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Challenging Pseudo-Skepticism, Institutional Propaganda and Cultivated Ignorance

Philosophy of Ethical Skepticism

Yes, The Ethical Skeptic is a student of philosophy.  Another morning’s rambles and quips.

  • ethical skeptic philosophyOne should hesitate in becoming a conspiracy theorist.  Social engineering and the inertia of disdain alone are sufficient unto the task.  If you wait for a conspiracy, you won’t know it is there for certain until you get the knock at your door.
  • When opposed by an intelligent man, become the spider and not the lion.
  • The flaws of a basic good man are readily manifest.  The flaws of an intelligent man will not surface until the critical moment of need.
  • The Nihilist’s Neighbour.  The materialist is not an immoral man; he has made a choice of conviction, and even more so than the religious man you can trust a materialist with your life and your money.  It is his neighbour and his grandchild whom you must fear.

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