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Philosophy of Ethical Skepticism

Yes, The Ethical Skeptic is a student of philosophy.  Another morning’s rambles and quips.

  • ethical skeptic philosophyYour health is your property, yours to manage.  Get close to your health, know it better than your doctor.  People are not all the same.
  • A food, unlike a person, is guilty until proved innocent.
  • Those who peddle food upon you without your knowledge, accountability or choice, practice criminal pseudoscience.
  • Health and wealth, when passed into the authoritative hands of only a few elite, will always result in theft and enslavement.
  • I fear for the wellbeing of my children at the hands of Process Minded People who ruthlessly rule us through banks, academia, institutions, governments and hegemonic empires.  Each one regards theft, denial of the right to thrive and all acts of immorality suitable, as long as a process is involved, and there exist those who will surrender their higher mind to its obedience.

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