The Ethical Skeptic

Challenging Pseudo-Skepticism, Institutional Propaganda and Cultivated Ignorance

Philosophy of Ethical Skepticism

Yes, The Ethical Skeptic is a student of philosophy.  Another morning’s rambles and quips.

  • ethical skeptic philosophyThe best disguise for idiocy is a lab coat or a suit.  Make sure that you do not inhabit those as costumes.  Real intellect in jeans moves the world.
  • No matter what the question, in a free poll on that issue, at least 8% will always disagree.  This is human nature, and it is not always a bad thing.
  • When the 8% are in control, they don’t like polls.
  • When 97% or more of a population think something is true, raise your skeptic hackles.
  • An anecdote of dismissal boasts of proof, which an anecdote of confirmation cannot.
  • There is only one type of dogmatically assured person, one who has joined a new religion.

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