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Methodical Cynicism: The Presentation

I have been asked several times if I could prepare a presentation for persons to use when they discourse the subject of skepticism at various special interests meetings. I am happy to do so, with two conditions. First, it should be understood that the use of this presentation in no way implies or expresses The Ethical Skeptic’s endorsement of the special interest subject surrounding its presentation; and Second, the full presentation should be given without alteration, and with full credit to The Ethical Skeptic as the author.

Methodical Cynicism

/ noun, unethical practice / : A method of cultivating ignorance through corruption of the process which regulates our social and scientific understanding. The exploitation of denial mandating a personal religious belief set while at the same time tendering an affectation of science.

Otherwise you are free to use this presentation within a limited rights set under these conditions. Use of the presentation stands as your acceptance of these terms. Below is a 10 page summary of Methodical Cynicism.

(Note: This is version 3.1 below. For those who downloaded a previous version of the presentation)

Thanks!  ~TES











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