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Scientific American Cozies Up to Social Skeptics

Scientific American continues its move away from actual science and further toward the Social Skeptic Agenda and Promotification Pseudo-Science pushing the SSkeptic favored religion of Nihilism., and the incumbent political and social ambitions.

The promotional placard on the left was re-tweeted by Scientific American who recently has begun a consistent and very visible re-tweet of a number of Social Skeptic promotions. Does the activity outline from JREF below look familiar? On the right, is the activism list from “What is Social Skepticism.” JREF does not as an organization, conduct all the activities listed on the right obviously, as they would be in hot water if they were directly connected with such activity. The Social Skepticism movement as a whole, does the dirty work inside the context elements listed below.  It takes many cogs and compartments and motivational slogans to justify and perform misdeeds, and have the individual members perceive at the same time, that they are doing good.

“Access to the Tools of Science” = Scientists and Lay People Being Informed by Social Skepticism What Science Has Concluded

“Access to Critical Thinking” = Being Instructed by Social Skepticism as to How and What to Think

(sshhhh….they do not mean that they will let you see the actual studies and decide for yourself… remember, they are making decisions on your behalf and you have no say….just in case the equivocation is misleading you into thinking that this is a democratic movement of any sort)

Social Skepticism is a sponsored activist movement which functions as an integral part of the socially engineered mechanisms holding delusive control of human thought, health, welfare and education. This control serving as means to an end, towards subjection of all mankind’s value to mandated totalitarian institutions. Institutions which serve to benefit a social elite, however which stand threatened by innate elements of mankind’s being and background.

An activist driven enforcement therefore of a substitution ontology crafted to obfuscate social understanding of such innate elements. This enabled through a core philosophy dictating that only specific authorized life physical and energy domains exist. A comprehensive program of enforcement sought accordingly, through rather than the risk of ethical scientific methodology, instead a tradecraft of preemptive actions which enforce an embargo policy regarding, cultivate ignorance and institutionalize intimidation surrounding any subject which could ostensibly serve as a pathway to falsify their power enabling illusory religion of Nihilism.

cozy with fake skeptics

    • informal organizations never held to public or peer accountability
    • staffed by a variety of persons who volunteer time extra-professionally
    • claiming to represent a mission of correct thinking or the well being of the people
    • organized and personal public and celebrity ridicule tactics, attacks, slander and libel
    • attempts to blackmail, approach employers or anonymously harass
    • ‘investigators’ pretending to do scientific inquiry
    • academic celebrity promotion, agent, and publicist employment
    • scientific method masquerades, pretense of representing science
    • propaganda one liners, catch phrases, weapon words and circular recitations
    • domination of education unions and systems
    • enforcement of informal professional penalties for dissent
    • funded legal intimidation of those who dissent
    • squelching of free speech through warnings to media and celebrity intimidation
    • enlisting the aid of government agencies to enforce data screening
    • proselytization of children and intimidation of teachers
    • screening and qualification of those allowed into science and technical academia
    • media forum and publication channel policing and monitoring and
    • intimidation, monitoring and control of scientists and researchers
A Good Mission? With Social Skepticism Being Declared “The Science” Trumps Human Rights

A complete shame, I used to love the science offered in Scientific American, but increasingly now I am only instructed as to what and how I am supposed to think. No longer am I afforded access to the studies, in order to see for myself. No longer do we actually do science, but rather we decide that ‘rational thinking’ can act in lieu of actual research and analysis of the observations. I am told by JREF and Scientific American why I no longer live in a democracy where I have input on things like the food I consume, the things which are taught my children, or the medical treatment I receive – all because my voice no longer counts.  It is over-ruled by persons who claim to represent “science” because they are so much smarter and well informed than am I.

I live in the only country in the world where 70 – 90% of my food was replaced in 8 years, without my knowledge, and I was offered no choice in the matter. Every other nation on the globe was afforded basic human rights. All the other nations were 

  • Informed of the facts on the new food
  • Offered a choice to reject or accept
  • Chose to reject the food

In the US we were offered no such freedom.  Why – because of groups like JREF and their bedfellows.

  • Apparently 211 nations on the planet are junk science believers, and my “Land of the Free” – we were the only nation who was ‘oh so smart’ that we did not need freedom or choice. 

Any complaint I make about my health from now on is a lie, or “junk science.” It has to be a lie, right? Because god knows the ramifications of letting a toxic food out into the food supply before you did the adequate scientific study.

Thank you Social Skepticism

The studies are locked up in professional subscription, blocked or fee-only repositories, restricting the public from having access. Scientific American only now publishes the conclusions and pushes political movements which pretend to have knowledge of the subject.  No longer do they serve the science.

Mariette DiChristina apparently thinks that this is a good mission. I know science, the scientific method, and am a rational thinker.  I stay informed on these issues. I completely and vehemently disagree.

Shallow, academic and inexperienced programmed thinking is all that is required for this tyrannical movement to continue.

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