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Hell Hath No Punishment Like Watching Your Children Suffer

They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well forget eternal punishment and judgment for sins. The most dastardly, punishing and cruel act in the universe is being committed right before our very eyes and upon our very own children. Nothing in this world ever will or can be more despair inducing than watching ALL your children suffer from health disruption at the hands of an immoral and unaccountable agri-food industry.

In my family and in two families to either side of us, seven children grew up together with active healthy lives since age 2.  Now with 6 of them in college, each of them is undergoing extreme suffering from Endocrine-Immune Disruption. Each one started showing symptoms in their sophomore to senior years in high school. Long an influence in all their lives, encouraging these children to seek STEM careers, they have each come to me to ask “Why? I live a healthy life, just as you do Mr. A. And I have this horrible disease now, which I have never heard of before. I workout, I eat pretty well.  Why do I have ___________ ? I thought that only older people got this.” I do not have a straight answer for them, except to say:

Watch What Foods You Are Eating

A Profile of Seven Active Healthy Children – Now Suffering from Endocrine-Immune Disruption (EID)

When Our Children Suffer2They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well set aside gender biases, eternal punishment and judgement for sins. The most dastardly, punishing and cruel act in the universe is being committed right before our very eyes and upon our very own children. Nothing in this world ever will or can be more despair inducing than watching ALL your children suffer from health disruption at the hands of an immoral and unaccountable agri-food industry.  An industry protected from being held to account by none other than the oppressive and fear-control operative Social Skepticism Cabal.  Endocrine-Immune Disruption (EID) diseases are skyrocketing out of control,¹ yet Monsanto cluelessly spends $27 million in just the early part of this year, campaigning to keep the public in the dark as to GM content of their food. This is not a statement of irrational propaganda, rather a pragmatic fact.² This money could have been better spent examining the background behind skyrocketing EID related disease in our young people.

Monsanto-Nero Fiddles While our Childrens’ Bodies Burn with Inflammation

When Our Children SufferYes, the fire is the inflammation in our children’s bodies along with the incumbent Endocrine-Immune Disruption, and Rome is our national health, security and prosperity. All placed in danger to gain a

  • 1.2% increase in the crop price (6 cents a bushel net on sale),
  • 7.5% increase in yield and
  • savings of 2 cents a bushel on cost of production.†

Let me offer up a resounding ‘yawn’ to this level of productivity and yield gain.   Post harvest perishment rates, especially in famine stricken areas of the globe are well in excess of 40%. We cannot continue to sacrifice our childrens’ bodies for this fairy tale of how famine works – This yield and productivity result is solely intended to be employed in predatory market dynamics, masquerading as a dilettante understanding of famine mercy. Parallel to much of American economics, we are using predatory pricing, efficiencies and sourcing cartels (seed sourcing in this case, emulating China) in order to put small and medium sized competitors out of business, to the benefit of social oligopolies. These tactics are NOT mechanisms of capital economies, rather socialist economies. The measurable rise of royalty and elite elicits indication as to what is occurring in our agri-foods industry.  Socialism always bears a royalty class, hidden or visible.

Now it is up to activists like me, who were able to improve their health and reverse these diseases by eliminating specific foods (wheat, dairy, corn, canola oil, soy, cottonseed oil, alfalfa), who must petition scientists we work with and know, to start considering the idea that we must begin to conduct science on the safety and health impacts of the food we are consuming. Believe it or not, science that has been obstructed by the very organization who’s job it should have been to protect us in the first place.

There Exists a Problem with Our Food – And No, Exercising More Will Not Fix This

Plurality has been established on this issue:  Our food is in question – We must begin the science. The statistics I show in the chart to the right are alarming and ludicrous. Lupus at age 21? 3 cases of diabetes at age 21? And these are not an instance of ‘increased awareness and diagnosis’ – as these kids, as you can see below, are suffering. Each of these seven children, whom I have advised and loved over the last 19 years, suffers enormously from diseases which only 15 years ago were confined to older adults. These children have eaten healthy diets, never habitually overeaten, stayed active lifelong, and each have had weight within reason.  Each began their series of adult maladies around their sophomore to senior years in high school, with no incumbent increase in caloric consumption, and commensurate with adoption of sports activities. The incidents include

