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The Ten EnDamnedments – Where the Moral Arc is Headed

This is the purposed inheritance and destiny of the Moral Arc. Perhaps we cannot exist in the future by any other means. I do not pretend to know the answer to that. All I know is, what I have seen first hand is that which junta and mafia corruption controlled governments bear as habits. Those habits preside right along these lines. And I do know that I don’t want to be a part of this future. – TES

The Ten Endamnedments

The Ten EnDamnedments of Nihilism
1.  Your sentience and human intelligence have been proved to be exclusively an artifact of biological variation; iteratively mutated, survival culled, conserved along with a long history of precursor versions, replicated and expressed, all inside of 30 megabytes of novel allele data. This renders you a fluke of nature.
2.  You are hidden in an unoccupied far corner of all there is. Your life as a flesh bot is solely the result of single instance, accidental material chemistry and closed set energy. Therefore, you are alone.
3.  Your so called ‘free will’ and ‘self’ are proved to stem only from an illusion of neuro function, the sociopathy of which renders you a wholly ignorant and pestilential presence on Our planet; unworthy to determine your means of health, diet, education, spirituality, rights domain, property or other supposed matters in defense of ‘self.’
4.  Science predicts correctly that ‘you’ are happenstance through an infinity of possibilities; yet has also proved that upon this infinite basis ‘you’ could not possibly happen before, nor sustain, and can never happen again.
5.  We have proved that we can re-observe you or anyone through Artificial Intelligence. There is therefore no need of an other observer of any kind which could bring ‘you’ to coherence.  We are your only Observer and we can re-create you at any time. Therefore it is a fact that there exist no competing or nearby forms of life, intelligences, technologies or intent based information sets which could relate to your presence.
6.  As a weed, you bear nothing special about you which would warrant an accommodation of life, liberty or a pursuit of happiness. Your disarming and emasculation of power, freedom and unauthorized property is justified therefore.
7.  Only science is qualified to determine rights, beliefs, responsibilities, legislation and morals. A supreme rule through the fascism of science/governance is manifestly justified therefore, as your only ultimate option towards fealty. Any unauthorized ideas will be met with severe social, and eventually legal, punishment.
8.  We are the science. You are not.
9.  There are no extant other realms or intelligences which could hold Our Neo-Fascism morally or ethically accountable. Nothing exists through which you could understand differently, develop self, tender appeal; nor through which any individual rights or societal morals could be derived.
10.  You exist and function at Our behest.

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