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Tradecraft SSkepticism – Supression by Celebrity SSkeptic

How Social Skepticism Tradecraft Circumvents the Scientific Method and Targets Specific Forms of Cultivated Ignorance



This Tradecraft talking points sheet outlines the chief role of celebrity SSkeptics who are published in magazines, act as de rigueur experts inside media portrayals of controversial subjects and who highlight themselves, boasting through implication that they represent the consensus opinion of scientists/science. For the embargoed 120 subjects, Scientific Method steps 6 – 15 do not exist, while steps 3 – 5 are expressly forbidden. Celebrity SSkeptics play the lead pivotal role in kicking off this process of condemning steps 3 – 5 and the participants thereof; a process which is then handed to sycophants, minions and trolls to carry from that point forward.

Any professional scientist or member of the media who aids the public or any idea sponsor who operates inside the 120 embargoed subjects, with data, analysis, opinion or any other form of aid, will be ostracized by the community at large.  It is the job of celebrity SSkeptics to highlight this, apply intimidation by negative media spotlight, and equip the faithful with one-liner recitation and shill data.  It is the faithful who then take this queue from celebrity SSkeptics and proceed to execute the dirty work of character assassination, invasion of privacy, contacting employers, and propaganda pushes into the social discourse; activity towards which the celebrity SSkeptic will turn a blind eye. However also activity in which s/he cannot be observed to participate.


Establish and reenforce perception that public is stupid, is mass hysteria influenced by pseudosciences, and that the number of reports and data held by public sources can be credibly refuted and ignored through armchair celebrity status.

Tradecraft SSkepticism – Suppression by Celebrity SSkeptic

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