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Tradecraft SSkepticism – Asking the Wrong Question

How Social Skepticism Tradecraft Circumvents the Scientific Method and Targets Specific Forms of Cultivated Ignorance



This Tradecraft talking points sheet outlines a primary method of obfuscation regarding subjects which reside on the fringes of approved science.  When there is a risk that data collection, analysis query or construct formulation inside an approved subject might overlap into the domain of one of the 120 embargoes subjects, then a modification to the scientific method must be introduced so as to constrain this risk, in advance.  The central approach will include only partial data analysis and only cursory review of potential constructs as candidates for hypothesis.  Methods such as bureaucracy, compartmentalization, datum ignoring, and preliminary dismissal by conclusion should be employed to constrain the data set.

Any professional scientist or member of the media who aids the public or any idea sponsor who operates inside these steps regarding the 120 embargoed subjects, with data, analysis, opinion, construct or review or any other form of aid, will be ostracized by the community at large.  Steps 1 – 7 are to be avoided at all costs if the risk of introducing an unwanted observation, data, or hypothesis is involved.  Instead a pre-approved default question should be introduced by community leaders in lieu of Step 8 of the scientific method.


Constrain the data, constructs and hypotheses which are brought before mainstream science in such a way as to avoid risk of overlap with the 120 embargoed topics, and introduction of unwanted questions and ideas.

Tradecraft SSkepticism – Asking the Wrong Question

AAA Disc Sci Meth Ask Wrong Quest


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