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Ever notice how the best practices of leadership inside business seem to run anathema to the habitual practices of dogmatic SSkepticism as it is exercised inside of academic science? Could this be a contributing reason as to the dramatic decline in STEM career selection?
The list below is from a popular post on LinkedIn, eliciting the top qualities which make for an unforgettable boss. They really are the traits of an Ethical Skeptic, but of course, that will take some time to begin to inculcate into science. In contrast, I list the current state of academic skepticism, as it manifests under its twisted enforcement by The Cabal. Full credits to Jeff Hayden and Oliver Meek.
10 Qualities That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable
10 Qualities of Social Skepticism Which are Killing STEM as a Career Choice

1. They believe the unbelievable.
They believe only what they are instructed.
2. They see opportunity in instability and uncertainty.
They are terrified by instability and uncertainty.
3. They wear their emotions on their sleeves.
They look down on people who are expressive, as being inferior.
4. They protect others from the bus.
Throwing peers and outsiders under the bus is sport.
5. They’ve been there, done that… and still do that.
They did it once… and belly ache about it for an entire career.
6. They lead by permission, not authority.
They lead only by authority.
7. They embrace a larger purpose.
They eschew every purpose but a Cabal based religious one.
8. They take real, not fake risks.¹
They never take risk, as the discipline is cannibalistic.
9. They select and then trust their team.
Only they are to be trusted.
10. They are willing to surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are.²
They are the smartest person in any room, just ask ’em.

¹  Jeff Haden, Influencer, Ghostwriter, Speaker, Inc. Magazine Contributing Editor; LinkedIn; “8 Qualities That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable,” Aug 26, 2014.

²  Points 9 & 10 from Oliver Meek, Regional Sales Director at Scalable Software; LinkedIn; “8 Qualities That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable,” Aug 26, 2014; comments et al. cont. item 1.

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