mankind’s emancipation, one will appear in the final days and will displace the archons from their illegitimate rule over your kind.

Then these archons will relinquish their age, their archael will weep over their destruction, and their demons will lament their death.

The Nag Hammadi Library: The Reality of the Rulers (transliteration)

The above play in ancient mythological discourse, elicits the very reality of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory and how it functions inside mankind’s social structure. Its purpose is to cause suffering to the innocent; suffering which acts as a kind of sustenance to dark oppressive agency. But it also serves to demonstrate how easily such phantom gospel of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory may be dispelled by the integrity of ethical skepticism applied to the vagary of manipulative belief.

The Ethical Skeptic, “The Awesome Insistence of Cataclysmic Mirage Theory (CMT)”; The Ethical Skeptic, WordPress, 14 Aug 2021; Web,

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I’m thinking there’s a better example of this. The story of Adam and Eve is symbolic – a myth by which one “race” explained to itself why life was hard. The reason being: we wanted knowledge. If we hadn’t this knowledge of good and evil, we wouldn’t be suffering. Because we wouldn’t know any better. We wouldn’t feel shame (know we’re naked) we wouldn’t feel guilt or remorse. We would do what we want, and if someone kept us enslaved, we wouldn’t even realize that, because we wouldn’t be able to imagine that maybe we shouldn’t be enslaved. Awareness and… Read more »

Tommy Schopenhauer

I just recently read in the comments that you and your family were ill…
I am so sorry for you and hope that everything is okay by now!

I am so looking forward to new articles of yours – they are always like a fresh breeze of clarion reason in this cloudy realm of existence. Your voice is needed!

I wish you the very best and hope that everyone is feeling better !!


Poe has a law. Let him enforce it… Good observations about the “Creator of the universe.” it’s always good to back up to basics: let Poe show his evidence for how the physical world came into being by physical laws. Then let Poe show how inorganic matter created organic matter in the plausible time frames . Then let Poe show how humans “evolved” from life by providing convincing fossil evidence. Then back to the Creator: why would He create a being who would defy Him? He didn’t have to create humans. He had other creatures including angels. Why didn’t He… Read more »

Jason Powers
I didn’t read your latest until now. But I referenced your analysis earlier on Energy options.
We are over a similar target…you have better words and concepts to describe it all.


Jason, your write-up is awesome here. Thank-you for posting it.


TES – missing you online. Hoping/praying you are well.


May their needs and yours be covered in the healing blood of Jesus.


Your blog is great! Many of your ideas regarding de facto religious trickery have occurred to me in vague form and I sometimes attempt to describe them to people, but I lack the ability to describe them in such a detailed technical manner as you. So now I have some good articles to refer to.
Basically your blog has proven to me that I’m not alone in the universe when it comes to my concerns. I wish more people would read it.

iain haggarty

My first visit to your blog. Fascinating – perfectly captures the current New Zealand government’s approach to social engineering.

Patti Tucker

TES – I have followed you since March of 2020 and you helped me remain a sane voice to other – thank you for that, for all you do.

I pray your family members are well and recovered.

I am no longer on twitter, but I come to check on your updates there daily. Our fight for truth continues. Onward!



Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.
In myths, there can be astrological components. Do you see anything interesting in the cosmos?


You graciously answered the question I didn’t even know how to ask. Thank you.
I look forward to your analysis.

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