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Tradecraft SSkepticism – Embargo Science Methodology

How Social Skepticism Tradecraft Circumvents the Scientific Method and Targets Specific Forms of Cultivated Ignorance



This Tradecraft talking points sheet outlines the central techniques of Social Skepticism’s overarching process.  The essence of the Embargo of 120 specific subjects, an Embargo which serves the purposes of global Social Skepticism.  The Embargo is of extraordinary importance, an importance made manifest through three key exhibited features:

  1. An enormous amount of protocol, time, expenditure, manpower and focus is placed into the SSkeptic subject Embargo worldwide; the participants are highly motivated to proselytize in all forums and in areas where such activity does not even make sense, were one plying a hobby or amateur interest,

  2. The blocking approaches (see sheet below) inside the SSkeptic Embargo Methodology are multifaceted, layered and mutually reenforcing, much akin to the protocols we use to secure nuclear weapons (SAS, PRP, Series 5 Safety, Two Man Rule, etc.), and

  3. More resources are placed into this Embargo effort than is spent on nuclear weapons control worldwide.  This is a very important Embargo Program.

Create a smoke and mirrors fake-hoax network and ensure subjects do not interconnect.  Discredit sponsors and intimidate their potential audience of scientists, authors and media.  Make this process very visible to the public. While we cannot stop the early steps of the scientific method, dismissal, denial, ignorance and ridicule will silo such research efforts into a clad of disdain and discredit.  For these 120 subjects, Scientific Method steps 5 – 15 do not exist.


Target 120 subjects in advance, discredit all who consider them, dispel any linkages and deny their observations/sponsors access to the Scientific Method, at all costs.

Tradecraft SSkepticism – Embargo Science Methodology

AAA Dis Sci Meth embargo


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