  • A profile in sufferingrashes
  • hives
  • sinus congestion
  • animal allergies
  • severe pollen and mold allergies
  • nut allergies
  • wheat/corn/dairy/soy allergies
  • joint pain/inflammation
  • brain fog
  • sleeping disorders
  • misery/distraction
  • sweating
  • stiffness
  • puffy faces
  • red faces
  • facial blemishes and infections
  • thick or edema skin
  • dramatic blood sugar swings
  • high cholesterol/C-reactive protein 1
  • Hashimoto antibodies
  • weakness/lethargy
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • sudden dramatic weight gain
  • grade decline
  • despair.


diabetes and glphsateI am not sure that we can wait to finally find out what it is we must to do to convince the oppressive Social Skepticism movement to step aside and allow real actual science to proceed. To continue to actively ignore this set of maladies, endocrine, inflammation and auto-immune in nature, is the height of malicious incompetence.  And remember, one principal goal of the Social Skepticism cabal is the Cultivation of Ignorance, the false premise that you must bring final and conclusive proof at the beginning of the scientific method; along with the commensurate manipulation of the conscience of science to support oligarch cronies. This constituting just one technique inside the variety of ways to cultivate ignorance through manipulation of the scientific method. The graphic to the right is posted, courtesy of Farm Wars ( and demonstrates the dramatic growth in diabetes incident upon the US population underway. No, this is not simply because the population is aging. Our children are inheriting these diseases on a regular basis now. To presume that you know the impetus behind this alarming statistic, as a means to squelch study, not stimulate it – is pseudoscience. The advocate producing this comparative on the right, indexing the coincidence between GM Food technologies and the rate of increase in diabetes, is petitioning for research – not providing excuse to block research – so he or she is actually conducting work in accordance with the scientific method.

And the criminal stupidity displayed on the part of our arch SSkeptics, seeks to BLOCK, yes BLOCK the science which could prove matters such as this.

Resource sites provided by the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, for persons truly interested In or suffering from Rheumatoid or Autoimmune Diseases:

Is This Science? and The MiHoDeAL Appeal to Skepticism

In a word, yes.  Actually, this is science. It is the first step in the scientific method, Observation.  Next comes Data Aggregation and Intelligence, then Necessity, then Construct Formulation and a petition for plurality under Ockham’s Razor.  So yes, don’t let a Social Skeptic try to tell you that what you are doing, expressing your observation in your children or in your school or your neighborhood or your personal results from a diet change, is not science.  It is.

They will want to prohibit the second step, Data Aggregation and Intelligence, at all costs. That includes threatening, slandering or libeling you, your employer, your children and your friends. So be very cautious with the broader group of SSkeptics. The visible ones are typically people of excellent character; their highly pep-rallied sycophants however, are another story altogether.

In a falsification situation, where extant data can falsify the ‘science’ that our food is acceptably safe, a MiHoDeAL claim cannot be asserted by an opponent without a sufficiently robust array of predictive evidence. That means, that SSkeptics, like the ones cited below issuing MiHoDeAL claims, cannot make or imply a claim to knowledge that all case examples are Misidentifications, Hoaxes, Delusions, Anecdotes, Lies (MiHoDeAL) without sufficient evidence to surpass reasonable epoché towards such a claim. This is the litmus test of plurality under Ockham’s Razor.  A MiHoDeAL claim most often involves a false Appeal to Skepticism, and more specifically most often constitutes a Truzzi Fallacy.

What Social Skeptics (as usual) are doing is not science. When a fake SSkeptic issues a claim to knowledge, especially when sneaking in a MiHoDeAL claim, ask them what research they have published for peer review, what groundbreaking discovery they or their teams (being part of a team is certainly valid) came up with on their own which changed their industry, what patents they have filed, type, disclosures, provisional basis, claims issued, or what significant original thought they have personally produced to benefit mankind.  If they cannot cite things in this regard, they are more than likely, simply a noisy cynic.

SSkeptc Propaganda Actively and Immorally Blocks the Study of Problems with Our Food

The growing list of select propaganda from the Cabal of oppressive and ill intended Social Skepticism:

Food skeptics are the same as climate skeptics

Food concerns are only a political movement

GM Foods are safe, we don’t need science when so many people declared it to be so, long ago

Food sensitivities are a fad for the gullible

While 30% of the population believes that they have a food allergy, the actual prevalence is about 5%.

rome burnsSSkeptics habitually spin the myth that anyone who expresses a sensitivity to a food, has claimed an “allergy” to that food – then equivocate with the strawman that food allergies only exist in “5%” of the population. This is a sleight-of-hand approach to the discussion. Do not let them apply this trick, as it appears in just about every blog or article constructed by lazy SSkeptics. You will find this same statement quoted over and over without recitation or checking. See which cites a source which does not even say this; rather says “Food allergy affects more than 1% to 2% but less than 10% of the population.” Not “5%” as that figure is simply originates from one SSkeptic copying another SSkeptic’s article so as to rush to publishing.³

This statement is also FALSE.³ In addition the study says “There is heightened interest in food allergies but no clear consensus exists regarding the prevalence or most effective diagnostic and management approaches to food allergies.” In other words, there is not agreement as to how to diagnose them, nor treat them, not to mention ‘their prevalence.’ A very key point, which is purposely skipped by fake skeptics. If you are a skeptic doctor, well then no one really has an allergy.  As well the study says “Elimination diets are the mainstay of therapy but have been rarely studied.“³ Rarely studied = lack of ANY research, and to therefore issue conclusions on such a basis – for example even and especially the statement “There is no evidence for…” is a FALSE statement under the scientific method.

Rarely Studied. Quoting fatalistic dispositions about a topic which has been “rarely studied” is …pseudoscience.

An obese friend of mine commented on how well his new diet was going, as he absentmindedly devoured an entire low-carb cheesecake while happily engaged in his sedentary pastime.” Steven Novella, The Skeptic’s Diet January 2005 (updated August 2010),

Social Skeptics, like Steven Novella, believe with religious and sophomoric scientific fervency that our maladies are simply caused by overeating and lethargy. Those of us who have tested this idea with their lives, know this tautology to be false. Weight gain is an incidental effect of Endocrine-Immune Disruption. You can run for miles each day and starve yourself within a certain caloric range, and if you have suffered diabetes, thyroid damage, or pituitary damage from Hashimoto Antibodies, nothing short of starvation and extreme continuous exercise is going to cause you to lose weight. And even if you do, you are not going to live any sort of quality of life, or be healthy in regard any semblance of reason. Those of us who actually TEST the ideas, are disciplined, do science, and OBSERVE the lives of those around us, know that people like Steven Novella are pretenders. Spouting the propaganda. Totally Clueless. Even Steven’s own community is growing skeptical of calories in/calories out views of weight ( But Steven HAS to say something based on denial. It is part of Margold’s Law.

‘This is not a food issue, it is YOUR fault.’ Blame the victim, #1 strategy of an ill minded person – protecting those who fund their sponsor institutions.

I got a message for the proponents of the Paleolithic Diet: don’t stop with the food.  It’s time for some real hunter-gatherer action.  Go out in your loincloth and live in a cave. … The ideas behind this diet are still moronic.” The Gotham Skeptic, Paleolithic Nonsense The Quixotic Man, January 28, 2010.

This is just an exercise in anger employed in lieu of acumen, and ill informed ignorance. This clueless dogmatist has never actually done any analysis of health and diet in a foreign country, as I have over 10 times for various governments. American diseases come with American foods, this is clear. Our wheat, dairy, corn, soy, canola. To dogmatic SSkeptics, any attempt to reduce the intake of their sponsor foods: wheat, dairy, soy, corn, or canola constitutes an act of stupidity. Of course they have never tried such a diet themselves. Not one time have I observed a so called skeptic even TRY the diet they decry. They do not have children who are suffering, and for whom your only effective way of mitigating the symptoms, baffling their doctors, is to eliminate these food groups. They are arrogant clueless pawns. Useless noise uttered by persons who are desperately trying to gain the credibility of a scientist, without putting in the work.

Well I have news for the fake skeptics, mom’s and dad’s are doing an end run on your so called ‘science.’ Yes, they are going to makes mistakes along the way. But that is not a rationale in support of doing nothing. They are spreading the message amongst their peers, they are taking the observation, gathering the intelligence, insisting on necessity, formulating the constructs and doing the testing. They are petitioning the doctors, and confronting the food and pharmaceutical industries, writing the books – skipping the old guard peers and going right to the science, themselves.

They are doing the science. You are not.

You stand arrogant, disdainful and idle while Rome burns, our children suffer. I have no time for you.

¹ – top 10 prescribed for conditions and growth rates, and top ten unit level sales prescriptions.

²  The Cornucopia Institute, Opponents of GM Labeling Triple Lobbying Spending in 2014, Sept 5 2014,

³  The Journal of the American Medical Association, Clinical Review | Clinician’s Corner: Diagnosing and Managing Common Food Allergies A Systematic Review; Jennifer J. Schneider Chafen, MD, et al.

†  Hybrid Wheat, Cisar/Cooper, FAO Document Repository,

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